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  • Lorde is my queen
    Lorde is my queen 7 seconds ago

    "Holy f*****g s**t".

  • AlyssaK Williams
    AlyssaK Williams 6 minutes ago

    I believe I know people hate Melissa but I like her she does lie but she doesn't want Abby to hurt her daughters

  • Rãnã Bkk
    Rãnã Bkk 9 minutes ago

    Before kendall goes on stage: STOP SCREAMING AT HER (even tho she needs it for help) After the performance: Jill: Its ok u can give her corrections LIKE WHA CORRECTIONS IS SHE GONNA GIVE TO DA CHILD LIKE😂😂😂

  • Barbara Boronda
    Barbara Boronda 10 minutes ago

    Is there going to be any new episodes

  • pat White
    pat White 10 minutes ago

    I 💙 them Dolls they are so so amazing. From a F4L

  • Almendra Farfan
    Almendra Farfan 10 minutes ago

    Holly is speaking Facts.

  • India Ruffin
    India Ruffin 11 minutes ago

    Oh yea of you can't tell even by how he disguises his voice. Ms Donna is a male,trust god.

  • Mădălina Gulereanu
    Mădălina Gulereanu 12 minutes ago

    I'm crying

  • Emonie
    Emonie 12 minutes ago

    “Why does she have to defend her girls” them her babies fym👋🏿🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Dibidibidis.mp3
    Dibidibidis.mp3 12 minutes ago

    get em jill

  • India Ruffin
    India Ruffin 12 minutes ago

    This is a man , that is not a female. The instructor is a man

  • Leia Sunflower
    Leia Sunflower 13 minutes ago

    jill f off 😂

  • Ana Vargas
    Ana Vargas 14 minutes ago

    Que hermosas son las minis bailan lindo

  • Sofia Colindres
    Sofia Colindres 15 minutes ago

    Freddy Mercury Me encanto

  • Joanna N
    Joanna N 16 minutes ago

    Dance Dads: Dad 1: my dauther trained 6 years Dad 2: yes but mine is the best on the team Dad 3: oof here we go again (Dad 1 and dad 2 start fighting) 10 seconds later: Dad 1, dad 2 and dad 3 sitting and drinking beer.

  • Känguru girl
    Känguru girl 18 minutes ago

    I feeling really sorry for Maddie because she really didn‘t had a clue that they were doing this duett on this day and no one seems to Listenpreis her😿

  • Darleny garcia
    Darleny garcia 19 minutes ago

    But malisa Maddie is not perfect so the other mom's has a point

  • PGTO chyyy
    PGTO chyyy 20 minutes ago

    Them twins got a mouth but no hands to back it up

  • Marylynn Stackhouse
    Marylynn Stackhouse 20 minutes ago

    Why tf would he marrie brianna if he would cheat on her with that🤢😩

  • Rena Bassatni
    Rena Bassatni 21 minute ago

    Everything was awesome except the ariel

  • Grace Hwang
    Grace Hwang 21 minute ago

    You know what JUST SHUT UP JILL

  • MultiFandom McDobs
    MultiFandom McDobs 22 minutes ago

    Jill has no empathy for anybody. She’s proven through her time on Dance Moms that she’s out for herself and Kendall and nobody else.

  • syeda afreen siddiqua
    syeda afreen siddiqua 23 minutes ago

    Jill is just mean

  • Joana Manne
    Joana Manne 24 minutes ago

    Save the tears for the pillow

  • Evelyn Martinez
    Evelyn Martinez 25 minutes ago

    She’s from TALL GIRL

  • Cillian Walsh
    Cillian Walsh 26 minutes ago

    I hate jill

  • therealsongstress
    therealsongstress 26 minutes ago

    He dancing better than any of those people in his group

  • Lauryn Chandler
    Lauryn Chandler 29 minutes ago

    LMFAOOO she ain’t even wait for the results she know they lost

  • Puffin Purple
    Puffin Purple 29 minutes ago

    This exactly why Christi my favorite she put Jill in her place and still joking on Abby lmao

  • Ur Mum
    Ur Mum 30 minutes ago

    True Facebook mom tips (No hate intended)

  • Justin Barnes
    Justin Barnes 30 minutes ago

    Calm down Abby

  • Ryann Brazil
    Ryann Brazil 30 minutes ago

    When Kobie said “-or on this team” I fell out 😂

  • Chill With Xavier
    Chill With Xavier 31 minute ago

    I’m totally on christi’s side she practically left the team cause she was defending Kendall she was sticking up for Kendall cause she was crying and Jill inspired of sticking up for the daughter she just watched it’s a shame that she could even stick up for her own kid

