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  • DaPinkBublé
    DaPinkBublé 55 minutes ago

    you think the vape flavor ban is ridiculous? so do i and i think its just full of bullshyte just as the attempts to take away my guns. I am pro Chaos and i say yes, do try and take my guns. if people think too many cops are dying wait until they try taking away those guns... i haven't forgotten all the lies and broken treaties the United States Government has committed against the 500+ nationally recognized tribes here in the United States of America.

  • Strangely Dim
    Strangely Dim 58 minutes ago

    Why are we negotiating with a group that aims to destabilize a foreign government and interrupt elections? And that's beyond the obvious question about why we would ever talk to the Taliban ever unless it is when we capture and interrogate. These guys are poison. Their Islamic doctrine is poison. With the legitimate government of Afghanistan's blessing, we should be knocking these guys off the game- board every time one of their Hydra-like heads pop up. They want stone-age patriarchal control over the people. They want to steal power from the individual. They just want power and will kill innocent men, women, and children to get it. They are dogs. No meeting or negotiations should take place ever. Wipe them from the earth.

  • Big Chops
    Big Chops Hour ago

    iv'e been listening to rap since i was 8, about 23 years now the phrase "Cultural Appropriation" breaks my godamn heart

  • c a t
    c a t Hour ago

    PewDiePie made a very necessary and mature move - if your name is being associated with right-wing extremism you have to break that connection at all costs. Felix is not a racist, but in today's climate, being extremely popular and doing something particularly edgy leaves dangerous room for misinterpretation, in this case by evil individuals. All those thinking he is 'betraying' people being censored or 'not being the bigger man' by donating to the ADL I think are only cementing the fear of extremist apologism by those organisations and the media, and CLEARLY do not understand the situation (or even worse, are making the wrong priorities here). PewDiePie wants nothing to with it, fine. He doesn't have to be a free speech warrior.

  • David Carter
    David Carter Hour ago

    Why didn't they (planned parenthood) just give the list of doctors with their phone numbers and tell the patients that thei would have to callup see if they provide abortions?

  • NightcoreHeaven
    NightcoreHeaven Hour ago

    Not gonna talk about when ProJared said you didn't reach out to him for his side of the story?

  • Mirte van Loenen

    You know what, I will click that link and install Raid!

  • Drew Henderson
    Drew Henderson Hour ago

    only guilty of bad timing folks nothing more.

  • Seckmonious 6860
    Seckmonious 6860 2 hours ago

    There is no difference between a USclipr doing this and kids watching a Saturday morning tv show on Nickelodeon or Disney.

  • Shyrees Thompson
    Shyrees Thompson 2 hours ago

    My only thought towards Felix is that he's acting quite disgusting. How many time is someone allowed to blame not doing proper research before I roll my eyes. If you make the commitment to donate to an organization. Then you should donate. Forget about the backlash. You publicly announced a donation for charity. CHARITY. If he had said it was for make a wish, and a cancer kid is beside me. Would he turn to Timmy and let him know "gee my fans don't like cancer kids." He needs to get his shit together. I can't even with Felix. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Plus Phill gives him the benefits of the doubt the first time... Second time, third, forth ect. Your allow to look critically at the people you like. We all know it's tacky to not donate funds promised. Unless they are racist baby killing terrorist.

  • Doge Doge
    Doge Doge 2 hours ago

    Lol Ryan is still ugly in 2019

  • Goldie O
    Goldie O 2 hours ago

    Maybe we should get rid of advertisers and find better ways to get income. Adverts are a pain in the ass in so many ways.

