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3 Disturbing True Stories
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4 Creepy True Uber Stories
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3 True Scary Horror Stories
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  • Tyler Tynsky
    Tyler Tynsky 4 hours ago

    He said “we found out which high schools each other went to” 5 mins later “we set up a date at a local bar” Bruh

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz 4 hours ago

    The clown story was just a prank.

  • tiffaney jones
    tiffaney jones 4 hours ago

    Wow really

  • Mikayla 121212
    Mikayla 121212 4 hours ago


  • Victoria Strauss
    Victoria Strauss 4 hours ago

    I bet Jesse got many mean emails for abandoning his friend

  • Conlin Torres
    Conlin Torres 4 hours ago

    My only fear is a fridge with no beer

  • shamx rose
    shamx rose 4 hours ago

    How the fuck do you have someone living in your house and not know

  • Julie Jørgensen
    Julie Jørgensen 4 hours ago

    The sound effects really makes me jump

  • Hermella Yonas
    Hermella Yonas 4 hours ago

    That is so creepy ????

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz 4 hours ago

    Story1 could have been a surprise or joke they were planning for him. I mean, why murder him?

  • Mickey B
    Mickey B 4 hours ago

    Second story is fake asf. School administrators would never tell a kid all that during a lockdown lmao

  • Aiden Ramirez
    Aiden Ramirez 4 hours ago

    Do 3 horror stories that occurred while in the middle of nowhere

  • Ana Grace
    Ana Grace 4 hours ago

    I was super tired and I drifted off to sleep watching this

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz 4 hours ago

    The last one sounds fake

  • Casper B.
    Casper B. 4 hours ago

    girls: NO!! shooter: yes HAHAAYGGJVJRTUU

  • x. raid
    x. raid 4 hours ago

    the only horror story is that ur playing fortnite

  • Bubblez Suarez
    Bubblez Suarez 4 hours ago

    All these stories r horrific...but the last ones moves me the most 🥺

  • Christopher Cancel
    Christopher Cancel 4 hours ago

    For the chuck's house story, why didn't you fight back?

  • use code thicc
    use code thicc 4 hours ago

    wanna hear a scary story my drunk uncle on christmas

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz 4 hours ago

    I think those kids have been sexually abused. That macho man in the last story could have got him or a friend shot.

  • use code thicc
    use code thicc 4 hours ago

    I don't know why but I get a offended when he says bad neighborhood

  • Foxado
    Foxado 5 hours ago

    Imagine the guy selling stuff and the guy buying from him were both planning to kidnap one another? Damn that situation would be awkward....

  • Mateo Cano
    Mateo Cano 5 hours ago

    We had a lock down because a kindergartner saw a guy with a "shotgun" and yelled to the teacher. The principle said that there was a guy armed with a gun in the parking lot (literally right next to my row of classes.) I being the Pu$$y I'm am started sobbing like crazy with my friends comforting me saying it's ok. Also my two cousins were out side when this happened and that made me even more scared. After what felt like hours they said we can come out of lockdown and turns out the guy had a bee bee gun and not a shotgun. We later went to recess and saw the guy with the cops and we were all mad when we found out that he scared us like that. Thank God he wasn't really going to hurt us. Also the day after my Christmas concert this guy left a note saying there was a bomb in the building and I was still on the bus so we went to the high school near by and waited. Turns out it was a prank and there was no bomb and the note was a fake. That made us even more furious than the lockdown before.

  • Isabella Baasha
    Isabella Baasha 5 hours ago

    school: *has real lockdown* dumb scared girl: NO! class: oH mY gOd WhY yOu IdIoT!!!!!!! me: *dead a$$ asleep*

  • Cuppy Cakey
    Cuppy Cakey 5 hours ago


  • Jim Merritt
    Jim Merritt 5 hours ago


  • Shauna Roblox606
    Shauna Roblox606 5 hours ago

    I’m lucky when I’m in a lockdown(never have) we have a search team to make sure we’re safe and also we have hideouts everywhere and teachers almost everywhere, and make right turns from the search team, also we get warned.. and we also have 8 hours of school so..

  • Beats By Noah
    Beats By Noah 5 hours ago

    I have a horror story MECS

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz 5 hours ago

    I went to wake my dad' grow some balls and handle your own shit. That x marks the spot story was funny.

