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  • Corinny Meunier
    Corinny Meunier Minute ago

    Terra should always comb like this,sooo classy

  • tOangA vaKa
    tOangA vaKa 2 minutes ago

    Why he acting like he up there when Miss D has an Elite team! And he has .............

  • andrea M.
    andrea M. 4 minutes ago

    that is so cute

  • Annie Khunfong-sellar
    Annie Khunfong-sellar 4 minutes ago

    The actual story was that one of the producers of the show scared Maddie and then she forgot her solo and ran off poor Maddie I feel so bad for her ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍

  • Ms. Lewis
    Ms. Lewis 4 minutes ago

    Tina need to chill but as a mom I get it because she’s her kid A1. But like Dianna says Kayla not stepping up.

  • Jessica MayMay DorkMotion Comedy

    The world needs more of Kimmy’s interviews 😂🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Fun activities With Cindy


  • Christina Bouphavanh
    Christina Bouphavanh 7 minutes ago

    I forgot that girls name bb..BRAT I don’t think she’s a dance mom’s dancer..

  • The Adventures-of BuDDy
    The Adventures-of BuDDy 11 minutes ago

    Why SARAH! The mom kills her opportunities

  • Sophie Hoffman
    Sophie Hoffman 13 minutes ago

    Her mom pushes her so much... I feel bad..

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck 14 minutes ago

    Selena wrong for wearing white at her wedding

  • Zohaib Ahmed
    Zohaib Ahmed 15 minutes ago

    Your so mean Abby you should not be a dance teacher or anything else

  • Katrina Roc
    Katrina Roc 20 minutes ago

    That shut up from Elena gets me every time lmfao

  • One Hooks
    One Hooks 22 minutes ago

    Cameron: dark skins are red how does that happen Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ibit magz
    ibit magz 25 minutes ago

    Jojo is teally mean to kendall😡😡😡😡

  • Maddy Rilee
    Maddy Rilee 25 minutes ago

    Amanda’s is the type of person to never be able to admit she’s wrong. She’s miserable. & living in a phase

  • Adel Zaidi
    Adel Zaidi 27 minutes ago

    The twins are like so useless!

  • Q&DNation
    Q&DNation 28 minutes ago

    And it was all a lie...

  • Itz Tia
    Itz Tia 31 minute ago

    0:15 When my classmates ask if I did the homework and I forgot there's hw.

  • H
    H 31 minute ago

    imagine having that personality at 6 years old??! surprised she's not a regular on reality tv...marture and talented, I wonder where she is now

  • aleena sanchez
    aleena sanchez 31 minute ago

    briana and matt?!??!😂

  • Vincent Valentine
    Vincent Valentine 32 minutes ago

    Abby zoomin away from her problems lol

  • Renee Stowers
    Renee Stowers 38 minutes ago

    Let’s just say we should change black pasty dance mom name to annoying jealous mom

  • Maddy Rilee
    Maddy Rilee 38 minutes ago

    All the women in this season are mentally / verbally abused / tricked in to doing whatever the men want/think. Besides Asta. Lmao

  • Summer Flanigan
    Summer Flanigan 39 minutes ago

    Emily is trash

  • TheOfficeFan Y
    TheOfficeFan Y 39 minutes ago

    Jill is one the fakest!! She doesn’t belong so she takes out on Christy. She has issues. I wish Kelly was there!! Jill is threaten by Chole and Christy that’s why she is acting like that. Insecure little brat!! Christy and Chole are OG members who thrived in horrible environment. And that’s one thingy Jill can never take away.

  • Karol Santiago
    Karol Santiago 39 minutes ago

    why does caylea get mad that amanda says something about her body count when all she does is judge amanda for the guys she talks to

  • Yarie Kirke
    Yarie Kirke 40 minutes ago

    3:41 she's like: give me my trophy So cute

  • randa abla
    randa abla 40 minutes ago

    I hate Aga

  • Karol Santiago
    Karol Santiago 40 minutes ago

    “ all this money don’t fit in the safe “ like her dad doesn’t pay her rent because she doesn’t have a job😭

    • Marlene Bellic
      Marlene Bellic 3 minutes ago

      If her dad wants to pay her rent then good for her. ...