  • Jasmine Jansen
    Jasmine Jansen 3 hours ago

    The beginning of the sentence: "I will not stand idly by..." My brain completing the sentence: "whILE A DRAGON BURNS MY HOLD AND SLAUGHTERS MY PEOPLE!!!" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sparks
    Sparks 3 hours ago

    Felix can’t do anything right in peoples eyes, can he? felix: “i’m going to donate 50,000 to this charity” everyone in the comments: “YOU MONSTER WHAT ARE YOU DOING” also felix: “withdraws from donating to that charity to do more research” the media: “YOU MONSTER WHAT ARE YOU DOUNG”

  • Jon S
    Jon S 4 hours ago

    Young children don’t have money tho... their parents do but if they are good parents they aren’t gonna get everything they eant

  • jikolo777
    jikolo777 4 hours ago

    i am from kuwait and she disgusts me. my parents domestic worker keeps her passport. what she claimed is very old school and ignorant employer policy. it is true the middle eastern governments do not protect the autonomy and rights of domestic workers. every employer is free to treat them the way they please which makes it dangerous for the domestic workers from those underprivileged countries. i personally do not want to participate in hiring a domestic worker for my family. i just feel its a little inhumane having a stranger live in my house for the sole purpose to serve me. there are part time house keeping companies

  • Potter Me More
    Potter Me More 6 hours ago

    Do you mind learning how to pronounce Afghanistan?

  • Julian B. Zacco Nievas

    Trump is lying, it's obvious. He needs to go.

  • Brucee Dinkleberry
    Brucee Dinkleberry 8 hours ago

    Ah more mobile game commercials, it's not like i am already bombarded by it while on my phone....

  • jasminejo2424
    jasminejo2424 8 hours ago

    banning something because it has flavours appealing to children is in my opinion stupid. we dont ban sweet alcohol even though a Thornton's chocolate liquor exists! and kids will still find a way to drink cheap cider and larger. not having a variety of flavours is not going to stop kids trying to vape and i am glad at least that the issue is kids vaping not smoking as most reports i have read state that whilst not good for you vaping is much better than smoking so at least its phasing out the worse option. there needs to be tighter restrictions on who these devices can be sold to just like with alcohol and cigarettes you should not be able to order them online and not have to show ID upon delivery and the same in stores think 25 should apply. phasing out these flavours that adults really enjoy is just going to lead to more people buying dodgy black market vapes and doing themselves damage. we should be looking to crack down on black market vape by making legal regulated vapes easily found and affordable for those of age

  • Corsair Carl
    Corsair Carl 8 hours ago

    So USclip cracks down on adult content... And now they're cracking down on family-friendly content. So what is it they want?

  • Sydney Prather
    Sydney Prather 9 hours ago

    Phil, please cover the onision grooming scandal. Sarah, his former foster daughter, has come forward saying she was pressured into entering a sexual relationship with him 4 DAYS after she turned 18. Since she’s come forward 14 more victims have come forward with their experiences as well. This is even bigger than Do5. Please cover this

  • Leo Music
    Leo Music 9 hours ago

    I don’t care about the pewds drama I just want his mincraft vids

  • Mel Mel
    Mel Mel 9 hours ago

    You're another kind of trash if you exploit the naivety of children in order to make bank. That is all.

  • Taka Brute
    Taka Brute 10 hours ago

    Okay. This is me not fully behind Trump. I dont like the guy. But why the fuck are we supposed to care about people who try for asylum in the USA before mexico? Why do people want us to stop being the world police in the middle east but at the same time help out these people. To be honest, I could care less about these people. It isnt my problem, it will never be my problem, why the fuck should my tax dollars be used to give these people asylum? I dont mind a better healthcare system, but this is so astronomically stupid to allow people to try and flee here before other places. We have our own fucking problems to deal with, we dont need more people crossing our border asking for help WHEN WE HAVE FUCKING HOMELESS VETERANS WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. I have no room in my heart to feel pity on these people. Its being taken up by the war in the middle east and the homeless people we have and the drug problem we have. Fuck off with that shit.

  • ryanxamp
    ryanxamp 10 hours ago

    smoked a pack of cigs a day for 7 years. switched to vaping 6 months ago and never felt better. sounds like a bunch of fear mongering to me.

