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Skrux - Radiant
Views 24KMonth ago
Skrux - You & Me
Views 24KMonth ago
MitiS - Life Of Sin Pt. 6
Views 48K2 months ago
Ampyx - Yui | Chill
Views 27K3 months ago
Isolated - Daydream | Chill
Views 47K5 months ago
Isolated - Ages | Chillstep
Views 46K6 months ago
Skrux - Purity | Chill
Views 76K7 months ago


  • Dj Blaze
    Dj Blaze 29 minutes ago


  • Nirob Music
    Nirob Music Hour ago

    We never grew old...age is just a number....Deep inside life is always feel the same...From this song i had to conclude that message....

  • kUwUmiko
    kUwUmiko 2 hours ago


  • Icy GT
    Icy GT 2 hours ago

    I wanna live, I wanna pee right now I want ice cream 'till my lungs give out

  • Magnus Bevaart
    Magnus Bevaart 3 hours ago

    Kirito ma boy

  • Rad Snaget
    Rad Snaget 3 hours ago


  • Alex Terskin
    Alex Terskin 5 hours ago

    Ahhh yes so happy melodic dubstep is still prospering ❤️

  • ----------
    ---------- 6 hours ago

    Sounds so cinematic. Would fit perfectly In a sci-fi movie

  • Crystal Skies LIVE
    Crystal Skies LIVE 6 hours ago

    Can I set this as my alarm

  • keith ohlinger
    keith ohlinger 7 hours ago

    well done.. well done..

  • Ciara Dawn
    Ciara Dawn 7 hours ago

    Am I allowed to share my fave tunes to instagram????

  • xCrlMlNal x
    xCrlMlNal x 11 hours ago

    We live you tecca and issa

  • hopefully you'll be dead by morning

    Damn... I forgot about this! man..

  • JustMe
    JustMe 12 hours ago

    To all those wondering where the picture comes from:

  • Charles Burgess
    Charles Burgess 12 hours ago

    Really struck gold with this one. Cannot describe the feeling felt when gliding 4,000 msl above the clouds whilst the sun set.

  • Wolf_Fett
    Wolf_Fett 17 hours ago

    This mash up was meant to be together.

  • Electric Sounds
    Electric Sounds 20 hours ago

    EXCISION?¿? wow didnt expect him producing this but I love It! (^_^ʃ♡ƪ)

  • MelodicArt Hub
    MelodicArt Hub 23 hours ago

    The vocals and melody take me along the journey of the song, amazing!❤️

  • Kipp0
    Kipp0 Day ago


  • Memorandum1231

    big big like...

  • White Eagle Music Network

    This song is amazing & the vocals are beautiful !!! 😎

  • Ela Ela
    Ela Ela Day ago


  • Anthony Cintora

    Listen to this when I had to do so much homework for school still do now but not as much thank you arctic empire for this absolute legendary song mix

  • Violetta Kurginyanc

    Excellent music👌👍

  • Light Willasto

    I've used this mix for the past couple years to fall asleep whenever I'm feeling down. Not only does it always put me to sleep... I just checked and... no song past the third one sounds familiar at all. Thanks AE!

  • Reagan Dkhar
    Reagan Dkhar Day ago

    Amazing vocals and a beautiful drop, I'm in love 😍

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep Day ago

    im having nostalgia rn. used to play league while listening to this song

  • Some Random user

    You release such awesome music, it amazes me that I stopped listening to your releases, but from now on I shall be listening to your every release, It saddens me that I stopped watching your videos.

    • Arctic Empire
      Arctic Empire 22 hours ago

      It happens friend, glad to have you back :D

  • LightningVal
    LightningVal Day ago

    Nice song

    GΞNΞSIS Day ago

    This track is amazing not gonna lie, but Another Me takes the cake.

  • Redempt
    Redempt Day ago

    This is NOT what I was expecting based on the artists

  • Naim Rifai
    Naim Rifai Day ago

    Fuck man make my soul going to kill someone man

  • Pasti Music
    Pasti Music Day ago


  • Ze Sofamorto
    Ze Sofamorto Day ago

    Hearing these tracks from ur channels inspires me to produce music. Hope one day i could be in ur channel ;)

    • Yummir
      Yummir 15 hours ago

      DO IT!

