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Street Food World
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  • MGC Muñoz
    MGC Muñoz 18 hours ago


  • Luciana Fernandes
    Luciana Fernandes 20 hours ago


  • ver gil
    ver gil 2 days ago

    i think i can smell the food.. 😶

  • Christian Habana
    Christian Habana 3 days ago

    this video broke my fridge.

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 3 days ago

    Kinda useless if there's no explanation of WTF the shit is etc.....

  • くまどん

    Shop Fired End.

  • Tony Channel
    Tony Channel 3 days ago

    Unhygienic hands

  • francesco capretti
    francesco capretti 3 days ago

    Vedere cucinare così mi fa venire il voltastomaco igiene zero olio per cucinate vecchio e le cose sono inzuppato dello stesso.... Che schifosi

  • UpBeat HighTuned
    UpBeat HighTuned 3 days ago

    Could have cut the gummy worm(s) to begin with (But yet again it wouldn't be called "The Most Frustrating Ice Cream to Make Ever")

  • しょう しょう

    燃えて、なくなって良かったと思う店! 作り方汚い、観光客相手の店になってしまった、まず味落ちすぎてうまくない! こんな店はいらない!

    • 濱口雄幸
      濱口雄幸 Day ago


    • しょう しょう
      しょう しょう 2 days ago

      のぶなか ほんと周りの店に被害甚大 いい迷惑!

    • のぶなか
      のぶなか 2 days ago


  • dan theman
    dan theman 4 days ago

    If I had to only eat one type of dish for the rest of my life I think currywurst would be near , if not at , the top of the list

  • ボンジョビ


  • Hector Patricio Ibarra Campeche

    Está chingon así con una cerveza 🍻 me cae bien y luego un pisto pal desempance

  • avy lisaa
    avy lisaa 6 days ago

    I am from Indonesian,ada org indo jga ga?

  • クリスタルプリンセス・オブ・ザ・

    全然美味しそうじゃない 味の濃さもそれぞれ違う様な感じするし

  • 伽凛チャンネル

    灰汁を地面に落とすな! 保健所に言ったら営業停止

  • بسم الله


  • オクラMr

    3:13 このタイミングで青汁飲んだら アサヒ緑健のドキュメント風cm出れたのにな

  • Gayle Sherman
    Gayle Sherman 7 days ago

    You need food

  • Gayle Sherman
    Gayle Sherman 7 days ago

    That not good

  • Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith 7 days ago

    I'm pretty sure flies are NOT on the menu

  • 。。
    。。 8 days ago


  • FoodNetWorld
    FoodNetWorld 8 days ago

    Food always amazes me. Seeing new techniques and Ingredients, comparing different styles and its never the same. As long it looks appetizing, is healty and it has flavors... nothing wrong with it. I like your idea keep going.👍👌

  • FoodNetWorld
    FoodNetWorld 8 days ago

    Food always amazes me. Seeing new techniques and Ingredients, comparing different styles and its never the same. As long it looks appetizing, is healty and it has flavors... nothing wrong with it. I like your idea keep going.👍👌

  • FoodNetWorld
    FoodNetWorld 8 days ago

    Food always amazes me. Seeing new techniques and Ingredients, comparing different styles and its never the same. As long it looks appetizing, is healty and it has flavors... nothing wrong with it. I like your idea keep going.👍👌

  • angry bunny
    angry bunny 8 days ago

    Wiesbaden, (West) Germany, 82 to 86. Walter's Futterkrippe (still there on Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 44) for the win.

  • アンチヒーロー


  • Rana Sameer
    Rana Sameer 9 days ago

    Taxi Teri video koi bhi acchi koi bhi acchi taxi Laila nalluri attacks

  • Ryan Sabater
    Ryan Sabater 9 days ago

    I regret watching video because theres no food in refrigerator and im starving

  • Ju Riah
    Ju Riah 10 days ago

    Gila naruh pewarna banyak amat

  • jun jun
    jun jun 11 days ago


  • Robbie
    Robbie 11 days ago

    A lot of ingredients. If I ever visit Japan I'll be sure to try some street food.

