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  • TTVbullzzzeye
    TTVbullzzzeye 5 minutes ago


  • Bigbrisk
    Bigbrisk 5 minutes ago

    "He dosent play sports" who tf cares babahhahaha sports are for faggots anyways

  • tismeah7
    tismeah7 6 minutes ago

    Why is this trending in gaming?

  • Zegop Mcer
    Zegop Mcer 6 minutes ago

    “Earth just lost its best defender”

  • Jay
    Jay 7 minutes ago

    Charlie you need to STOP TALKING SO MUCH your not even funny ???

  • Andrew Gerard
    Andrew Gerard 7 minutes ago

    Kamotski had money on the other guy.

  • john m joseph
    john m joseph 7 minutes ago

    You can hear the emotion in his voice.

  • James The artist
    James The artist 7 minutes ago

    Mf said "I'm about to end this man's whole career" that the energy used for the slap rippled through time and space

  • Jackson Chennault
    Jackson Chennault 7 minutes ago

    Are you 11?

  • MichalH
    MichalH 9 minutes ago

    8:29 nice cut placement

  • The Game Master C
    The Game Master C 9 minutes ago

    I was going to say it looks like something from power ranger but when I was about to comment that the top comment already had my idea...

  • Trae East
    Trae East 9 minutes ago

    Rip juice wrld

  • Jonathan Domeraski
    Jonathan Domeraski 10 minutes ago

    Knowing Uberdanger is single now im happy Charlie still has his girl keep it up man. :) im rooten for you <3

  • Nickromancer
    Nickromancer 10 minutes ago

    Thats famous rapper Fat Joe

  • Brett Uhl
    Brett Uhl 11 minutes ago

    Seriously as someone who pushes carts we don't fucking care.

  • Rusty Shakelferd
    Rusty Shakelferd 11 minutes ago

    I had no idea so many people had problems with putting the carts away. That was my favorite part of shopping as a kid.

  • 仮スレDongaWave
    仮スレDongaWave 11 minutes ago

    i never knew slipknot did magic

    JAWST1N 12 minutes ago

    Vasily was a raid boss that took over 100 people and 100 different slaps to finally take him down

  • Try Anything
    Try Anything 12 minutes ago


  • triledink
    triledink 12 minutes ago

    He dident get knocked down, he was just tired and when he got hit the hand was warm and soft and made him sleep for a second.

  • Hank J. Wimbleton
    Hank J. Wimbleton 14 minutes ago

    The shockwave of that slap could knock you out from a mile away

  • Annabel Castellanos
    Annabel Castellanos 15 minutes ago

    Oof We all know what happened to Enron

  • Major Music
    Major Music 15 minutes ago

    U talk to much just show the video a few times

  • Concerned Father 123
    Concerned Father 123 17 minutes ago

    is larry rich?

  • Save No Hoe
    Save No Hoe 17 minutes ago


  • Jacques Eyre
    Jacques Eyre 17 minutes ago

    Never in my entire life have I heard someone describe USclip as a “diddling uncle”

  • Damian Zajac
    Damian Zajac 17 minutes ago

    I bet you Vasili's opponent is a slapper for fun One might say. One Slap Man

  • xiuwiu
    xiuwiu 18 minutes ago

    what the hell has your hair become??? bring back the old charlie hair!

    • xiuwiu
      xiuwiu 16 minutes ago

      you still look hot tho

  • Michael Miller II
    Michael Miller II 18 minutes ago

    Always someone bigger....always

  • Afropunkx
    Afropunkx 18 minutes ago

    Please don’t stop updating us on these, god knows I’ll never watch them myself.

  • It's yuh girl mikkeai8908

    That poor dog. He looks traumatized. I really wished that dog would’ve bit the shit outta him while he was sexually assaulting him.

  • Toad Milker
    Toad Milker 18 minutes ago

    And I'm just there watching it all while doing butt naked squats over a vertical carrot.

  • None of your Business
    None of your Business 19 minutes ago

    Damn Charlie is me in a different universe Except our universes collided and we ended up living on the same one

  • Jessie Bates
    Jessie Bates 22 minutes ago

    This guy actually has a radio show he talks about doing this on it all the time he wears a complete outfit while doing it

  • Dz3ngara
    Dz3ngara 22 minutes ago

    bruh this was like Far Cry 5 when the dude blows everything up

  • eMeM
    eMeM 22 minutes ago

    dawn of an era

  • Jdawg the Thin God
    Jdawg the Thin God 23 minutes ago

    Vasily will have his redemption arc in the next season of this anime.