    • Arctic Empire
      Arctic Empire 22 hours ago

      go for it!

    • Ze Sofamorto
      Ze Sofamorto Day ago

      @Naim Rifai omagawd u rigt im gona create notha channa n be famus

    • Naim Rifai
      Naim Rifai Day ago

      You can but channel like a duck in body see duck in water.....keep going and change you channel bye

  • Animegirl Angel


  • Low ONUR
    Low ONUR Day ago

    Love it

  • Adam Lassak
    Adam Lassak Day ago

    Poland ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Aemiliana Rosewood

    *Reads Wooli* *gasps for oxygen cuz I thought it's WoolyBoi*

  • Erlend Brubakken

    Holy assrump!!!! DIGG MUSIC😍😍

  • Marius Bolimowski


  • Arctic Empire
    Arctic Empire Day ago

    What type of mix would you guys like to see on the channel next? Melodic Dubstep, future bass, chillstep or?? Let me know in the comments :D

    • Arctic Empire
      Arctic Empire 22 hours ago

      Very interesting to see this change haha. I 'll try to make a combo Melo dub and Chillstep mix!

    • Davide Lauriano
      Davide Lauriano Day ago

      All of these

    • Manu Pancras
      Manu Pancras Day ago

      I think your channel suits chillstep the best

    • TheScienceGuy120
      TheScienceGuy120 Day ago

      Chillstep please!

    • uzumakii naruto
      uzumakii naruto Day ago

      More chillstep long editions. You know those 1 hour long ones. 😊

  • Arctic Empire
    Arctic Empire Day ago

    A double dose of Trivecta goodness! This time around he is joined by Excision and Wooli. To be honest, when I read the title, I expected something less melodic, but I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least :D PS: Be sure to follow the official Arctic Empire spotify playlist

  • Noah Tufte
    Noah Tufte Day ago

    This song is so good😍🔥

  • Jeffrey Chow
    Jeffrey Chow Day ago


  • Forkan Taha
    Forkan Taha Day ago

    First babyyyyy

  • Dead Night
    Dead Night Day ago

    I left earth for awhile

  • Shikiba Sadat
    Shikiba Sadat Day ago


  • Ronit Singh
    Ronit Singh Day ago

    I listern to Japanese music as well and the tune is very similar. full of hope, determination and joy! I love it!

  • 터리
    터리 Day ago

    진짜 너무 좋아

  • luke woolford
    luke woolford Day ago

    “Cause everything’s never as it seems”

  • Bencze Zoltán

    I wonder if the title and the thumbnail is intentional since in Hungarian óra means clock.

  • Thomas Lyons
    Thomas Lyons Day ago

    Yes it's back!

  • dem daniel
    dem daniel Day ago

    My ears has been blessed!! Seriously this really gives me goosebumps...

  • Steady Mike
    Steady Mike 2 days ago

    can i use this music for my travel VLog? ..thanks

  • Bradd Cormack
    Bradd Cormack 2 days ago

    My favorite chillstep mix out there tbh I'll listen/meditate to every one of these songs a thousand times over

  • CosmicBlu EvoX
    CosmicBlu EvoX 2 days ago

    Sooooooo Good

  • Kingブランドン


  • wints22
    wints22 2 days ago

    This video is an hour long and over the last 5ish years I've listened to it more than any other video on USclip. The music sparks my mind, ignites my creativity, and powers me through long nights of important works. It's incredibly meaningful to me.

  • Wolfgirl 9999
    Wolfgirl 9999 2 days ago

    JVNA :D

  • rosenblutz z
    rosenblutz z 2 days ago

    I want to suck this music's dick.

  • rosenblutz z
    rosenblutz z 2 days ago

    At 23 minutes Jee this shit is fresh

  • mustafa sabuwala
    mustafa sabuwala 2 days ago

    Amazing! Especially 1:06:53

  • W.E.M.N Dubstep
    W.E.M.N Dubstep 2 days ago

    Amazing tune !!!

  • Ms Smith
    Ms Smith 2 days ago

    Awuh.. that drop hit my heart just right and made me choke on my tears a little /).(\ such a good remix.

