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The Rundown (Nov. 15)
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  • SmarterThenu Meanashell

    Madelyn Bernstein is a serial animal murderer, her and her employees at the SPCA are always involved with high kill shelters. The SPCA is the absolute worst place for any animal.

  • Following Phan
    Following Phan 2 hours ago

    What other city can take number 1

  • P G
    P G 2 hours ago

    This was the first outing of the Female Drum Major? Was she set up?

  • wanderer of the wasteland

    F U C K L G B T

  • Angry Socialist
    Angry Socialist 2 hours ago

    Why the hell would you throw a package into a yard at full force

  • jcheeseman21
    jcheeseman21 2 hours ago

    Ya don't yank someone out of the car for what is known as a California stop. Cops themselves do it all the time. I hate cops, they are a thieves and liars.

  • True Victory
    True Victory 2 hours ago

    You see the crime videos in the news, but you don’t see the witchcraft spells that makes it all happen.

  • wanderer of the wasteland

    Finally an accurate news report. Hope those on the panel and cast from other states didn't let their annuals get to the heads.. Los Angeles is all hype. You gotta get out and live in other states to see that.

  • Carla Luciani
    Carla Luciani 2 hours ago

    Poor nipsey he didn’t deserve that I hope Eric holder and all the rest of the low life scum that are involved in his assassination rot in hell justice for nipsey 💙

  • Hannah
    Hannah 3 hours ago

    Good grief I can barely hold myself together and those two absolute psychopaths don't shed a tear! What the heck. Poor child, and shame on the social workers who left him with those people.

  • 614 OG
    614 OG 3 hours ago


  • Vennis Rodriguez
    Vennis Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    All shelters do the same thing.

  • ZS 15
    ZS 15 3 hours ago

    I wish Gabriel was still alive and you - you fat monster masquerading as a mother was dead instead. You and your fat pig boyfriend literally dont deserve to be breathing. Go and die in a fire.

  • Mr. Tech
    Mr. Tech 3 hours ago

    never had a juul...switched to ecigs back in the day....from a pack a day to 100 bucks a year or so on ecig juice/no ill health effects so far lol...but will go smoke cigs, and all of them will die if they don't quit....just because kids got sick from black market thc carts doesn't mean we should all take the heat!

  • Following Phan
    Following Phan 3 hours ago

    Delivering packages is hard to do and dealing with gated homes with no door bell of super high gates are even worse. I'm still trying to figure out a better way for my home but there's no good solution. It's either throw packages over the fence, wait for you to answer the door or leave it outside of your gated home, there's no solution.

  • Speedy 4life
    Speedy 4life 3 hours ago

    There is always shooting in California.

    GRASSFED CHARLIE 3 hours ago

    He’s not even the boy’s biological father!! This is insane I wonder what the real dad was thinking he looks like he doesn’t give af either!!

  • Bernie Ezlopez
    Bernie Ezlopez 3 hours ago

    USC and it’s alumni are trash anyway

  • Following Phan
    Following Phan 3 hours ago

    Poor thing

  • Jesus Benavidez
    Jesus Benavidez 3 hours ago

    Bullshit!! People say anything for a buck!!

  • Following Phan
    Following Phan 3 hours ago

    Pasadena majority is Asian and white.

  • Following Phan
    Following Phan 3 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 they hurt my Arm

  • QuietHero
    QuietHero 3 hours ago

    There are some shitty couriers out there trust I work there Express > Ground

  • christian prarat
    christian prarat 3 hours ago

    So you mean to tell me that abuse was reported and they did nothing which means that the state is just as much guilty for the death of this little boy as those to f*** heads they both deserve to be beaten destroyed and every single imaginable way every single bone in their body is broken cracked and crushed into dust and they deserve to be thrown in a pit with that boy's biological father so he can f****** murder them like he deserves to

  • Leo
    Leo 3 hours ago

    Not sure how I feel about the framing of the father. seems like he wanted to see justice follow through just like everyone else. Also wanted to remember the face of the man he was going to kill

  • Meg LM
    Meg LM 3 hours ago

    They are sociopaths. They have no remorse for what they did. I hope they’re tortured in prison

  • Mwahhppsss Yummy
    Mwahhppsss Yummy 3 hours ago

    Becausee of songgg of trippie red

    SEBASTION HAWK 3 hours ago

    if an officer tells you to come out of your car and put your hands behind your back, you DO it! Otherwise you put their life and YOURS on the line.