  • Benjamin Drowned
    Benjamin Drowned 24 minutes ago


  • Jacky_Slo
    Jacky_Slo 24 minutes ago

    This just gave me 420 years left to live

  • Deco acx
    Deco acx 25 minutes ago

    USclip: *is killing youtubers* Also USclip: here watch some porn

  • Yggdrasil Burnes
    Yggdrasil Burnes 26 minutes ago

    *The Slap heard around the World.*

  • DT B
    DT B 28 minutes ago

    Brain damage took the best of him 😔

  • Animosus The better
    Animosus The better 28 minutes ago

    Earth just lost it's greatest defender

  • Donta Roberts
    Donta Roberts 28 minutes ago

    R.i.p juice wrld 😣

  • ManamiTsuki
    ManamiTsuki 29 minutes ago

    “No matter how good you are at something there will always be someone better”

  • naters pataters
    naters pataters 30 minutes ago

    I’m dying for more cartnarcs

  • hans peter
    hans peter 31 minute ago

    we should ask the god hand to slap charlie's greasy hair off his skull

  • Michael Brandon
    Michael Brandon 31 minute ago

    He's a false god. As soon as he's up against someone close to his weight class he gets flattened.

  • Scaredy Cake
    Scaredy Cake 31 minute ago

    why does the second woman sound like emma chaimberln

  • Jimbles Notronbo
    Jimbles Notronbo 31 minute ago

    At this rate, by 2030, slapping tournaments are gonna be equivalent to the Cell Games. Craters will be smacked open, the contact will create visible implosions of light and the sky will turn red

  • Master Grogg
    Master Grogg 31 minute ago

    Boys, we have witnessed the death of a legend

  • Weasle Five
    Weasle Five 31 minute ago


  • metallicaandchimaira
    metallicaandchimaira 32 minutes ago

    Lol yet they didnt take his camera or all those expensive electronics but they only came for a stupid ass rolex. Um OK buddy

  • TheConMan
    TheConMan 32 minutes ago

    Honestly at this point, you should arrange a slapping tournament.. You could livestream it and use dono money for prize and later react to the whole thing again lol

  • Commander Wyro
    Commander Wyro 32 minutes ago

    you gotta use practical effects. bad practical effects look better than bad CGI

  • Neon Nightmare
    Neon Nightmare 33 minutes ago

    RIP :(

  • Code Blue
    Code Blue 33 minutes ago

    *_These carts are public domain, Mr. Moisture._* **

  • Rory Tennes
    Rory Tennes 33 minutes ago

    Is well now we know why he has a PHD and you do not

    • ChumpCena
      ChumpCena 28 minutes ago

      Are you fucking stupid?

  • C40
    C40 34 minutes ago

    I have not had a conversation with a female my age in about a year and a half this is not a joke

  • Koofy San
    Koofy San 34 minutes ago

    Called this shit out months before it got this bad

  • Deep GirlVEVO
    Deep GirlVEVO 35 minutes ago

    Vasily is still our number 1

  • smuggz
    smuggz 36 minutes ago

    Can we get a F for our boi

  • Anthony Vilafana
    Anthony Vilafana 36 minutes ago

    Your commentary is god tier

  • Alex Moore
    Alex Moore 37 minutes ago

    Y’all come watch me in January!! This is rocky in America Jan 31 Branson Missouri

  • Ronald Huffman
    Ronald Huffman 37 minutes ago

    Honestly critikal played some weird sports i thought you were a wrestler not a cup stacker

  • τυρόπιτα
    τυρόπιτα 37 minutes ago

    Category: gaming

  • naters pataters
    naters pataters 37 minutes ago

    K poop

  • Monte Cristo
    Monte Cristo 38 minutes ago

    Please do one on the movie 'cats' being advertised rn

    • Monte Cristo
      Monte Cristo 38 minutes ago

      I think you have a lot of ammo for it ;)

  • Jenean Randall
    Jenean Randall 39 minutes ago

    As someone who used to be exposed to transformers porn via Tumblr, the image of Optimus' dick is not a new one in my mind. Thanks for reintroducing it.

