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  • Flo
    Flo 5 seconds ago

    Spiders is what we call ice cream with soft drink down here in Australia hence why it's called a McSpider

  • aussie stoner
    aussie stoner 6 seconds ago

    A sandwich is in bread....a burger is in a bun 🤦‍♂️

  • Ribbon Tank
    Ribbon Tank 10 seconds ago

    You have to microwave the raspberry white chocolate muffin to unleash its full potential!

  • Hayley SHAW
    Hayley SHAW 10 seconds ago

    Putting vegimite on raisin toast that’s new I donnt know anyone who does that

  • Amy Eastwood
    Amy Eastwood 22 seconds ago

    Why couldn’t he do an Australian chain rather than Mcdonalds again? Missed opportunity

  • sick dude
    sick dude 46 seconds ago

    A soft drink with ice cream is called a spider

  • Rhiannon Gray
    Rhiannon Gray Minute ago

    I haven't watched yet but if he doesn't get a frozen coke I'll be mad

  • Dani F
    Dani F Minute ago

    I got 3 hungry jacks ads during this

  • Sharp Cascade
    Sharp Cascade Minute ago

    We have normal maccas and then mccafe, most food from there is shit. And all mccafe coffe taste like ass.

  • Bearded Gorlok
    Bearded Gorlok 2 minutes ago

    Oohh please do the candian version of this!

  • Shelby Connors
    Shelby Connors 2 minutes ago


  • meganwithoutah
    meganwithoutah 2 minutes ago

    Okay, I may get hate for this, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion... I find the Merrell Twins unbelievably irritating to the point that I skipped their segment.

  • Sophia Scully
    Sophia Scully 2 minutes ago

    Keith eats everything at Chick-Fil-A!!

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 3 minutes ago

    Thats the McCafè menu not the breakfast menu you bloody pelican 😡🙄

  • Katerina De Battista
    Katerina De Battista 3 minutes ago

    Keith missed one of the best new burgers from Maccas: Aussie Angus 👌🏻

  • Izzy Hutson
    Izzy Hutson 3 minutes ago

    I love that every ad I got for this video was for Hungry Jacks (the Australian version of Burger King) hahaha

  • brandixlynn
    brandixlynn 3 minutes ago

    Just a quick clarification: The first smaller wrap was actually the Wholemeal Snack Wrap and the second much larger one was the Caesar wrap.

  • Lilly Herbert
    Lilly Herbert 4 minutes ago

    *everyone else* mortified *Eugene* laughing and joking with the guys

  • Maddie Shave
    Maddie Shave 4 minutes ago

    British food is not terrible I’m saying this because I am British

  • Maria B
    Maria B 4 minutes ago

    DENNYS pleaseee

  • Emily Seery
    Emily Seery 4 minutes ago

    I'm extremely offended that he put Vegemite on raisin bread, but even more offended that he didn't toast it and add butter.

  • Rexy the dinasaur Cheatah

    Yay I'm number two aka scorpio

  • Liv P
    Liv P 4 minutes ago

    Its Pronounced a-STRAYA

  • itscrisyo
    itscrisyo 4 minutes ago

    omg the sounds that start at 13:44 made me want to throw up

  • Ally K.
    Ally K. 4 minutes ago

    Please go to Canada and do A&W

  • Lauren J
    Lauren J 4 minutes ago

    *keith complaining about vegemite* *me spreading a thick ass layer on toast for my breakfast* “no but you don’t understand-“

  • Naomi W
    Naomi W 4 minutes ago

    So sad he wasn’t in Queensland to try the broncos burger, not even trying a burger with beetroot just feels wrong. Beetroot on burgers is such a classic Australian thing and I was so sad Melbourne doesn’t have their version of the broncos burger for Keith to try the glorious combo. And the reason the ketchup tastes different is simply lass sugar and less salt, although the tomato sauce you get at Maccas is the sweetest tomato sauce anywhere in Australia.

