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Movie Sequels
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Talking to Strangers
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The Spiders and the Bees
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Christmas Carols
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Our Cats :3
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Tabletop Games
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Wrong Numbers
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Buying Clothes
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My Horibal Speling
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Getting Recognized part 2
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My Poetry Teacher
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My Teachers
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Harry the Moth
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Starting Conversations
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Getting Recognized
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Peeing Yourself
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a Q and A
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Sooubway Part 3
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Chaperoning 7th Graders
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Times I Plagiarized
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Our Hamsters
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Adventures in Cub Scouts
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The Indestructable Piñata
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My Thoughts on Roommates
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Garfild Comic Explained
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Laser Tag
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James Plays Tetris
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Happy Birthday Miranda
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My Thoughts on Sports
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Annoying Customers
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Work Stories (sooubway)
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I Read Fanfiction About Me
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My Thoughts on ASMR
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Reacting to my old art
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Pi Equals 4 Explained
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Reading Fables
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Tales of Donating Blood
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Physical Education
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Boy Were They Wrong
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Unpopular Opinions: Day 18
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My Collection: Day 16
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Stupid Riddles: Day 14
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Old Audio Files: Day 12
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Twin Life: Day 10
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Names For Your Kids: Day 9
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My Favorite Reptile: Day 7
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Bashas' is the BEST: Day 5
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My Speech Impediment: Day 2
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  • Autumn Experiment:59

    PLOT TWIST: James is in the asylum XD

  • Josue Sorto
    Josue Sorto 3 hours ago

    “Right Dave....”

  • Flint Parkers Creepypasta

    Also wear your seatbelt

  • Pinar Diniar
    Pinar Diniar 3 hours ago

    Ive seen smosh Especially his food battles

  • Nathan Rogel
    Nathan Rogel 3 hours ago


  • Cash Copeland
    Cash Copeland 3 hours ago

    Sour skittles don’t disagree or ill end your blood line

  • Betty Villamizar
    Betty Villamizar 3 hours ago

    James:who wears anime shirts in public Me:*looks down at shirt*I'm wearing an anime shirt

  • C ADD2
    C ADD2 3 hours ago

    Take them

  • Gideion
    Gideion 3 hours ago

    Lmfao, I died when I saw Jared from subway.

  • Mason Sapp
    Mason Sapp 3 hours ago

    My birth days in May

  • Jenna Hillrichs
    Jenna Hillrichs 3 hours ago


  • Tuttomenui
    Tuttomenui 3 hours ago

    Eagle Scout here to. I went to Camp Bartlett 3 times.

  • ashleymd888
    ashleymd888 3 hours ago

    One like equals a bazillion prays for nome/boy

  • Jacob Mandabach
    Jacob Mandabach 3 hours ago

    I love cats and your the best USclip and I love you so much for the videos

  •  3 hours ago

    Hey😀😀Use this hack!!😍😍It’s gonna make your rich in FORTNITE❗️❗️Just put your username and password in the replies!😀🎉🎉Put how much v-bucks you want!!🤡🤡😃

  • Shia Alford
    Shia Alford 3 hours ago

    Hey James! I bought your book........and I'm not ashamed

  • Pong Tongkhamkao
    Pong Tongkhamkao 3 hours ago


  • Pong Tongkhamkao
    Pong Tongkhamkao 3 hours ago


  • Purple Mermaid
    Purple Mermaid 3 hours ago

    5:02 again the doge

  • Pong Tongkhamkao
    Pong Tongkhamkao 3 hours ago

    Ⓢⓡⓡⓨ Ⓘ ⓓⓘⓓ ⓒⓤⓡⓢⓘⓥⓔ

  • CupCake SweetiePie
    CupCake SweetiePie 3 hours ago

    Hi james

  • JaXzey
    JaXzey 3 hours ago

    Fam those diapers are comfortable as

  • MythicalKittydog
    MythicalKittydog 3 hours ago

    I think hairless cats are kinda cute and the lines are both equal, am I a robot? well I'm not a human. I'm a Kittydog. front half dog, back half cat.