  • Chaoitcme
    Chaoitcme 10 hours ago

    Only a few people have died from vaping. Idiotic to ban vaping when cigarets kill thousands a day.

    GENRALGAMERS 10 hours ago

    Did Phil just make it so Italians can say sum is "just about white" cuz I'm 100000000% on board!

  • Raj Papineni
    Raj Papineni 11 hours ago

    Minorities seem more racist than white people. Always yelling wHiTe pRiviLeDgE... Improve yourself first instead of worrying about others

  • Gavin Thompson
    Gavin Thompson 11 hours ago

    Was it lost on anyone else that PewDiePie makes a statement saying that he has no ties to the Alt Right while wearing a Shirt with an Iron Cross on the collar? 🤔

  • allen crown
    allen crown 11 hours ago

    Is Phil watching Styxhexenhammer or is my apophenia playing tricks on me again?

  • Tatakai no Kami
    Tatakai no Kami 12 hours ago

    So wait Pewdiepie was going to donate to a charity that fights bigotry,? Then the bigots that idolize him as a symbol of Alt-right bigotry that he wants to distance himself from rise up and lambast him for it? So he pulls the donation further cementing himself as an Alt-right symbol? Stupid is as stupid does I guess.

  • momo
    momo 12 hours ago

    If they get rid of e-cigarettes what about the normal cigarettes...hello they've killed a ton of people. I have breathing issues because both of my parents smoking as a kid.

  • Jesús Trejo
    Jesús Trejo 12 hours ago

    Great foot, he vlogs, I guess, and an amazing PDS host

  • Leyla Picou
    Leyla Picou 12 hours ago

    I was like: "did i miss an upload? I don't remember anything offensive..." and then realized it was that people. oof. and poor pewdiepie. oof. too many people with the ability to give their opinions in a way that can affect someone's life.

  • Why Zen?
    Why Zen? 13 hours ago

    In a just world, Andy's accuser would be in court for lying about sexual assault. Not only did it ruin a person's career (and ability to provide for his family), it also undermines people that genuinely suffer from sexual assault and rape. I hope her false accusations weigh heavily on her conscience. But in all likelihood, she genuinely believes her bullshit, and "herp derp believe all victims" wins.

  • Siam
    Siam 13 hours ago

    Lol whats wrong with 9/11 jokes? They are funny and its been 18 years?? U can now fuck girls born in 9/11

  • AkinaKat
    AkinaKat 13 hours ago

    I screamed about Okami bc holy shit it needs more attention and is one of my top 5 games of all time

  • Jox22v
    Jox22v 13 hours ago

    Anyone knows where this guy lives ? Im sure the internet would like to know :)

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard 13 hours ago

    Pokémon Sun & Moon - Episode 139

  • DJ00F 00F
    DJ00F 00F 13 hours ago

    0:26 Did you just fat-shame Pewdiepie?

  • Just Android
    Just Android 14 hours ago

    What was that comment about marzia being held hostage hahahahahahahah

  • Melissa  Clark
    Melissa Clark 14 hours ago

    I was hoping for some comments on the asylum story. I really want to understand why this would be a bad move for the US. Isn’t it just simply saying hey you are coming through another country why not try for asylum there first? Or am I way off base? It seems like a decent solution to help. I’m not ok at all with anything we have been doing thus far. Locking kids in any kind of detainment the way they are being abused. So why can’t some other countries take on some of this burden. Why can’t we become more of a global community

    • Melissa  Clark
      Melissa Clark 14 hours ago

      Most importantly why am I so scared to compliment anything associated with Trump? I think Trump is the biggest asshat ever but this doesn’t seem like a bad move so someone please help me hate this move so I don’t have to be ok with something the Trump admin did.

  • Dubbz I
    Dubbz I 14 hours ago

    Students: "Hey can we get a share of the money we make our school and the NCAA?" NCAA: "Wait, that's illegal."