  • mel
    mel 31 minute ago

    sorry Jill, atleast chloe can get solos, bruh Kendall is such a bray

  • Sarah&Elle
    Sarah&Elle 32 minutes ago

    guys this competition is rigged they just made the girls lose for drama

  • LaShawn Lanai
    LaShawn Lanai 33 minutes ago

    We needed him as a host for this season of basketball wives

  • Khias Destiny
    Khias Destiny 33 minutes ago

    Jill should take her own advice “Shut up” YEa stop talking about Kendall Jill, U little bit- ok I’m done

  • pulidoalysson3 Pulido
    pulidoalysson3 Pulido 35 minutes ago


  • pulidoalysson3 Pulido
    pulidoalysson3 Pulido 36 minutes ago


  • Fleetfatfox12 :3
    Fleetfatfox12 :3 36 minutes ago

    If Christi is the victim what is jill 😂😂😂?!

  • Chef Big Dog
    Chef Big Dog 38 minutes ago

    Lol wtf is this

  • Bob smaz
    Bob smaz 38 minutes ago

    He got 9/10 and he did KiNd Of OkAy

  • i Magda
    i Magda 39 minutes ago

    Anyone else want to learn this dance or just me?... o.o

    BROOKE MADRIGAL 40 minutes ago

    Brady’s Maddie period

  • Aja Gansel
    Aja Gansel 40 minutes ago

    Abby needs respect when Brooke can't breath

  • Maddie Brown
    Maddie Brown 42 minutes ago

    Christi didn’t say one negative thing about Maddie. Her problem has always been with Abby. Everybody on the team has to stop what their doing and watch Maddie’s every move or else they’re jealous but let Chloe or Nia have something and all of a sudden it’s not necessary to celebrate everything a kid does.

  • nina selby
    nina selby 43 minutes ago

    Did anyone think back to when Bryns mom told everyone that Bryn would replace Maddie and look what happened I’m not saying it’s true so don’t come @ me reply and tell me what u think

  • Garry Davis
    Garry Davis 44 minutes ago

    Abby is about abby. Girls do yourself.

  • Emily Price
    Emily Price 44 minutes ago

    I’m crying

  • Cupid Of Hearts
    Cupid Of Hearts 45 minutes ago

    that ycdt teacher is so petty!

  • Demi Guerrero
    Demi Guerrero 46 minutes ago

    Lol the fight was cute

  • Natasha Sutcliffe
    Natasha Sutcliffe 46 minutes ago

    It wasn't a good ruteen

  • Haley Brooke
    Haley Brooke 47 minutes ago

    Minnie talking bout go get a outfit she wearing a prom dress

  • Bianca Hernández
    Bianca Hernández 52 minutes ago

    Why do austin and chris have their ayes loww

  • Kristy Cheung
    Kristy Cheung 53 minutes ago

    jill got progressively more annoying as the seasons went on lmao

  • millie smethurst
    millie smethurst 53 minutes ago

    Ma and grandad have the same bday x

  • Its Me Mikki
    Its Me Mikki 55 minutes ago

    Not to be rude but jill reminds me so much of momo

  • Yusha Hankins
    Yusha Hankins 56 minutes ago


  • monica
    monica 56 minutes ago


  • Jason Shaye
    Jason Shaye 56 minutes ago

    Bruh look at 1:13. -17 * -19 is not - 323 it is positive 323

  • Jesus Alfaro-Garcia
    Jesus Alfaro-Garcia 57 minutes ago

    Jill is right.

  • Andriana Simms
    Andriana Simms 57 minutes ago

    I'm mad they dropped that food

  • Kristy Williamson
    Kristy Williamson 57 minutes ago

    Nia and Holly are my absolute favorite ladies on this team!!!!

    NIA MCFADDEN 58 minutes ago

    Marie crying crying

  • Alyssa Creates
    Alyssa Creates 58 minutes ago

    i laughed so hard when the other moms were just watching them

  • Tatiana Torres-Mazara
    Tatiana Torres-Mazara 58 minutes ago

    Why did I cry when christi cried-Tatiana 😂

  • Hafsa_ Queen Nur
    Hafsa_ Queen Nur 59 minutes ago

    The way her lips went at 0:51 tho 😂

  • Just a random girl

    This is so underrated!!!! It should be one of the fan favorite solos by kenz..

  • Mariem Ali
    Mariem Ali Hour ago

    Ur gonna make me cry My heart melted I cried

  • Ball Of Sunshine

    The moms are so wicked and gross they have a problem with her dancing for her brother .

  • Julianne Conforti

    okay but like brichelles cousin stepped in because the other girl in the red skirt was ripping brichelles hair like wtf

  • Shaunteetalkstv
    Shaunteetalkstv Hour ago

    I agree Dianna!

