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Is Krav Maga Legit?
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  • Trump 2020
    Trump 2020 3 hours ago

    Joe mama podcast

  • jboogieee 3
    jboogieee 3 3 hours ago

    Clonazapan is the generic name for Klonopin. Xanax is worse. Joe's says "I had caffeine withdrawal" lol... Ignorance is bliss

  • Aynge Mackay
    Aynge Mackay 3 hours ago

    God bless Dr Peterson.

  • Believe me of my heart

    And I'm over here trying to get my anxiety and lack of sleep racing thoughts back after my meds took my super powers away.

  • RighteousBrother
    RighteousBrother 3 hours ago

    In pretty certain Jerry would bare this guy

  • Lupe Zamudio
    Lupe Zamudio 3 hours ago

    This is why Kanye doesn't want to go on the podcast

  • Diablo 666
    Diablo 666 3 hours ago

    If she's funny, than I'm the fucking pope! Her bit was dryer than Betty whites box!

  • Likewise
    Likewise 3 hours ago

    Man I was really hoping this story would end with a seal team wiping the entire boat

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones 3 hours ago

    Peterson did the right thing. I was addicted for over 20 years to the same shit, legally prescribed. 1.5 grams/day of good weed works better, safer and with zero side effects. The pills are a miserable life.

  • ThAdonis
    ThAdonis 3 hours ago

    If your motivation for making music is making money then you shouldn't be making music. There's a lot of hobbies that don't pay sh*t. Join the club you precious twaats.

  • Navraj Gill
    Navraj Gill 3 hours ago

    Shes beautiful, but neck up. we must draw our own personal lines

    XZARKHAN 3 hours ago

    Corn pop was a bad dude

  • Kevin Cameron
    Kevin Cameron 3 hours ago

    This guy has amazing cadence.

  • mchchicago78
    mchchicago78 3 hours ago

    why is rogan trying to smear andrew yang? he didn't say any of that stuff.

  • helBob haramburg
    helBob haramburg 3 hours ago

    Fuck Peterson! I hope he learns something in Rehab..

  • steve drake
    steve drake 3 hours ago

    You can never knock anyone for going to rehab guys rehab is the first step so fair play to him all the best to his mrs also!

  • T Z
    T Z 3 hours ago

    He went all out and painted his hands too.

  • THE Don Spaghetti & Ravioli

    Last of the greats

  • daniel280456
    daniel280456 3 hours ago

    If he was for real, he would have already died of a ''heart attack''.

  • DAMY Health
    DAMY Health 3 hours ago


  • Flubber-Man
    Flubber-Man 3 hours ago

    This is why I’m incredibly interested in states of consciousness, because if we could understand how these states effect us and how to put ourselves in these states, we could sort of take more control our stories, or at least understand more about who we are and how we work

  • Арт Гуффович

    нельзя просрать Питерсона, он нужен сейчас

  • Thomas The Tank Engine

    Apparently Gerald was a piece of shit who tortured dogs, gaffer taped a Labradors mouth up and threw two pits on it, fuck the cunt.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 3 hours ago

    Man this could have been the best episode yet if that guy who won't shut the fuck up wasn't invited

  • ZERO056789jay zaro
    ZERO056789jay zaro 3 hours ago

    he talks about him like he didnt just spend 2 hours with him

  • Mey Saechao
    Mey Saechao 3 hours ago

    Oh Joe...🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ please rewatch/listen to it...Yang isn’t trying to take your beef away. 🙄🙄

  • Chayce Archibald
    Chayce Archibald 3 hours ago

    My doctor prescribed me chlorazipan the first time I broke up with my ex wife. I took it for one night and had the worst nightmares of my life! I woke up in a head to toe sweat with a heart rate of at least 200bpm!!! Got rid of those pills that day lol

  • Eddie R
    Eddie R 3 hours ago

    Fuck you libtards

  • white rabbit
    white rabbit 3 hours ago

    Joe you are absolutely right opium withdrawal is a living hell take it from someone who knows. The trouble is unless you're rich the rehab you get is a joke...

  • Leanna Reaves
    Leanna Reaves 3 hours ago

    Oh, but DMT is ok.

  • UndeadCrackah
    UndeadCrackah 3 hours ago

    Klonopin heavier than Xanax LOL uneducated people

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 3 hours ago

    Nice JR...I though you were part of helping surface the issues we face today with you podcast with AY. Sorry "that guy" triggered your misplaced belief that you will not longer be able to have your cow cuts as one of you inalienable rights as a meathead.

