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eChampions League Finals
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FIFA 19 | Goals of the Year
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  • Alfie Ryan
    Alfie Ryan 30 minutes ago

    This isn't worth buying the game. I expect EA is turning profit on all the advertising in Volta tbh

  • Alfie Ryan
    Alfie Ryan 32 minutes ago

    Outrageous that they still haven't designed all the stadiums. What do they do all year?

  • Alfie Ryan
    Alfie Ryan 33 minutes ago

    Why do people like that legends are locked behind ultimate team?

  • Alfie Ryan
    Alfie Ryan 36 minutes ago

    I can't believe you're going to get another year out of these fools. Well played EA.

  • Salar Sanharib
    Salar Sanharib Hour ago

    Best fifa

  • Bildircin Güzel
    Bildircin Güzel 2 hours ago

    Wtf Why is this in my recommend

  • 4 Four
    4 Four 2 hours ago

    Solía ser un lugar hermoso....

  • Gekke Rouvel
    Gekke Rouvel 2 hours ago

    Whow Fifa 20 ik a nice game i like IT

  • Armando Diaz
    Armando Diaz 2 hours ago

    Best FIFA of all time!

  • Veratix
    Veratix 3 hours ago

    Fifa 20

  • Zizou TV 10
    Zizou TV 10 4 hours ago

    Zidane is the best player in the world !!!

  • Adnan Habib
    Adnan Habib 4 hours ago


  • Coomey
    Coomey 4 hours ago

    Kevin: We will not be answering anymore questions until then. Paparazzi: Kevin! *PICK ME*

  • MSJ Gaming
    MSJ Gaming 4 hours ago

    I just want a better fifa game. With better graphics and great gameplay

  • Paddy Bailey
    Paddy Bailey 4 hours ago

    in my recommended why?

  • August Okk
    August Okk 4 hours ago

    0:05 Dybala with the freestyle

  • syamil 456
    syamil 456 4 hours ago

    best gila we

  • Elsborg
    Elsborg 5 hours ago

    Nobody: USclip: Lets recommend this, shall we?

  • Esaie
    Esaie 5 hours ago


  • OdhrânFN
    OdhrânFN 5 hours ago

    Why have I been recommended this

  • yoshiboy 765
    yoshiboy 765 6 hours ago

    Ea let change the fucking rating becauee it's freaking trash Ronaldo 93 James 85 like what the hell change Ronaldo 94 James 87

  • Chris Murphy
    Chris Murphy 6 hours ago

    If only NBA Live could have the life that Fifa has Lol

  • Parsa Azadkhah
    Parsa Azadkhah 7 hours ago


  • Parsa Azadkhah
    Parsa Azadkhah 7 hours ago


  • F4TAL_Jophis
    F4TAL_Jophis 7 hours ago

    Why is this Recommended to me in 2019?

  • Milan S
    Milan S 7 hours ago

    Hey EA, can you Please add gambling to this game! Then ill buy it. I Like soccer with my gambling simulators.

  • Backup Setup
    Backup Setup 7 hours ago

    I completely agree that overall no obvious change is apparent year to year (other than kits) but you gotta give it to them that player resemblance & body movements vastly improved since moving to Frostbite. The players' arms no longer look weirdly attached to the body, they now walk better than in 19 & before where most seemed had full diapers!!

  • Bessarion Kasimis
    Bessarion Kasimis 7 hours ago

    that’s the guy u hear shitting himself to every Messi goal

  • Music HD
    Music HD 8 hours ago

    Server in Russia this myth.EA it Evil.

  • 안녕하세요
    안녕하세요 8 hours ago

    날강두가 100? 지랄

  • Wait is Hard
    Wait is Hard 10 hours ago

    pls Send me Download Link

  • Vipper Kong
    Vipper Kong 11 hours ago

    They all just put keeper ability 0 of their offline

  • Lil_Bacon72
    Lil_Bacon72 12 hours ago

    this trailer nowadays is also an irony...

  • Lil_Bacon72
    Lil_Bacon72 12 hours ago

    nowadays, this trailer is an irony...

