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Fortnite - P-1000
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Fortnite - Zone Wars
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  • Mxist Wxter
    Mxist Wxter 6 minutes ago

    1:28 Literally watching a replay and acting like he just won lmao

  • Sn0ω.
    Sn0ω. 15 minutes ago

    Can you add merge?

  • lilDashlil xD
    lilDashlil xD 17 minutes ago

    2019 xd

  • Scoby
    Scoby 21 minute ago


  • Giovanni Bardi
    Giovanni Bardi 27 minutes ago


  • bymiguee
    bymiguee 39 minutes ago

    Y king?

  • The speedy JR
    The speedy JR 42 minutes ago

    Please do more

  • Flame GrizzlyYT
    Flame GrizzlyYT 43 minutes ago

    This are ultra ogs

  • Atlantis Equal
    Atlantis Equal 53 minutes ago

    this is huge motivation for me <3

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man Hour ago

    This video lowkey hits different.

  • Mistergeilo21
    Mistergeilo21 Hour ago

    Bad game schit pc gamer

  • Split Ice
    Split Ice Hour ago

    Bus driver is tomato head confirmed

    NITO RIQUELME Hour ago


  • CATPlayZ Z
    CATPlayZ Z Hour ago

    Can you please ad huawei p smart z as combatibile

  • MZF Keyfunny
    MZF Keyfunny Hour ago

    Aqua: Doing home work Aqua mom : WTF are you doing go play fortnite with your friend.

    AKA GAMING 2 Hour ago

    Please came back please

  • tilting-on studios
    tilting-on studios 2 hours ago

    Justice for the smg

  • error54
    error54 2 hours ago

    Its like pathfinder of apex

  • {EC}SIDAR gamer
    {EC}SIDAR gamer 2 hours ago

    Who watching in 2019-2020 and fortnite dont do updates?

  • The Crowed
    The Crowed 2 hours ago

    Good times

  • Liebre.90s
    Liebre.90s 2 hours ago

    Gg Bugha

  • Виоллета Антонян

    я нашёл букву F

  • juan Ospina
    juan Ospina 2 hours ago

    Ay nació una adicción

  • jerroxx gerlax
    jerroxx gerlax 2 hours ago

    Mongral, please

  • figger 009
    figger 009 2 hours ago

    I miss the old fortnite Season 7 was so nice Rip fortnite

  • ReyesMando
    ReyesMando 2 hours ago

    Mans deserves this life. GG

  • Kenzo Froggatt
    Kenzo Froggatt 3 hours ago

    Bring back bandage bazzooka

  • Chris Baeza
    Chris Baeza 3 hours ago

    lol so fake this kid is so toxic

  • Ashite Li
    Ashite Li 3 hours ago

    I'm jealous, my parents don't allow me to play video games, I only can play 2 hours on the weekend before I went to another country in grade 10.......

  • KrieZzye_ -Free
    KrieZzye_ -Free 3 hours ago

    Jarvias again pleaze

  • the thiccfish
    the thiccfish 3 hours ago

    Why is this on my home page in 2019 almost 2020

  • DΞVstand
    DΞVstand 3 hours ago

    This was the best Season in my opinion

  • Dave Lomas
    Dave Lomas 3 hours ago

    Fortnite pls stop putting me in bro games I got 24 wins and I can’t win I started playing season 8 or I’m stop playing the game your choice

  • Danielmpbr
    Danielmpbr 3 hours ago

    Watching this in chapter 2 season 1

  • chris day
    chris day 4 hours ago

    Bro these videos are done great. Awesome job

  • Kiwiツll
    Kiwiツll 4 hours ago

    Ojalá fortnite haga el USclip Rewind

  • Maciox
    Maciox 4 hours ago

    Maybe Teeq, KubX,Rakso & 3vil stories

  • Lindsey Hasbrouck
    Lindsey Hasbrouck 4 hours ago

    "when you get to be my age and you're still playing games" me: still playing at 28 ;-;

  • Life Is Game
    Life Is Game 4 hours ago

    Wow amazing game 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sharun Jr.
    Sharun Jr. 4 hours ago


  • CreativeEcho
    CreativeEcho 4 hours ago

    “Stories from the Battle Bus” World Cup recap

  • c h l o
    c h l o 4 hours ago

    7:55 happiness in person (benjy) :D

  • FaBraXP
    FaBraXP 4 hours ago


  • Mohammad Yaseer
    Mohammad Yaseer 4 hours ago

    4:44 mongraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal my guuy

  • Buğra Yılmaz
    Buğra Yılmaz 4 hours ago

    Merhaba ben buğra keşke bizim de böyle imkanlarımız olsa fakat çoğu insanlar geri kafalı adamın babası bile oyun oynamayı seviyor ve adamların İnterneti de gayet iyi keşke bizim de imkanlarımız olsa...

  • Lindsey Hasbrouck
    Lindsey Hasbrouck 4 hours ago

    imagine having a mother who doesn't think having internet friends is weird....

