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  • Andrea S
    Andrea S 5 hours ago

    The dark blue and light blue made me think of Frozen 🧊 ❄️

  • Candy Dandy
    Candy Dandy 5 hours ago

    this is brad fangirling for 20 min straight

  • Zoe Franklin
    Zoe Franklin 5 hours ago

    Omg 😆 u did it rong

  • Emily
    Emily 5 hours ago

    Is it just me or was Brad acting a little bit off in this video?

  • Amber Maluschka
    Amber Maluschka 5 hours ago

    Yes I truly do appreciate all of these beautiful hair colors but I don’t think that anyone can get as excited for them as brad and I am here for it😂

  • velvettiin
    velvettiin 5 hours ago

    Brad (or anyone that has experience dying hair)! I have a question. If i were to dye my very dark black hair to a dark-ish, not-so-bright purple, how light would I need to go when I’m bleaching it?

  • Fashion101
    Fashion101 5 hours ago

    Want bangs since his last video but RIP since I live in Texas and the heat ain’t no joke

  • Cotton Skies
    Cotton Skies 5 hours ago

    Your sweater is the best thingin this world besides fried chicken but its sooo pretty!

  • A Simpson
    A Simpson 5 hours ago

    😳 Well ok, flaxseed 😆

  • Martina Stanislav
    Martina Stanislav 5 hours ago


  • zumakitty6
    zumakitty6 5 hours ago

    wheel is spinning.. approaching black.. *oh no no no* second wheel is spinning approaching mids *NOOOOOO* oh shit.. we're screwed

  • thenunnery
    thenunnery 5 hours ago

    On the hack we're they trying to fix bangs what they did was they put the pin in hot water. And the dangruf hack the put in crushed activated charcoal

  • adriana ramirez
    adriana ramirez 6 hours ago

    React to this?:

  • Juli P
    Juli P 6 hours ago

    Well i LOVE IT💜 I think its beautiful. You didn't feel good in it so your expression showed that, but Brad, gorgeous, beautiful Brad, don't be so hard on yourself. LOVE the PURPLE and LOVE it all. I've never worn a "real" wig, but I'd definitely be proud to wear this wig.

  • Gamers4war
    Gamers4war 6 hours ago

    If you were only in Florida. I would volunteer to be your hair color experiment guinea pig ❤️

  • Daniel Pedigo
    Daniel Pedigo 6 hours ago

    I just have to say that your intros always make me happy. Everytime you start off by saying "hi beautiful" or "hey amazing" always makes me feel good. Even though it isn't meant for me personally, just you always spreading happiness makes me feel 10000000 times better.

  • Madelynn Hennessy
    Madelynn Hennessy 6 hours ago

    The one person that Id trust to give me a new hair color that’s different than my natural brown with red undertone is Brad 😊💜 I would love for him to tell me what he thought my hair would look good as! I think a darker red or strawberry blonde oof now I’m just in my thoughts uwu

  • Eileen Gold
    Eileen Gold 6 hours ago

    okay you can have a new one-liner, no problem. but after the 5th "in what galaxy" I'm out, see ya

  • sahalie mae
    sahalie mae 6 hours ago

    please show us how u fold ur foils!!!!!!

  • ᴘᴇʀᴄʏ ᴄʜɪʟᴅ

    The 2nd girl. I'm sorry, she is gorgeous! Good job girl!

  • cathy san
    cathy san 6 hours ago

    but I want mostly all those hairs

  • warriorlife27
    warriorlife27 6 hours ago

    No one: Brad grabbing hair dye: UgHHGhgGGhnhgGgGgh

  • CC Carter
    CC Carter 6 hours ago

    Y’all straights out there need to calm down is my new mantra.