  • PhantomPeachStudios
    PhantomPeachStudios 14 hours ago

    Damn it phil hit the wall hard. Lol

  • Dubbz I
    Dubbz I 14 hours ago

    I find it extremely disturbing she had 3 men tied up on leashes and no one thought to ask "Hey, is this okay?".

  • Dyanpanda
    Dyanpanda 14 hours ago

    I don't think Persky's life should be ruined. I'm happy hes not a sitting judge, and I don't think he has a good reputation for protecting young women from sexual assault. Ergo, I don't htink hes a great fit as a coach. I dont care if he was accidentally hired, the problem was solved before it went anywhere.

  • Alyssa Geddes
    Alyssa Geddes 14 hours ago

    Here we go Elizabeth Warren...she just wants attention. Black Woman should not be dragged into her publicity stunts.

  • Armaugh Blackwolf
    Armaugh Blackwolf 15 hours ago

    I see Phil already has his Sean Penn costume ready to go for Halloween. Pretty lifelike.

  • Beary Williams
    Beary Williams 15 hours ago

    Phillip Defranco likes to talk, so does this guy.

  • SOUR S4G
    SOUR S4G 15 hours ago

    Man e-cigarettes kill a couple of people and the government goes nuts yet regarding regular cigarettes you cool? Wtf

  • Sofia
    Sofia 15 hours ago

    Even if they're in the wrong, showing that kid Chia's face is crossing a line. Have some decency.

  • luvfitall
    luvfitall 16 hours ago

    How dare you Phil , i totally was triggered when Casey started the intro. 🙅🏻‍♀️ almost didn’t make it thru the day . Lol .. but frt lol

  • Matt Harrison
    Matt Harrison 16 hours ago

    Pertaining to the judge: I don't know how I feel, but to argue his judgement in the courtroom implies he wouldn't look out for the well-being of the kids he is in charge of seems misleading. His courtroom decision might suggest he failed to be compassionate enough for the victim, but that still seems too distant from the responsibilities required of a tennis coach to be a disqualifying factor

  • DeWayne Lehman
    DeWayne Lehman 16 hours ago

    If you are seeking asylum, you don't get to cherry pick where you go. If your neighbor is Mexico, you go to Mexico. If your house burns down and the Red Cross gets you a hotel room, you don't get to complain that it's not a Ritz Carlton.

  • Noah Herington
    Noah Herington 16 hours ago

    Cultural approbation is the biggest crock of shit I've ever heard. Everyone should be able to wear or put on whatever they want regardless of the origin.

  • I N S E C U R EE
    I N S E C U R EE 17 hours ago

    pewds just didnt do good research for his donation and ADL monitored his commnets and deleted everything talking about how bad ADL is

  • Michael Maslowski
    Michael Maslowski 17 hours ago

    3 minutes in. No idea who Nikita is - but she’s obviously bending over backwards to appease SJW’s. She calls out the fact she likes the style, wants to pay homage and raise awareness, so on so forth... and she still catches flak. There’s never enough and nothing too small with outrage culture.

  • khawla attia
    khawla attia 17 hours ago

  • khawla attia
    khawla attia 17 hours ago

    Please talk about Tunisia elections. Very interesting since it started the arab spring

  • Coatzecouatl
    Coatzecouatl 17 hours ago

    I really don’t like Trump and disagree with the bulk of what he says and does, but in this case he’s just trying to enforce the actual definition of refugees and asylum (there’s many scenarios in the Americas, Europe and Australia where people have bypassed countries they could have sought asylum, in favour of one that is considered more appealing. That’s not what asylum is intended for, or why it’s generally treated as a human right). Except of course then he turned the talks to the stupid wall which would cost a fortune and be extremely ineffective.

  • Erica Raths
    Erica Raths 17 hours ago

    No matter all the good Felix tries to do, it’s never good enough for people. I don’t get it honestly, you can clear as day see the guy is a good hearted dude that means well.

