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  • Aleksi T.
    Aleksi T. 6 months ago

    Which sounds better? Jack Dobbs or Dean Howard?

  • Norman Jackson
    Norman Jackson 9 months ago

    r they gay?

  • BonMac
    BonMac 11 months ago

    They need to do a reaction to a try not to laugh video by TwinkieMan

  • stellamtellashine

    i saw you guys on drunk history...nice

  • Jess Garcelon
    Jess Garcelon Year ago

    Is anyone else waiting to see what they thought was good in 2016? Unless you count memes maybe? Also, how do you sort through the bad and the just plain shit that has been this year.

  • N/ A
    N/ A Year ago

    In your liked videos, the thumb nail is the 'don't threaten me with a good time' music video. I feel so proud of you beans!

  • Anna Rose
    Anna Rose Year ago

    Could you please make a sketch being how expensive snacks and drinks in the cinema is, and the trouble of sneaking snacks and drink in is difficult.

  • DSxBawa
    DSxBawa Year ago

    Any more videos? plz put Jack and dean of all trades on here

  • Giovanni Di blasi

    Mi piace

  • Kevin Thompson
    Kevin Thompson Year ago

    The show was awesome! Very funny!

  • Lydia H
    Lydia H Year ago


  • Alexander Sinister
    Alexander Sinister 2 years ago

    I subscribed expecting content, aww well

  • Will Shaw
    Will Shaw 2 years ago

    Plz u guys new vid

  • Numb Egan
    Numb Egan 2 years ago

    Please put subtitles in your videos I really like what you do but I'm not english so I don't understand everything you say :/

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown 2 years ago

    ;-; pls guys come back

  • Stace Knox
    Stace Knox 2 years ago

    Please please please do a good the bad and the just plain sh!t parts of 2015 video!! :D XD

  • Jack Morrow
    Jack Morrow 2 years ago

    think their crating a series of something

  • Ellie Lou
    Ellie Lou 2 years ago

    I hope you guys find time to upload a new video, I'm a huge fan! <3

  • Andrey Stavitskiy
    Andrey Stavitskiy 2 years ago

    I've gone through your videos some times over the last couple of days (I will probably do it for a lot more till I get sick of it). Even though some videos may have some very funny points the overall usually doesn't add up well enough. The punchline for the "new car" sketch is epic for example, but the video is way too slow. I just think that you should give a little more thought before filming it and get it more amalgamated before publishing. Another example is the scene were the waitress appear in the "the last supper" sketch, but even though I find it perfect, the sequential scenes kinda lose it. I don't think you need my support, but I think there is much lost potential in what I see. I just want to laugh with style. :)

  • Michael Bricky
    Michael Bricky 2 years ago

    do jack and dean ever upload?

  • BeinElectro
    BeinElectro 2 years ago

    your merch and facebook links are down...

  • Mystery Crate
    Mystery Crate 3 years ago

    Shame there hasn't been a video for a while. Looking forward to the next one!

    • dsleepy
      dsleepy 2 years ago

      Yeah your right I should just make better things

    • Mystery Crate
      Mystery Crate 2 years ago

      No, they're not. It's just hard to get views on any kind of videos normally. I'm finding the exact same thing.

    • dsleepy
      dsleepy 2 years ago

      Thanks a lot that helps I just thought they where bad

    • Mystery Crate
      Mystery Crate 2 years ago

      +dsleepyyy roof Just watched a couple of them. They're looking good. Keep it up!

    • dsleepy
      dsleepy 2 years ago

      me hey i make videos to could you chech them out and tell me what you think

  • Chris Tragert
    Chris Tragert 3 years ago

    Awesome job on the radio show tonight! It was great! #NicerInternet

  • Amelio Benshwav
    Amelio Benshwav 3 years ago

    Are Jack and Dean a couple?

    • S M
      S M 11 months ago

      So are they now married or still engaged?

    • Belmonts •
      Belmonts • 2 years ago

      yes, they started dating back in 2008

    • palm tree
      palm tree 3 years ago

      yes. they're currently engaged.

    SLP GAMER 3 years ago

    Hey guys, please could you take a second and come and check out my newest video and channel please? please sub me and like and comment thank you!

  • AllwaysNeverRandom
    AllwaysNeverRandom 3 years ago

    dude, you guys make me happy in ways that Good Mythical Morning and dudelikehella doesn't

  • Edgar Nash
    Edgar Nash 3 years ago

    HEY DEAN DOBBS WE JUST SAW U IN SAINSBURYS IN WESTNORWOOD!!!!! Remember the 3 guys with the skateboards!!!! XD

  • The Colour Seven
    The Colour Seven 3 years ago

    Why did you change your name

  • QuantumOfSilence
    QuantumOfSilence 3 years ago

    Are you going to do an Internet?