  • Scrambler
    Scrambler 3 hours ago

    Klonopin is not crazy if taken properly. It helps short term and shouldn't be taken longterm.

  • Mishy Crawford
    Mishy Crawford 3 hours ago

    The packets still look the same in Australia too

  • XxAngel xX
    XxAngel xX 3 hours ago

    we need more talk with this guy 😁

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight 3 hours ago

    Smart lady!

  • Tommy Ohlrich
    Tommy Ohlrich 3 hours ago

    They spear hunt hogs off of tree blinds. Same thing as spear bear hunting. You put down bait and they come right up to the base of the tree and spear it at point blank range. A spear a close range is more ethical than an arrow at any range.

  • Brad Simmons
    Brad Simmons 3 hours ago

    That's not anxiety disorder, that's a bad trip. I guess I'm missing the correlation...

  • random guy on the internet

    Whenever you charge a Ashkenazi with anything they just pull out the real life uno reverse card(antisemitic) and bam! Suddenly you are the wrong one.

  • Can Okan
    Can Okan 3 hours ago

    Laplace's Demon Talk begins 4:42

  • Mr Watts
    Mr Watts 3 hours ago

    Legend has it Brendan uses a calculator to add up his IQ

  • Victor
    Victor 3 hours ago

    Eddie Murphy played whiteface. Where's the outrage for that?🙄

  • Junior Balls
    Junior Balls 3 hours ago

    Good luck Dr Peterson 👍

  • Danny Rodriguez
    Danny Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Teddy is super bias, I like the guy but u can straight up tell

  • The Next Level
    The Next Level 3 hours ago

    The outrage over this is stupid, but if anyone deserves this it's Trudeau lol.

  • Wayne B
    Wayne B 3 hours ago

    listen to vox day on Jordanetics

  • Josh Arnow
    Josh Arnow 3 hours ago

    Klonopin is a benzodiazepine and not an opiate, however withdrawals from high doses can lead to death. Withdrawals from opiates will never lead to death despite how awful it might feel.

  • SK Reviewer -
    SK Reviewer - 3 hours ago

    This is just my opinion. These guys are comparing the War in Afghanistan etc to the War in Chgicago. Both are warzones. The difference is the gear and training the miltary provides. Yes there are more deaths in Chicago? But it could be that the U.S military has better training weapons gear etc to fight in gun battles. They might be getting shot at just as much etc plus facing IEDS etc. But maybe the training gear weaponry etc is savings them from being killed at the same rate? And the fact we dont know maybe the u.s military wins more engagements and kills more enemies when attacked than gang members. I dont want violence on home soil and I dont want anyone to die. But maybe Chicago isnt more dangerous than Afghanistan? Maybe just having better gear training etc helps you survive better> just my 2 cents

  • 123123mike
    123123mike 3 hours ago

    Klonopin is a mild benzo diazepam. It's not that strong. Not nearly as strong as Xanax. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. It doesn't make you crazy and it doesn't make you jump out of Windows. It's a mild anti-anxiety anti-seizure medication

  • Victor
    Victor 3 hours ago

    Who cares. Trudeau has alot more faults than brownface.

  • Philly B
    Philly B 3 hours ago

    All the kids in 'It' fuck Beverly one after another!!! King is bloody weirdo

  • Avenue Nights
    Avenue Nights 3 hours ago

    Tyson's fired up! X A X

  • Ze Bunker
    Ze Bunker 3 hours ago

    Peterson constantly tries to make having kids and a family the sole purpose and responsibility. He constantly borders on Sunday preacher. The more he keeps diving into the bible the more this nonsense comes out and he says it in such a complicated and authoritative manner than few see what he is doing.

  • Chino Gambino
    Chino Gambino 3 hours ago

    The cops would get respect rather than just fear if they conducted themselves at a higher standard.

  • Noah McFadden
    Noah McFadden 3 hours ago

    I understand.. that you’re a Freakin psycho

  • siriusfeline
    siriusfeline 3 hours ago

    He was already on a SSRI.

  • ra
    ra 3 hours ago

    How does a science make you not believe in God?

  • 808 BIG ISLAND
    808 BIG ISLAND 3 hours ago

    Ahahhah!!! So where da Cherokee and Navajo from?!! Get dafak out!

