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9 months ago

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  • Vinasity
    Vinasity 3 months ago

    your next video is gonna be about donating to tfue

  • Maria Sfyroeras
    Maria Sfyroeras 3 months ago

    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue What will Jack do with his life? Even he has no clue

  • Kayden Spykerman
    Kayden Spykerman 3 months ago

    how do I buy merch?

  • chis is black marroquin

    i like your vid there are aswam

  • chis is black marroquin

    let go

  • The guy
    The guy 3 months ago

    You have such an ugly face.

  • Olivia O'Hara
    Olivia O'Hara 3 months ago

    i watched the girlfriend video and i rly want a boyfriend, and ur really hot sooo

  • Lucero perez1719
    Lucero perez1719 3 months ago


  • Just Eric For ever yea

    dope channel

  • Jesse Vandecasteele
    Jesse Vandecasteele 3 months ago

    i was wondering if you could give a shout out on one of your videos i have 0 veiws on almost all my videos? If not thats ok but i would really appreciate if you did.

  • Connor Dennelly
    Connor Dennelly 4 months ago

    hey jack im trying to get in touch with you im the dude who donated last night please message me asap tthanks

  • Master kgwq2
    Master kgwq2 4 months ago


  • Carson Hancock Productions

    Yo, Jack

  • young savage
    young savage 4 months ago

    ya look jike jelly #jellyyoutuber

  • ZachBackTo Gaming
    ZachBackTo Gaming 4 months ago

    whys this kid got 1 mil subs he was born last week he only goes to places and flips in front of girls for "clickbait kisses" so he can pretend he gets fanny

    THE BEAST 4 months ago


  • robert Perez
    robert Perez 4 months ago

    Hey whats going on jack i had the pleasure to play some fortnight with you yesterday. sorry i had to rush off to work. watched some of these you are an talented young man. keep at it hope i get to play with you again soon.

  • Miceala MacLeod
    Miceala MacLeod 4 months ago

    BEEN HERE SINCE 4,000 subs and I love your vids congrats on the insane amount of subs you've gained in this short period of time. Ever since I saw your first vid I've tried to be the first like and first comment. LOVE UR VIDS SMMM! Congrats once again and good luck I'm gonna keep watching!!

  • Jasmyn Mccaig
    Jasmyn Mccaig 4 months ago

    Hey Jack Your USclip is bangers your amazing i got most of your merch and I subscribe to you USclip. When can you do a meet and greet in Cornwall that's where I live i love you soooooooooooooooo much N1 biggest fan ever !!!!! Love always jasmyn McCaig💖

    THE REAL VSWAGGER 5 months ago


  • JoeTV
    JoeTV 5 months ago

    hi jack

  • Cody Wade
    Cody Wade 5 months ago

    Dude throws Wal-Mart videos are so dope

  • Kaynen Dorr
    Kaynen Dorr 5 months ago

    SUP Jack watch every one of ur videos and liked every one and love your channle. plus what editing software do oyu use i know you will never repplie because you are famouse and dont have time to read comments like this

  • Mrs. A
    Mrs. A 5 months ago


  • Ethan Mariluz
    Ethan Mariluz 5 months ago

    Hey Jack if you read this I recently started a youtube channel and it would be cool if you give me a few pointer

  • mich6852 mich6852
    mich6852 mich6852 6 months ago


  • LanDaMan
    LanDaMan 6 months ago

    I like your veto man you are the best you tuber

  • mitch takes drugs
    mitch takes drugs 6 months ago


  • Gucci bros
    Gucci bros 6 months ago

    mak jones

  • Gucci bros
    Gucci bros 6 months ago

    you area racist bitch

  • Mak Jones
    Mak Jones 6 months ago