  • Danny Huijers
    Danny Huijers 12 days ago

    Godnondejus honger de bonger 👀

  • Huỳnh Trần

    OMG i want eat all XD Japan street foods are amazing 😍

  • Yiğit YT
    Yiğit YT 12 days ago

    Canım çekti yaw :D

  • Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith 12 days ago

    They sure do serve some healthy portions over there!

  • Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith 13 days ago

    What is that fried bologna looking meat???

  • RJ ArmY
    RJ ArmY 13 days ago

    ആഹാ.. കൊള്ളാലോ!!

  • のぶなか


  • Maryani Yani
    Maryani Yani 13 days ago

    di mana

  • Brenda Jarmusz
    Brenda Jarmusz 13 days ago

    What kind of meat is this? Looks good

  • R.N V.H
    R.N V.H 14 days ago


  • kenji Priere
    kenji Priere 14 days ago

    スープに水道水 直足しですか🤭

    TIMOTHY HALL 14 days ago

    I guess every little region has their own thing. I got heartburn just watching. Lol

  • J A Y
    J A Y 15 days ago

    I was so excited because yakult is my favorite. Until he pours chocolate.😂😂

  • ディアスカルロス


  • きゃんきゃん


  • Some Random Bald Guy

    There used to be a little schnitzel stand outside the gate at Ramstein AFB. This video makes me miss the curry wurst, makes me miss all the good times and good memories. I have got to get off my dead ass and go back to Germany one of these days.

  • 泡瀬マイ

    詰め込み方雑wwww でも美味しそう

  • 霧島さいが


  • Daniyal Emanuel
    Daniyal Emanuel 15 days ago

    I really wanted to visit that place and ask her to be my gf

  • wwywwm 003003
    wwywwm 003003 16 days ago


  • Nok Ratna Apm Lobener

    Martabak manis makanan ke sukaan aku bangett

  • Myra Saramosing
    Myra Saramosing 17 days ago

    ňò. áťmè ťáķò ýáťámě

  • 池上あいら

    マカロンは普通に食べた方が美味しいのになー‪w 1分後!?ドーナツだと!勿体ないなー

  • TAMOチャンネル

    安心してください(๑•̀д•́๑)キリッ この後…スタッフが美味しく 頂きました(売れ残り)(´∀`*)

  • KoreanIcon
    KoreanIcon 17 days ago

    1st time to see a beer with different food spices.

  • Jimbob Noye
    Jimbob Noye 17 days ago

    Now THAT'S what YOU CALL A torino dip

  • れいら
    れいら 18 days ago


    SLFDSTRCT 18 days ago

    you got to love a video that does exactly what it says in the fucking title. cheers from hell >:D

    DJBOYSETH 19 days ago

    The amount of food colouring she put could kill somebody

  • محمد الزرعوني

    all love from united arab emirates to all friends in germany i love street foods YUMMY !

  • Shawn Myrelle
    Shawn Myrelle 19 days ago

    Umm I need that steak well done please and thank you 🙏🏿

  • greekmen1000
    greekmen1000 19 days ago

    Street Food in Germany.: 1. Bratwurst mit halbe Toastbrot. 2. Bratwurst mit Senf und halbe Toastbrot. 3.Bratwurst mit Senf und Ketchup und halbe Toastbrot. 4.Currywurst mit halbe Toastbrot. 5.Currywurst mit Zwiebeln und halbe Toastbrot. 6. ........... 7...........🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣.......

  • りま
    りま 20 days ago


  • عبدو تربو


  • chunje50
    chunje50 20 days ago

    具が均等に入ってなーい まばらが目立つ 切りイカはほぼ入って無いけど‼

  • zo soussou
    zo soussou 21 day ago

    Street food

  • Cristina Bianes
    Cristina Bianes 21 day ago

    what's in it? anyone who knows the ingredients?