  • Ocean Amethyst
    Ocean Amethyst 6 hours ago

    Dang I’m going to have to watch this show now

  • Eileen Gold
    Eileen Gold 6 hours ago

    unpopular opinion: I effin' hate rainbow hair. there's too much going on

  • Cameron Byington
    Cameron Byington 6 hours ago

    I hate dreadlocks there so gross

  • Megan Simmons
    Megan Simmons 6 hours ago

    🥰I love ya fangirling🥰

  • Katarina Lettner
    Katarina Lettner 6 hours ago

    You gave me the push to finally get my hair done Brad! I got a red to a peach orange ombre that is gorgeous and I'm going back tomorrow to get a touch up!

  • Eileen Gold
    Eileen Gold 6 hours ago

    7:37 ?????? eww wtf is that

  • Eileen Gold
    Eileen Gold 6 hours ago

    will we ever get a video where you don't complain about grey hair?

  • Ana Villalonga
    Ana Villalonga 6 hours ago

    Brad:i dont like grey hair Also Brad: has grey hair

  • Alexfaith Larios
    Alexfaith Larios 6 hours ago

    Are your products cruelty free?

  • Jessicca Van
    Jessicca Van 6 hours ago

    I absolutely love this! It’s so pretty!!! The blend *faints*

  • Jessica Rich
    Jessica Rich 6 hours ago

    I love dark hair so much especially when it’s against super pale skin. Not that others aren’t beautiful too, but I’ve always been drawn to the contrast of pale skin and dark brown hair with blue eyes.

  • Claire Cgdashl
    Claire Cgdashl 6 hours ago

    I’m so jealous that when we had little buddy’s mine had way thicker and longer hair then me and she’s in kindergarten

  • Gianna Lukasevich
    Gianna Lukasevich 6 hours ago

    I’ve had two perms in my life and neither of them have lasted more than five minutes but this is like the opposite side of the spectrum

  • Elise Pipia
    Elise Pipia 6 hours ago

    I’m so obsessed with brad mondo ❤️❤️❤️Just hearing him rant about anything makes me smile even if I’m having a shitty day

  • Cameo Middleton
    Cameo Middleton 6 hours ago

    I love this video! Btw, you shoulda' won!

  • Genevieve Goblirsch
    Genevieve Goblirsch 6 hours ago

    This was inspirational I was thinking maybe I should try to curl my hair 🤔😄

  • Sharna Clarke
    Sharna Clarke 6 hours ago

    You have to do a bangs for your face shape videoooo

  • Celia Couture
    Celia Couture 6 hours ago

    Brad: you look stunning amazing gorgeous Me:

  • K's World
    K's World 6 hours ago

    So is nobody else convinced that he is seriously high?

  • Sofia S
    Sofia S 6 hours ago


    • Sofia S
      Sofia S 6 hours ago


  • Carolina Matos
    Carolina Matos 6 hours ago

    Caps are for short hair PERIOD!!! They get me sick with that sh*t 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂😂

  • Jade Wolf
    Jade Wolf 6 hours ago

    Hey, btw I just noticed your comment about leaving as many nice comments as we can. I didn’t even realize you put that there 😅

  • Stop Being An A-hole

    Your reactions 😂

  • Erika Jean
    Erika Jean 6 hours ago

    My grandma had a salon (it’s still there, she passed away 20 years ago) and all they did was cap highlights. When the younger generation started foil highlights were foreign to the old timers lol. I used to give myself cap highlights lol. It’s very nostalgic to see it now I miss my grandma very much fuck cancer

  • Jess
    Jess 6 hours ago

    what galaxy on earth

  • Jade Wolf
    Jade Wolf 6 hours ago

    I love how you are always so happy and encouraging to others. I also love how you aren’t afraid to be who you want to be. You always say this to us, so let me say it to you: You are beautiful, amazing, and talented. Also, know that if you ever feel down, we will be here for you. You have been here for everyone else anyway, soo... why not? 🙃

  • Kelsey Hamilton
    Kelsey Hamilton 6 hours ago

    When I saw the title I was SO hoping you'd watch the guy in the first two. I LOVE those videos 😂😂😂

  • Noob Wizard
    Noob Wizard 6 hours ago

    Brad: what's up my beautiful babes! Me, a random guy with long hair:

  • Charlie Ballew
    Charlie Ballew 6 hours ago

    Okay the hairstylist blow drying instead of backcombing blew my mind. That's freaking brilliant!

