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Playing Minecraft
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I kicked logan paul's butt!
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I made a vlog in the 1990s
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I Rented a Dog for 24 Hours
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Lele Pons Fans Hate Me
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Dr. Phil vs. POSSESSED Girl
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Worst Instagram "Facts" Ever
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Backpack Kid... Don't Do That
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The Ironic Memes of Tik Tok
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I Copied James Charles
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things get WILD @ 0:36
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  • Mily Cook
    Mily Cook 50 seconds ago

    When did Ryan turn into a bb Logan Paul 😳

  • RedstoneRider_YT
    RedstoneRider_YT 2 minutes ago

    The remote doe have a pause button...it's right at the bottom, second from the right. i know cuz i have the same remote

  • Dmitri Jameson
    Dmitri Jameson 10 minutes ago


  • Sam E
    Sam E 11 minutes ago


    CRAZY NONAME 13 minutes ago

    The ostrich pillow does have a purpose it’s for airplanes when it’s hard to sleep, you put the tray down and sleep

  • Shay 99
    Shay 99 19 minutes ago

    my PHE teacher is related to her

  • Hawk
    Hawk 31 minute ago

    Thanks for being honest

  • Dmitri Jameson
    Dmitri Jameson 42 minutes ago

    "Watch the vape. Here we go". *weird suckin noises* "BOOM"

  • ryn_
    ryn_ 44 minutes ago


  • Jess
    Jess Hour ago

    So glad we’ve all come together here to talk about the video since they disabled the comments

  • BOOM BRO's
    BOOM BRO's Hour ago


  • Miahrainbowlove Ortiz

    Heather's reason wasnt valid lmao but ok

  • WildBearFilms
    WildBearFilms Hour ago

    Like for Nina vs Jordyn at staple centre 2020 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Caden Thomas
    Caden Thomas Hour ago


  • Long furby
    Long furby Hour ago

    tis not a soyboy, but a soyMAN

  • Avi 271
    Avi 271 Hour ago

    Omfg is nina the youngest ?? It’s obv bc shes very immature lmao

    • cheska ange
      cheska ange 29 minutes ago

      Avi 271 did u not see jordyn

  • HbouskyJnr
    HbouskyJnr Hour ago

    Pause at 5:31

    CHANG THENG YUE - 2 hours ago

    Don't use the Rubik's brand it doesn't turn that well

  • Syed AbBas
    Syed AbBas 2 hours ago

    I started workout with your video, your are damn suprbb. Luv from india

  • Jonthebeast
    Jonthebeast 2 hours ago

    Are u really not going to say Anything about the tp on his head

  • SUPERYANYAN Custodio

    Morgz: MOM you have 24hours to buy anything you want Morgz Mom: really

  • OCE Spuds
    OCE Spuds 2 hours ago

    Nice Poster!

  • anika k
    anika k 3 hours ago

    they had to remove comments too lol

  • Matt Simmo
    Matt Simmo 3 hours ago

    Jordyn: Let’s stand on one foot Also Jordyn: I’m a Buddhist so I’m at good this Also also Jordyn: *loses* Also also also Jordyn: It was unfair So she offered a game she believed she had an advantage in... Then lost... Then called it unfair... Despite knowing she held an advantage... Which is unfair... OK KAREN

  • allie grande
    allie grande 3 hours ago

    is it weird that i have the same exact formation of pimples that ryan does on his chin rn

  • Carl Smith
    Carl Smith 3 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about no shave november

  • Ethan Taylor
    Ethan Taylor 3 hours ago

    1 like = how many times I have to do it. man I am a kid and that was so hard

  • VHL Recruitment
    VHL Recruitment 3 hours ago

    Ok ya, Jordyn is the worst, but also the girl who won was crying over having to take Ubers to school lots of people have to walk to school, or at least walk to a bus stop. Holy shit she was so annoying, and you could tell she was just trying to make people feel bad. Nina's problems were every bit as bad, but she was kind about it and gave the money away while the other girl just whined and didn't even offer to give Nina or anyone the money.