  • Kristi May
    Kristi May 3 years ago

    Showed my group of friends your vids and we all love you guys!! Stay awesome fellas

  • Bey Clark
    Bey Clark 3 years ago

    I'd love to see you guys do the Oreo lick race :)

  • imAtoaster
    imAtoaster 4 years ago


  • Felelite
    Felelite 4 years ago

    Wondered where the hell you guys were. Then I met you at MCM. Best. Day. EVER!

  • Cheerio Totoro
    Cheerio Totoro 4 years ago


  • DaniJ_21
    DaniJ_21 4 years ago

    look at the vid of them at vidcon 2013 with miranda sings....i thought jack was ok from his collab with grace helbig before but first impression of dean from that vid was that he was a dick and kinda disappointed in jack too...just my opinion

  • Greater Milwaukee Business

    funny show

  • Hey, Pixel
    Hey, Pixel 4 years ago


  • FriendlyFriz
    FriendlyFriz 4 years ago

    the funnyest lads around are back into action

  • Freyja
    Freyja 4 years ago

    Can youtube please verify this channel already!

  • Robert Hanwell
    Robert Hanwell 4 years ago

    Hey guys, can you please look at my channel! I'll Sub back! Thank you :)

  • FriendlyFriz
    FriendlyFriz 4 years ago

    yey ur back im ur biggest fan

  • VidGaming
    VidGaming 4 years ago


  • thedairylord
    thedairylord 4 years ago


  • Shefali Sutton
    Shefali Sutton 4 years ago

    leave them alone jack moved dean moved with Elliot so i can wait and all of you can shut ur f*cking cake holes and wait too im feed up of people not waiting they have live not to waste on others that don't wait god.

  • ZsaZsa B
    ZsaZsa B 4 years ago

    Guys!! Where's our "The good, the bad, and the just plain sh** parts of 2013"???? I am disappointed!!! XD

  • maist
    maist 4 years ago

    just started watching you guys and you are absolutely brilliant! I've also seen by the comments below that you've not uploaded in some time, but i'm going to take that opportunity to watch all of your wonderful videos :3

  • sydneyavena
    sydneyavena 4 years ago

    they're stopped because it's reached 69 videos. duh.

  • Anyposs
    Anyposs 4 years ago

    I know they're not making videos for the time being, and will continue soon enough, but has anyone noticed that they left the number of uploaded videos at 69?

  • FriendlyFriz
    FriendlyFriz 4 years ago

    I LOVE UR VIDEO THE STAIRS UR AWSOME MY TOP 3 FAV USclipRS ARE 1. danisnotonfire 2. amazingphil and 3. jack and dean UR AWSOME

  • Timex Lordx
    Timex Lordx 4 years ago

    i just found this channel but I don't know if I want to get invested in a dead channel

    • The Mini Mobsters
      The Mini Mobsters 4 years ago

      +Timex Lordx Not so much a dying channel, but if you don't want to even bother with it then why leave a comment? You obviously care or else you wouldn't of said something so you can't really complain.

    • Timex Lordx
      Timex Lordx 4 years ago

      +AlexCook lol case and point

    • AlexCook
      AlexCook 4 years ago

      +Captain Ashley so it's a dying channel?

  • Sam Lord
    Sam Lord 4 years ago

    We, the subscribers of the OMFGIT'SJACKANDDEAN channel, would like to ask Jack and Dean to upload another video. We have been patiently waiting for over seven months for another video, and we miss your humor and good looks. So, please, UPLOAD. ANOTHER. VIDEO. And I personally love you guys so much. :) Balls deep, my friend, balls deep.

  • David Beckham
    David Beckham 4 years ago

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  • skullgun 17
    skullgun 17 4 years ago

    We're are they

  • TheGamingLab
    TheGamingLab 4 years ago

    ahhhhhhhhhh upload more videos

  • BrockRogan
    BrockRogan 4 years ago

    That awkward moment when Jack and Deon last video was uploaded over half a year ago.

  • Ays Elric
    Ays Elric 4 years ago

    Why do people unsub just because they don't upload ? ughhh. really? -___-

  • Emma pääkkönen
    Emma pääkkönen 4 years ago

    Are you guys still alive ??

  • Timothy Honeycutt
    Timothy Honeycutt 4 years ago

    IM UN SUBSCRIBING, sorry guys you just dont upload

  • jake summers
    jake summers 4 years ago

    they stopped uploading because they have 69 videos

  • Zamxan
    Zamxan 4 years ago

    whats it called?

  • Coco Crystal
    Coco Crystal 4 years ago

    Go to Deans second channel.