  • bubble tea
    bubble tea 5 minutes ago

    btw aussies is pronounced oz-zies

  • Amy Nguyen
    Amy Nguyen 5 minutes ago

    Why do people think aussies like vegemite?! I’m so offended I’m Aussie and I hate it - vegemite is just exclusive to Australia

  • Alessandra Russek
    Alessandra Russek 5 minutes ago

    Can I just point out that no one actually goes to McDonalds for McCafe?? Like the most I get is a coffee but otherwise I just eat off the normal menu. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Simply_Power
    Simply_Power 5 minutes ago


  • bby m
    bby m 6 minutes ago

    The guests ruined the episode they’re not funny and make Keith less funny

  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez 6 minutes ago

    The best Mc donalds I ever tried was in Greece and its called Greek Mac. It's their version of big mac, in a flat Brad, absolutely amazing. I miss it by the way

  • Stupid Fat Bitch
    Stupid Fat Bitch 6 minutes ago

    The fact that Keith called the burgers “sandwiches” annoyed me so much.

  • ミクモ
    ミクモ 7 minutes ago

    I dunno about everyone but seeing Keith experiencing the McSpicy gives me a sense of happiness Singapore represent!

  • MovieMike Reviews
    MovieMike Reviews 7 minutes ago

    McMuffin all the way

  • Boy VS Man
    Boy VS Man 7 minutes ago

    I hate how pronounces Aussie

  • Madeline Gillette
    Madeline Gillette 7 minutes ago

    Please eat Denny’s menu I need to see you roast my job

  • eriace123
    eriace123 7 minutes ago

    Is there something new about Keith’s teeth? Lol sorry there something different idk what

  • Kai Doust
    Kai Doust 7 minutes ago

    18:01 it's called a McSpider because here in Australia a spider as in the drink is when you put icecream into a soft drink (fizzy drink).

  • Emily Kueppers
    Emily Kueppers 8 minutes ago

    bring candid competition back !!!!

  • Boy VS Man
    Boy VS Man 8 minutes ago

    Should have done hungry jacks

  • Butterkeks Gangster
    Butterkeks Gangster 8 minutes ago

    Oh gosh this was so funny

  • Åce The Åłien
    Åce The Åłien 8 minutes ago

    I hate the way he says Aussie’s. That is _not_ how you pronounce it. Please stop Americans.

  • jenna
    jenna 8 minutes ago

    Keith has the balls to insult Dunks like hope no one from New England watches this. Just ask for the coffee how you usually make it, they’ll just make it for you. I usually ask for “almond milk hazelnut latte with 1 pump hazelnut and 1 shot espresso.” Not sweet, you just gotta ask for what you specifically want. But maybe New Englanders are more comfortable doing that 🤷🏻‍♀️ (All love, all goofs I just love Dunks)

  • Luc Sandars
    Luc Sandars 8 minutes ago

    Do a Keith eats everything at red rooster

  • Joshua Goodacre
    Joshua Goodacre 8 minutes ago

    Never felt more personally attacked lol

  • Joanne
    Joanne 8 minutes ago

    17:50 I'll have you know we grew up with our Spider dessert and we knew it was good shit. Make it with your choice of soft drink on a hot and sunny day

  • Nikki Otoole
    Nikki Otoole 9 minutes ago

    I'm sorry but as an Aussie I need to tell you to not eat vegemite on rassin toast. You have committed big no no against us

  • Zoe Holland
    Zoe Holland 9 minutes ago

    if you dont know how to say aussie just say australia instead its painful to hear you say osssy every two seconds

