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    Is it strange that I got her headphone add with that song right before this..?

  • Tamas Pusok
    Tamas Pusok Hour ago

    Tancolj hulye

  • Tamas Pusok
    Tamas Pusok Hour ago


  • Izaiah Luna
    Izaiah Luna Hour ago

    "what would they say instead?" that hits a soft spot

  • Catriona Gray
    Catriona Gray Hour ago

    His voice is so sexy...

  • keno kosova
    keno kosova Hour ago

    woww beautiful

  • Gergő Jertyity
    Gergő Jertyity Hour ago

    Nagyon jó zene

  • Rebecca Lane
    Rebecca Lane Hour ago

    The words are wrong 🤔

  • ahmad alshmmari
    ahmad alshmmari Hour ago

    Dance for me oo

  • Here's Hot Rod
    Here's Hot Rod Hour ago

    Let’s go in to the unknow

  • PandaGirl XOXO
    PandaGirl XOXO Hour ago

    pastel yellow!

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Hour ago


  • Mcpe God
    Mcpe God Hour ago


  • Mcpe God
    Mcpe God Hour ago

    *It’s Camila Cabello*

  • Nikita Gridley
    Nikita Gridley Hour ago

    My marriage is falling apart and this song couldn't be more relatable..

  • Joseph Hadfield
    Joseph Hadfield Hour ago

    Me: I LOVE THIS SONG! Song: will u Mary me? Me: *_HELL YES_*

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar Hour ago

    Really Awesome, its so cool!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link , you can try :)

  • Gepoozi Gt Respect to all person

    Me in final exams me: The last question and I finish my exam!!!! While the final question My mind:Did I just forget that nananan...

  • Gr7x5
    Gr7x5 Hour ago

    خلودي25 مولللععع وينكمم شبااابب

  • A wild Aiden
    A wild Aiden Hour ago


  • r a i n b o w
    r a i n b o w Hour ago

    Who hurt him 🥺

  • Khira Kelly
    Khira Kelly Hour ago

    It is such a good song.

  • Peter Hardman
    Peter Hardman Hour ago

    really should have checked the lyrics were correct before publishing. 1min 37 secs in

  • Mcpe God
    Mcpe God Hour ago

    This is panda he is 0 years old. 1 like = 1 age 🐼 👕 👖 Edit: He needs a drivers license

  • LunaHallow cutiecat


  • im ilayda
    im ilayda Hour ago

    Who thought it was Dance Mommy?

  • Suhila Ahmad
    Suhila Ahmad 2 hours ago

    my son's favorite 9 year old❤️

  • Aaliyah Roy
    Aaliyah Roy 2 hours ago

    Sis vs bro

  • Zo the Po
    Zo the Po 2 hours ago

    Lyrics come up Too late to sing too

  • Crybaby
    Crybaby 2 hours ago

    This is my best friends favourite song, she would play it all the time on Spotify when I was at her house. I also used to hate but now she’s got me to like it?

  • Chris Rosales
    Chris Rosales 2 hours ago

    Lady’s and gentlemen this is the game now.

  • Supreme
    Supreme 2 hours ago

    1:05 Best part.

  • Zarina Afsar
    Zarina Afsar 2 hours ago

    Best song

  • Chanel Güven
    Chanel Güven 2 hours ago


  • Cecy Moran
    Cecy Moran 2 hours ago

    Soy el único mensaje español? Vengo por tik tok 🥰

  • Ferdinand Kindelan Irving

    I like white songs xd

  • Madison-Leigh Mitchell

    500 x

  • Jessica Rose Tuhua
    Jessica Rose Tuhua 2 hours ago

    Wow- when I clicked like it turned to 51k!!!

  • Muhammad Khalifeh
    Muhammad Khalifeh 2 hours ago

    اكو عرب بطايرة 😂

  • Hector Vargas
    Hector Vargas 2 hours ago

    Trickshots fortnite jajaja

  • Samantha Bautista
    Samantha Bautista 2 hours ago

    This song is crap

  • Ghost X
    Ghost X 2 hours ago

    To the 215 people who disliked this hope you know it’s about suicide & I hope karma catches every single one of you

  • Sajid Raza
    Sajid Raza 2 hours ago

    I never liked so many comments on a single video... <3

  • Stryder Eternal
    Stryder Eternal 2 hours ago

    This one hits me hard and forces me on a guilt trip, since I did opposite of everything in this

  • Judy Osman
    Judy Osman 2 hours ago

    Actually I really like Justin's part. And I'm not a fan of Justin I simply just liked the song more than the original.

  • Viktória Molnár
    Viktória Molnár 2 hours ago


  • Younes Meftah
    Younes Meftah 2 hours ago

    haba renie 3a3 rahemm m3aha

  • Jaime Holland
    Jaime Holland 2 hours ago

    why do i love this song so much!

  • nesrine meftah
    nesrine meftah 2 hours ago

    قاع راهم معاها

  • nesrine meftah
    nesrine meftah 2 hours ago

    شابة الغنية

  • Mario Sanaveron
    Mario Sanaveron 2 hours ago

    Es la peor cansion del mundo

  • Khmer Melody
    Khmer Melody 2 hours ago

    subscribe to subscribe

  • pratham verma
    pratham verma 2 hours ago

    Now its a source of positive vibes for me 😀

  • John Button
    John Button 2 hours ago

    Dance for me dance form me WHOOOH

    • John Button
      John Button 2 hours ago

      Have you heard of queen Loren gray

  • John Button
    John Button 2 hours ago

    England I'm from England

  • John Button
    John Button 2 hours ago

    Wow 😃😃😃

  • Praveena Praveen
    Praveena Praveen 2 hours ago

    I love the music

  • Leena Alharbi
    Leena Alharbi 2 hours ago


  • Melly Mathers
    Melly Mathers 2 hours ago

    check my lyric video of this song: thank youu.

