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  • agsn
    agsn 6 minutes ago

    Leo is bored out of his mind:)

  • Santhosh Mn
    Santhosh Mn 13 minutes ago

    Legend says the dislikes aren't enough for this 3 min doctrine..

  • Aditi Chhetri
    Aditi Chhetri 24 minutes ago

    Love hope just for her

  • shakey balls
    shakey balls 25 minutes ago

    This is a president he's a Honorable man unlike the the doush bag in the white house

  • Malcolm Flex
    Malcolm Flex 26 minutes ago

    Still the most tragic Oscar’s snub in recent memory

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 30 minutes ago

    Zach is a goof

  • Tweaze
    Tweaze 52 minutes ago

    we dont, we hate “feminists” that hate on men for no single reason ‘ooooh men cant ask a woman to smile’ ‘oooooh you are manspreading’ sorry i don’t want to crush my babymakers.

  • mister_noodle
    mister_noodle 56 minutes ago

    I thought you were a good woman not one of these fat bitches

  • Sara Marsh
    Sara Marsh Hour ago

    If Kevin was straight he’d marry jenna❤️❤️

  • Cinemike
    Cinemike Hour ago

    I'd totally go lesbian for Kate

  • Youtube Viewer
    Youtube Viewer Hour ago

    Kinda disappointed already, i hope the plot is better than it sounds..

  • Vince C
    Vince C Hour ago

    I hate flip flops too

  • Metaluna Zombie
    Metaluna Zombie Hour ago

    neither of them have a personal shame of it... their managers.. however.. different story.. trying to keep them hot and spicy in the media and good role models and don't want them associated with a gritty horror movie or a b picture.

  • I Am Legend
    I Am Legend Hour ago

    He really wants that Toyota sponsorship lol😂

  • I Am Legend
    I Am Legend 2 hours ago

    I like Carlos so much🤗

  • Mathew Davis
    Mathew Davis 2 hours ago

    Spoiler Michael dates Pams Mom

  • Strathpeffer Junction

    This interviewer is just awful. I've watched a few of his interviews now and he really doesn't know how to get the best out of guests or keep things flowing naturally.

  • Nebula Villalobos
    Nebula Villalobos 2 hours ago

    Rip Chris XD

  • 23louuu
    23louuu 3 hours ago

    Bill’s laugh tho I just love 😂😂

  • The Vegan Pill
    The Vegan Pill 3 hours ago

    brad has such a sexy voice

  • primal gaming
    primal gaming 3 hours ago

    women don't want men to sit down men want to sit down buzzfeed just standing in the corner waiting...........man sits down normally buzzfeed femmanist: look at that asshole manspreading

  • TheWalkingChicken
    TheWalkingChicken 3 hours ago

    Did she just assume that ALL men want masculinity? What the hell?

  • TheWalkingChicken
    TheWalkingChicken 3 hours ago

    Wanna hear about how I'm pushed around and controlled by my sisters?

  • Shammo Hamid
    Shammo Hamid 3 hours ago

    Caleb as Miles Morales. Make it happen!

  • Fahad Albloushi
    Fahad Albloushi 4 hours ago


  • b0 zo
    b0 zo 4 hours ago

    listen to the girl, as she takes on half the world, moving up and so alive, in her honey dripping, beehive...beehive...

  • Vaishali Gavhane
    Vaishali Gavhane 4 hours ago

    Awww.....no one said Finn Poor Finn😢

  • Kurban Said
    Kurban Said 5 hours ago

    After a year, moderator has not yet learned to pronounced the city's name.

  • Qusai Nayil
    Qusai Nayil 5 hours ago

    Being humble as Brat Pitt is really much harder than you think. It takes so much effort and long term commitment to maintain it all times.

  • Dr. P. Wellington
    Dr. P. Wellington 5 hours ago

    I love the voice actors and Summer.

  • urvi soni
    urvi soni 5 hours ago

    The original trio WAS IS and ALWAYS WILL BE the best... We have an image of Hermione as Emma Watson and (not to be racist but) it can't be changed... We will always imagine her as Hermione Granger even in The Cursed Child

  • The Dragon Killer
    The Dragon Killer 5 hours ago

    The series had run its course long before season 6. Some plot lines were too unbelievable, especially Bette taking Tina back as a partner and even proposing to her even after all the scheming and manipulating and false relationships with Henry and Jodi. I liked how Alice and Tasha were defying the homophobia of the Fourth Reich (US military) and Shane was trying to become more family centered and responsible with Paige and Molly, but still, it could've ended better. My hopes aren't very high for Generation Q, even though Bette and Tina appear to have separated for good (which should have happened after Tina tried to take Angelica away from Bette forever).