  • Lucie Wight
    Lucie Wight 10 minutes ago

    you do NOT put VEGEMITE on RAISIN BREAD! You should have put it on the sour dough toast. And butter, there HAS TO BE a butter Vegemite ratio. And those toasties were weak, they are supposed to sick together with the cheese, none of it should be separable and I have never seen anyone eat a Macca's Toastie. wtf is pineapple and coconut loaf? never heard of it or seen it ever in my Aussie life. Does America not have McCafe? Never heard of the Mcfeast or Beef wrap. Wholemeal for the snack wrap was the bread type. It was a Wholemeal tortilla, hence why its slightly grey or browner than the white wrap, though I don't know if there is actually a great difference. wtf is an apple pie mcflurry. Mate they are pulling your leg with that one. they just got you a mcflurry and shoved an apple pie on top and told you that was a menu item? they lied. Frozen coke Mcspider.......? They actually call it that on the menu? Maccas calls them Floats like you do in America. But in Australia Ice cream and soft drink or "soda" together as a dessert/beverage is called a spider. And you can get them places that usually sell milkshakes. eg bakeries. or just make it yourself. and we don't do it with frozen drinks, just regular non frozen soft drinks. Yeah McCafe in the city isn't as good as McCafe in everywhere else. And most people get Latte's. I can't say anyone would chose McCafe over they millions of cafes in Australia due to our prosperous coffee culture. I can tell you exactly why that Raisin and custard pie exists, originally I think it was a berry and custard pie, but Maccas brought it out as a limited menu item when the London 2012 Olympics were on. They probably thought it was British enough idk. Anyway, it went away and some people wanted it back so they brought it back. The big brekkie burger is a more recent addition to the menu, they made it I think when they made the main menu an all day menu. You used to only get the breakfast menu at breakfast times. Keith at least said Straya right. Is the Aussie accent hard to impersonate? Never heard of a 'Ham and cheese pocket'. Oh and with the Mcbites, do you not have Popcorn chicken at KFC in America. It's basically Maccas ripping off KFC.

  • Reina Moran
    Reina Moran 10 minutes ago

    Keith I live the next state over in Adelaide fly me out i will 100% make a vegemite sandwich you will enjoy because it be made by a true blue aussie

  • Brutal legend
    Brutal legend 10 minutes ago

    🇵🇷 Hey try guys go to Puerto Rico and try the food,drinks,candy,sodas, anything you want but please go to. Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 thank you very much

  • Taylor Swift Updates
    Taylor Swift Updates 10 minutes ago

    Smh the name spider means ice cream in soft drink every aussie know that

  • Ella Luepann
    Ella Luepann 10 minutes ago

    Keith is living the dream

  • Amy S
    Amy S 10 minutes ago

    Keith! Vegemite and Cheese!!!! Not vegemite and raisins!!!

  • Amy Nguyen
    Amy Nguyen 11 minutes ago

    Omg you got all the bad items from maccas Australia!!

  • Louis Boon
    Louis Boon 11 minutes ago

    Now come to the uk and do the same Then you can try marmite on a hot cross bun or something

  • Karlyn
    Karlyn 11 minutes ago

    People eating vegemite wrong is getting really old...

  • Baemy Ox
    Baemy Ox 11 minutes ago

    Whatever maccas he went to really did him dirty on that mcfeast

  • olivia boii
    olivia boii 11 minutes ago

    i remember they had the chicken mcbites for like a limited time in the us or something maybe cause i remember a commercial for them where it was this dude and when he said chicken mcbites it sounded like chicken mcbutts

  • Stefunny
    Stefunny 12 minutes ago

    Go ahead 'Pie Guy'

  • Annie Begotka
    Annie Begotka 12 minutes ago

    Who else is knitting while watching this?

  • Maria Castro
    Maria Castro 12 minutes ago

    Did... Was there really a knife in it?

  • Ha33aJ Gaming
    Ha33aJ Gaming 12 minutes ago

    Lol when the get the snack wrap and the normal wrap swapped so disappointed I work hard at Maccas

  • tahlia moore
    tahlia moore 12 minutes ago

    Eugene is low key so disgusted when he’s gotta take a bite after Keith

  • 101100ish
    101100ish 12 minutes ago

    I wonder what happens to all the food that doesn’t get eaten?