  • Skeli Butt
    Skeli Butt 4 hours ago

    0:08 *angry tongue noises*

  • Iam king 22
    Iam king 22 4 hours ago

    # A prophet's going back to the old map with me like you

  • John Badabopbada
    John Badabopbada 5 hours ago

    Update fnite please

  • ITKdivinity
    ITKdivinity 5 hours ago

    Bring back Jarvis already ban was pretty harsh just a little content creating why would you need cheats if your so good think about all the hackers out there you haven’t found out about at least a fine or summin feel bad for the kid anyone else agree 😂

  • Angel Rosero
    Angel Rosero 5 hours ago

    Epic games se que no hablo en ingles pero muchas gracias por la diversion que me has dado y solo quiero pedirte de que me des el pase de batalla a mi hermano y a mi. Nuestras cuentas son:marciko09 y angelycarlos0811

  • rui Fareleira
    rui Fareleira 5 hours ago

    u gyes that dis like this suck

  • Steve
    Steve 5 hours ago

    Legend season...

  • FaZe James
    FaZe James 5 hours ago

    Un banned Jarvis please

  • Alessandra Santos
    Alessandra Santos 6 hours ago

    Eu fiz pontos no desafio da rainha outonal e ainda não recebi o envelopamento

  • K Krimson
    K Krimson 6 hours ago

    So it took a whole chapter for characters to carry their teamates I can understand cuz im also lazy like them

  • domik Prochazka
    domik Prochazka 6 hours ago

    Epick games pls Mery marunder ať shop plssssss

  • Afnan Azad
    Afnan Azad 6 hours ago

    Very sorry

  • Tony Gotti
    Tony Gotti 7 hours ago

    This kids fat haha

  • Nexor Brawl Stars
    Nexor Brawl Stars 7 hours ago

    Please epic games brings the combat Shotgun back in the game

  • Andreas Senator
    Andreas Senator 7 hours ago


  • DenisM007
    DenisM007 7 hours ago

    I have a p30 lite And I can not play Fortnite mobile

  • Moustafa 123ho
    Moustafa 123ho 7 hours ago

    Remove the been band on faze Jarvis

  • Alex 139
    Alex 139 7 hours ago

    Like para que hagan la de KING

  • screaMMM
    screaMMM 8 hours ago

    Mongrallll please fortnite

  • MMA Highlights
    MMA Highlights 8 hours ago

    i miss old Fortnite

  • Isabelle Vassallo
    Isabelle Vassallo 8 hours ago

    Why is it on recommend

  • Kamil zięba
    Kamil zięba 8 hours ago

    Pls no updated to no. Play games 13years

  • Tre TV61
    Tre TV61 8 hours ago


  • jmster
    jmster 8 hours ago

    Hey was mccreamy in it to

  • Fouad KING
    Fouad KING 8 hours ago

    Why this video in my recommendations

  • ツHidTheBush
    ツHidTheBush 8 hours ago

    They predicted Slurpy Swamp in the thumbnail

  • 5000 subscribers with egg

    Lolzz .. 5 years later USclip?

  • TheJBros56
    TheJBros56 9 hours ago

    The Scientist: I am inevitable! Jonesy: and I am Peely man... YEET

  • Sckiredzu
    Sckiredzu 9 hours ago

    Wow it haves more stable frame rate back then on stw

  • Kanagalakshmi D.J
    Kanagalakshmi D.J 9 hours ago

    Please bring the old sound of pump shotgun

  • Kanagalakshmi D.J
    Kanagalakshmi D.J 9 hours ago

    Please bring the old sound of pump shotgun

  • Kanagalakshmi D.J
    Kanagalakshmi D.J 9 hours ago

    Pls bring the old sound of pump shotgun

  • Kanagalakshmi D.J
    Kanagalakshmi D.J 9 hours ago

    Pls bring the old sound of pump shotgun pla

    GAMING PIG 9 hours ago

    in case u didn't know save the world is still the same

    GAMING PIG 9 hours ago

    *Fun fact* *nobody gives a sht about what year is it or when u got the recommendation*

  • Piter Saavedra.
    Piter Saavedra. 10 hours ago


  • zConnor
    zConnor 10 hours ago

    I Need the First background Song :(

  • SevidzBoi
    SevidzBoi 10 hours ago

    In my opinion one of the best seasons

  • F.C.K Game
    F.C.K Game 10 hours ago

    please i want fortnite on Samsung a10

    《ML》 BÏSCØÏTO 11 hours ago

    why don't you do a pro version for LG k 10 pro for Brazil ??

  • Kornbread
    Kornbread 11 hours ago

    They used Mike Wazowski's voice acting for fishstick! I'm so happy I so this!

    HEXAGONE-KIRIKOU 11 hours ago

    Are you ready fit te christma 2019🤪🤪

  • Arin Agarwal
    Arin Agarwal 12 hours ago

    Please bring food fight back

  • Arin Agarwal
    Arin Agarwal 12 hours ago

    Please bring food fight back!!

  • Merque
    Merque 12 hours ago

    They predicted the future : 0:49

  • Alex-san
    Alex-san 12 hours ago


  • liam_op gaming
    liam_op gaming 12 hours ago

    Please let season 4 players finish omega

  • егор парамонов

    ебой фортнайт самый крутой

  • fluid lol
    fluid lol 13 hours ago

    ZaynSZN stories from the circus

  • Miciuin Miciotti
    Miciuin Miciotti 13 hours ago

    first soundtrack name?

  • Toxision
    Toxision 13 hours ago

    When is 2019 or 2020 one

  • Madan Sawant
    Madan Sawant 13 hours ago

    Bugha! When i was 16 i had my first cup🏆🏆 There was no body to compare with my skills and lift it 🏆🏆 up

  • YTH
    YTH 14 hours ago

    The battle is dancing ! Later... OOOFFFF

  • випер
    випер 14 hours ago

    Bugha champion