  • Rosalia Menchaca
    Rosalia Menchaca 41 minute ago

    gianna has the pretty smile😍

  • franco b
    franco b 42 minutes ago

    Kristi sobered up real quick lol

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 44 minutes ago

    Someone give her proper clothes

  • Marayah Rameriz
    Marayah Rameriz 47 minutes ago

    This a thing what!!

  • Aari Dula
    Aari Dula 49 minutes ago

    Dude you went to her and fronted up to her

  • Renee Stowers
    Renee Stowers 49 minutes ago

    Well let’s face it Ashley said the truth that they can’t win with there dancing they have to win with there mouths

  • Rdmmoya Moya
    Rdmmoya Moya 51 minute ago

    Wtf happen????

  • Navee
    Navee 53 minutes ago

    Did u see jojo ❤️❤️

  • Gianna Marlin
    Gianna Marlin 54 minutes ago

    Come on girls my favorite is Trinity

  • erin
    erin 55 minutes ago

    I LUUVV MEME 😂😂😂 talkin bout some “massages?... yeaahahahaa count me in”

  • Merrill Abdal
    Merrill Abdal 56 minutes ago

    I love dance moms

  • Witchumon Suwannakarint
    Witchumon Suwannakarint 57 minutes ago

    IDKW but Maddie, Chole and Kendall REALLY stood out to me. Chole was soo soft and on point this was Chole’s peak so it wasn’t a shocker. Kendall, she is sooo pretty! It’s surreal her dancing was awesome except that her side ariel at the end...😬 stretch ur leg hun. Maddie put the Life into this dance her facials were a lil over the top, but when ur portraying an abused child it just was meant to be. Her dancing was 👌🏻 it was GREAT! Her leaps instead of turns that she’ll most likely fall was good Abby finally relised that Chole turns were better than Mad’s and her leaps are better than Chol. Payton btw was NOT meant to be in this she kinda pulled it down, Kenzie was soo adorable too! Asia was fine I only liked her in the last part where she did leg hold turns. The other ppl did pulled my eye.

  • Arcane ziri
    Arcane ziri 57 minutes ago

    Sarah deserves it

  • sadpiink _
    sadpiink _ 57 minutes ago

    Maddie: **forgets solo** Abby: it's fine, everyone makes mistakes.. The Others: **forgets solo** Abby: *JWJENDUIDKMZMZKZLW*

  • TK 1126
    TK 1126 Hour ago

    When she said AUSTIN WHY DID U LEAVE WAS SO CUTE AND SAD 😭😭😢💔💔💔💔💔

  • Cian Mozley
    Cian Mozley Hour ago

    The shimmering on the necklaces and high heels are so fake

  • kimberly zambrano

    There just hating on Asia because they now there their kids are gonna lose

  • Jeleniewska Tutorials

    This dance fits jojo so well and she’s such an amazing performer

  • Estrella Vicente

    I do not know if it was just me but 3:45 Jojo is running

  • TheDeathflows
    TheDeathflows Hour ago

    Hi i'm Minnie, and everyone calls me dusty potato

  • Dani Cosplay
    Dani Cosplay Hour ago

    The girls judge her because she's better and black but she's a queen😄💕

  • - Lisa
    - Lisa Hour ago

    Does anyone know what security would do if someone came up to them? Does security have guns?

  • Squishy Gerbil
    Squishy Gerbil Hour ago

    Love how Kristie chose the "alone time " with Bella with the cameras there. Just so people wouldn't think she's completely neglected. And apparently whatever chose Kristie makes here is the wrong one bc there is no hit record or triple threat🤣

  • Tropicalxsmoothie 184

    Why y’all hating on tally like at least she was able to get on the rap game. Like y’all can’t get no where near her

  • Jay Raphael
    Jay Raphael Hour ago

    I wonder if some of the “Little Women” boyfriends have a fetish for midgets.?. Too many of the ‘Lil Women’ boyfriends treat their women like badly, and make babies within these dysfunctional relationships.