  • ホワイトモーニング武田

    袋を置いてからの 間って いったいなに

  • QueenFanPiper62
    QueenFanPiper62 21 day ago


  • let's cook with kiran

    So nice beautiful colour full icecream

  • さとな
    さとな 22 days ago


  • Bent Water
    Bent Water 23 days ago

    Oh I feel so sorry for the poor people in Mexico. Battling starvation and defying death daily because of the drug cartels. OFCOURSE THAT'S ALL BULLSH*T LIES TOLD BY SHE/HE AND HE/SHE INVERTS.

  • Nicole Calimpong
    Nicole Calimpong 23 days ago

    Dili mn pwde ibutang ang itlog sa atung food or itlog nga naa pay shell ky ang shell sa egg hugaw mana bsan pag hugasan ng maau

  • Lissie Santiago
    Lissie Santiago 25 days ago

    Wow delicious 🤤

  • クランのパンダ教

    6:06 卵ふりかけつかいました?

  • Melissa Phillis
    Melissa Phillis 25 days ago

    It's like a huge crumpet

  • Melissa Phillis
    Melissa Phillis 25 days ago

    That's one way to get me to eat veggies, fry them!

  • Pearl Erica Patriarca

    Yall have to put in the ingredients here lol and how yall make it

  • Dennis Miller
    Dennis Miller 26 days ago

    2020 WE COMING BABYYYYY! LETS GO! #Olympic$ #1Fokus #Ghostwriter

  • Sirinut Petklong
    Sirinut Petklong 26 days ago

    How can i the Recipe?

  • best things
    best things 27 days ago

    i cant understand what r u doing long time, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yeda

  • tazehaze
    tazehaze 27 days ago


  • Another Name
    Another Name 27 days ago

    beeb beeeeb beeeeeeeeeeeeeeb beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb

  • Gyani Admi
    Gyani Admi 27 days ago

    1:25 that is most easiest sandwich to make.

  • Stanciu Bogdan
    Stanciu Bogdan 28 days ago

    Ketchup? Mustard? R u sure?

  • salli saha thegi bedana maha dhanapathi Sriran

    Wow subscribe to my food and beverages channel dear

  • Laure Murkuns
    Laure Murkuns 29 days ago

    Not only does this food look delicious. They definatley don't cheat you on the portions 😁🖒🖒.

  • Madara
    Madara Month ago

    Go to ikea, best hot dogs you ever tried

  • 新垣りら


  • TSU TA
    TSU TA Month ago

    ほとんどの、店は、不衛生ですよね...😨 出店をやってたという人から、聞いたことあるけど、買う気が、なくなりました... 電話📞しながら、作るのは、問題外ですね...

  • Power Within
    Power Within Month ago

    The unsanitary issues are killing me, touching utensils to vegetables to clothes to meat to raw eggs to cardboard to food sitting out of temperature to dirty rags etc OMG...

  • Asmr Mukbang
    Asmr Mukbang Month ago

    Who’s watching in bed?? Who’s a big fan??

  • N Schweiz
    N Schweiz Month ago

    Why isn't a döner in the video?

    • N Schweiz
      N Schweiz Month ago

      @Madara agreed. But it's everywhere in Germany.

    • Madara
      Madara Month ago

      Its turkish ....

  • Nah Panda
    Nah Panda Month ago

    I hate how he was rolling it 😫😫

  • press play
    press play Month ago

    My descendants are from prussia and this video is making me gain weight by the second

  • .
    . Month ago

    toca no dinheiro e na comida cade a vigilância sanitária.

  • Deep Press ion
    Deep Press ion Month ago

    That old man defines the word passion.

  • dwi dewi ruswanti

    miaogo night market kelung taiwan