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  • Brett George
    Brett George Year ago

    Where is grand finals for MKLeo Saga?

    • Karthik
      Karthik Year ago

      And Zero vs MrR set

  • Andrew Rubalcava

    You guys should post Rhinodude (Samus) match from Greninja Saga. He was pretty good.

  • Young Ecchi Prince

    imma need u guys to upload T playing link vs whoever lol. #civilwar on twitter is blowing up like crazy on him

  • Gui
    Gui 2 years ago

    You guys are awesome

  • Terchuy
    Terchuy 2 years ago

    Thought my Breakthrough Pools game was on stream, but I didn't see it on Twitch either. That Shulk vs. Link will be forever lost to time.

  • Winy Luu
    Winy Luu 3 years ago

    Hey, when are you uploading the games from the online tourney this last Sunday? "MaGiC"

    • Winy Luu
      Winy Luu 3 years ago

      yay, thanks <3

    • 2GGaming
      2GGaming 3 years ago

      I'm a little backed up at the moment but plan on releasing the videos this week. Definitely before Wednesday!

  • Change Games Entertainment

    a very fine channel

  • Change Games Entertainment

    good games here

  • Toia27
    Toia27 8 years ago


  • RandomRaptor679
    RandomRaptor679 8 years ago

    when's the next Tourney? I couldn't go to the last one... "679"

  • Lanier Pasha
    Lanier Pasha 8 years ago

    are there any tvc live streams

  • Oranos2115
    Oranos2115 8 years ago

    What happened to that video with Tyrant's Falco?

  • geronimo pilar
    geronimo pilar 8 years ago

    wheres the action from last weekend?

  • Change Games Entertainment

    Nice channel and gameplays, also watch ours.

  • 2GGaming
    2GGaming 8 years ago

    Tournament matches for the previous weekend's tournament are posted and play-listed. Enjoy!

  • RandomRaptor679
    RandomRaptor679 8 years ago

    I already posted my vid from your event but only a few...I didn't get to record any of the other players 'cause I had limited space in my memory car...and 'cause I'm ghetto...when's the next even, yo? "679"

  • 2GGaming
    2GGaming 8 years ago

    Hey everyone, interviews and recorded matches from our April 10th tournament (featuring Street Fighter 4, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, and Tekken 6) will be uploaded shortly. Thanks once again for attending and subscribing!

  • Oscar ruano
    Oscar ruano 8 years ago

    where my interview?

  • RandomRaptor679
    RandomRaptor679 8 years ago

    HEEEY!!! I was at your Tournament in CSULB today and it was a great experience...I hope this is the same one... "679"

  • solecalibur
    solecalibur 8 years ago

    Looking forward to pokemon battles never really seen competitive pokemon =D

  • Brian Hendricks
    Brian Hendricks 8 years ago

    Nice uploads :]

  • 2GGaming
    2GGaming 8 years ago

    Hey MacD, we have updated your name in our videos. Thank you for the heads up! Also, we are sorry about the lack of commentary in our most recent videos and promise it will not happen again.

  • MacDsmash
    MacDsmash 8 years ago

    could you put MacD as one word please? that's how everyone else has done it so i think that's what people who search for it (if anyone actually does lol) would type in

  • TheLifeRuiner
    TheLifeRuiner 8 years ago

    My bad!

  • OmegaXF
    OmegaXF 8 years ago

    What about the interview?

  • ThirtyfourEC
    ThirtyfourEC 8 years ago

    more mikehaze = more subscribers

  • TheLifeRuiner
    TheLifeRuiner 8 years ago

    You guys should have a Melee-specific and a Brawl-specific playlists that we can subscribe to. That way, people who don't want to see Brawl, don't have to, and people who don't want to see Melee, don't have to.

  • WiiGi
    WiiGi 8 years ago

    nice brawlz, keep it up >=P