  • Shatara Anderson

    Elena is so beautiful 😍 and stylish my favorite little person 🥰

  • Yatchy
    Yatchy Hour ago

    aw i am so happy for yolanda (:

  • Alexis Perezchica

    if this is how they act one week with the mia favoritism imagine how they would feel with abby and maddie lmao

  • lital gluzman
    lital gluzman Hour ago

    dang jojo trying to find a man at the age of 9 XD "I'M LoVeIng TrAvIs, He'S SuPeR CuTE!!!"

  • Alexis Perezchica

    it's so weird that this was the season finale

  • Gacha Life Unicorn

    Jojo is a boss and she is BETTER than Abby

  • Sirolien jokas
    Sirolien jokas Hour ago

    Somebody got to leave is you asia

  • Yeet Yeetus
    Yeet Yeetus Hour ago

    1:28 Mackenzie was just like 😂😂😂

  • TheOpelkoenjas
    TheOpelkoenjas Hour ago

    Typical for a psychopathic narcissist. Being called out on something and then quickly putting the full blame on the person that calls them out and divert the real issue that has been brought up. She's being mentally (and physically) abused by him, but doesn't want to acknowledge it. He manipulated and brainwashed her so much that she will believe him over any evidence that is right in her face. Please tell me that they are divorced by now!!

  • Howard Smith
    Howard Smith Hour ago


  • PATRCIA251
    PATRCIA251 Hour ago

    i love the dancing dolls i asked my mom she said no i live in the usa

  • Victoriagymnastics Queen

    I respect Billy but I like Anthony better. And Shawn is so annoying. With how he controlled everything

  • Heavenly Potts
    Heavenly Potts Hour ago

    The title of this video 💀

  • tristan adidarma

    Y does stacey and liliy always lie it made me cry and i don't think eliana deserves this lily does not deserve what she has

    JAKEY JACKS Hour ago

    kim reminds me of James Charles LMAO

  • ColeNacole LaVancha- wiccanAcesN-B

    How this is still on? What happened to Abby?

  • BlessedWerido -
    BlessedWerido - Hour ago

    Why did I tear up

  • Dominican
    Dominican Hour ago

    Crazy to see J.I move up like that

  • Tessa Laramie
    Tessa Laramie Hour ago

    That fact that she did this whole blow out in a public place is humiliating. She should be ashamed of herself. However, if this was staged 👏👏👏 nicely done

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith Hour ago

    Looks like everyone's getting a good laugh out of that 'do grrrl!

  • Jean Neri
    Jean Neri Hour ago

    When all these little women shows coming back on they been off for awhile. They all should b united their little people but everyone has their drama little people or average adults.

  • M. Stewart
    M. Stewart Hour ago

    Wtf??? Wtf people???? Omg shes a child. They're all children. Stop.

  • Nadine Miller
    Nadine Miller Hour ago

    Dr. Liland did my Augmentation way back in September 2002!!! I soooo am beyond needing them replaced...One HUGE thing holding me back is money! I NEED them done so bad but cannot afford it . I'm so bummed :(

  • Karina's Lego
    Karina's Lego Hour ago

    Cathy is so annoying

  • Lily Malo
    Lily Malo Hour ago

    the last digit of YOUR like is who you are! (you don't have to like though!) 1. Lilliana 2. Elliana 3.Sarah 4. Savannah 5.Pressley 6. Gianina 7.Hannah 8. Brady 9. Abby Lee 10. Giana or 1. Maddie 2. Kalani 3. Chloe 4. Brooke 5. Paige 6. Mackenzie 7. Kendall 8. Nia 9. Giana 10. Abby Lee comment who you got! (or you don't have to)

  • Blunted illusion

    emily is madddddd annoying LMAO wtf

  • BloodTypeAPlus
    BloodTypeAPlus Hour ago


  • Katy Nadal
    Katy Nadal Hour ago

    Ok here's the problem if a child is good at dancing and the dance teacher knows she is and if the teacher is only having issues with the mother that's not fair to the child to not get to dace at all.

