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She Didn't Flip It
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Grain Cart 101 Lesson #1
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Harvest 2019 Got Us Down
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Implement Rollover
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Harvesting Corn
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Activating Millennial Mode
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302 Bushels Per Acre
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Cleaning the Grain Pits
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Combine Improvements
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Combine Work Before Harvest
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Farm Tour
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Farm Equipment at Farm Fest
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Farm Work
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Field Work in Iowa
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We Toured a Hog Farm!
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Just in CASE
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Seed Tender Review
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Planting Green
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Farm Kid Takes out The Trash
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Planting Non GMO Soybeans
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Tractor Stuck in the MUD
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Never Climb in Grain Bins
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Excavators and Chainsaws
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Trigger Warning
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Farming VS Rain
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Switching from Corn to Beans
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Happy Hour
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Planting Our Corn Test Plots
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Spring Corn Planting 2019
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125 Acres in the Ground
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The Work Continues
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A Brief Announcement!
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It Snowed.
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Planting Preparations
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Getting Closer to Spring!
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Equipment Envy!!!
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Challenger VS Deere
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Farm Wash Day!
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Cleaning Some Things Up
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The John Deere Shuffle
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Wrapping up Harvest!
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It's all Frozen!
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Bonus Tillage Vlog
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  • Moresil
    Moresil 4 hours ago

    Hey! Maybe you should try this corn header with our patented upper feeding chain for downed corn...

  • David Getsch
    David Getsch 4 hours ago

    why don't you have the outriggers out on the planter? they always appear to be folded up.

  • Bob Robert
    Bob Robert 4 hours ago

    grandma must have drop him... omg love that humour

  • robert mcaninch
    robert mcaninch 4 hours ago


  • jimmy aber
    jimmy aber 5 hours ago

    Did Onstar call the spreader driver and get first responders coning when it rolled?

  • Sam'schannel4250
    Sam'schannel4250 5 hours ago


  • Jan Henrik Hollmann
    Jan Henrik Hollmann 5 hours ago

    I am a farmer from Germany and I started watching your channel because I watched Welkers Farm before.

  • Virgil Corbea
    Virgil Corbea 5 hours ago

    Hi! I am looking to buy a big tractor. What would you choose between the 610dt and 9620rx, not considering price. Thanks for making great content!

  • Jordan Chamberlain
    Jordan Chamberlain 6 hours ago

    I've always wondered what percentage of your crop goes into things that I personally consume.

  • Tom Hunter
    Tom Hunter 6 hours ago

    That cat has a very deep voice...🤣🤣

  • Jordan Chamberlain
    Jordan Chamberlain 6 hours ago

    Wife has a Christmas tree farm, Zach has a grab farm? Love the spirit of this video. And the remix.

  • Dave
    Dave 6 hours ago

    0:18 Glyphosphate aka. Roundup is killing the bees. We have banned its use pre-harvest, here in Switzerland.

  • Jordan Chamberlain
    Jordan Chamberlain 6 hours ago

    She's really worried about where to keep her lunch :) she's planning

  • Chris
    Chris 6 hours ago

    1:11 Chicago playing in the background. Great tune! Lol

  • Art Stewart
    Art Stewart 7 hours ago

    Your videos are excellent. Well produced. Nicely paced. I really appreciate your sense of humor, and how you stay cheerful even as the never-ending challenges keep coming at you.

  • Jordan Chamberlain
    Jordan Chamberlain 7 hours ago

    Fell asleep lastnight watching your videos. Not sure how many played when I was sleeping. Must start over

  • Chris Girard
    Chris Girard 7 hours ago

    Hey I might be to far to the south but my great grandfather own a Massey dealership as well! Howard Crabb. Around the sac city Iowa area! Wonder if some of your family knew my grandpa. That's be cool haha

  • Chris Brunt
    Chris Brunt 7 hours ago

    Headlands in the UK.

  • Quadrille
    Quadrille 7 hours ago

    Awsome working with your dad

  • LegoWormNoah101
    LegoWormNoah101 7 hours ago

    Is faulty battery Disconnects a regular problem with Claas combines, or bad luck?

  • Kris Bower
    Kris Bower 7 hours ago

    death by Super it. but sorry for no evening planting

  • Liam Morris
    Liam Morris 8 hours ago

    Retired farmer, all my kids are much more sensible except one , who is married to a farmer!

  • Lens Cap
    Lens Cap 9 hours ago

    Extreme restraint on not grabbing the steering wheel to center the cart...lesson #2 Lesson #1 you have to go home after the teaching session..

  • Kris Bower
    Kris Bower 9 hours ago

    "It's always fun gettin' loaded in the morning..." :) It's 5 o'clock some where MFer!!!

  • Mitchel Lemon
    Mitchel Lemon 9 hours ago

    You should get some red machine

  • Adam Terry
    Adam Terry 9 hours ago

    When does the FS 19 map come out?

  • Sandy Ratcliffe
    Sandy Ratcliffe 10 hours ago

    Hard graft spread through the family.