  • Dyan Godina
    Dyan Godina 6 hours ago

    Brad tells me not to do this at home and after watching all the react videos I wanna color and cut my own hair 😂😂

  • Nicole Lee
    Nicole Lee 6 hours ago

    Me: *Watches Brad Mondo once.* Me: “ I wanna die my hair blue.”

  • Maddie Owen
    Maddie Owen 6 hours ago

    brad : i don’t really like rose gold very much brad 2 seconds later : ahhh get that rose gold moment

  • noobmaster420
    noobmaster420 6 hours ago

    brad sounds like a fine art critic

  • Harlie Cottrell
    Harlie Cottrell 6 hours ago

    Yessssss bitch I'm so excited I just finished dying my hair if I was much more social like knew what I was doing on here I would have totally just shared my video for you huge fan but went from brunette to blonde highlights with yes bitch yes a frost cap 😍💕 big fan tho love all your videos

  • chae
    chae 6 hours ago

    im watching this like i dont have finals to be studying for it doesnt matter anyways lol

  • Tara Plaszewski
    Tara Plaszewski 6 hours ago

    Brad baby you got me so close to going blonder i swear to god. I’m from CT and you’re boutta catch me in your NYC salon

  • Alexa Poppy
    Alexa Poppy 6 hours ago

    You so cute hunny wow

  • Lana Kitty
    Lana Kitty 6 hours ago

    I love your hair like this

  • Rebekah Dickens
    Rebekah Dickens 6 hours ago

    This was great, you are a joy in this world thank you for content 💕

  • Starlight 5007
    Starlight 5007 6 hours ago

    Well let me just say everyone here, what makes you perfect is not your outside it’s who you are. It’s the inside that counts

  • puchita97
    puchita97 6 hours ago

    So either my hair is really soft or that was no hack at all. I tried the one where she knots her hair and it curls and I can testify that my hair did NOT curl and just came undone. ALSO, Brad should add some biotin to his products, it works me WONDERS.

  • Rachel Workman
    Rachel Workman 6 hours ago

    I gave you a plug at a salon I went to Brad :) told the lady about your channel and your products :)

  • Andréa Sharisse
    Andréa Sharisse 6 hours ago

    I hope that people know that even if someone washes their hair once a week or once every two weeks it is not dirty.

  • Brit
    Brit 6 hours ago

    Brad: "and if you're a smoker you probably have more gross yellow stuff in your hair" Me: *stares at my cigarette im currently smoking in disgust*

  • Mellisa Armijo
    Mellisa Armijo 6 hours ago

    Watching Brad react to these hair colors like they're newborn babies or puppies is priceless 😂❤

  • Viper Tucker
    Viper Tucker 6 hours ago

    3:15 I think I just cummed

  • Gabriela M Figueroa
    Gabriela M Figueroa 6 hours ago

    Brandon every video: "hey there beautiful." Me in a giant t shirt, hair and makeup not done and eating chips in bed: ☺

  • mayara
    mayara 6 hours ago

    the fact that he didn't put krystal's iconic blonde hair wow

  • Noob Wizard
    Noob Wizard 6 hours ago

    This makes me feel like I don't wash my hair right

  • Anjelina Wagoner
    Anjelina Wagoner 6 hours ago

    Go to 4:59 you won't regret it

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith 6 hours ago

    brad calling me stunning beautiful and other fabulous things as I’m in bed w ten chins crazy hair and under eye circles like I haven’t slept in years

  • Rachel Demarjoh
    Rachel Demarjoh 6 hours ago

    That hairline tho......