  • Lola Davidson
    Lola Davidson Hour ago

    It’s hard to believe that a Maddie can dance that ugly

  • VandaIeyes
    VandaIeyes Hour ago

    I want to twerk on the twins' faces. With a sledgehammer.

  • Cute Bunny Edits

    Black patsys right lol

  • Mariem Ali
    Mariem Ali Hour ago

    Wow lol I can only look one side

  • Luci Mae Heward
    Luci Mae Heward Hour ago

    1:29 "well she's not exercising clearly" 🤣

  • Tegau' s World
    Tegau' s World Hour ago

    Cathy is an udiot

  • crow bar
    crow bar Hour ago

    3:01 his controllers weren't on 💀

  • Dance moms Fan
    Dance moms Fan Hour ago

    Omg when Nia's music skipt (and she still keep dancing everyone was like,, ok whatever", but now its like woooooowww

  • Sophie Rose
    Sophie Rose Hour ago

    Is is just me, But season 4 was the best! The amount of drama thoooo😂 I mean the fight between Abby and Kelly was ICONIC😂

  • Cute Bunny Edits

    LiKe A ReAlLy ReAlLy LoNg TiMe AgO shut up kalabib

  • Marvel Fan
    Marvel Fan Hour ago

    Chloe looked so much happier with the new team, what a big difference 😄

  • faithlovescakes
    faithlovescakes Hour ago

    lads stop say terrible things to Payton was told to say that

  • Jessica Low
    Jessica Low Hour ago

    Why is everyone sticking up for Christi when she was the one who went after Kendall

    • Jessica Low
      Jessica Low 25 minutes ago

      Ariana Prenaj But Christi didn’t need to go for Kendall if it was Jill she had an issue with

    • Ariana Prenaj
      Ariana Prenaj 29 minutes ago

      Jessica Low maybe so, but Jill was never there to support any of the other kids, as opposed to Christi who stuck up for Kendall. The LEAST Jill could’ve done was stick up for Chloe, even if it was once.

    • maddie vertes
      maddie vertes Hour ago


  • Anastasia Rostonova

    Maddie: * runs out Gino: am I so bad at kissing

  • The Petty Hub
    The Petty Hub Hour ago

    4:19 - 4:23 😭😭😭

  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie Hour ago

    Emily: “ why isn’t asta getting my attention?” Brichelle: “ because I’m helping her.” 😂😂😂

  • Buffy 462
    Buffy 462 Hour ago

    Melissa: mostly quiet, fights but usually dosent fight, and lies. Maddie: dances very well, stays very quiet. Mackenzie: the cuttest little thing in the world, and unfortunately hidden in her sisters shadow. (I love her ) and pretty funny. Christi: soo, very funny, bad mouth ( love that ), starts drama, cares for other kids. Chloe: so sweet, light voice, beautiful face, body, dancing, very calm and mature Holly: very intelligent, never swears in fights or out of fights, always stays nice and classy. And dosent start fights. Nia: beautiful dancer/body/ everything, calm, underdog( but i love her alot ) Kelly: bad mouth/ friends with cristi, never fails to make me laugh, starts fights ect Brooke: beautiful dancer, very calm Paige: beautiful everything like brooke actually Jill: nOw mY LitTle kEndAl cAN haVe a sOlo Kendal: yeah defend me mom, can i have a solo

  • Joseph Quinto
    Joseph Quinto Hour ago

    That not fair the boys rapped about a actual birthday party and that girls made a hate song like no the boys were better

  • Sjoe 1994
    Sjoe 1994 Hour ago

    Christi has nice hair gimme

  • Sreenidhi Chandrabose

    My god jill should shut up because chloe won

  • ToxicAsianBOI Roblox


  • XxGamer GirlxX
    XxGamer GirlxX Hour ago

    Jill never stood up for Christi 😂

  • moony love
    moony love Hour ago

    This is by far MY favorite group dance

  • Gabbi Moore
    Gabbi Moore Hour ago

    ok sorry- I love Christi, but “Abby doesn’t have the dignity to show up”???? like??? her mother was sick and getting worse, I wouldn’t expect her to show up. like come on christi!!!

  • Not Your Average Joe

    This can’t be real right?! They must be actors.

  • sara matasssi
    sara matasssi Hour ago

    I feel so bad for these little girls the stress on their little faces... they feel like they’re not good enough for doing mistakes...

  • Brooke Bernat
    Brooke Bernat Hour ago

    If you like the originals better than those other people in the new season. 👇🏼

  • Lorde is my queen

    Jill is a goat.