  • Pong Tongkhamkao
    Pong Tongkhamkao 3 hours ago


  • Ryan Clink
    Ryan Clink 3 hours ago

    Even tho I’ve never met Floof I just know she’s more legendary than my dog... maybe

  • Pong Tongkhamkao
    Pong Tongkhamkao 3 hours ago

    𝓞𝓶𝓰 𝓱𝓪𝓱𝓪𝓱𝓪𝓱𝓪𝓱𝓪𝓱𝓪

  • Shadow Coyote
    Shadow Coyote 3 hours ago

    James: They keep O- on ambulances _SHOWS FIRETRUCK_

  • Pong Tongkhamkao
    Pong Tongkhamkao 3 hours ago


  • Miles darst
    Miles darst 3 hours ago

    Than he waddled away waddle waddle

  • cecilio madrid
    cecilio madrid 3 hours ago

    Skip the ones that houses are small TEAM GO

  • MaxxwelPlayz
    MaxxwelPlayz 3 hours ago


  • Grady Hendley
    Grady Hendley 3 hours ago

    Oh and my sister pee d yesterday

  • Brittany Escobar
    Brittany Escobar 3 hours ago

    You play with unspeakable and PrestonPlayz????!!!!

  • Love is All 314
    Love is All 314 3 hours ago

    They did remake the dark Crystal but in episodes

  • Pong Tongkhamkao
    Pong Tongkhamkao 3 hours ago

    : |

  • A person That is living

    My mom gave me and my bro skittles instead of Eminem’s 1:18

  • LavaMaster Gibbs
    LavaMaster Gibbs 3 hours ago


  • Grady Hendley
    Grady Hendley 3 hours ago

    James you are so cool ausome and nice😎👍😇

  • Purple Mermaid
    Purple Mermaid 3 hours ago

    1:16 I love the doge lol

  • Mason Sapp
    Mason Sapp 3 hours ago

    Wild crats

  • Mason Sapp
    Mason Sapp 3 hours ago

    My children love pbs kinds

  • Brittany Hart
    Brittany Hart 3 hours ago

    Did anyone else see the doge in the far left corner 3:57

  • Mr. Pengy
    Mr. Pengy 3 hours ago

    im gonna work at subway just to nake the best sandwiches

  • FlamingGaming Beast
    FlamingGaming Beast 3 hours ago

    I love whoppers ;-;

  • candyturtle3
    candyturtle3 3 hours ago

    I'm allergic to their dander

  • The Challenger and the vlogger

    Soooooooo at Vidcon I got ond of those wrist bands and exact same thing happens but I ran into markiplyer and saw you go onto the stairs

  • Suction Cup Man
    Suction Cup Man 3 hours ago

    Guys just letting you know when I went to the desc on the non signed there is a scam up top claiming that you can get a 10% coupon however I think it is a pretty shady website or it’s either me being paranoid.

  • •Querty Quail•
    •Querty Quail• 3 hours ago

    i had oj the pee made me spit it out in the cup because the pee was funny

  • Sweet tail OwO
    Sweet tail OwO 3 hours ago

    5:50 I seen chip :)

  • Let's Rank
    Let's Rank 3 hours ago

    Everyone can dig a hole, but it takes a real man to Not jump in it.

  • The Challenger and the vlogger

    I bled in front of you

  • Rstandy2011
    Rstandy2011 3 hours ago

    "Prints out ok sign "

  • TheGoodGamer21
    TheGoodGamer21 3 hours ago

    Are you the "wait a minute" meme?•-•

  • jt killa
    jt killa 3 hours ago

    What do snakes have two of?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jewish Garbage
    Jewish Garbage 3 hours ago

    Greetings, fellow humans. I am from the year 6781. We live on mars now because global warming has killed every animal on the planet, also it destroyed the entire earth. We have all been reincarnated and found the internet. We saw this video and would like to say that your life will be miserable in the future, enjoy life while it lasts, because it won’t last long. Goodbye!

  • minecrafters epic diamonds

    I'm micah and i know im not micha but it does sound the same and i feel good hearing my name.

  • Mia Saavedra
    Mia Saavedra 3 hours ago

    Dude it’s nighttime nobody is outside right now JAMES!

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 3 hours ago

    What about that 2%

  • Vanna Lyn
    Vanna Lyn 3 hours ago

    Maybe the onion on the side guy wanted *the thing beside the onion* but didn't know what to call it?

  • luis fan
    luis fan 3 hours ago

    *shoot james*

  • Rstandy2011
    Rstandy2011 3 hours ago

    People try to scam you so trust no one.