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 5 hours ago

    Toni was terribly snubbed during awards season last year for her work in Hereditary. Great work!

  • Paidmason
    Paidmason 6 hours ago

    She's turning into a suburban mom

  • Brian Tole
    Brian Tole 6 hours ago

    tbf hermione is my least favorite character

  • Nadia Raigel
    Nadia Raigel 7 hours ago

    Just signed the petition against that awful ending.

  • Deathikiss Blackheart

    Not gonna be as good as the original disney is garbage now

  • Deathikiss Blackheart

    Damn her voice sounds so different

  • angela melendres
    angela melendres 7 hours ago

    my most super idol funy man.. always make me laugh.......rowan the truely legend of allien ahahaahahah

  • sliat1981
    sliat1981 7 hours ago

    Rip Dana Hill 😢

  • Acko Manah
    Acko Manah 7 hours ago

    Please read the Washington Post article about "Why can't we hate men". Then decide who is doing hate speech

    DACHANTZ MAC 8 hours ago

    This fu**ing killed me and is killing me again!

  • Michael Hain
    Michael Hain 8 hours ago

    You ppl are fucking Assholes and stupid as fuck dumb just dumb fucking idiots

  • TheSwordOfTheGuard nop

    This movie was made to insult Bruce lee mostly and then all the patriarchy which made all the movies of that time, exaggerating and producing incorrect appreciations of the movie makers of back then, they use Quentin because basically they search for him because he have naturally all these thoughts about, that is why his success happened, simply put, and if he ever read this it would make him think about it. That is why it was paid for, unfortunately you people cannot understand why would someone make a movie for that particular reason when most of Quentin's movies are paid for to destroy mostly art which have been deemed politically incorrect and an obstacle to agendas so high you are completely unaware of. And that is a sin more powerful forces than all what the money could buy cares for. And then again you would think that is some beliefs nonsense because you ignore what bigger intelligence other than ours is in this planet and what DNA talks about every night to everybody and why, and this last thing is also ignored by the people up there.

  • ASB Gamer
    ASB Gamer 9 hours ago

    Fuck ya’ll feminists

  • ASB Gamer
    ASB Gamer 9 hours ago

    Fuck ya’ll feminists

  • Elizabeth Parada
    Elizabeth Parada 9 hours ago

    So many stupid ass comments on here. This movie is BASED on a TRUE story. It happened, they made it into a movie. Period. No one is “promoting” this lifestyle to anyone. You don’t like Jennifer? Don’t watch the damn movie. Easy as that.

  • Kat Brax
    Kat Brax 9 hours ago

    I respect his drive and ambition.

  • NTV
    NTV 10 hours ago

    How many people love Leo? One billion more whole world. Best actor ever...best handsome good looking guy

  • NTV
    NTV 10 hours ago

    He is looks like Prince Leonardo best in the word handsome guy sexy cute ...best actor ever

  • greta garbo
    greta garbo 11 hours ago

    This is me my crush is gone 2 long😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • TheAddict
    TheAddict 11 hours ago

    Women: EQUALITY Men: Equal responsibility? Women: *leaves chat*

  • Commanderfox945
    Commanderfox945 11 hours ago

    I honestly didn’t understand why ron and hermoinee’s daughter was black. I was so confused and didn’t know she was recasted.

  • mary gallagher
    mary gallagher 11 hours ago

    hits different now 😭

  • Finn Balor
    Finn Balor 11 hours ago

    It's so sad to see our Childhood Hero is getting old!!!

  • Karamel fan
    Karamel fan 12 hours ago

    I'm not ready to say good bye to Olivier 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Al Yi
    Al Yi 13 hours ago

    I give him credit though he grew up in Panama Panorama City that's Blythe's streets neighborhood and they were pretty rough the late 80s and early 90s they pretty much died out now though

  • Pro G
    Pro G 13 hours ago

    I seen this show. Nice👍

  • LightOnYoutube
    LightOnYoutube 13 hours ago

    She's only mad cause she didn't get to fuck Harry potter

  • uknow who
    uknow who 13 hours ago

    Love Jennifer

  • M J
    M J 13 hours ago

    Funny and talented.xxx

  • MIS315
    MIS315 14 hours ago


  • ProudlyAmerican
    ProudlyAmerican 14 hours ago

    I bet Susan B. Anthony is rolling in her grave because of what modern feminism has turned into. Feminists, like her, back in those days actually against a patriarchy that was legal and accepted back then.