  • Young Artz
    Young Artz 2 days ago

    At the office like "its time to evolve" *click

  • JerryOrbit
    JerryOrbit 2 days ago


  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    Mitis knows how to make something so special he knows what makes emotions a reality

  • Alphonse The Dog
    Alphonse The Dog 3 days ago

    Fuck, this mix made it hard to breath. It tore my heart out and placed it on display as i sat listening to every minute of this..

  • Moe Roustom
    Moe Roustom 3 days ago

    I love u all universe thx so much 🙏💖🌍👼🥰💗💫💪☮️🌞💓🌹☝️❇️🌟🇱🇧🌓👍👌🙏

  • uzumakii naruto
    uzumakii naruto 3 days ago

    Holy shit! This is the best remix I have ever heard!!

  • Mintae Kim
    Mintae Kim 3 days ago


  • Summer Skies
    Summer Skies 3 days ago

    Thank you Said The Sky, for not only making this remix, but also playing it at Electric Forest. Life changing experience.

  • Jamaly
    Jamaly 3 days ago

    totally ruined imo

  • Cedric Scorch
    Cedric Scorch 3 days ago

    Cold breath hail frost in air, A wisp of kiss on the cheek. To glee and stare with wondrous dare, A flicker thought alive to care. Of far or near the music play, The sound, which come, outright to stay.

  • FullPowerDomino
    FullPowerDomino 3 days ago

    Great tunes! :D

  • Mathew McCloskey
    Mathew McCloskey 3 days ago

    What is the first song? I had chills the whole time listening to it

    MASTER KING 3 days ago

    this song really went deep into me, just reminded me from 2009 man i wish this world could turn into how this song sounds

      MASTER KING Hour ago

      @Food Mayberry dumb fuck

    • Food Mayberry
      Food Mayberry 19 hours ago

      MASTER KING I know stupid I said I was born in 08

      MASTER KING 19 hours ago

      @Food Mayberry i was not born in 08 tf you talking about i was born in 03

    • Food Mayberry
      Food Mayberry 21 hour ago

      MASTER KING 🤴 was born in 08 so not much nostalgia because I’m at peak for what I’ve lived still amazing 😉 Edit moved to the city this summer that’s why it’s so good

  • The Slayer Of Gods
    The Slayer Of Gods 3 days ago

    I wish you uploaded Said The Sky and Adventure Club "Already Know"

  • R A Z O R
    R A Z O R 3 days ago

    So much of Trivecta going on! In love with him!

  • White Eagle Music Network

    i Love this song !!! 😍

  • Trivecta
    Trivecta 3 days ago


  • White Eagle Music Network

    Amazing !!!!!

  • Delwy
    Delwy 3 days ago

    1:15 damn.!!! Goosebumps all the way.

  • W.E.M.N Dubstep
    W.E.M.N Dubstep 3 days ago

    Beautiful Vocals !!!

  • Yuimanix
    Yuimanix 3 days ago

    I don't actually guess whow you can't like this song😍😍😍😍 Just because of these vibes

  • White Eagle Music Network

    Stunning tune !!!! 😎💯🔥

  • Soumalya Pramanik
    Soumalya Pramanik 3 days ago

    HOLY SHIT! That Kick and Synth Combo P.S. and The vocals.. Beautiful.

  • Anim3 Onz
    Anim3 Onz 3 days ago

    Awesome !

  • SoldierSZ
    SoldierSZ 3 days ago

    I needed this so badly

  • Beniko Kurenai
    Beniko Kurenai 3 days ago


  • Ken Rafly
    Ken Rafly 3 days ago

    1:35 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kale Jun
    Kale Jun 4 days ago


  • Ghost Wind
    Ghost Wind 4 days ago

    Trivecta with the clutch remix ayyy

  • Giavanni Criscione
    Giavanni Criscione 4 days ago

    Life of sin lives on! I knew it would...

  • Priority Gaming
    Priority Gaming 4 days ago

    This song is one of my favorites in my “all time favs” playlist on spotify. Link in case any of you want it :)

  • Ikkateiru Tori
    Ikkateiru Tori 4 days ago

    Why does the artwork look like Captain Marvel if this song was released a year ago?

  • torimalen
    torimalen 4 days ago

    This song helped me get out of a toxic relationship.