  • Lulu Bell
    Lulu Bell 6 hours ago

    Brad is like a best friend I’ve never met I love him

  • Rubee Verno
    Rubee Verno 6 hours ago

    Ive been dying my own hair since i was 11 and im 20 now. Ive had like every color of the rainbow and sometimed multiple at a time. Right now my head is half and half and its like navy/dark blue and like hot pink😍 My fave color to have in my hair is pink omg💖💖

  • Samantha Cram
    Samantha Cram 6 hours ago

    The two fingers hack actually works. I do it in class all the time and my hair turns out curly for a little bit

  • nappynatural23yrs
    nappynatural23yrs 6 hours ago

    Yooo u anit seen how to keep lace free from colo use freeze spray

  • Paloma Opio
    Paloma Opio 6 hours ago

    If it wasn't because I'm in the military, I'd dye my hair every color over the rainbow. I miss having that freedom.

  • Kayla Plasch
    Kayla Plasch 6 hours ago

    I’m a smoker and I’m also a blonde so thank you for the advice on the clarifying shampoo. Will definitely be checking it out.

  • makaila mcdaniel
    makaila mcdaniel 6 hours ago

    I have a legit question! If I have naturally blonde hair how do I go about getting silvery/white hair? Can I just use toner or do I have to to bleach it still?

  • Noob Wizard
    Noob Wizard 6 hours ago

    Who else here is a just a guy hoping to have better hair...

  • Aliese Fitch
    Aliese Fitch 6 hours ago

    Love the new end slate music! Much more you than the other one 💗

  • Abby Hilde
    Abby Hilde 6 hours ago

    Me: oh sure.... my hair, I’ll put it in a turban Brad: shows picture of hairline Me: yep, no more turbans for me!

  • Mackenzie Lumley
    Mackenzie Lumley 6 hours ago

    Please please pleaseee do that gradient hair idea it would look so cool

  • karasuno.kosplay
    karasuno.kosplay 6 hours ago


  • Green Boi
    Green Boi 6 hours ago

    Culture appropriation is the new segregation

  • Alana Rainey
    Alana Rainey 6 hours ago

    I use Steve Laurant eye shadow in my daughter’s hair and it is insanely vibrant!

  • karasuno.kosplay
    karasuno.kosplay 6 hours ago

    bro it felt like a month without you posting for 3 days

  • Immature Izzy
    Immature Izzy 7 hours ago

    Just cut off six inches of my hair and thought of you the whole time! I had cut my bangs using a USclip tutorial really wonky and the hair stylist was trying to be as polite as possible while telling me it was an awful idea 😅.. totally reminded me of you lol

  • AEM Musiclover
    AEM Musiclover 7 hours ago

    *_On what galaxy on Earth_ (😂) is that green turquoise? Because turquoise is more blue right? 🤔 Because for real that looked more like mint or seafoam green

  • Ava Dixon
    Ava Dixon 7 hours ago

    I want to change my hair soooo bad rn cause my color is not it but everyone I know is booked for Christmas and I have to wait until January😕

  • CosmicWizard
    CosmicWizard 7 hours ago

    “Unicorntopia, the galaxy of unicorns” -Brad Mondo

  • Juanita Hathaway
    Juanita Hathaway 7 hours ago

    Idk why straight people make it such a big deal. I'm straight and I absolutely love gays. I've been looking for a gay friend for quite sometime now, idk if here in idaho they hide or just not so many live here. I've had a lot of bisexual and lezbian girlfriends but I heard the men are more fun to be around! I'm even teaching my daughters to love people for who they are!

  • Sara Kalemba
    Sara Kalemba 7 hours ago

    Whatever you're on in this video please share because this is a MOOD

  • Madi K
    Madi K 7 hours ago

    His name always reminds me of that place off of Good Burger MoNdO bUrGeR I’m sorry I had to

  • Fiona Davies
    Fiona Davies 7 hours ago

    React to Beauty Insider Rëzo Cut!! Such a cute video x

  • __alexiskay__
    __alexiskay__ 7 hours ago

    Brad: hi gorgeous Me: * in bed with only a t-shirt on, hair in a hella messy bun, no makeup, chipmunk lookin ass * awwww no you’re the gorgeous one brad

  • Kayla Fulgham
    Kayla Fulgham 7 hours ago

    Brad needs a shirt that says "in what galaxy on earth?"