  • 陈梅
    陈梅 2 hours ago

    My frend cold Lily To

  • Isandra Cuba
    Isandra Cuba 3 hours ago

    OmG this was blooming oh so beautiful I already love lewis Capaldi but this here my goodness... I felt this one

  • Daisy E
    Daisy E 3 hours ago

    Half of the lyrics literally were written wrong

  • Aiminath Eeman
    Aiminath Eeman 3 hours ago


  • Jamie Sherwood
    Jamie Sherwood 3 hours ago

    I can dance to that song all day

  • Kirsty Mcewan
    Kirsty Mcewan 3 hours ago

    These words are so powerful and anyone whos ever lost anyone they love to suicide will understand just how powerful they are. I always wonder was there something i could have said or something i could have done to stop my brother. My pain goes on everyday, although he is at peace it torments me. All the what ifs, whys and maybe......

  • Djjddinshz Dhjdjdjf
    Djjddinshz Dhjdjdjf 3 hours ago

    *L O V E*

  • Kristi_is_weird 2.0
    Kristi_is_weird 2.0 3 hours ago

    I can hear Ellie as herself but at first I thought it was Halsey

  • _ iCannotStandYou _
    _ iCannotStandYou _ 3 hours ago

    A dumb girl was singing this in the school bus. Turns out she isn’t dumb 💛

  • Elite Mr TIME
    Elite Mr TIME 3 hours ago

    All I looked was duh duh duhh🤣🤣

  • intespar vok
    intespar vok 3 hours ago


  • intespar vok
    intespar vok 3 hours ago


  • McKenzie Myers
    McKenzie Myers 3 hours ago

    “if they knew what they said would go straight to my head, what would they say instead?” ...damn. I can’t imagine what people in her position of fame/pressure feel. I hope people who constantly hate on billie or other celebrities hear these lyrics and realize that celebs are human too.

  • Viorica Nichitoiu
    Viorica Nichitoiu 3 hours ago

    Ador muzica

  • Ilahe Mikayılova
    Ilahe Mikayılova 3 hours ago


  • Sa_cath 15
    Sa_cath 15 3 hours ago

    This is beautiful 💓

  • Rufat Bedelzade
    Rufat Bedelzade 3 hours ago

    Camila & Shawn Senorita Camila Cabello and Sjawn Mendes Senorita

  • Ferg Marshall
    Ferg Marshall 3 hours ago

    Nice song mate

  • neros1234
    neros1234 3 hours ago

    Imagine: Just because of this one feature X could win a Grammy and an Oscar. That ain't bad for a 21 year old, and especially a dead 21 year old!

  • TD Fortnite
    TD Fortnite 3 hours ago


  • Youtu fruit
    Youtu fruit 3 hours ago

    Arrêté votre merde

  • Maryam Sohail
    Maryam Sohail 3 hours ago

    0:19-0:22 what I hear ‘When we all fall asleep, *Peurtortico*

  • Bio Bio
    Bio Bio 3 hours ago

    I'm addicted to this song !😭😭

  • g.56t Ali
    g.56t Ali 3 hours ago

    ها شونكم😂🥵

  • Meowth Gaming
    Meowth Gaming 3 hours ago

    Crap song

  • Shopna akther Shopna

    I love it , when you you call me senorita......🤘🤘

  • antonio lopez marin
    antonio lopez marin 3 hours ago

    Mejor nombre mejor canciones

  • The Real Queen
    The Real Queen 3 hours ago

    Orry needs to remix this ASAP

  • sama ahmed
    sama ahmed 3 hours ago

    One of my favourite songs

  • gunkid002
    gunkid002 3 hours ago

    Hey can you please help me get my song to 1k I’m @ 800views I’m so close🙏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️ It’s the way not thing helping my crippling depression😂❤️❤️

  • oliwia xx
    oliwia xx 3 hours ago

    i literally can't stop thinking about this song when i'm in class....

  • Dark devil
    Dark devil 3 hours ago

    nice story

  • Dani Veira
    Dani Veira 3 hours ago

    O preblema não é a merda da musica, mas sim a Merda de gente que gosta da musica. Então gente que não entende a letra ou o próprio idioma.

  • Arctic Wolf
    Arctic Wolf 3 hours ago

    i'm From Quebec x)

  • Hey StOb it
    Hey StOb it 3 hours ago

    I'm listening them for the first time , love it

  • lily henderson
    lily henderson 3 hours ago

    love this song so much

  • Fizz_editz_
    Fizz_editz_ 3 hours ago

    Damn his voice is fire 🔥

  • Ah excuji meee I was born in Busan first

    *_The music & this song is so weird, love it_* XD

  • Liam Fitz
    Liam Fitz 3 hours ago

    Learn how to play this song here

  • Ben Goody
    Ben Goody 3 hours ago

    So cool

  • lazarescu cristina
    lazarescu cristina 3 hours ago

    2 0 1 9 ?