  • 아름다운
    아름다운 12 hours ago

    hair - small hair - no hair

  • hajrija zulic
    hajrija zulic 14 hours ago

    EA sport cool

  • Justin Rodríguez
    Justin Rodríguez 15 hours ago

    Why did youtube recommend me this in 2019

  • Mohammed Haque
    Mohammed Haque 15 hours ago

    Can't believe the f2

  • John Wick
    John Wick 15 hours ago

    All the work on trailer but my keeper still supermab punching the air in pro clubs

  • 3 Second videos
    3 Second videos 15 hours ago

    Skate 4 anyone

  • zoba x
    zoba x 16 hours ago

    I normally dont comment on things but seriously this fifa 20 is really not worth buying i really havent seen any changes for so many years. I have been buying fifa for a very long time my first fifa game was fifa 98 all the way up on till fifa 19 but this is the first time im actually going to buy pes 20 instead of fifa20. Seriously fifa are just scamming people for the same graphics same gameplay same old game for the past few years. Volta and scanning few faces aint worth it

  • TheAlmightyyGod-
    TheAlmightyyGod- 16 hours ago


  • Alex Iaco
    Alex Iaco 17 hours ago

    EA scams, their in your azz

  • ꉧ
     18 hours ago

    Это в эту фифу добавят внутриигровое казино ?

  • Kum Kani
    Kum Kani 18 hours ago

    can someone at least tell me the name of the music used

  • Sapphrex
    Sapphrex 18 hours ago

    cutting edge huh

  • tato 20
    tato 20 18 hours ago

    El FIFA 20 mierdas

  • shaked 1212
    shaked 1212 19 hours ago

    מי שישראלי שליתן לייק🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  • Jose Fabio Oconitrillo Salazar

    Como se llama o se hace la celebración del minuto 1:13

  • xxXbAt._.mAnXxx
    xxXbAt._.mAnXxx 20 hours ago

    Petition to buy ju*entus and turn them into Piemonte Calcio

  • Aleksej Komarov
    Aleksej Komarov 20 hours ago

    MFW soundtrack for this trailer is arranged and mixed down better than the original mix by Kamakaze / Massappeals. D:

  • Roj Jabrael
    Roj Jabrael 21 hour ago

    Wait a moment..... Ain't that FIFA 15?!

  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek Sathe 21 hour ago

    Still waiting to him getting added in the in game commentary. We are tired of hearing same words and same sentences from Martin Tyler and Alan Smith

  • kiruba victor
    kiruba victor 21 hour ago

    I wish that Volta football would come as a seperate PvP online standalone game in the future with Volta story modes carried on in coming FIFA games. Would be a good competitor to Rocket League and Roller Champions.

  • xp jefer
    xp jefer 21 hour ago

    Wtf james pace 55 hahaha didnt you see the match today?

  • David Emma
    David Emma 21 hour ago

    Como venden humo.. yo ya lo probe y es una mierda

  • FrokehFrosch
    FrokehFrosch 22 hours ago


  • Aguinaldo Tavares
    Aguinaldo Tavares 22 hours ago


  • MaskGang Gamers
    MaskGang Gamers 22 hours ago

    Awesome 😍, Eagarly Awaiting 😑

  • RD J
    RD J 23 hours ago

    Last 3 games from FIFA series are literally same

  • pie wow
    pie wow 23 hours ago

    서울이 왜 없냐;

  • FigenPro
    FigenPro 23 hours ago

    The best FIFA Mobile!!

  • sarthak srivastava
    sarthak srivastava 23 hours ago

    FIFA 19

  • FrokehFrosch
    FrokehFrosch 23 hours ago


  • YezzTheRuber YT

    Fifa 19 is better than FIFA 20

  • Jr El Guero
    Jr El Guero Day ago

    Camp nou 😪

  • Andreia Matos
    Andreia Matos Day ago

    Did anyone realize that the F2 freestylers were in the trailer?

