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Play the Game | Your Call
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Catch Liverpool If You Can
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  • Chae Yi
    Chae Yi 5 minutes ago

    damn this must be super rare thing.. ive never seen Pirlo taking a shot from that far out.... its kinda rare to even see him take a shot in the first place.

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar 12 minutes ago

    Extraordinary Work, I Liked it a lot, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link usclip.net/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ , you can try :)

  • Eric Galeno
    Eric Galeno 54 minutes ago

    Make it mexico instead of US

  • Soürav Pal
    Soürav Pal Hour ago

    Cartoonistic graphics

  • nadhirahkamal
    nadhirahkamal Hour ago

    " i dont think a trip to the pottery shop is going to solve this one " i got that reference deadass 😂💀

  • nadhirahkamal
    nadhirahkamal Hour ago

    no silverware for spursss ✋😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀

    SN1PERKN1GHT Hour ago

    “Lose in the most beautiful way.” Klopp told his men to do this and instead they stepped up and won the whole thing, that’s true greatness right there.

  • wouter van gils
    wouter van gils Hour ago

    James Milner president of blandymcblandland

  • The one that was here before you :P

    Is sad that Sancho is representing BVB... When Reuss, Gotze, Humels, Weigl, Akanji deserve it much more.

  • The one that was here before you :P

    If Chelsea and Tottenham are on this video them the rest of the teams deserve to be in this video

  • KaanTML34
    KaanTML34 2 hours ago

    After Mourinhos signing with Spurs this year would be way funnier

  • Andres Garabito Jr
    Andres Garabito Jr 2 hours ago


  • Kris Gordon
    Kris Gordon 2 hours ago

    City heaping Shade at United. United heaping shade on Jose.

  • wouter van gils
    wouter van gils 2 hours ago

    Hard one: Would go - England - Germany - Italy (watch them, they're really good, might even put em second) - France - Belgium

  • Ronald McDonald
    Ronald McDonald 2 hours ago

    My 5 favourites in no order Italy France Belgium England Netherlands

  • Kris Gordon
    Kris Gordon 3 hours ago

    And now Mourinho has Mauricio's job. IRONY.

    MIAPBALLER 3 hours ago

    Scared of a video game.......

  • Micky Johno
    Micky Johno 3 hours ago

    I just got this game and got given an extra steam key, anyone want it?

  • Harshit Mittal
    Harshit Mittal 4 hours ago

    5-Portugal 4-England 3-Nederlands 2-Belgium 1-France

  • Earth Sector 260
    Earth Sector 260 4 hours ago

    The chosen one is back!

  • Thomas
    Thomas 4 hours ago

    It's not even a debate, France will win the Euros 2020, there are no other team that's better than us in terms of world class!! 🇫🇷⚽😍🔥👊🏾🤘🏾 #FierDêtreBleu #AllezLesBleus #Euro2020

    • Thomas
      Thomas 11 minutes ago

      @Dany Rodrigues Hein quoi!?

    • Dany Rodrigues
      Dany Rodrigues 13 minutes ago

      Thomas j’avoue messi et ronaldo sont français

    • Thomas
      Thomas Hour ago

      @wouter van gils La Belgique est nul a chier poto, dans l'équipe de France il y a les meilleurs joueurs du monde

    • wouter van gils
      wouter van gils Hour ago

      @Thomas Tu dois juste me croire. Nous allons laisser la France courir pour son argent.

    • Thomas
      Thomas Hour ago

      @wouter van gils Sureeeeeeeeee if you say so.. 😂😂

  • Micki Brinkbaek
    Micki Brinkbaek 5 hours ago

    Jose mourhino is gonna train spurs. I Can just imagen what the Series is gonna be like !

  • Ghost 14
    Ghost 14 5 hours ago

    So accurate That Ibra goal VS England tho 😯

  • cold boy
    cold boy 5 hours ago

    I am from India and i think Portugal,France, Netherlands and Germany are the favourites to win

    • Ade Sal
      Ade Sal 4 hours ago

      Oh wow, picking 4 out of the 5 favourites. Brave call!

    • Ютуб Ютуб
      Ютуб Ютуб 4 hours ago

      Okay, keep us updated

  • Jackson We11s
    Jackson We11s 5 hours ago

    Can people stop hating on CR7 lol he is going well on Portugal 🇵🇹 which he could lead the team to another win

    • Thomas
      Thomas 2 hours ago

      France will win the Euros you silly child 😂

  • Back 2
    Back 2 5 hours ago

    I say Cr7

  • Vincent Romeo
    Vincent Romeo 5 hours ago

    Can you pls add english subtitle 🙁

  • Daniel Majin
    Daniel Majin 5 hours ago

    Definitely make me feel like I haven't achieved enough. This would be a dream job for me.

