Mr. Nightmare
Mr. Nightmare
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3 True Scary October Stories
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3 Disturbing True Stories
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3 Creepy True Horror Stories
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  • michael figueroa
    michael figueroa Minute ago

    Yo when he said on the secound story hello michael i see you live in massachusetts lmfao bruhhh I THOUGHT HE WAS TALKING TO ME FOR A SECOUND

  • Syed Raheel Hassan
    Syed Raheel Hassan 15 minutes ago

    (Christmas Church Ghost "Horror Story")

  • Syed Raheel Hassan
    Syed Raheel Hassan 16 minutes ago

    (The Christmas Visitor "Horror Story" )

  • Icalasari
    Icalasari 17 minutes ago

    Wait you do top ten lists?

  • Matt 88
    Matt 88 Hour ago

    The first story sounds a lot like the plot to the film Get Out!!!!

  • billy nuts
    billy nuts Hour ago

    @8:00 #FakeNoose!

  • riley edwards
    riley edwards Hour ago

    I had a lockdown bc a man came in with a gun

  • Linda Mathews
    Linda Mathews Hour ago

    That 2nd story Uber driver probably saved your life. I would be scared to death to be an Uber or Lyft driver. Too many sketchy people out there.

  • Nivas Reddy
    Nivas Reddy Hour ago

    Did u guys see that 13:45 inside there were some lights or is it just me

  • James Brown
    James Brown Hour ago

    I can't watch this video, there is some sort of blurring effect where the screen vibrates, it's really not good 😕

  • Josh Martimez
    Josh Martimez 2 hours ago

    Second story the house was probably haunted. I am addicted to these stories.

  • Dragon 100
    Dragon 100 2 hours ago

    Some really fucking freaky shit happened to me last night no joke if u want my story let me know

  • Jana Kassandra
    Jana Kassandra 2 hours ago

    WHAT THE CRAP!! THAT GUY ON THE FIRST CLIP HAD ME SCREAMING!!! 0:34 he looks like a fish

  • Ifureadthishaveagoodday !!!

    Did Carlos find his car ??

  • Flynn_deso Flynn_deso

    The guy is the same person talking in all stories in first person This is bullshit

  • Ifureadthishaveagoodday !!!

    You should do a story about how that joe guy

  • J L
    J L 2 hours ago

    All those sounds in the mall...was Dan Bell!

  • New Money
    New Money 2 hours ago

    When you try to go full screen but you know whats good for your health

  • Serious Sponge
    Serious Sponge 3 hours ago

    An 'abandoned' house that has trash all over the floor is the first sign that it may not be as abandoned as one may think. There being lots of trash means someone has been there since the house was emptied.

  • captain cuckfuc
    captain cuckfuc 3 hours ago

    we need more pizza delivery stories and craigslist stories those are the classics

  • Shug Says
    Shug Says 3 hours ago

    Rewatching this video why do i feel like the mother drowned her baby?

  • Ifureadthishaveagoodday !!!


  • Sam Windmill
    Sam Windmill 4 hours ago

    Had no idea what Waldbaum's was before this

  • Skill Bros D&C
    Skill Bros D&C 4 hours ago

    Joe mama

    GRUNGE ROCK YOU 4 hours ago

    This is one of your scariest videos so far man.

  • Mercazo
    Mercazo 4 hours ago

    I died laughing at 3:55. That facial expression looked like a skyrim character.

  • Mrs Gallion
    Mrs Gallion 4 hours ago

    *Cabin story* plot twist: the couple in the cabin he ended up staying with murdered the guy who owned the other cabin 😨

  • Isaiah Bishop
    Isaiah Bishop 4 hours ago

    I'm going full screen pray for me🙏

  • Visum
    Visum 4 hours ago

    Haha *Joe*

  • BeyondTheCreator's Imagination

    Can you please not make the background music loud, please

  • Mercazo
    Mercazo 4 hours ago

    I feel like in the first story, the guys would have shot them immediately, not after they had gotten in their cars.

  • DimeloAlayode
    DimeloAlayode 4 hours ago

    #4 Tape plus no gloves free finger prints lmao

  • Sam Windmill
    Sam Windmill 4 hours ago


  • Ben Bremner
    Ben Bremner 5 hours ago

    Bruh ngl I actually laughed when it said Florida man then seeing him walking like a drunk

  • Sig 226/2022
    Sig 226/2022 5 hours ago

    A Remington 798 “sniper rifle” just because you have a scope on the bolt action rifle does not make it a sniper rifle. I don’t understand how people have a hard time with shooting someone that’s evil and is attacking you or someone else. Yes I know it’s another humans life but if it’s an evil person that’s raping somebody or murdered somebody then you need to stop that evil at all cost.