  • Andy Tegenkamp
    Andy Tegenkamp 3 hours ago

    Joe is the biggest sell out ever... Has no idea.. Have no respect for him.. ..neither of them are good choice.. They are selected not elected

  • pjmac550355
    pjmac550355 3 hours ago

    Most girls are not very good at sucking dick.... for me that’s an absolute fact

  • saotomebuster
    saotomebuster 3 hours ago

    This is surprisingly accurate.

  • Craig Rix
    Craig Rix 3 hours ago

    Who tf is eddie bravo?

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 3 hours ago

    Even in where im from which is Australia this is all over the news. BIG DEAL ITS APART OF THE DAMN FKN COSTUME! HAVE A LOOK AT THE ERA WHICH HE IS DRESSED TO BE IN 1980sHE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG

  • oscar sanchez mendoza

    @ 10:53, "it took us 6 records.... then everyone started calling us sellouts" ( started calling you sellouts. because you went with the flow.. you started playing clappy clap songs with whoahoh oh woah" as the chorus. I was at your first shows... jumping and nodding my head to the Blues based, dirty south delta style sound ya'll were imitating. now you are just pop.

  • Matthew Brough
    Matthew Brough 3 hours ago

    Do you remember that film "white chicks"? That film didn't offend anyone.

  • Barry Jerry
    Barry Jerry 3 hours ago

    So this is what andrew garfield does now....

  • Neil Wadden
    Neil Wadden 3 hours ago

    I’m a Canadian. Nobody really believes Justin Trudeau is a racist. The issue is that he stands on his soap box and scolds, schools and yells at Canadians about issues like inclusion, equality and white privilege. It’s the hypocrisy of it all that bothers us.

  • Average Dennis Rodman

    “Are they centralized?” “No so why aren’t they banned?” “We ran Into problems because they’re decentralized.” Using context clues I have determined this isn’t possible

  • SirSplode
    SirSplode 3 hours ago

    Jamie needs to be interviewed by joe. The driving point of the cast would be how great it is to work for Joe.

  • Kam Dhatt
    Kam Dhatt 3 hours ago

    He’s fucking stupid

  • The Nalleweg
    The Nalleweg 3 hours ago

    Oldest calendar known to mankind... and it’s useless now.

  • Jeff Wilson
    Jeff Wilson 3 hours ago

    What an amazing story!

  • koos koos
    koos koos 3 hours ago

    That was a pretty good Jesse Ventura impression lol

  • John Borkowski
    John Borkowski 3 hours ago

    "Where's the compassion for the guy who lost his gig?" Amazing as always, Mark.

  • Scott Adam
    Scott Adam 3 hours ago

    Why are these two dough balls not making eye contact when they’re talking

  • Definitely not Jeffrey Epstein

    Don't you miss when the guests would get to talk?

  • Nun Ya
    Nun Ya 3 hours ago

    We need White Zombie back. The solo stuff sucks...

  • Fleshfor Frankenstein

    He should have used mushrooms instead.

  • Nataku
    Nataku 3 hours ago

    That’s what cigs look like in Canada lol

  • Reed Marcotte
    Reed Marcotte 3 hours ago

    Yes Kevin, it is okay to die. I hate that there's detriment placed on death. I call death the great relief. I don't know how I know it is, I just know. The relief from the lift of gravity alone is going to be a huge loving effect, me thinks. Here's the 3 major taboos on Earth that is not as it is in Heaven (the celestial spheres)... Reincarnation: the oldest unloving practice known to man. Satan: man's greatest excuse for their lack of goodness. Christ: the greatest lie (fabrication) ever told. These 3 ideas are the biggest obstacles people end up having to deconstruct in order to ascend to higher Truths in order to obtain greater Love. To me, the position to behold is that these 3 ideas are not even real. They've emerged in the minds of people from fear over time. They've become places for the free, I/2 souls that we are, to hide and because we're free, or what I like to think of as unleashed, we can hide for as long as we want. This is why the lower spheres exist. We created them, actually. This is where we exist until such a time we have faced all the reasons why we're not ascending into the Heavens. Nobody's exempt. Nobody has a free pass and nobody gets in without a personal relationship with the Creator. It's that simple. :) peace

  • tubedude709
    tubedude709 3 hours ago

    But you don't create reality by shooting photons from your eyes. things are there without observer

  • Tony Bones
    Tony Bones 3 hours ago

    Herb Dean is a horrible ref...Always has been always will be... He fucking sucks.

