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  • Manavatea Tamata
    Manavatea Tamata 5 minutes ago


  • Manavatea Tamata
    Manavatea Tamata 5 minutes ago


  • wisconsin grown
    wisconsin grown 6 minutes ago

    Wtf USclip.this is dumb af

  • luckybaby113 roblox _
    luckybaby113 roblox _ 7 minutes ago

    This is like vlog kinda but in bed XD

  • Rawbull Tama Fāma
    Rawbull Tama Fāma 8 minutes ago

    jacinta 😇👑👚👝

  • Piper MickySasha
    Piper MickySasha 9 minutes ago

    At 2:11 my Google mini went off lol

  • Fatma _20انستقرام

    انا عربي وقناتك جميلة جدا😍👑

  • Island Fox
    Island Fox 37 minutes ago

    she has time to call a bunch of people, patch a dry wall remove carpet stains in 40 minutes? For making/ finishing coffee is an hour deal

  • Abby Drommerhausen
    Abby Drommerhausen 39 minutes ago

    When i was watching this she said "hey google set a timer for 40 minutes" and my google set a timer for 40 minutes! 🤣😆

  • oruba daieh
    oruba daieh 40 minutes ago

    The one with the blue hair is a Tim taker cause I’m a tik toker

  • ally Blueshield
    ally Blueshield 41 minute ago

    Who eles is here en 2019----- OOF

  • Bernard
    Bernard 45 minutes ago

    Bet she doesn't even use a pixel. They're most likely using iPhones

  • Sarah Faulkner
    Sarah Faulkner 48 minutes ago

    2:39 ok! 😂

  • Sefajdin Hyseni
    Sefajdin Hyseni 50 minutes ago

    It scary sliping with clones 😖😖 mostly with hanas clone 😂😂

  • Sydney Bentley
    Sydney Bentley 58 minutes ago

    When she said hey google it read on my phone

  • Kaylee Cruz
    Kaylee Cruz Hour ago

    Lauren is in this video!!!!!!!!

  • Diego Dominguez
    Diego Dominguez Hour ago

    Why the hell would google sponsor this crap?

  • Kim Wittrup
    Kim Wittrup Hour ago

    Ha-ha...I was cracking up when you opened the refrigiator👍😎

  • Mari Chat
    Mari Chat Hour ago


  • Mia Flores
    Mia Flores Hour ago

    My favorite part is when you mom open the bedroom then the close fail down and your dad scream

  • queen gracelin
    queen gracelin Hour ago

    People who believe this omg

  • Mari Chat
    Mari Chat Hour ago


  • Angelita Martinez

    Is so funny that the girls spit the water at him

  • S ealy Vlogs
    S ealy Vlogs Hour ago

    this is the best vid Iv ever watched u made me laugh too much

  • Irenee Pepito
    Irenee Pepito Hour ago

    I hate your video

  • Yoena Suh
    Yoena Suh Hour ago

    Oh my god Jonah!

  • casey anderson
    casey anderson Hour ago

    I love this song 💜💙😍

  • Roselynn Bowers IT OC!!!!

    I cringed so hard at this seriously but It seemed this was a fan movie someone made to be like "Hey my oc is dating penny wise UwU" No offense

  • *Midnight Rain*
    *Midnight Rain* Hour ago

    0:00 lol

  • Rob Banks
    Rob Banks Hour ago

    Damn bitch you dirty

  • Jasmine & Aliya
    Jasmine & Aliya Hour ago

    Ezee! always in the prison ones

  • patapon646
    patapon646 2 hours ago

    What a shit humor

  • DarKnight
    DarKnight 2 hours ago

    May be her first time living alone, but definitely not her first time making unfunny comedy videos.

  • lauren vaughn
    lauren vaughn 2 hours ago

    Fuck you 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Galilea Flores
    Galilea Flores 2 hours ago

    I like ur videos Hannah just that I found a video and it showed u passing by a homeless girl and u did not give her money but I still love u Hannah stocking I even subscribed and turned on ur notifications and I give u a like all the time bye

  • Joy Livi
    Joy Livi 2 hours ago

    She never answers her phone...