  • Joseph Stokes
    Joseph Stokes 10 hours ago

    The seat needs a jumper on the wires that come to the seat.

  • Alfred E Neuman
    Alfred E Neuman 11 hours ago

    I don't like the way the JD's hood is the same as a wheel tractors - those big cut outs where the wheels would be look cheesy; they could've made a proper machine specific hood.

  • Floyd Ferguson
    Floyd Ferguson 11 hours ago

    Great video!

  • Patman Crowley
    Patman Crowley 11 hours ago

    Ethanol in fuel. What a HOAX! Why? Because ethanol is low power so you have to burn more fuel to achieve the same miles.

  • Davy Jones
    Davy Jones 11 hours ago

    My Newspaper is delivered in a plastic sock bag...which I save and use at the DRIVE-UP fast food windows as a CONDUM cover over my beverage cups. Hot gooffe or soda is placed in the bag and a tight know is tied. Now the lids stay on and a split is contained. When I drink, I insert my plastic straw thru the plastic bag into the bevereage cup. Now if I tip it over, only a small dribble from the straw piercing happens.

  • Graham Willox
    Graham Willox 12 hours ago

    Loved this, very interesting to learn the history behind the farm. Thanks to you both for sharing it with us. 👍

  • Henry A
    Henry A 13 hours ago

    Out of interest, how many hours on average do a set of tracks last on a tracked machine and what's the cost of a new set compared to the same for tires on the same sized machine equivalent

  • Ronnyboy
    Ronnyboy 13 hours ago

    Frickin democrat bugs!

  • o cara que vê vídeos

    Do you consider yourself a large or small farmer in your region? I am Brazilian so the question, because in Brazil the machines are much lower (those of small farmers) compared to yours.

  • Chris Varney
    Chris Varney 13 hours ago

    What do you do about water getting down in the unloading pits?

  • Goldengate Video
    Goldengate Video 14 hours ago

    The actress in the role of your wife is very believable.

  • Jirka Šraier
    Jirka Šraier 14 hours ago

    Your wife is asking the perfect questions! All those little things I never thought about. Have a great harvest :) Greeting from Czech Repoublic Edit: also... 14:46 riiiiiight :D

  • Patryk Młynarz
    Patryk Młynarz 14 hours ago

    Do you have coins on your field?

  • G *O
    G *O 15 hours ago

    In California, people pay big money for big rocks to landscape their yards.

  • GordoWG1 WG1
    GordoWG1 WG1 15 hours ago

    As has been said in many comments, you are very fortunate with your partner - that applies to both of you. Just shows, again, that women can do almost everything we can do - there are a few things that are sex specific but, other than a genetic bias towards strength and size, they aren't important for most jobs. I may be biased towards them, though, as those who have the determination to make it past the 'macho BS*' that infests many industries have proven to be damned good workers! *Wonder if that triggers anyone? :-D

  • Richard McElligott
    Richard McElligott 15 hours ago

    Fantastic video set. Now when did you start the path into the farm?

  • macaiah boeck
    macaiah boeck 15 hours ago

    iowa farmer

  • Jonathan Batchelder
    Jonathan Batchelder 16 hours ago

    Was that a “Good morning, Julia” reference at 6:36?! 😂 #ymh I love your content Zach. Keep it up. And your wife great.

  • Justin Wieczorek
    Justin Wieczorek 16 hours ago

    Love watching your channel I grew up an hr or so north of you helping dairy farmers I’m amazed at all the technology that is in farming now

  • gone rydin
    gone rydin 16 hours ago

    The best corn we picked this year got snowed on twice after planting.

  • Joshua Pondwalker
    Joshua Pondwalker 16 hours ago

    13:05 grind me a pound driver 😂 I wish I could work on your farm, your family seems like good people to work for

  • Kasra Sadeghian
    Kasra Sadeghian 16 hours ago

    Everyone just hates wearing seat belts there

  • Frank Merkl
    Frank Merkl 16 hours ago

    Frank Merkl Farm in Southern Alberta , Down sizing after farming most of my life !

  • Frank Merkl
    Frank Merkl 17 hours ago

    you have auto steer on an watching Welker Farms?

  • Todd Behrends
    Todd Behrends 17 hours ago

    It is hard seeing through those holes. Reminds me of the time I worked at the grain elevator. We had a continuous flow dryer.

  • Shane Koehn
    Shane Koehn 17 hours ago

    A John Deere monitor in a Class combine looks weird

  • david meyers
    david meyers 17 hours ago

    I'M not a farmer but I like watching your video's.

  • Alcides Martinez
    Alcides Martinez 17 hours ago

    Great video. Thanks for sharing. New subscriber here from Philadelphia PA.

  • Todd Behrends
    Todd Behrends 17 hours ago

    Have you thought of manufacturing some type of vacuum device in order to get all the screening under the dryer?