  • Daniel Majin
    Daniel Majin 6 hours ago

    Today's Poem... I looooove!!! Especially the line with Italy.

  • keremakn GG
    keremakn GG 6 hours ago

    So, you are a still a big man raheem $terlin$ 2019

  • TaFq GaMeR
    TaFq GaMeR 6 hours ago


  • Victor jr Fuentes
    Victor jr Fuentes 6 hours ago


  • BCcompsJR
    BCcompsJR 6 hours ago

    Come to meusclip.net/video/oPz1xRbivQo/video.html

  • Abdiwaduud Mahamed
    Abdiwaduud Mahamed 6 hours ago


  • samiha Kabir
    samiha Kabir 6 hours ago

    first,i am from Bangladesh

    • Ade Sal
      Ade Sal 4 hours ago

      I am Bengali too, and I say... who fucking cares.

    • BCcompsJR
      BCcompsJR 6 hours ago

      Come to me

  • Kipkémboi Sitienei
    Kipkémboi Sitienei 6 hours ago


  • Nick Thomas
    Nick Thomas 6 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me if manager mode is any good? Been looking for a good manager game since LMA

  • Max Point
    Max Point 7 hours ago

    so happy seing tottenham reaching the finals after so many years

  • nn aa
    nn aa 7 hours ago

    tchaikovsky symphony 6...

  • R mc
    R mc 8 hours ago

    20 games in and I think its a good upgrade with a few cool additions-Game play as smooth as ever- Bought it on Amazon amzn.to/2O4R0tH

  • Jam Mmoud
    Jam Mmoud 8 hours ago

    Poch's two biggest moments as a spurs manager was cl against man city and Ajax.both games they played without Kane.

  • alexandro affabris
    alexandro affabris 9 hours ago

    Awwww no more poch.. but cant wait to see mourinho backkkkkkk

  • Jorna Begum
    Jorna Begum 11 hours ago

    Please Upload more episodes would be better if you guys start TV series on this context 🙏

  • Jorna Begum
    Jorna Begum 11 hours ago

    I love this episode 😍

  • Sjnewcastle
    Sjnewcastle 12 hours ago

    Where is the champions

  • Mohammad Anas Danish
    Mohammad Anas Danish 12 hours ago

    Man i love this show😂❤

  • Osamudiamen Osaghae
    Osamudiamen Osaghae 14 hours ago

    5:21 just killed me lmfao, rofl

  • Osamudiamen Osaghae
    Osamudiamen Osaghae 14 hours ago

    I love this Messi

  • Osamudiamen Osaghae
    Osamudiamen Osaghae 14 hours ago

    who is the singer

  • gvViNNy RL
    gvViNNy RL 14 hours ago

    Bro. Watch out for the third season.... The special one returns

  • Mitar Mitrovic
    Mitar Mitrovic 15 hours ago

    Gledam nesto ova prezimena sve nesto srbsko brate!

  • LettuceLard
    LettuceLard 15 hours ago

    The next champions episode should be exciting

  • Joshua 윤호 Han
    Joshua 윤호 Han 15 hours ago

    Groundbreaking moment for USA soccer

  • Enrique Samuel Amorim Barbosa

    Só eu q to esperando legendarem em português???

  • Osman Aguilar
    Osman Aguilar 16 hours ago

    he can easily play with Ronaldo as shown vs Inter . but they keep starting Higuain over him

  • Osman Aguilar
    Osman Aguilar 16 hours ago

    i wanted him at Madrid so bad when he was at Valencia

  • Norman Fernèe
    Norman Fernèe 16 hours ago

    Love watching him play

  • Socceraholic
    Socceraholic 16 hours ago

    It’s going to be weird now that mourinho is the coach in the animations

  • ricky0288
    ricky0288 17 hours ago

    Isn't that goalkeeper Julio Cesar?

  • Alan Rar
    Alan Rar 17 hours ago

    Kinda hard to play with 1 less player and no coach at the side line(in the first leg duh) The 2009 season for Barca I can respect. 2011 season was Uefalona at full display.

  • Priyanshu Thakkar
    Priyanshu Thakkar 17 hours ago

    : 🔅 Coutinho : Firmino Firmino : 🔆

  • Type Thorn
    Type Thorn 17 hours ago

    Damn both of these managers are sacked now

  • Papa Dagne
    Papa Dagne 17 hours ago

    shut up soccer

  • Papa Dagne
    Papa Dagne 17 hours ago

    barcalona never going to the europe league never

  • mitsos mitsou
    mitsos mitsou 17 hours ago

    when is the next episode coming? cant wait

  • Abdullah Kamil
    Abdullah Kamil 17 hours ago

    1:08 "but are we better than barcelona because of that?" respect this guy👏

  • Lionel Richie
    Lionel Richie 18 hours ago

    New Episode tomorrow:)