  • Stephen Haviland
    Stephen Haviland 5 hours ago

    The Chinese man sounds like a mob gangster, miiyaa see😂

  • Callum Carl
    Callum Carl 5 hours ago

    School: Has a real lockdown Teachers: Just crouch under the desks nobody could totally see you.

  • Oliver Cromwell
    Oliver Cromwell 5 hours ago

    The CVS guy...I would have kicked his ass

  • Belen Gomez
    Belen Gomez 5 hours ago

    When cup falls over: time to move I've seen enough Mr nightmare to know to GET THE FRICK AWAY!!!

  • Belen Gomez
    Belen Gomez 5 hours ago

    Do mine I sent an email in another video

  • ladiesman181002
    ladiesman181002 5 hours ago

    Is there a hide and seek story involving spotlight style of the game and a forest?

  • Andrew Sanders
    Andrew Sanders 6 hours ago

    The 12th one wasn't scary, he was talking nice, I think.

  • Mr. sythe
    Mr. sythe 6 hours ago

    Anyone notice that strange figure in the back at 2:31 ?

  • Josh Gavin
    Josh Gavin 6 hours ago

    No2 is the stuff of nightmares

  • Brenda Close
    Brenda Close 6 hours ago

    Do none of these people think about others? Call. The. might save someone else from being preyed upon!

  • Kaomi Kobayashi
    Kaomi Kobayashi 6 hours ago

    I never experienced a lockdown at my school, If that would happen for the first time well *shit* i would die from heart attack.

  • Charlie Milan
    Charlie Milan 6 hours ago

    10:19 when I try to get cereal but everything’s louder at night

  • Travi Tv
    Travi Tv 6 hours ago

    Can we bring these clowns back? I missed that shit lmaooo

  • Taira Abrahamsson
    Taira Abrahamsson 6 hours ago

    shiet im pissing my pants, great. just great!!

  • Tom Wehrman
    Tom Wehrman 7 hours ago

    Haha yeah going inside is always the smart move

  • Period blood sprite
    Period blood sprite 7 hours ago

    America is fucked. They illegalize drugs but not these. Like mckanny manor what the fuck And why is there so much sexual violence? That isn’t horror. It’s trauma. People actually go through rapes and sexual trafficking.

  • David Nissim
    David Nissim 7 hours ago

    “Chilling” Blizzard Stories. I see what ya did there.

  • wormslo oop
    wormslo oop 7 hours ago

    anybody else reading the comments go get less scared?

  • Lighthouse Horror
    Lighthouse Horror 7 hours ago

    Blizzard horror stories are the best. They always remind me of "The Thing."

  • MyTea is Spoiled mf tea

    And I oop And I oop And I oip

  • Bred 1s
    Bred 1s 7 hours ago


  • Sarah Pork
    Sarah Pork 7 hours ago

    Sorry I’m so so lateeeee

  • mike angel cortez
    mike angel cortez 7 hours ago

    Its December. Ready for xmas and new years 2020

  • FTG PhantoM
    FTG PhantoM 7 hours ago

    Am I the only one watching home alone, in a blizzard, at night, at my house in the middle of nowhere

  • HeyI’mMills YT
    HeyI’mMills YT 8 hours ago

    I watch this every Christmas Eve as my own little tradition

  • Alex Stewart
    Alex Stewart 8 hours ago

    who's joe joeee momma

  • Pure Oxygen
    Pure Oxygen 8 hours ago

    I asked Siri to help me hide a body once... she says, Not again! I asked google the same thing, but she said maybe the cops could help.

  • lady boywonder
    lady boywonder 8 hours ago

    Love your stories/narration every time man !!!

  • jana espina
    jana espina 8 hours ago

    nobody: me: -accepting random ppl who follow me and a few mins later they send me a d photo and ask me to send nudes.- it really b like that. btw hmu on snapchat @espina.jana , hmu for streaks and sfs.

  • Pure Oxygen
    Pure Oxygen 8 hours ago

    all the dogs in the story were good boys/ girls. such bravery. RIP Calvin though

  • Jannette Hobbs
    Jannette Hobbs 8 hours ago

    Story 3 New Hampshire is a gorgeous, woodsy state!

  • American Mapping
    American Mapping 8 hours ago

    Can't wait for Christmas horror stories to come ☺️

  • Dare Man
    Dare Man 8 hours ago

    What a asshole

  • Justsumkid
    Justsumkid 8 hours ago

    2:22Aw man!

  • Egg Cat
    Egg Cat 8 hours ago

    2nd Story: Why would he share his house number?

  • TomTubesYou
    TomTubesYou 8 hours ago

    I like Dan Bells videos, but he's admitted to staging events in the past. Take everything he posts with a grain of salt.