  • Joseph Tobuba
    Joseph Tobuba 17 hours ago

    It’s like driving a pair of hair clippers

  • Frank Merkl
    Frank Merkl 17 hours ago

    It.s a Dew Hickie or a Thing a Bobber! all Farmers know that ! P.S Cute Wife !! Frank Alberta Farmer

  • Charlie Dirks
    Charlie Dirks 17 hours ago

    Mount a huge box blade on th 9560rt

  • Robert Russell
    Robert Russell 17 hours ago

    Cats can talk Zach everybody knows that... jeez u Minnesota Farmers

  • 2fast65
    2fast65 17 hours ago

    For Pete's sake she did a great job.

  • Jeremy Zadow23
    Jeremy Zadow23 18 hours ago

    When you see him pulling the thunder trailer and you say thunder at the same time lol

  • fast test
    fast test 18 hours ago

    I am live in north Dakota

  • Ratdog 305
    Ratdog 305 18 hours ago

    Are the bags reused or recycled?

  • Ted Plote
    Ted Plote 18 hours ago

    Class combine is sweet but, you wear green underwear.

  • Chris Darting
    Chris Darting 18 hours ago

    Did you say "Shameless Plug or Shameless Pug"???

  • David 641777
    David 641777 18 hours ago

    I worked tile part time, it was hard as heck, but it was worth the $8 hr, but I learned some new trades if I ever needed to use tools by myself and fix some stuff.

  • Trevor Crowe
    Trevor Crowe 18 hours ago

    We have a Claas 760 and a 750 for 5 years. They work great when they are working, lets just say that. It’s rare when both are working at the same time.

  • Lee Ashworth
    Lee Ashworth 18 hours ago

    I'm on your side it's just a bunch of political bull sh@$

  • Jordan Brokaw
    Jordan Brokaw 18 hours ago

    I like that Massey cultivator pretty cool

  • David 641777
    David 641777 18 hours ago

    I'm a city boy from San Antonio, I'm a millennial born in 1995, my major was Criminal Justice in community college, I wouldn't mind working on a farm for $14 an hour! Plus the hard work would help me get back into shape!

  • Brandon Scott
    Brandon Scott 18 hours ago

    I can’t imagine a farmers job being easy. However have you had a season where you could say your operation had a smooth harvest?

  • Briana Brown
    Briana Brown 18 hours ago

    Love this... this us country marriage bonding. Nothing like tractor dates 🥰

  • David Carlson
    David Carlson 18 hours ago

    Drago would pick that up!

  • Angus McFife
    Angus McFife 18 hours ago

    How many acres do you farm?

  • Angus McFife
    Angus McFife 18 hours ago

    It just goes to show, nothing runs like a Deere! lol.

  • Lee Hipp
    Lee Hipp 19 hours ago

    Found about 2 weeks ago. Love watching all the green. Been Jd dealer sense birth. Family business. In NC.

  • Dane Shrimplin
    Dane Shrimplin 19 hours ago

    10:05 lmao

  • Bubba Brumfield
    Bubba Brumfield 19 hours ago

    Not a farmer but I did work on a farm here in Kentucky during my high school/college-age years. I loved it and miss it even though it has been 35yrs ago. Our operation was not nearly as large as yours but through my modest farming experiences it instilled in me a dream of always wanting to operate the "large equipment" out in the midwest under the wide-open skies of this magnificent country. I never have gotten that opportunity, and probably never will given the fact I have cancer now but, by discovering your channel at least I'm able to live it vicariously through you guys. Keep up the hard work as it is greatly appreciated and fascinating.

  • 1topfueldrag
    1topfueldrag 19 hours ago

    even if grease gun is that far out of others reach, it would still be empty when i go to use it

  • Erin Koch
    Erin Koch 19 hours ago

    Do you guys have low propane because Iowa we’re struggling with Propane to dry or corn

  • 0337 Teich
    0337 Teich 19 hours ago

    I believe that’s something we should all work on helping out others, just sad that usually someone has to die before it happens

  • chad harmon
    chad harmon 19 hours ago

    Heard there is a 4 state propane emergency going on Zack

  • Martin Brandl
    Martin Brandl 20 hours ago

    You made this goodbye scene a very moving moment... Difficult for us viewers to keep eyes dry at the end... One of your best expression of feelings !!

  • rollie e
    rollie e 20 hours ago

    But animals and babies talk in Family Guy 😁😁😁😁

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    Wesley Games 20 hours ago

    She didn’t flip it, she rolled it!!

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    Jonathan White 20 hours ago

    Y’all Listen too Off the Husk poadcast!

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    StuffMenDo 20 hours ago

    Zach’s impression of knobs in the comment section is bang on!

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    Cliff Meadows 20 hours ago

    Yeah, that's it, blame the cab corn on the wind!

  • Keith Krone
    Keith Krone 20 hours ago

    ‘Sounds like a plan to me!” I’m glad I have not turned hearing that phrase on this channel a dRinKinG game!

  • 426motormind
    426motormind 20 hours ago

    My company made the transmission testing unit before they paint them at about 4:30 to 5:30 in this video! It's nice to see it's still functioning for them!