  • Devyn Watts
    Devyn Watts 12 minutes ago

    Go hit up one of the Hungry Jacks mate

  • PandaForce
    PandaForce 12 minutes ago

    "hey guys it's fall!" during the ad at the end meanwhile snow in the northeast :(

  • herjezel bon
    herjezel bon 12 minutes ago

    Pls try jollibee :3

  • Beth Downey
    Beth Downey 13 minutes ago

    And as far as more Sonic or Cookout!

  • Gabi McGurk
    Gabi McGurk 13 minutes ago

    Eugene calling Keith’s accent cockney at 25:41 while his was Irish 😂

  • Michaela Plumb
    Michaela Plumb 13 minutes ago

    Spicy chicken mcbites are 10 times better

  • Sam
    Sam 13 minutes ago

    It’s great to hear an American actually pronounce Melbourne correctly!! (* Melbin *)

  • chloelover98
    chloelover98 13 minutes ago

    Wish we had desserts like this in the US

  • Tanya Dova
    Tanya Dova 13 minutes ago

    I love how there’s just a knife in the toastie Tehe just Australian thing

  • Jasmin Ella
    Jasmin Ella 13 minutes ago

    Keith almost has a decent australian accent... which is very impressive for an american

  • Lisa Frausto
    Lisa Frausto 13 minutes ago


  • Happy Days
    Happy Days 13 minutes ago

    Please stop eating our vegimite

  • Meg S23
    Meg S23 13 minutes ago

    Can Ned try being a soccer referee

  • Meg S23
    Meg S23 13 minutes ago

    Keith please eat chick fil a

  • Emma Linde
    Emma Linde 14 minutes ago

    Great intro as always!

  • Sharon Eng
    Sharon Eng 14 minutes ago

    Ok tip from a Maccas worker, macarons taste WAYYY BETTER after you put them in the freezer. Like their more crunchy and idk their just better uwu

  • Sara G
    Sara G 14 minutes ago

    Wait was Zach not dating(/married?) to Maggie at this point?

  • Shaniyah Lonon
    Shaniyah Lonon 14 minutes ago

    It should be ihop!

  • Fredrick The Seagull
    Fredrick The Seagull 14 minutes ago


  • Tita Aguilera
    Tita Aguilera 15 minutes ago


  • Joanie Ferron-Beaumier
    Joanie Ferron-Beaumier 15 minutes ago

    tim horton

  • Kayla horan
    Kayla horan 15 minutes ago

    pls eat everything from jollibee

  • i be ella
    i be ella 15 minutes ago

    11:23 made me die

  • Aria Berry
    Aria Berry 15 minutes ago

    Pls do a meet and greet in Australia Brisbane ppppppllllllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  • Red
    Red 15 minutes ago

    :/ i miss the mcwraps...

  • Sophie Wilson
    Sophie Wilson 15 minutes ago

    Okay, I have distinct memories from my time down under of beets being heavily featured on the Australian McDonald's menu. WHERE ARE THE BEETS?

  • Taylor Swift Updates
    Taylor Swift Updates 15 minutes ago

    When he put the vegemite on raisin bread 🤮 when he didn’t put butter on the raisin bread 😭

  • Najmo Mohamed
    Najmo Mohamed 15 minutes ago

    It’s so funny to me that Maccas is not universally known 😂

  • Kazooples
    Kazooples 16 minutes ago

    Vegemite on raisin bread what the fuck Keith

  • Ash Jean
    Ash Jean 16 minutes ago

    Snack wrap and ceaser wrap were mixed tf up

  • Måns Mattsson
    Måns Mattsson 16 minutes ago

    In sweden we call Them macrons

  • the1silentgirl
    the1silentgirl 16 minutes ago

    Vegemite needs butter with it and not on rasin toast ... always amusing watching Americans eating vegemite ... im an Aussie also love vegemite

  • Azi
    Azi 17 minutes ago

    I’m crying with laughter even though this was literally a year ago “We’re trying to find something he’d like.” *Asian foods sign comes into view*