  • Bad gamer kid 96
    Bad gamer kid 96 3 hours ago

    Me being a cuber and watching the first half of this video I was laughing my head off

  • ΒΏ ?
    ΒΏ ? 4 hours ago

    I literally do this to celebs and other people asking them for a free IPhone as a joke to see if they respondπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • AliceTooTight o3o
    AliceTooTight o3o 4 hours ago

    Jordan is freaking out take a Xanax bby

  • ChubsD.G
    ChubsD.G 4 hours ago

    The way morgz talk with full facial expressions I think I should stop doing facial exercises I do bcz he does it for all of us hahaha

  • Reece Knutsen
    Reece Knutsen 4 hours ago

    Girl who said she ubers to school everyday definitely exaggerated the hell out of that one, that’d be like 40$ a day to school and back? It also just makes no sense, parents, friends, classmates nearby? You must be rich to afford an Uber to school and back every day......

  • Isabel
    Isabel 4 hours ago

    Umg=ugly men gang

  • Catalina Gracia
    Catalina Gracia 4 hours ago

    This had me SO FUCKING DEAD πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  • TR Liquids
    TR Liquids 4 hours ago

    mASh poTATo uhhHhHh :) i BE FlosSIN' I be fLOSSin' MASH POTATO UHHHHH

  • FIREking30
    FIREking30 4 hours ago

    I did and it felt great

  • hi whatspopping
    hi whatspopping 5 hours ago

    Nice Chalk

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 5 hours ago

    jordyn failed the vibe check

  • Abdullah Lafee
    Abdullah Lafee 5 hours ago

    Have u never made homemade cake? U need that β€œthing that spins”

  • Teeny
    Teeny 5 hours ago

    β€˜Take the coloured stickers off....’ Cubers have left the chat.... Non-Cubers have joined the chat....

  • None Of your business

    *monster has let the chat* Red Bull : oh hello Ryan

  • Jessica Jade
    Jessica Jade 5 hours ago

    i’m so glad you made this video bc i watched and was about to go off in the comments at jordyn BUT THEY TURNED IT OFF so now ima go off at that bitch here

  • SaucyDanny
    SaucyDanny 5 hours ago

    Someone needs to find Nina’s @ for me

  • Limey Drop
    Limey Drop 5 hours ago

    I didn’t even know who Jordyn was but I knew it was the girl in the overall was a bitch

  • Mack Hayes
    Mack Hayes 5 hours ago

    I am glad you made this vid because the comments got cut off on the original video

  • Joscelyn Too much information

    if i won i would split it with everyone except jordyn

  • Derfederfy Games
    Derfederfy Games 5 hours ago

    I thought it was candy lol

  • Caroline Huang
    Caroline Huang 6 hours ago

    yall stop being rude to Jordan she’s just a kid,, at least she admitted it ok,?

  • Pewpew Inyahface
    Pewpew Inyahface 6 hours ago

    This fool just anorexic πŸ˜‚

  • Christine Roman
    Christine Roman 6 hours ago

    Every lonely and sad memer: *baking* *soda*

  • KodyJett1
    KodyJett1 6 hours ago

    When you started taking the kids side at the end of the video, I immediately unsubscribed, disliked the video and deleted you from my memory

  • alex haggerty
    alex haggerty 6 hours ago

    That shaved watermelon looks like how a PS1 horror game would model a human lung or something

  • Mack Peters
    Mack Peters 6 hours ago

    Orange juice is just dark yellow sauce

  • Pablo Martinez
    Pablo Martinez 6 hours ago


  • Toothie Tooth
    Toothie Tooth 6 hours ago

    3:50 Did you just show us the sewing machine like a beauty guru shows make up? πŸ˜‚

  • Chiara Bailey
    Chiara Bailey 6 hours ago

    the zoom in's lol love the video

  • Gacha user 2009-2019

    You’re blessed with viral videos

  • Felix Cowin
    Felix Cowin 6 hours ago

    Onestly true about RZ twin πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Blep Lord 404
    Blep Lord 404 6 hours ago

    I never saw any of your videos before so hmm

  • Will Faulkenberry
    Will Faulkenberry 6 hours ago

    ryAn You cANt juSt gO To thE bAHAmaS AnD Go scuBa diVinG wiTHouT a ceRtifAcAtioN

  • SunnySideUp
    SunnySideUp 6 hours ago

    she is literally a rat, I am not joking she is the tail of a rat..and that's disgusting