  • The real Slim Shady.
    The real Slim Shady. 39 minutes ago

    And I thought I was going too far saying he deserved it. Turns out I wasn't.

  • Alllan Muc
    Alllan Muc 40 minutes ago

    I have mad respect for these people as I am a victim of getting carts

  • FratboyMillionaire
    FratboyMillionaire 40 minutes ago

    Didn't they congratulate Enes Batur for being the biggest vlogger in Turkey, yet he was caught abusing the copyright system?

  • Alex Bronson
    Alex Bronson 41 minute ago

    Everyone has a plan until they get slapped👋....

  • gonzalo gil
    gonzalo gil 41 minute ago

    I miss the woody show, listened to them every morning going home from work back in socal. Wonder if they play in texas

  • Spinny Xd
    Spinny Xd 42 minutes ago

    Bravo Six, going dark.

  • Yoshi24
    Yoshi24 42 minutes ago

    That woman had the bang in one hand, McDonald's drink in another, camo pants and the smoker voice? She is the whole package.

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 43 minutes ago

    Hey, Charlie, you got a mention on The Woody Show this morning. They saw your vid here and talked about you. It was hilarious because they went with MOISTCR1TIKAL to identify you, and you could hear in Seabass' voice (Seabass is the Cart Narc) that he was trying to figure out what it meant as he was saying it. :D They even said your voice sounded weird and that they couldn't find any fault with your coverage because you were criticizing both Seabass and the cart leavers. It kinda made my day a little hearing them talk about you.

  • ozzy
    ozzy 44 minutes ago

    We just going to ignore the chem trails at the end of the video? There was a plane way about leaving a real condensation trails.

  • Nathaniel Bartholomew
    Nathaniel Bartholomew 44 minutes ago

    "what i cant melee"

  • Ronnie B
    Ronnie B 45 minutes ago

    He’s had children for years now. Can’t imagine what they’ll be like.

  • shallah777
    shallah777 46 minutes ago


  • marcus columna
    marcus columna 46 minutes ago

    Gods do bleed

  • SuGmA HaWg
    SuGmA HaWg 47 minutes ago

    Wait, I love Grifball ;(

  • Just call me ORANGE!
    Just call me ORANGE! 48 minutes ago

    check out my new yeezys bro theyre pretty sweet

  • Slowpoke
    Slowpoke 49 minutes ago

    He took a bribe to go down to feed his kids but the local mafia put all their money on the God of slapping and now their out for blood

  • Viridi
    Viridi 49 minutes ago

    my ranking: Charlie, Jackson, Andrew, Kaya. Sorry Kaya <3

  • Ryan Keith
    Ryan Keith 49 minutes ago

    He's probably getting Parkinson's and Alzheimer's after that slap.

  • Puke Violently
    Puke Violently 49 minutes ago

    "Puny god"

  • Aidan
    Aidan 50 minutes ago

    Let’s blow this up so USclip rewind uses this

  • TFAegislash 57
    TFAegislash 57 50 minutes ago


  • Kody Higgins
    Kody Higgins 51 minute ago

    My goodness the look you gave after he mispronounced hieroglyphics 😂😂 had to double take

  • When you’re taking a shit

    That’s some Who Killed Captain Alex CGI right there.

  • how dy
    how dy 51 minute ago

    Kratos was capable of killing Gods

  • Vyas Chady
    Vyas Chady 52 minutes ago

    This sounds like what i imagine the French people are feeling right now. The government took a huge hiney and stuffed it up their assholes and cleaned it up veru shiney.

  • Jay-Zer0-
    Jay-Zer0- 53 minutes ago

    In all honest I think Papa would have banged down Vasilli, haven't seen that contest happen

  • Kyosuke_UNBox
    Kyosuke_UNBox 53 minutes ago

    I don’t want to challenge Charlie to a paintball gun fight.

  • ModernAnimaLeague
    ModernAnimaLeague 54 minutes ago

    USclip rewind was supposed to be an entertaining end-of-the-year montage for an entertaining platform with entertaining creators But that is no longer possible It seems USclip has grown to dislike the word “entertaining”

  • Phil Harvey
    Phil Harvey 54 minutes ago

    The great god of slaps, Vasily is dead!

  • Trace Alyea
    Trace Alyea 55 minutes ago

    Lazy boner-idis

  • Jo the Animator
    Jo the Animator 55 minutes ago