  • Nat Dei
    Nat Dei 3 hours ago

    Thanks I would love to meet you too would be so fun like life is fun I really like that song and I’m subscribed

  • Charles Aiden De Leon

    Where's the play button

  • Flicker1234 Manie
    Flicker1234 Manie 3 hours ago

    Undertale referencessssssssssssssss

  • Devin Syre
    Devin Syre 3 hours ago

    So while I was watching this there is a hair on my phone ( it's mines ) and at 2:06 it made it look like a smiling face

  • I teach you
    I teach you 3 hours ago

    You know they added lion scouts(kindirgarden)

  • zinnia henjum
    zinnia henjum 3 hours ago

    4:30 *ouuuuuuuuu* I got a crush

  • Mark Elston
    Mark Elston 3 hours ago

    Tell Jaiden I said hi

  • Emily Fander
    Emily Fander 3 hours ago

    Wasps have literally no purpose- their just there to be mad at me for making the slightest of noises.

  • Arwen Pavkov
    Arwen Pavkov 3 hours ago

    respect the drip karen

  • Servando Aburto
    Servando Aburto 3 hours ago

    “It’s time to die”

  • Varija Pandya
    Varija Pandya 3 hours ago

    Lol i scored a home run!

  • C Dee
    C Dee 3 hours ago


  • Critical Misfitler
    Critical Misfitler 3 hours ago

    Who is watching 2021?

  • Mochi Mochi!
    Mochi Mochi! 3 hours ago

    That dragon looks cute :3

  • Amelia Karnas
    Amelia Karnas 3 hours ago

    You can do it :-)

  • Maddy Gatcha
    Maddy Gatcha 3 hours ago

    Once I was trick or treating and I went to a house that always has those candy bowls that say please take one and we went and there was no candy ..... ;-; who stole it?

  • Rosie_Red_Gamer
    Rosie_Red_Gamer 3 hours ago

    Annabeth is quaking

  • Devin Syre
    Devin Syre 3 hours ago

    0:35 when I step on a Lego 0:35when a centipede is in our house 0:35when I feel something crawling on me 0:35when I see something in the woods

  • Da AKM
    Da AKM 3 hours ago

    heh.... i have 3 subs

  • thexanderzone
    thexanderzone 3 hours ago

    I know this is late but I did enjoy the summer.

  • Vibhav Chaturvedi
    Vibhav Chaturvedi 3 hours ago


  • Cash Copeland
    Cash Copeland 3 hours ago

    I love your channle stay great like u always are

  • Dev Gamer
    Dev Gamer 3 hours ago

    5:50 with yourself

  • oofslayer 42
    oofslayer 42 3 hours ago

    Sub to me plz I have 7 subs I need subs

  • Claire McComb
    Claire McComb 3 hours ago

    uhhhhhhhhhh mine is Twix :|

  • isaac davis
    isaac davis 3 hours ago

    Pee sis means pea size

  • King Cooper
    King Cooper 3 hours ago

    WE WANT TO GET SOME SCREEN TIME, Literally was the team with the least screen time

  • Rexy - Chan
    Rexy - Chan 3 hours ago

    I never got my r’s wrong because my name starts with a r

  • OfficialNicoYazawa
    OfficialNicoYazawa 3 hours ago

    I wish I got candy for peeing

  • Universal Bulbasaur
    Universal Bulbasaur 3 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the Lenny face on the monitor

  • Goated PlaYZ YT
    Goated PlaYZ YT 3 hours ago

    Voice crack

  • Universal Bulbasaur
    Universal Bulbasaur 3 hours ago

    19k snoopys that’s gonna frickin’ fill the house

  • Amelia Karnas
    Amelia Karnas 3 hours ago

    6:29 umm does that have the tag on it still lol

  • Butt Licker
    Butt Licker 3 hours ago

    3 weeks and you haven’t post James. Please post.

  • sea_bun bun_
    sea_bun bun_ 3 hours ago

    Hey I'm sooo exsited cuz in 6th grade I'm doing this thing that's called wax museum [sorry if spelled wrong] we get to dress up as some one famous and I'm doing you cuz I'm such a bid fan of your channel!

  • A Gollihur
    A Gollihur 3 hours ago

    2:53 This gave me nightmares. I’m scared

  • Yahya Alameri
    Yahya Alameri 3 hours ago

    I am allergic to cats I swell and turn all red and my eyes turn puffy so I hate cats and like dogs

  • Gaming Daff
    Gaming Daff 3 hours ago

    invest in stonks

  • Spirko Rodriguez
    Spirko Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Is the gift card thing real