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Now what do I do??
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NVIDIA... Bruh
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What are Gaming PCs?
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Another CHEAP Laptop Fix...
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Don’t buy two video cards!
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How to UN-Build a Computer
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  • KeimaKatsu
    KeimaKatsu 12 minutes ago

    oh it was probably me lol

  • George Smiley
    George Smiley 15 minutes ago

    Mama don't take my monochrome away!

  • m8a
    m8a 37 minutes ago

    Unfortunately, with the great Define R6, you have to put the fan facing down.

  • mikelo303
    mikelo303 38 minutes ago

    Pipes are bit too short.

  • Anurag Kashyap
    Anurag Kashyap 40 minutes ago

    Linux: Am i a joke to you 😒

  • Lasse Brustad
    Lasse Brustad Hour ago

    I think it would be interesting to see the difference between the highest OC you can get stable with, and without SMT enabled, just because I've barely seen one video doing 3900X without SMT vs 9900K with HT, where 3900X actually performed better in most of the games that where tested

  • orsopacato
    orsopacato Hour ago

    try put the GTX1650 on the Core2 Quad sistem... and maybe an ssd

  • incognito 82
    incognito 82 Hour ago

    Dude it's your space, park your car in there if you want!

  • BloodaxeIsaNoob
    BloodaxeIsaNoob Hour ago

    Not possible to increase powerlimit of Ventus series Super cards.I dunno why MSI has done this.

    • BloodaxeIsaNoob
      BloodaxeIsaNoob Hour ago

      a response from MSI What do you think? Thanks for choosing MSI! Glad to be of service. Regarding your concern, Different types of power limits may be different, for your graphics card, power limit greater than 100% will have a great impact on the life of the graphics card, these our company has been very tested, and finally decided power limit. Based on the security use of the graphics card, there should be no larger power-limit bios. If there is a new bios update, you can update bios through MSI live update Best Regards Have a nice day.

  • Black3ternity
    Black3ternity Hour ago

    Just like with the condoms back in school. Fill it with water to show how strong they are. These components can take a ton of abuse and still work - IF (!!) you use it correctly and tighten everything down on connections. Usually the components are not faulty, it's the connections and O-Rings like you always tell us Jay. The more connectors and adapters you add to your system, the more areas of failure you introduce.

  • Clement Wu
    Clement Wu Hour ago

    Water drop out of the valve @ 8:06 Lol

  • LedoCool1
    LedoCool1 Hour ago

    RGB is not a bad thing. It's just useless. And it's used to increase cost of components by 30% without really increasing performance. Basically a bait for stupid little kids.

  • Janez Nimac
    Janez Nimac Hour ago

    Hi, my name's Jay and I'm a "bad monitor panel" addict.

  • BreadAndGatorade

    My PC is a budget build from 2012, January to be exact, ~$1,000 at that time (not counting monitor and peripherals). It is 3 years newer and way better than that 2009 build. Crazy. And crazy I'm still using it with now issues.

  • RuuFiss
    RuuFiss Hour ago

    What about a 4ms 144hz panel? How well would that be

  • Dillon Burnett
    Dillon Burnett Hour ago

    I'm going to try and go for a Ryzen 3800x the price is just so good for the cores. I do a lot of compiling and multi-tasking and stuff. It's just hard to beat that many cores. If something takes 2 seconds longer to do I just switch to another things I'm working on while I wait. I use my pc mostly for web dev (programming, light photoshop, server stuff), so I normally focus on these: 3800x: The cores for multi-tasking, when you have 10 tabs open, ps, 4 ides, 4 terminals, 2 different server instances and so on... you need all you can get. 64gp gskill: I need the ram for large files or projects. I've once opened a 15gb json file... just think about that for a second... 2x nvme: Manjaro, windows (I have these) I am trying to get the pci card for more m.2 drives. I want to replace my ssd. I like them and all, but they are somewhat old and why not save the space with something like this? Also they don't need to be big, but focus on speed as I just need them for active projects and I can swap the stuff around with my wd green drives. Oh and of course a gpu... mine is a bit old (r9 290x sapphire), but I can still play dota and most AAA if I drop the quality, so I will probably just stick with it for another year or so, and maybe grab something used after that.

  • KuraMad2000
    KuraMad2000 Hour ago

    The Ten-Nine-Eight-ty-ex-ee........ sigh ffs intel........

  • incognito 82
    incognito 82 Hour ago

    I am a sound engineer and I thoroughly approve of this

  • KuraMad2000
    KuraMad2000 Hour ago

    1:06 cue the porn music

  • Emanuel Abraham
    Emanuel Abraham Hour ago

    1900x with costom water cooling 32gb ram and gtx 1050ti 4gb as a home server

  • Lukas Andreasson
    Lukas Andreasson 2 hours ago

    Lmao why am i sticking my fingers in fans

  • User4life
    User4life 2 hours ago

    This is why i dont like RGB

  • Christopher VanZetta

    No. LED's for computer's are pure junk. They increase power draw and heat, which is stupid. Stop buying LED crap people!!!