  • Dellapino Hill
    Dellapino Hill 5 hours ago

    Mr .Nightmare love all these stories ur the reason I wanted to do my own (2) so far and post any tips? Keep up the good content

  • Caleb Hardin
    Caleb Hardin 5 hours ago


  • Caleb Hardin
    Caleb Hardin 5 hours ago


  • Zenab and Zoey Hoobeldeirk Al majidi

    OMG my lockdown is normal I’m scared 😧🤭😞😕😖😭😭😟

  • BatzillaCraft Z
    BatzillaCraft Z 5 hours ago

    Pokémon GO attracts Psychos🙈

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz 5 hours ago

    They frat story. The guy was trying for weakness. Never show weakness. Once they found weakness they exploited it. They even followed it. The last story...minorities?! Oh no!

  • Dennis Martinz
    Dennis Martinz 5 hours ago

    Don't die

  • Valeria Aguilar
    Valeria Aguilar 5 hours ago

    AnD tHe WaLlS wHeRe MaDe Of SeE tHrOuGh GlAsS Me:bruh

  • gail ragoobar
    gail ragoobar 5 hours ago

    Im going to vegas in 1 day and a half, to the iheartradio concert for 5 days, now im scared.

  • Monica Sand
    Monica Sand 5 hours ago

    I shouldn’t be watching this at home alone... lol

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  • The History Army!
    The History Army! 5 hours ago

    The Lists! Yay!

  • Jay Mclawrence
    Jay Mclawrence 5 hours ago

    Sounds fake But ok

  • Kaitlynn Garza
    Kaitlynn Garza 5 hours ago

    But what if I go missing and have snapchat open then the map can be used to find me :<

  • Tori Patterson
    Tori Patterson 5 hours ago

    The school at 0:34 looks like Matilda's sketchy ass school. Where is Principal Trunchbull??

  • John Perepchuk
    John Perepchuk 6 hours ago

    Nicky seemed to be to kind. I am glad she was not harmed but reality we can’t be helpful

  • Rylan Doss/High Deff

    My school had a lockdown because some guy had a fake grenade and said he would blow up the school

  • Megatron
    Megatron 6 hours ago

    "I Know, Lets Play Rape" *violin off-course*

  • Tori Patterson
    Tori Patterson 6 hours ago

    bro trying to look like Magic Mike with his bullet proof vest and no shirt.

  • Eddie Lmao
    Eddie Lmao 6 hours ago

    Why would the burglars try to break into houses with a video doorbell? I’m sure there are a lot of houses with no cameras

  • MCCuber
    MCCuber 6 hours ago

    i dislike fortnite a substantial amount and i still watching

  • Marie Rodriguez
    Marie Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    ngl i’ve been subbed to you since before you had a million

  • Boy Wonder
    Boy Wonder 6 hours ago

    This guy, This guy keeps coming back on craigslist for some reason

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz 6 hours ago

    Call the police immediately!

  • Baye Mcintyre
    Baye Mcintyre 6 hours ago

    I will trade my 8 year old son for three ounces of meth That sounds like a joke but of course it’s not

  • tjgaming
    tjgaming 6 hours ago

    The thumbnail me sneaking my playstation controller back from my parents room lol

  • Alex D.
    Alex D. 6 hours ago

    I have an imaginary friend named Nightmare.

    CTRL_ALT_DELETE_ 6 hours ago

    If these things were still alive, America would be screwed in Nam

  • Aj Retana
    Aj Retana 6 hours ago

    60%- About 3:53 30%- I have a scary story 10%- Comments about the percent of types of comments

  • ur mom
    ur mom 6 hours ago

    No wonder it's a Florida man 8:25

  • David Simpson
    David Simpson 6 hours ago

    loving the more constant uploading

  • anime lover256 anime

    She saids go out side it's oves the murders is out side

  • Sync Bush Man
    Sync Bush Man 6 hours ago

    Anybody in 2019

  • anime lover256 anime

    I wounder if Mr.nightmarie every had a lock down wean He was a kid

  • anime lover256 anime

    Ok I was in 4th grade and it was 1:12 and we play a game card k.hook on our computers and we were about to do our math wean the old woman calld on the iner com saying this is not a drill and the teacher put us in the back room in our class room my class were in the back room and there was a man and we hered him dreaming see I'm in a class with kids that need specr help and pne of the kids started screaming and than the man shot the dore and he got in the room and my prance a bull was out and he came in our class room and jump on the man he took the gun and the police got him in just glad I'm ok

  • Brodie Tully
    Brodie Tully 6 hours ago

    2:35 WTF

  • Kenny Churchill
    Kenny Churchill 6 hours ago

    This sounds like complete bs

  • William Pimentel-Tonche

    Kids, never store money in your home. Just use a debit card.