  • idle hands1988
    idle hands1988 8 hours ago

    Orlando florida voodoo donuts r good i love them n randy donuts to

  • Egg Cat
    Egg Cat 8 hours ago

    1st Story: She had Blond Hair Her Acc: Black Hair

  • Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato 8 hours ago

    Scary TRUE camping story During winter I went to a place where they held campsites with the most beautiful view of the lake!We got the spot with a field that you had to walk through to get to the lake.It was really cold and to be honest everyone in our tent was cold and couldn’t fall asleep.Also my brother brought his friend so they had a separate tent.We all were awake and we knew it.I was listening to more scary stories well my sister and mom were trying to sleep.And my dad was asleep.My other brother was probably asleep.We all were awake at some ungodly hour.Well I heard walking outside my tent and splashing in the water.I knew someone couldn’t just walk in our campsite with the occupied sign on the front.I also hear one rock hot our tent and people walking.That morning me and my sister were talking and she told me she heard my brothers tent unzip for a second and then zip back up.But she asked my brother and he claimed him nor his friend got up to pee or anything.Also the splashes meant that there had to be a fish in the water.So that was out of the picture.I don’t know what would have happened if we either fell asleep or look at who was opening my brothers tent...What’s even more suspicious is that the other campers were gone by the morning..Even though they were there the night before

  • Lps J3nnA
    Lps J3nnA 9 hours ago

    I rented a beach air bean and bean in Georgia*gets up locks all doors and windows and hides under blankets*

  • eliza graber
    eliza graber 9 hours ago

    the 2nd story sounds so fake lmfao

  • daly disho
    daly disho 9 hours ago

    Story 3 is straight pornography

  • Tyrannosaurus Gaming

    the thumbnail just looked like a real life bitmoji

  • Anima Vesta
    Anima Vesta 9 hours ago

    9:28 to 9:41 oh thought it was Logan Paul there for a second.

  • Snowy AJ
    Snowy AJ 9 hours ago

    Actually, a mosasaurus was only a bit bigger than a great white

    • Argentinosaurus 009
      Argentinosaurus 009 4 hours ago

      Shastasaurus Sikanniensis is bigger than a Mosasaurus Hoffmanni.

  • Hayzil Hiroti
    Hayzil Hiroti 9 hours ago

    “Tiny dog named Luna” Me: *Looks at my dog I just about named Luna

  • Ideuh Nivva
    Ideuh Nivva 9 hours ago


  • Evan Williams
    Evan Williams 9 hours ago

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  • Nrx N4x
    Nrx N4x 10 hours ago

    Went too my parents room I thought you were home alone buddy

  • Bappo Słappo
    Bappo Słappo 10 hours ago

    𝙂𝙤𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙪𝙡𝙡 𝙨𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙣 𝙗𝙤𝙮𝙨

  • Abby Cates
    Abby Cates 10 hours ago

    You guys loose your phones a lot

  • Evan Williams
    Evan Williams 10 hours ago

    Number 4 sounds like a dream similar to the ones from the Bible, because it appears that he/she was being informed of an event that was currently taking place, similar to visions from the Bible. View 10 FACTS About DEATH According to the BIBLE on Bible Flock Box & embrace the truth!

  • Meshal Alanazi
    Meshal Alanazi 10 hours ago

    I always get paranoid when I watch these kind of videos and start look behind me 😂

  • suzette was here :3
    suzette was here :3 10 hours ago

    The second and last story had me shitless scared 😳😳😧😭

  • Vhan Chua
    Vhan Chua 10 hours ago

    Yeah no, the number one is clearly a fake story. Lmao.

  • ChitChatCAT
    ChitChatCAT 11 hours ago

    The first one seems a bit fake

  • Shanese
    Shanese 11 hours ago

    2nd story.......So you waited until he was gone before you called your dad SMART!!!!

  • Mr king of the noobs
    Mr king of the noobs 11 hours ago

    {\_/} (•_•) / \ < >

  • Vanzant
    Vanzant 11 hours ago

    This is actually scary no kap

  • Alexander Lanciault
    Alexander Lanciault 11 hours ago

    But was Ayuno hot tho

  • Lil clout 101
    Lil clout 101 11 hours ago

    The 2 people that die they died at the age 27 Juice wrld: what the 27 clu u u b😭😓

  • Parm Mohan
    Parm Mohan 11 hours ago

    Very bad people in this world.

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G 11 hours ago

    Want to tell my scary story: it was a regular Monday and I was sleeping when I wake up the sound of my alarm and u won’t believe what it said, it said, time to go to school, my heart dropped when I saw that and I got so scared I pushed myself against my bed, I went to schoo and it was like going thru hell but it got better when it was 2:40 because I went home, I couldn’t believe how bad it was being in that place and I vowed never to go again... The end

  • a youtube watcher
    a youtube watcher 11 hours ago

    who’s joe

  • Punny Animations
    Punny Animations 11 hours ago

    10:26 NaNi? He is clearly Japanese