  • Ninjaking SB
    Ninjaking SB 6 hours ago

    You inspire me! πŸ™ƒπŸ˜Š

  • Abdullah Lafee
    Abdullah Lafee 6 hours ago

    Should’ve done this big brain move: Book the hotel free food πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  • Leaf Buchanan
    Leaf Buchanan 6 hours ago


  • Ldoglover24
    Ldoglover24 6 hours ago

    whats that perfect triangle on his face

  • Freshly SympL
    Freshly SympL 6 hours ago

    I’ve watched this before

  • DC The Eyepoke Champ

    Does noone on here know he was a professional UFC fighter? and Is now a profressional fighter in ONE FC? smh

  • KKryptic
    KKryptic 6 hours ago

    That kid is gon starve on 5$ a day that’s less than 2k a year

  • Mystic_banana01
    Mystic_banana01 6 hours ago

    the side of the door is made out of concrete.

  • SunnySideUp
    SunnySideUp 7 hours ago

    well what if she was ugly in the inside?...

  • ava bonnie
    ava bonnie 7 hours ago

    i love nina.

  • Jjk Jjk
    Jjk Jjk 7 hours ago

    8:23 Hes gonna marry someone thats ten

  • Audrey Lee
    Audrey Lee 7 hours ago

    I honestly missed your commentary-type videoss

  • Brand Z
    Brand Z 7 hours ago

    3:36 he looks like jake paul

  • creepermax123
    creepermax123 7 hours ago

    R.I.P Morgz Mum

  • Lisa Merhi
    Lisa Merhi 7 hours ago

    jordyn is secretly karen lol

  • unyduck
    unyduck 7 hours ago

    I miss these days before the... Tik tok

  • Adam Gutierrez
    Adam Gutierrez 7 hours ago

    13:37 🀣

  • unyduck
    unyduck 7 hours ago


  • Lucas Quintero
    Lucas Quintero 7 hours ago

    wow ryan wearing pants instead of booty shorts

  • sierra blakely
    sierra blakely 7 hours ago

    ryan cut out the part where before doing the one foot challenge round jordyn says "i'm buddist so i do this like 10 times a day"

  • Julian Freeman
    Julian Freeman 7 hours ago

    Mahc DoNaLdS

  • Martin Moreno Anderson

    ryan, not sure if you saw but in the original video, valid was there at around 4:00 wish then at 4:02 he's gone then a couple secs later he's back...

  • aneesh arora
    aneesh arora 7 hours ago

    Man I'm here in 2019 listening to these words and realizing how Ryan is actually doing what he set out to do. It's actually crazy to see how well he's doing.

  • Olivia VanOeveren
    Olivia VanOeveren 7 hours ago

    You and scrubby should do a collaboration Lol


    Okay.... go look at the ostrich pillow reviews πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Manjunatha C
    Manjunatha C 7 hours ago

    Ryan I need a Neptune bottle but the white ones are sold out and black. Thin one


    What is an ostrich pillow!?!

  • Katnis TWB
    Katnis TWB 7 hours ago

    Baby Sock :D

  • get good bruh
    get good bruh 7 hours ago

    β€œLeTs JuSt VoTe, I kNoW iM gOnNa LoSe AnYwAyS, i MeAn EvErYoNe HaS sOmEtHiNg AgAiNsT mE” - Jordyn Karen

  • Katnis TWB
    Katnis TWB 7 hours ago

    Am I the only one that was just paying attention to the fan blades in the background

  • Frank5421 :\
    Frank5421 :\ 7 hours ago


  • aidan neel
    aidan neel 7 hours ago

    you could just eat the food at home and water.

  • Wyatt
    Wyatt 7 hours ago

    Ryan Trayhan sounds like batman in the ASMR whisper

  • hannaahhh
    hannaahhh 7 hours ago


  • kendall morris
    kendall morris 7 hours ago

    nobody; literally no one: *crickets * ryan: HA. HA. HA!!!

  • Leafy Boi
    Leafy Boi 7 hours ago

    Ryan?? We WANT MORE MINECRAFT!!!!...pwease

  • Martin Moreno Anderson

    is kalid's clothing business fr tho?

  • willi tigre
    willi tigre 7 hours ago

    You can do 24 hours in the house. If you agree with me click down here πŸ‘‡πŸΌ