  • GSPV33
    GSPV33 18 hours ago

    Phil, can you please cover ProJared's response to allegations video from a couple of weeks ago? He essentially utterly debunked the accusations (which have been deleted by the accusers) and was holding off on releasing it all until now only because he was following legal counsel. The video, however, has significantly less coverage than the initials, false accusations did, making it very worrying. I especially feel like there's a bit of a responsibility on your part to cover the story's resolution since you reported on the accusations to your audience but many of them have not seen his response. Not to be demanding -- I just think it's the proper thing to do, and I feel you'd agree.

  • raynebc
    raynebc 19 hours ago

    The asylum change was way overdue and is how the world has generally handled it. We can't be the default destination for all people worldwide who want to leave their country, regardless of whether the reasons are valid for requesting asylum.

  • Surp Nurp
    Surp Nurp 19 hours ago

    Truth in advertising has truth in it. Nuff said

  • Temporal
    Temporal 19 hours ago

    Everyone is blaming Sony, but Disney’s deal was fucking ridiculous. Disney got a 5-95 split of Spider-man BUT they got all the merchandise and Sony funded all the movies. With the new deal, all that would be the same except Disney would get a 50-50 split. They’re both to blame, but seriously, FUCK DISNEY

  • Wet Hobgoblin
    Wet Hobgoblin 20 hours ago

    wow! how’d you get a caveman from far cry primal in the video?

  • Marie Julshede
    Marie Julshede 21 hour ago


  • Jeff
    Jeff 21 hour ago

    They got the chance to have a prop plane in his videos and he did a great job with some jokes about planes crashing in general. Not about crashing them into the twin towers.

  • Steel Wool Sheep
    Steel Wool Sheep 21 hour ago

    Phil.. you're not welding anything.. please take those saftey glasses off.

  • Jorge Farah
    Jorge Farah 21 hour ago

    I know videos with pewdiepie on the thumbnail get more engagement but goddddddd i'm so tired of hearing about him.

  • fuhrius
    fuhrius 22 hours ago

    The ADL supported and defended a rapist, pedophile, murderer, called Leo Frank. Why? Only because he was Jewish. These same people demand guilt and open borders for ALL and ONLY White people. The ADL is a antiwhite terrorist organization.

  • Anime Dragshow Reviews

    That Cinergy shooting was at my old home town... I was in San Antonio with my boyfriend when my mom texted me about it. It really fucked me up for the rest of the weekend. Thankfully I had my boyfriend next to me for comfort, but it still really messed with me.

  • Glistery
    Glistery 23 hours ago

    Why are these people famous ugh

  • Cernold
    Cernold 23 hours ago

    Ban this shit vaping, ban cigarettes cause they are useless, with marijuana you can get high, with cigarettes it is useless, you start smoking cause it is cool and end up addicted for life, you smoke cause you are addicted and this is only reason, there is no flavour in it

    • Cernold
      Cernold 7 hours ago

      @Azhray Harris if tobacco is enjoyable give a cigarette to 6 year old and see his reaction. You think you enjoy cigarettes cause when you smoke the addiction makes you feel relieved as your organism was stressed cause of nicotine hunger. Cigarettes do not help you relax, they are the cause of the stress. Cigarettes taste terrible and you just get used to it and afterwards your limited mind ties this flavour with nicotine relief

    • Azhray Harris
      Azhray Harris 16 hours ago

      You know the majority of the vaping deaths were people who were smoking black market marijuana juices, right? And not everyone wants to get high. Smoking nicotine products can be a genuinely enjoyable and relaxing experience, not just an addiction. Different tobaccos have vastly different flavors. That's why people smoke pipes and cigars. Don't yuck someone else's yum.

  • FREAKout59
    FREAKout59 23 hours ago

    how stupîd do you have to be that shitcnt of a judge should get 6 years along side the pos rapist

  • Pan Pluto
    Pan Pluto 23 hours ago

    I dont appreciate goblins hosting the show; my kids were watching and now i have to explain this to them.