  • Christopher VanZetta

    I remember when EVGA first came out and dominated the market.

  • MasteR HazE
    MasteR HazE 2 hours ago

    What kind of software / Plugins that on top left side .? or is that in game one .?

  • Pierré Grobbelaar
    Pierré Grobbelaar 2 hours ago

    i don't know.These apu's are unpredictable.My brother has a 2400g stock with 8gb single channel ram 2666mhz oc'd to 3000mhz and he gets 750cb in cinebench.There the amd needs faster ram gets dunk on as im pretty sure i can match that score but my brother only has an a320 mobo so can't oc.

  • Kingブランドン
    Kingブランドン 2 hours ago

    Pre-order soldout… $4,000? Nvm~

  • Callum Evans
    Callum Evans 2 hours ago

    >playing with g-sync disabled 0:56 >shit hdr >spammed with LG screens weEeeeEehhOOoooo gOOoddd VideoOOO

  • Reuben Morris
    Reuben Morris 2 hours ago

    Soft tubing looks easier and less imposing to install. Nice build.

  • Gorgeous_Scat392
    Gorgeous_Scat392 2 hours ago

    That's awesome that you like cars and computers, I too love cars and computers! Great video.

  • Alex GottmitUns
    Alex GottmitUns 2 hours ago

    Apples to oranges. You should at least have installed an SSD in the '09 rig. "The '19 CPU is Ooverclocked. The GPU is Overclocked."... Ivan Drago Vs. Creed.

  • saferider10
    saferider10 3 hours ago

    The connector socket is a 10$ item on amazon. no need for hot glue . I had to replace it twice since 2017 www.amazon.com/dp/B073TVTVX7/ref=dp_cerb_3

  • Frank Romero
    Frank Romero 3 hours ago

    20 years ago we were having the same conversation - AMD has always been the best cost-performance die between the two.

  • Christopher Stephens

    Your shirt says PP, GIGGITY!

  • c3tr4
    c3tr4 3 hours ago

    Right when you switch, Intel is gonna cut your nuts off just like NVIDIA does to AMD.

  • mouse mickey
    mouse mickey 3 hours ago

    hackers getting away with it months/years later . ONLY people that " get away " with major hacking or murder even are government people .

  • Winterz
    Winterz 3 hours ago

    jay is your pc running? then u better go catch it :)

  • Just an Allosaurus
    Just an Allosaurus 3 hours ago

    I’m not a fan of AMD GPU’s but the CPU’s are 👌

  • Winterz
    Winterz 3 hours ago

    i thing the scairyest part os the fact that jay made a discovery😱😱😱

  • DaCrazyDingo
    DaCrazyDingo 3 hours ago


  • ZJohnnyZ
    ZJohnnyZ 3 hours ago


  • Keagan Coleman Hill
    Keagan Coleman Hill 3 hours ago

    What is the case called?

  • L-dubwesson
    L-dubwesson 3 hours ago

    "one video we will test this on tubing" So that was a fucking lie.

  • MrEricmopar
    MrEricmopar 4 hours ago

    So... now we know... Jay is into mirrors....

  • World Wide United
    World Wide United 4 hours ago

    dont really like the idea of the fans blowing warm ambient from the case through the rad to exterior.... should probably be intake with lower exhaust fans or vice versa

  • Paul Rone-Clarke
    Paul Rone-Clarke 4 hours ago

    One year later I got a new 2070 for £280 Black Friday sale. Substantially cheaper than the cheapest 5700 XT I could find on sale. It’s discontinued... but I don’t care about that.

  • E Robinson
    E Robinson 4 hours ago

    I think it's interesting that I just ordered the parts for a new budget pc workstation about 4 days ago and had not seen this video. And I ordered the same CPU motherboard and g.skill memory but I got the 3600 Ram. I went with a 500 gig Western Digital black hard drive because most of the data is stored off the computer and I wanted something with the long warranty.

  • Ricky D
    Ricky D 4 hours ago

    wait so i have a 1080 ti and i just ordered a freesync panel that is gsync compatible. Should i leave csync on or off then ?

  • Steven Westfall
    Steven Westfall 4 hours ago

    I swear to everything i thought of this when i seen the video on overclocking. Now if they could seperate the cpu from the motherboard, they then would have minimal issues with moisture. I had to comment this to prove i thought of it also lol. Maybe someone could use this idea if its possible. Id love to try it myself but i cant afford any of that expensive stuff. Its nice to wonder though.