  • Osamudiamen Osaghae
    Osamudiamen Osaghae 18 hours ago

    who has the voice of the end song

  • Jason Rodriguez
    Jason Rodriguez 18 hours ago

    What happened with the Spanish subtitles? The community have them ready for days now

  • Osamudiamen Osaghae
    Osamudiamen Osaghae 18 hours ago

    @2:35 who are the punchable footballers besides Neymar and Lingard

  • Don Raccoon95
    Don Raccoon95 18 hours ago

    It’s sad seeing Ajax lose 💔 Still wish it isn’t Late for me to join the team

  • Yannick Biermans
    Yannick Biermans 18 hours ago

    You think Icardi is a dog?? I shagged me brothers missus. All right thankyou that's all we need, thanksfor coming in mr Giggs. Absolutely legendary!!!

  • ProWrestling & Ultras Croatia

    Miralem Pjaca...

  • Franklin Moniedafe
    Franklin Moniedafe 18 hours ago

    LOL...He had no chance with them allowed to take more than one touch.

  • Sam Federman
    Sam Federman 18 hours ago

    1:38 Arthur makes arthur wearing a melo jersey!!

  • Ahmed Abdulle
    Ahmed Abdulle 19 hours ago

    2020 I’m watching

  • furrysega7
    furrysega7 19 hours ago

    Spurs fire pochettino Hires mourinho Not too into football to make a joke about it but someone has to

  • Pradeep Kanchan
    Pradeep Kanchan 20 hours ago

    You lot busy animating Jose before the next episode drops 😁😂😂

  • LiL eLf
    LiL eLf 20 hours ago


  • user name
    user name 20 hours ago

    At least Tottenham will finally get a trophy I really don’t understand why Jose wants star players when he never ends up using them for their abilities I seriously see it as a waste of money and talent but he will get a trophy

  • jack robert
    jack robert 20 hours ago

    "Jose Mourinho has found that getting back into the mansion is much harder than expected." Boy, do I have news for you.

  • Ronaldo FC
    Ronaldo FC 21 hour ago

    How about schone these rankings are bad

  • Ronaldo FC
    Ronaldo FC 21 hour ago

    Where's Lucas Moura goal

  • Ronaldo FC
    Ronaldo FC 21 hour ago

    I am a Messi fan but Ronaldo should be number 1 and even though I am a Messi fan I have to admit Ronaldo is doing way better

  • Christian hernandez
    Christian hernandez 21 hour ago

    Where’s ansu fati?

  • Al X
    Al X 21 hour ago


  • Bill
    Bill 21 hour ago

    Poch could turn Arsenal into a deadly squad, if given time and cash.

  • castricv
    castricv 21 hour ago

    As a lifetime Liverpool fan This was the best garbage game I've ever seen

  • Its Yuri! uwu
    Its Yuri! uwu 22 hours ago

    0:24 Fifa license lmao😂😂😂😂

  • Cecil Tak
    Cecil Tak 22 hours ago

    Mourinho: I'm still the Special One. The Special One with a lot of prove to himself and his critics

  • Reiner Kahl
    Reiner Kahl 22 hours ago

    Plot twist. Shortly after this video was published Mourinho was sacked from his job at Man U. When poch said to him want to be my rival (at the end of the episode) he obviously scoffed because he didnt want to create a rivalry with poch because he stated that he is the most decorated Manager not becuase poch was bad is he knows he cant win anything with Man United making his claim false so if was able to get hold of a good team he would be considered a great manager, so he payed the officials to get Of the Spurs City game in the champs League to dis allow the goal that was called offside for Var, making it seem like the players were good getting poch fired creating an open job.

  • Dunc Wilson
    Dunc Wilson 22 hours ago

    Mauricio Pochettino - He's Magic, you know...

  • - K I T S U N E - 狐
    - K I T S U N E - 狐 22 hours ago

    Next video it all about tottenham because Jose is the new manager

    NUGGET 22 hours ago

    Ohh man... Poch will get kicked out of the mansion 😔

  • 1 ak
    1 ak 23 hours ago

    Who else can't wait till Mourinio at Tottenham episode

  • Dino Mujic
    Dino Mujic 23 hours ago

    People have to start considering Lewandowski top 3 players in the world

  • SubjectRandom
    SubjectRandom 23 hours ago

    I can imagine The Champions episode having a blast with this one. Imagine Jose saying something like 'I'm your opponent, I'm the only one! And now Spurs, it could get nasty.....sharpish'.

  • Kristoff S
    Kristoff S 23 hours ago

    I hope Poch gets the Real job, or even the Bayern job, I'd hate to see him at Man U

  • mo salah
    mo salah 23 hours ago

    I have FM2020 on my phone

  • jeholley 06
    jeholley 06 23 hours ago

    Was the first one a Nazi salute?