  • anime lover256 anime

    I have a lock down story

  • Youtuber2008 !!!
    Youtuber2008 !!! 6 hours ago

    Drunk guy: DIE Me: no u

    BEST FRIENDS 6 hours ago

    What the heck that's MySQL school

  • Lady Leaf
    Lady Leaf 6 hours ago

    HOLD ME!

  • Mc Fortnut2821
    Mc Fortnut2821 7 hours ago

    First story was fake, he said he had no service but still was able to text her

  • King Giovanni
    King Giovanni 7 hours ago

    Okay quick question: The first guy mentions that he joined the gym 3 months ago and the incident happened a week ago. At the end, it's mentioned that some months later the thief/burglar is still at large. Am i missing something here?

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz 7 hours ago

    Barricade the door with the bed! Call the police. Man this was the worst horror story. 45 warning shot ' genius.

  • Boohoo79 Hoo
    Boohoo79 Hoo 7 hours ago

    Really ad mid story not just one but two

  • Maarten Corsen
    Maarten Corsen 7 hours ago

    The hoodie is overpriced in my opinion

  • Flor Gamboa
    Flor Gamboa 7 hours ago

    A man at the door A ghost of a animal A clown at the door and a clown looking at the front door A man that kicks the door A shirtless man pretends to knock on the door A orb that flys A guy at the door A mask man putting tape at the door Two men at a door Two men wait outside A guy has a gun at the door A guy moving across the street

  • Youtuber2008 !!!
    Youtuber2008 !!! 7 hours ago


  • Youtuber2008 !!!
    Youtuber2008 !!! 7 hours ago

    2:15 FBI OPEN UP!

  • xshelwynx
    xshelwynx 7 hours ago

    I think the girl was supposed to lure kids to uncle diddle not the councilor lol.

  • Gacha Life Mini Minies

    It was in Middle school. Last year, the worst thing happened. We were in the gym and the gym teacher announced something. Right then and there the teacher interrupted and when he said the words I dreaded most my heart sunk. I knew I was going to die. He said “we have the pacer test today”

  • allisonlol
    allisonlol 7 hours ago

    when are humans gonna go extinct and some gorilla mix with a shark is posting a video about humans on something called *METUBE*

  • Julie Jørgensen
    Julie Jørgensen 7 hours ago

    The sound effects really scares the shit out of me.

  • Emeraldeyes 82
    Emeraldeyes 82 7 hours ago

    no one: literally not a single soul: Mr. Nightmare in every video: i pUT 2 aNd 2 tOgEthER

  • Christina
    Christina 7 hours ago

    2019 gang wya

  • Captain Diego
    Captain Diego 7 hours ago

    Son: gets hit by an alien spaceship traveling at 30000 mph/kph killing him on the spot. Dad: oh grow up Teacher: stick a wet papper towel on it... It'll be fine

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz 7 hours ago

    Come on! No.1 nothing happened.

  • CVS Pharmacy
    CVS Pharmacy 7 hours ago

    Story 3: just... don’t go in the basement if she don’t want you to

  • 3r1k
    3r1k 7 hours ago

    the music man

  • Andresgaming and stuff

    The last one I got ali'l confused

  • Marlon Willemstijn
    Marlon Willemstijn 7 hours ago

    Hey mr nightmare, maybe you would like my horrific stories about sleep paralysis, where a demon tried to possess me

  • Captain Diego
    Captain Diego 7 hours ago

    *SCHOOL SHOOTINGS!* Has entered the chat

  • marty stamplecoskie
    marty stamplecoskie 7 hours ago

    good video

  • Alan Morales
    Alan Morales 7 hours ago

    My school one day had a lockdown su we went to the side of the class room and then we heard bangs on other teachers doors so there was this girl that said-guis are we gonna die we said no then she covert her face then after 10 minutes the lockdown was over. Thanks to god we did not die or get ingured

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz 7 hours ago

    Police? Why does everyone call their dad? These are grown men.

  • Owen P
    Owen P 7 hours ago

    These keep me up at night omg!!

  • Solo Rider
    Solo Rider 7 hours ago

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Random neighbor: Stupid- A$s-Elmo-Bitch *SMACK

  • IronJam22
    IronJam22 7 hours ago

    Is this the same guy that did that mortal kombat creepypasta

  • Captain Diego
    Captain Diego 7 hours ago

    Who else is planning on binge watching these on halloween?

  • Emily Cho
    Emily Cho 7 hours ago

    People are disgusting, twisted, and vile.