  • Emill Saari
    Emill Saari 4 hours ago

    To bad my son doesn't agree with this, and this is exact what I've been telling him... But, with 11 years of age comes 11 years of savings (me be ironic!!) 😂 going to computer stuff! Worth every £€$ i have since it helps him getting involved talking English, having time spent with friends IRL and online. 😎

  • Mr Somebody
    Mr Somebody 4 hours ago

    Bad ! You need to be running windows 95 or 98 or at worst windows 7 or something. windows 10 bad for old hardware!

  • Smile Space
    Smile Space 4 hours ago

    Jay, water may not have gone down the line while you introduced air, but once pressure equalized, water definitely went into your compressor tank. Just look at how much the water level dropped before it exploded. Water isn't compressible, so that displaced water had to go somewhere.

  • TheMaxChaos
    TheMaxChaos 4 hours ago

    Hahajha i'm diying man you'r Crazy hahahh we want more content line this 🤣🤣🤣

  • Amod Adate
    Amod Adate 5 hours ago

    @7.56 burns cleaner than propane. Hank Hill disagrees!

  • Mason Reppeto
    Mason Reppeto 5 hours ago

    Your face looks like it's turning into a volcano.

  • Macky019
    Macky019 5 hours ago

    Steelseries Arctis series, I'm looking to buy a wireless headset and I want to know what's your opinion on these.

  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott 5 hours ago

    no body likes chaffing! its the worrrrst.

  • hatE85
    hatE85 5 hours ago

    Name of the track? or is it something you guys made yourself? It's as lit as the rgb lighting.

  • Intescy Avenger
    Intescy Avenger 5 hours ago

    What about 4x4 - 16 gb?

  • Dayna ReDurie
    Dayna ReDurie 5 hours ago

    You know what's really interesting... how everyone said that competition was good, and that we consumers WANT Intel and AMD to both put out good products. Then why does the online culture around AMD/Intel resemble a Roman glatiator arena? People are actually CELEBRATING that Intel put out a bad product and that AMD beats it. Don't you realize that this allows AMD more price leverage? Hurting consumers. Competition is ALWAYS GOOD. You should WANT all products that offer competition to succeed. We wanted it with AMD. We should want it with Intel. But the online tech community - mainly USclip - seems to want Intel buried and eliminated as a company. Check out those CPU prices then...

  • Goretantath
    Goretantath 5 hours ago

    So what about taking one of those thousand dollar office chairs and adding rgb instead of a pepboy chair?

  • Daniel Keogh
    Daniel Keogh 6 hours ago

    The new Modern Warfare. I was running 16gb dual ram, 2080 super i9 9900k and the max ram usage went up to 12gb. I then changed to 32gb ram all 4 dims and the usage went up to 15gb at one point. Same in-game settings of maximum.

  • CMDR Efstathius Placidus

    So I have the 2700x, and cooler. I also have my old AM3 Corsair H55 liquid cooler. I need to go with the stock cooler dont I? Was hoping to use my liquid cooler but I dont think its enough.

  • Spam Can
    Spam Can 6 hours ago

    I suspect jay was a bank robber at some point before he turned his life around. 😂

  • RudyzilTV
    RudyzilTV 6 hours ago

    i5-6400 rx 470 gigabyte 4gb 8gb ram ddr4 mobo h270 gaming 3 240 ssd 1tb hdd 450 psu GX bronze 1st player r3-a gaming case with rgb cooler Can anyone tell me which one i should upgrade first

  • STEN
    STEN 6 hours ago

    plz do a intel vs ryzen apu <3 im team ryzen but wanna make sure im not being bias ahahaha

  • CAG Hotshot
    CAG Hotshot 6 hours ago

    Why don’t you run a vacuum next to the dust blower to pull the dust out of the air so you don't breath it and so it doesn’t he t all over the place?

  • Jim Derringer
    Jim Derringer 6 hours ago

    Fanboys are the scum of the earth. I honestly hope NVIDIA puts AMD in the ground next gen JUST to make these manbabies cry.

  • Jsmiller0514
    Jsmiller0514 6 hours ago

    I currently have an RX 580 would it be bad to crossfire two 580s?

  • Funny Valentine
    Funny Valentine 7 hours ago

    remove some LEDs from mine

  • Akul Singhal
    Akul Singhal 7 hours ago

    Do you know that by the time Jay got a fingerprint on his card, Linus had already dropped his own titan 10 times

  • pausmth
    pausmth 7 hours ago

    Gotta use that dksms to get better kills in doom man! (usclip.net/video/dtPt_URCw6M/video.html)

  • TheAmazingPaulrus
    TheAmazingPaulrus 7 hours ago

    This is the video that the Verge watched while doing research for their video.