  • KimKathryn
    KimKathryn 4 years ago

    Did ya die or something?

  • Jackson Hallquist
    Jackson Hallquist 4 years ago

    UPLOAD ANOTHER VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gregg O'Connor
    Gregg O'Connor 4 years ago

    Upload something you wankers.

  • Sam Kyle
    Sam Kyle 4 years ago

    Where are you guy its been 5 months

  • raprockcar
    raprockcar 4 years ago

    Did you guys stop on 69 videos on purpose? I can see that happeneing....

  • Jamie Evans
    Jamie Evans 4 years ago

    when a new video comes out: omfgtheyactuallydidsomething

  • Levi Odom
    Levi Odom 4 years ago

    We miss you!

  • Emma pääkkönen
    Emma pääkkönen 4 years ago

    Are you dead, or something?? ...

  • Shawn Secrets
    Shawn Secrets 4 years ago


  • Koregan09
    Koregan09 4 years ago

    Dean... Is so freaking cute... I feel like Agnes from "Despicable Me" when she sees the carnival plush toy thing. :P

  • Lily
    Lily 4 years ago

    they both have separate channels!!

  • Timothy Honeycutt
    Timothy Honeycutt 4 years ago

    63they havent been uploading because they have "69" uploads

  • LouieIsNotAwesome
    LouieIsNotAwesome 4 years ago

    Are you two not friends anymore? Because you haven't made a video in FOUR MONTHS!! You know that right? :(

  • Um Beth
    Um Beth 4 years ago

    fav duo in the world and no more videos :'C

  • Daisy Fleur
    Daisy Fleur 4 years ago

    please make videos together again! :(

  • Fluffosaur
    Fluffosaur 4 years ago

    I'm gonna unsubscribe, we shouldn't stick around if they're not making videos anymore

  • Brett S
    Brett S 4 years ago


  • Mog Robertson
    Mog Robertson 4 years ago

    ha ha ha 69 videos.. im a child

  • MentalMonkey2525
    MentalMonkey2525 4 years ago

    why aren't you making any more vids you my favorite channel well jack lives in a new apartment now but you should still make videos

  • 。.
    。. 4 years ago

    I think they died D':

  • Lady acetate
    Lady acetate 4 years ago

    OMFG Dean is sooo cute ^ - ^ btw release more vids you guys are hilarious! <3

  • Reed Johnson
    Reed Johnson 4 years ago

    please release more vids i love you guys

  • Osnapitzjon
    Osnapitzjon 4 years ago


  • Pablo Dominé
    Pablo Dominé 4 years ago

    Will you ever release a new vid or shoud I unsubscribe?

  • AllesInDunkelweiss
    AllesInDunkelweiss 4 years ago

    Why is everything I want of the fanshop Out Of Stock? That is really fucking frustrating and saddening! :(

  • KD F
    KD F 4 years ago

    I am dying for a new video! I just recently subscribed and I have loved every video I've watched of you guys. Please make another video you are as of now my favorite UScliprs! <3

  • RadioRAAA
    RadioRAAA 4 years ago

    ive watched ur vids for ages but have now got round to subbing :)

  • Hermonaut
    Hermonaut 4 years ago

    a month.

  • Cave Opp
    Cave Opp 4 years ago

    I love your videos but what country do you live in.. dont mean to sound weird...

  • bestplayerever816
    bestplayerever816 4 years ago

    I figured out why they aren't making videos anymore! They have 69 right now! It seems to fit right?

  • headcrab28
    headcrab28 4 years ago

    Man you guys are fantastic!!! just got into watching you guys and your brilliant! very mighty boosh like , which is awesome!! keep being funny guys! :)

  • Veronica Bartesaghi
    Veronica Bartesaghi 4 years ago

    You guys are amazing :), can ya'll make a video for my birthday on September 11th

  • tom reilly
    tom reilly 5 years ago

    Make another vid

  • CaitlinJaaayne
    CaitlinJaaayne 5 years ago

    This time last week I met you two and it literally was the best day of my life. Thank you so much for being such lovely and kind people, keep on making us laugh!

  • Allexxin
    Allexxin 5 years ago

    halarious stuff :)

  • Molly Adams
    Molly Adams 5 years ago

    Please make another vid soon, you guys are brilliant! :)

  • Alexandra Scarlett
    Alexandra Scarlett 5 years ago

    You guys are excellent, you have a really imaginative and unique brand of humour which somehow manages to be both surreal and subtle at the same time. Really clever!

  • MentalMonkey2525
    MentalMonkey2525 5 years ago

    when are you going to make more?

  • reliswierd
    reliswierd 5 years ago

    make him a sandwich, bitch