  • Ritvij Bolaky
    Ritvij Bolaky Day ago

    1:00 its pure raw fact

  • itZ Bobster!
    itZ Bobster! Day ago

    Just played the demo! Warning! this game is scripted! Don’t waste your money on this garbage!

  • XxFireBlastxX YT

    I use this as motivation before a soccer game

  • Deny Viraaj
    Deny Viraaj Day ago

    What is the song

  • Infamous KiLLER

    What’s the song

  • Ivan Martynov
    Ivan Martynov Day ago

    Music please

  • the Darko
    the Darko Day ago

    We want red star belgrade

  • Milcore Futbol TV


  • delije sever
    delije sever Day ago

    Red Star belgrade fans worldwide wants Red Star in fifa 20. We are in Champions League groupstage. EA give us some good news about that. UPDATE: zenit not confirmed to and juventus not licensed with real name , kits ....

  • Syed Qusyairi
    Syed Qusyairi Day ago

    Who is here after the fifa 20 rating is out?

  • make арабский

    Что за песня?

  • Team Lucid
    Team Lucid Day ago

    USclip on 2016:nope USclip on 2017:nope USclip on 2018:NEVER USclip on 2019: let’s recommend this it seems new!

  • King Swag
    King Swag Day ago

    2017: nope 2018: nah 2019: Yup let's recommend this now

  • Yare Campa
    Yare Campa Day ago

    Suarez 92 plz

  • Yare Campa
    Yare Campa Day ago

    Give andre Gomes 84 plz

  • Ameer Gulli
    Ameer Gulli Day ago

    Fifa 17 is the best

  • YT 57
    YT 57 Day ago

    worst football ever!!!!!!

  • Pol Pol
    Pol Pol Day ago

    I'm trying to become a games tester so much! @t

  • Pol Pol
    Pol Pol Day ago

    I'm trying to become a games tester so much! @t

  • Pol Pol
    Pol Pol Day ago

    I'm trying to become a games tester so much! @t

  • Pol Pol
    Pol Pol Day ago

    I'm trying to become a games tester so much! @t

  • Bagus Adryan
    Bagus Adryan Day ago

    Me : Please Update more Feature in career mode EA ! EA : Listen song with lyrics "TOKTIKTOKTIKTOKTIKTOK"

  • Emre Güldür
    Emre Güldür Day ago

    I kept buying game since 11 but this year Iam not gonna buy. I have tried demo and same as 19 theres nothing difference between 19 and 20. They need a good competitor they doing same game every year because they are monopol

  • Ricardo Rodríguez

    U just ruinned the magnificent soundtrack that was the best

  • Sean Vazz
    Sean Vazz Day ago

    What’s the song?

  • 1000 Subscribers With no videos challenge

    Why is the ball like a volleyball?

  • elton freire mendes

    Tinha que mudar esse negócio de quando perde , perde a mesma quantidade que quando ganha, os duelo ser com a mesma GER , ter a opção de sair do jogo, quando dar erro de conexão não perde ponto .tenho uma leve impressão que é regulado pra não deixar subir

  • AllNewLyx 94
    AllNewLyx 94 Day ago

    El mejor correcalles en la historia de FIFA.

  • The Man Man
    The Man Man Day ago

    Why did you change the way you take freekicks. Its impossible now. And the keepers this year is toooooo good. Its impossible to score ither on freekicks, penalties or longshots or normal shots. Change fifa freekick back pleas. And change the keepers. They are way to good this year. All of them.😞☹️

  • The Man Man
    The Man Man Day ago

    Why did you change the way you take freekicks. Its impossible now. And the keepers this year is toooooo good. Its impossible to score ither on freekicks, penalties or longshots or normal shots. Change fifa freekick back pleas. And change the keepers. They are way to good this year. All of them.😞☹️

  • Mariela Monzon

    aparesco en el video

  • St le
    St le Day ago

    1:14 music?

    • St le
      St le Day ago

      @Nejc Thanks

    • Nejc
      Nejc Day ago

      Numbers On The Boards by Pusha T. This song old AF.