  • J-Roc
    J-Roc 7 hours ago

    When you have a vortex of airflow in the case, hot air rising means less than nothing.

  • CognizantxNight
    CognizantxNight 7 hours ago

    *KOSS MAKES GAMING HEADSETS?* I may need to become a drug dealer or something, KOSS and Kicker are some of my favorite audio companies. :')

  • luke b
    luke b 7 hours ago

    5:58 did I hear that right

  • J-Roc
    J-Roc 7 hours ago

    One thing I will never understand is why everyone has hot air exhausting past their radiator. That would be like reversing the thermo fan on your car to pull all the hot air out of the engine through the radiator. It simply doesn't work. A radiator needs cool air flowing through it to cool the liquid. If you have hot air, running over hot fins, with hot liquid, you're getting absolute minimal heat transference. If I'm missing something, please, correct me.

  • Techluse
    Techluse 7 hours ago

    put that sucker up on the wall and hall of fame it

  • Scott Farkus
    Scott Farkus 7 hours ago

    You need a booster compressor to push pre-cooled air to the main compressor so it doesn't shut off.

  • Ravin Chhabra
    Ravin Chhabra 7 hours ago

    AMD fan as always....

  • cube tube channel
    cube tube channel 7 hours ago

    Put it under vacuum and heat it and it will boil at a lower temp use Hardline tubing tho

  • Jason Reynolds
    Jason Reynolds 7 hours ago

    I was one of the lucky ones. NO BS I have an i7 4770k @ 4.5 and vega56 oc/uv to 950/1729 and it runs surprisingly well @ 1440p 144hz mostly high with some medium settings and ultra textures. Monitoring for a couple hours the worst dip I saw was 57fps in a few places in st dennis with the wind blowing dust particles all through the streets. My issue after 50+ hours of gameplay, is that this was clearly not meant to play with M&K. Sure it is manageable, but it is pretty rough and you will hit the wrong key on a regular basis for even basic functions. I found myself getting frustrated with the controls and UI to the point they have been ruining what would have been an otherwise thoroughly enjoyable experience. Just give me a menu dammit! Don't think I have ever seen Jay this mad.....

  • Firedragontamer
    Firedragontamer 7 hours ago

    What cpu cooler is that?

  • Arcade Alchemist
    Arcade Alchemist 8 hours ago

    sounds like a bUm Fan, but the Cooler is a cosshair pump and that shit prob has algie in it

  • RandomShidCreations
    RandomShidCreations 8 hours ago


  • HiredHitman63
    HiredHitman63 8 hours ago

    Air pressure in a system designed for fluid/fluid pressure does exactly what you think it does; it makes a bomb. :D

  • Jakob Martin
    Jakob Martin 8 hours ago

    Holy shit Jay is a good dad

  • Duh Doy
    Duh Doy 8 hours ago

    "I didn't give up, I don't give up, that's how I got you" Jay you can't just say that in front of your 9 year old daughter jesus

  • DJWhoDat 504
    DJWhoDat 504 8 hours ago

    Sweet build Jay, good job on the video Phil..

  • Hidden Resolve
    Hidden Resolve 8 hours ago

    Surprised you didn't get water in the transformer box. Would've had a firework finale.

  • Briggie
    Briggie 8 hours ago

    12:59 the main contention being that Windows 98 was DOS based while windows 7 is NT based and still is with 10. Also most software had migrated away from being compatible with 98 by around 2006.

  • Sam Cheshire
    Sam Cheshire 8 hours ago

    Super glad this video was here until I realized my CPU doesn't have onboard graphics for me to get into safe mode. I don't even get the windows screen it's just black....... my PC is on but I get absolutely nothing on the screen. .... Any tips ?

  • Ylandiau Astarra
    Ylandiau Astarra 8 hours ago

    I've been wondering does a nvme need a heatsink? Also if it does how do you put it on amd what do you have to do for it? Jayztwocents makes everything easier to understand and more fun as well.

  • Lee Good
    Lee Good 8 hours ago

    in this episode.. Jay puts his oily fingers all over a ridiculously expensive CPUs gold connectors lol 😅 love you Jay never change ❤️

  • Alice Anderson
    Alice Anderson 8 hours ago

    2070 doesn't support sli

  • AndreasInGreer
    AndreasInGreer 9 hours ago

    ... not conclusive. A lot of talk. Not much was said.

  • Clueless
    Clueless 9 hours ago

    Love the vids bro

  • The Stop Motion Guy of Epicness

    Can you make a PC under 300 dollars?

  • rocking546
    rocking546 9 hours ago

    Picked up 12 FPS thanks to this

  • Evan Quigley
    Evan Quigley 9 hours ago

    I know this isn’t related to the video. Can a mouse that is wired get a virus. My mouse is a Logitech g502 if that means anything. Thanks