  • David Yvonne
    David Yvonne 3 hours ago


  • GdizHD
    GdizHD 3 hours ago

    Can somebody explain this whole Jewish and Israel thing to me? I feel like I have a clear understanding but I wanna know what’s up. Do they run things?

  • John Hogan
    John Hogan 3 hours ago

    My understanding has been that IQ is pretty stable across ancestry. The difficulty is comparing groups with differing education levels. When this is done via reasonable means, the variation is like 2 IQ points. Penis sizes varies by more than that lol. I figured Russians and Chinese would have lower iqs due to the mass murder of smarter people there in the middle of the last century. Apparently not.

  • alsaints
    alsaints 3 hours ago

    Hey Joe, Yang is analytical, and never said that people can’t eat beef. Do take a look at what he said, responsible eating it’s actually where he is saying that external cost must be included in. I think factory farms will eventually need to go. Think in 30 years lab farm 3D printed protein will be the way to go

  • BigOats
    BigOats 3 hours ago

    I love how all celebrities/musicians have these crazy stories from 20 years ago. I find it hard to believe that they are telling the full story. Everybody wants to sound like it was so easy going!

  • n/a n/a
    n/a n/a 3 hours ago

    I like women who invest in themselves. I like women who have a hobby besides talking. I don't like women who invade male dominated hobbies to gain undivided male attention, they're not there for something men in that group have been enjoying for years, they're there for attention & likely drama. Give me a woman who knows what she's talking about if I were to ask her "What is the OSI model of computer networking." Real gritty information that a woman who's just existing in a room for attention wouldn't know. I don't care if your hobby is quilting, that's really great that you enjoy it because it would mean that you have a hobby, and it's likely your grandmother got you into it which shows that you love her. I love those sweaty woman at the gym who've planned out how they're going to increase their weigh lifting limits over time, that shows that they have a hobby and are willing to invest in themselves.

  • John Argires
    John Argires 3 hours ago

    This guy plays a human on TV

  • Kyle Logan
    Kyle Logan 3 hours ago

    Pewdie was mentioned in the CHCH shooting aswel. By the attacker. One thing I can guarantee, I live herein NZ , people said they seen black vans full of armed defenders days before the attack in the area. Gun laws were actually put to cabinet 3 days before the shooting, but the country would have gone AWOL if they took our guns for no reason, tarrant gave them the perfect reason to take guns. Coincidence? Trust me, the whole thing was a bullshit setup. Plus the dude done it befor how he killed people he was trained. He was built like an SAS guy. It's a whole fishy situation and was 100% govt act and anyone overseas just doesn't get it. It wasn't a psyco dude it was a PAID dude...

  • LordOfNothingham
    LordOfNothingham 3 hours ago

    It must be a great feeling being the only one in the room who knows what the fuck your talking about.

  • Bruce Grossman
    Bruce Grossman 3 hours ago

    These guys are responsible for an entire boom of bland bands that sound just like them.

    NOAH DRXPS 3 hours ago

    Google annoced this week having the first quantum computer so I'm guessing we are close

  • rossjones SW
    rossjones SW 3 hours ago

    That’s why IMDB is better

  • Trenton Clark
    Trenton Clark 3 hours ago

    We gotten in louisiana

  • Luckma1
    Luckma1 3 hours ago

    These "Bruderschaften" in Germany still exist and are Neonazi organisations that are active at Universities and other public instituitions.

  • Trump Tight
    Trump Tight 3 hours ago

    Ennis became a legend in the bicycle repo game. Bike thieves live in fear when they hear the name Ennis.

  • yotafan 1
    yotafan 1 3 hours ago

    It just goes to show that addiction can affect the best of us. He'll bounce back from this, just got too take some time for him self.

  • Venom Deadpool
    Venom Deadpool 3 hours ago

    The tiger has found the inner cat in him. Godbless you.

  • Daniel Weis
    Daniel Weis 3 hours ago

    Most beef is not grass fed. It's the cheap corn fed beef that creates most of the methane. Putting a carbon tax on that would incent more farmers to grass feed their cattle. Yang isn't telling people not to eat beef, just that we need to pay the real cost of beef with a carbon tax.