  • Andrea L.o No7
    Andrea L.o No7 2 hours ago

    By me the new iPhone

  • Angel Amankwanor
    Angel Amankwanor 2 hours ago

    So funny

  • Ashley
    Ashley 2 hours ago

    First off why would she stop cleaning to cook lmfao

  • skyler_the_dark_wolf _gacha


  • Jade Cruz
    Jade Cruz 2 hours ago

    Still waiting for part 3.Are we going to get a part 3,probably not..

  • Alayna Rehfeldt
    Alayna Rehfeldt 2 hours ago

    I meant to say lele pons

  • Alayna Rehfeldt
    Alayna Rehfeldt 2 hours ago

    If you look on evil hero hannah stocking was on there and they we're doing a test to see who would help homlees and she didn't she looked but didn't help and she was with her friend who also has been on Elle pone and hannah stocking's channel and nither of them help sorry hannah

  • Daza Ranger
    Daza Ranger 2 hours ago

    A year 5 whith a beard

  • Style
    Style 2 hours ago

    This is so damn cringey

  • sheng287
    sheng287 2 hours ago

    0:07 Thor???

  • Mynis Loco
    Mynis Loco 2 hours ago

    Skip you like you walked pass a homeless girl at night with a white hoodie on u and u looked at her and didn’t give her a dollar

  • Anonymous Viewer
    Anonymous Viewer 2 hours ago

    How can you run on heels

  • Morgan Holdsworth
    Morgan Holdsworth 2 hours ago

    Subscribe to my youtube channel please

  • Mr.savvage YT
    Mr.savvage YT 3 hours ago

    Hellow más godwen

  • Ana Isabel
    Ana Isabel 3 hours ago


  • Racket Tattoo
    Racket Tattoo 3 hours ago

    Youd think with the amount of money they make from these shitty vids they would use some of it to go to acting class and writting class. But noooooo, god forbid they improve upon this garabage and try to actually be funny instead of cringey, boring, and stupid.

  • Carlian bonilla
    Carlian bonilla 3 hours ago


  • Carlian bonilla
    Carlian bonilla 3 hours ago

    I love u HANNAH

  • Emilianni Figueria
    Emilianni Figueria 3 hours ago

    Hannah I feel so bad for you that I feel the same way

  • Helen Haywood
    Helen Haywood 3 hours ago

    3:53 me wen someone don’t like my friends

  • Janice Villarreal
    Janice Villarreal 3 hours ago

    More like save the turtles 😂

  • DaviPro909 909
    DaviPro909 909 3 hours ago

    I love FIFA 20

  • Gianna Altieri
    Gianna Altieri 3 hours ago

    Hannah u are so beautiful

  • ToasterBathBoy
    ToasterBathBoy 3 hours ago

    You aren't funny

  • Roisin
    Roisin 3 hours ago

    USclip comedy really is the pits

  • Kaya Zielinska
    Kaya Zielinska 3 hours ago

    I liked, subscribed and done notifications but does the spray and dab actually work?

  • Jonie Vermeire
    Jonie Vermeire 3 hours ago

    Whos dating twan Hannah oe lele

  • Worried Potato
    Worried Potato 3 hours ago

    Lele’s hair looks like dreadlocks 😂

  • Smxi Cupcake
    Smxi Cupcake 3 hours ago

    How many times they said hannah ⬇️

  • Cat_studios
    Cat_studios 3 hours ago

    Aren’t those the costumes for MAMA🙀?

  • Kay bay Sanford
    Kay bay Sanford 4 hours ago

    You are rude you seen a kid homeless and didn’t give her anything

  • Zack Larose
    Zack Larose 4 hours ago

    Yo I fucked lele pons and came over her ass. After words she looked me in my eyes and said “call me Latino”