  • Kevlar Vrus 57
    Kevlar Vrus 57 23 hours ago

    9/11 wasn't funny. The government doing that to their own people isn't nice.

  • Naylob Swisher
    Naylob Swisher 23 hours ago

    Philly D looks like a 60's swing girl with those glasses.

  • Kevlar Vrus 57
    Kevlar Vrus 57 23 hours ago

    How come phil didn't pin his own comment?

  • George Washington
    George Washington 23 hours ago

    Bruh, this show used to be so bad

  • mossattacks
    mossattacks 23 hours ago

    I don’t think pewdiepie himself is an alt right weirdo but to be fair it is a little sus that he has so many fans that are part of that alt right/MRA circle. Like.. you should probably reconsider some of your content if that’s the kind of audience you’re attracting

  • Uncensored American

    So allow all college athletes able to be paid. Not just Liberalifornia.

  • TheNotSoTrophyHunter

    I don't think theres anymore to it either philly d I trust felix

  • Dima Polianskiy

    Raid: Shadow Legends is not even remotely brand new

  • Temporal
    Temporal Day ago

    pewdiepie: has been drama free for months/years, doing very well his audience: **fine, i’ll do it myself**

  • ZeeZee OnTop
    ZeeZee OnTop Day ago

    I’ve never watched any Pewdie Pie content and I don’t know, looking at him I just don’t like him. But to each his own, he can do him, if he’s a racist bigot then leave him be so long as he isn’t killing or harming anyone in any way

  • holykittensironman93

    I know my work has band vaping at our building and they can't even go into the building with one. But that's because we've gotten two that have malfunctioned and exploded.

  • Shlok
    Shlok Day ago

    Can someone help? Somehow lost the timestamps in the comments

  • Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery Day ago

    Cultural Appropriation doesn't exist! Remember that Asian idiot on twitter that caused outrage because a girl wore a Chinese dress to prom? As an Asian, that was the dumbest, most embarrassing thing I had to witness.

  • fi773l
    fi773l Day ago

    so is Mexico gonna pay the pentegon for the wall???

  • HotCrazyCatLady Me

    I've never heard Phil say something (unintentionally) stupid before. So it's okay for people to take jabs at her for acknowledging her own connection to Native American people (who have also been historically penalized for wearing hair in a similar way) but we should respect that she is acknowledging the plights of the African American people, whom she has no connection to? I think these cultural conversations are making my head hurt. Give it a break people.

  • Momoko Ishida
    Momoko Ishida Day ago

    Best intro ever ! “Racism is wrong” ❤️😊

  • Condom God
    Condom God Day ago

    *_Me clicks on vid for Philip and Pewds_* *_kc randomly shows up_* *_Me checks if it's a logan paul vid_* *_comment section talking about bob marley_* Me: Noice

  • mrexon
    mrexon Day ago

    KC flat nose

  • Dux Galt
    Dux Galt Day ago

    I was very upset about pewdiepies choice to donate to ADL, I saw it as him attempting to join a group that seeks his destruction and many other good people and plenty of bad people to be sure as well. Hearing his explanation I think its entirely truthful and sincere I am happy he has chosen to not continue with it. Personally its just the past now and I hope he continues on his path to just be him and try to stay out of the politics or edgy humor stuff, even though i did enjoy it.

  • Thanh Luong
    Thanh Luong Day ago

    Casey Neistat + Philip DeFranco = Neistat DeFranco

  • Thanh Luong
    Thanh Luong Day ago

    PewDiePie loves T-Series and Philip =))

  • Kalidenza
    Kalidenza Day ago

    A lion does not concern itself with the opinion off sheep.

  • Black Fang
    Black Fang Day ago

    Keep spreading those lies about Brock Turner. You truly have no shame.