  • abe naval
    abe naval 15 hours ago

    1:55 i kinda remember heath in that coat. Man i cry.

  • Ronald Seals
    Ronald Seals 15 hours ago

    I like Kate Mulgrew.She is a great actress

  • Macey Harper
    Macey Harper 15 hours ago

    I never really cared for Dana.

  • Nicole Sandra Perkins
    Nicole Sandra Perkins 15 hours ago

    A lot of salt is being sprinkled in these youtube streets

  • Akop Gyumushyan
    Akop Gyumushyan 15 hours ago

    True masculinity already has feminism in it It’s called Equal compassion!

  • Shaun jackson
    Shaun jackson 15 hours ago

    Too he honest i think it is falcon that is gay i mean he was very fonded of Captain America.

  • R H
    R H 16 hours ago

    Wow Atticus and Neal are sooo on the same wavelength

  • R H
    R H 16 hours ago

    Charlie's hair is awesome

  • Maria f
    Maria f 16 hours ago

    I cant wait 😊😊

  • littlemouse91019
    littlemouse91019 17 hours ago

    Thats so cute that her son likes to listen to his mom sing when she’s not around.

  • Joe Snaffer
    Joe Snaffer 17 hours ago

    Now I want to see Chris Evans in a horror movie

  • Caden Evans
    Caden Evans 17 hours ago

    I’m just scrolling through the comments to say all the chill cool dudes that hate feminism trigger feminists.

  • Caden Evans
    Caden Evans 17 hours ago

    This is why I have a problem with feminism No.1 Feminists give me aids and cancer No.2 Feminists give me aids and cancer No.3 Feminists give me aids and cancer No.4 Feminists give me aids and cancer No.5 Feminists give me aids and cancer

  • Ayesha Jasmine
    Ayesha Jasmine 18 hours ago

    They should just leave Sucide Squad. It's in the past.

  • rishav kumar dubey
    rishav kumar dubey 18 hours ago

    Stephen Amell is the best. Period!!!

  • Sweet Tooth Slimes
    Sweet Tooth Slimes 19 hours ago

    I hate when people say that Sadie lied to get on the show

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln 19 hours ago

    will smith carried that movie like jesus carried his cross. without him, this movie may as well not exist.

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 19 hours ago

    Batwoman, get your ass out with your shit ass SJW agenda

  • despacito
    despacito 19 hours ago

    How tf would she know, she’s a f*cking woman

  • oso polar
    oso polar 19 hours ago

    bush is a dumbass ,privileged white terrible person...

  • Keith Hinchcliffe
    Keith Hinchcliffe 19 hours ago

    This guy is just awesome; respectful, intelligent, compassionate ... I wonder if he and Keanu Reeves are tight? Both very genuine.

  • rock
    rock 19 hours ago

    He was handsome. Loved him on How the West was Won.

  • John Culley
    John Culley 19 hours ago

    John Oliver is a classic liberal bigot.

  • Arnotts Biscuits
    Arnotts Biscuits 19 hours ago

    FFS dc just die already- This is just another piss poor nail in the coffin

  • spectral spectra
    spectral spectra 20 hours ago

    Can someone tell me what is she saying I can't pay attention to her talking

  • Zahaa Abrahams
    Zahaa Abrahams 20 hours ago

    Im watching this so many times i cant this song is amazing and i love them so much

  • Marlboro 76
    Marlboro 76 20 hours ago

    leo di caprio was not an actor in this movie. he was art

  • Chet Lesnar
    Chet Lesnar 20 hours ago

    Dumb bitch.

  • Shahbano Malik
    Shahbano Malik 21 hour ago

    Even before watching this video, I knew he had a crush on SJP. They had amazing chemistry in Failure to launch

    GOOBERNATER GOOB 21 hour ago

    Is it just me or does he sound like almost johnny depp

  • Francesca V.
    Francesca V. 21 hour ago

    "I am so wet" - Bill Hader 😂

  • N. Gibbs
    N. Gibbs 21 hour ago

    Toni did a great job! Oscarworthy!

  • Nancy Pyngrope
    Nancy Pyngrope 21 hour ago

    Omg... I'm excited!!!!

  • selena893
    selena893 21 hour ago

    will Miranda be in it?

  • 陳克彥
    陳克彥 22 hours ago

    Is this now her ? So beautiful 😍

  • Mario Kart Is Awesome!!

    4:20 she sneaks 😂😂

  • Aqmer Ijaz
    Aqmer Ijaz 22 hours ago

    Does anyone notice the new suit of flash ?