  • Charming Perez
    Charming Perez Hour ago

    Can’t stand Tiffany!

  • Malia Marchese
    Malia Marchese Hour ago

    The thumbs down is Daniel Kingston and his brother

  • kpopsblackgf ._.

    That switch it up song was from that Disney movie star struck 😭

  • tina anderson
    tina anderson Hour ago

    Every body got rules lol not a crime especially when you are broke lol you sat in hotel for 2 days that's not a. Crime that's your problem lol

  • Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

    This is the girls first trip to Bigamyville. As everyone knows Colorado City/Hildale is known as Bigamyville everyone here worships Warren Jeffs. While Warren is in jail Lyle who is second in command until recently is in charge. If you go through there turn off your headlights and DON'T STOP! get out of there keep going until you reach the Mojave Desert or the outskirts of Hurricane. If they see your lights the white pickup of the God Squad fallows you and they lure you to a camera and if the camera sees you they call the U.S. Marshals who are actually FLDS security. These corrupt cops will do two things either run you out of town or kill you. Until recently the real U.S. Marshals found out their Colorado City office was abusing federal law and it was disbanded and they trained a new set of marshals the God Squad was also disbanded and Lyle was sent to prison and his church was taken. Lyle got out of prison and he is in that compound in North Yankton that we seen on another episode of Escaping Polygamy.

  • Elsie Guache
    Elsie Guache Hour ago

    I dont like finging

  • Allie Pena
    Allie Pena Hour ago

    Asia SLAYS

  • Cian Mozley
    Cian Mozley 2 hours ago

    4:12 Maddie is behind melissa

  • Joshua Davis
    Joshua Davis 2 hours ago

    Lmaoooo at Daija winning but going to Alabama State. And all the other girls, Cam, Makalah, Tanesha, Makya, Star & Sky, all them went to different schools. Nobody was thinking bout MVSU lol

  • Marco Mayorquin
    Marco Mayorquin 2 hours ago

    I hate jojo's mom she talks about jojo ughhhhhh

  • Debra Davis
    Debra Davis 2 hours ago

    I H8 The Judges Periodt....they blind, they need Lasik, they need sleep, they need somethin or they on somethin cause all 3 of them know dd4l won and purple diamonds.....😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👹👹👹👹👺👺👺👺😾😾😾😾💥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😖😖😖

  • Maria Botello
    Maria Botello 2 hours ago

    Taly is a God she can spit bars

  • Curl Crush Ent
    Curl Crush Ent 2 hours ago

    Do y’all selves a favor and search Hannah’s full Milkshake solo and watch this girl WORK

  • Rip me Hello
    Rip me Hello 2 hours ago

    Madison is beautiful she rlly rlly is but she got that brat ugly attitude that makes her look bad😐

  • Juice's LLC
    Juice's LLC 2 hours ago

    Meanful? Huh

  • Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

    If you are wondering who Martha is it is Thee Martha in 2009 on Breaking the Faith she and her crew got captured by the God Squad and she was beaten she never attempted escape until 2011. The girls helped her she got out and the epilogue of Breaking the Faith it said she got out but we don't know who rescued her now we know it was Leah, Jessica, and Shanell who got her out and when Breaking the Faith lost their safe house in St. George it was Jessica who let them live in Salt Lake. They need to be careful Cody told Martha she needs to stay out of town so do the girls if they get spotted God Squad trucks come after them and lure them to a camera and if the cameras spot them U.S. Marshals show up and they will report to Lyle. Bigamyville is a dangerous town The Jeffs are not good people they intimidate anyone who sets foot in their compound.

  • Rabies Kid McEdgeLord

    “There was chaos and screaming” Is somebody gonna tell her that the entire situation was literally being filmed and is on camera orrrr. . .