  • TraRob-EastSide
    TraRob-EastSide 3 hours ago

    *CHONGO'S hood* 😂🔫 arriba arriba

  • Nate Skywalker
    Nate Skywalker 3 hours ago

    So sad. How do people do these things. I will NEVER understand. It's your baby boy. I'm sorry buddy. RIP. My heart goes out to all the children stuck in hell with freaks that obviously have no soul.

    DENOEHONER 4 hours ago

    Pasadena and Glendale Cops are ASSHOLES

    JOHNNY BOY 4 hours ago

    Welfare lives matter

  • TraRob-EastSide
    TraRob-EastSide 4 hours ago

    A kid got smacked with a box recently. Companies tell drivers not to put it over a gate if they cant see whats on the other side

    JOHNNY BOY 4 hours ago

    Inland lives matter

  • Tyler Buck
    Tyler Buck 4 hours ago

    It's that Bow Bow Siwa?

  • get to the Choppaa
    get to the Choppaa 4 hours ago

    What Cost More doesn't have cameras. ?

    HAILEY.FAITH 4 hours ago

    It happened it Lancaster California and I lived by were he died 😭😭😭

  • TraRob-EastSide
    TraRob-EastSide 4 hours ago

    LOL@ *RACIAL PROFILING* all i see is another f'kin *WHITE BOY* . This one happens to have a tan and claim white or mexicano... whichever one fits him when he needs it

    • Jai
      Jai 3 hours ago

      you must hate your black african skin .

  • Joe Kerr
    Joe Kerr 4 hours ago

    It’s a shame this boy had no chance from the jump. A piece of shit mother, convict father, and soul less monster in his house. RIP young man.

  • JuJu and WamWams
    JuJu and WamWams 4 hours ago

    Just stop ✋🏻

  • Goat Sock
    Goat Sock 4 hours ago

    I swear the reporter for that news clip wanted to cry but was holding back. Rest easy Gabriel

  • Black Rifle
    Black Rifle 4 hours ago

    Popeyes should handout free HiPoints to people that go to their nasty ass establishments. Things will sort themselves out.

  • Elizabeth Salazar
    Elizabeth Salazar 4 hours ago

    On his school pictures he was all beat up im literally crying righ now

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    They scared of everything 🤦

  • caveman lovesmoke
    caveman lovesmoke 4 hours ago

    Poor kid even had a black eye in his school picture. While smiling all the while. Damn dude... Hope they burn in hell for what they did.

  • poe
    poe 4 hours ago

    Bubba is your typical male doglet ankle biting yapper.

  • Nick Spaloss
    Nick Spaloss 4 hours ago

    Where is the whistleblower?

  • Girl on A Bus
    Girl on A Bus 4 hours ago

    Fyck you Fedex

  • poe
    poe 4 hours ago

    Most of those dogs that have a history of violence cannot be rehabilitated like humans. 🤣

  • Kye
    Kye 4 hours ago

    Why are we wasting space on earth for these pieces of shit

  • poe
    poe 4 hours ago

    Lol, he said he does not tell the full story of the dogs, and it like a first date with humans.🤣 What a total imbecile, and a lunatic. All these so called dog lovers are blind, weird and nuts.

  • LovelyLovableBeautifulLina

    ☹️ poor pup.

  • Jessie Perdomo
    Jessie Perdomo 4 hours ago

    I am an Uber driver, driving all over LA Pasadena police has been the worst experience. I been pulled over twice in Pasadena for no reason. Just to check for my driver license? The worst part both times were Hispanic officers. They abuse the power of the badge. Hopefully the news media can do some digging investigation on those officers in Pasadena and even on the Chief. Idk if there is racial profile going on but definitely there is some type of discrimination going on Pasadena Police department. Hopefully someone will do some under cover investigation. There was a time when I used to feel protected when a police car was near me. Now I’m scared to be harassed by those who are supposed to protect and serve the community.

  • poe
    poe 4 hours ago

    She is pretty

  • wopalongcassidy
    wopalongcassidy 4 hours ago

    Wish I could see the whole video in order to form an intellectual opinion.

  • Super.saiyan.goku. TV

    I think the shooting was planned because there’s no blood and body view and body’s anywhere there was thousands of people with cameras in Las Vegas and cameras all over the casino so your telling me there’s no videos of blood and body’s also there’s not even a ambulance flying there’s no ambulance coming out from other areas none of those was happening this is false flag oppression I don’t see anything point to a massacre yet all I here is a bunch of people teologò and screaming and running there’s no body’s no blood no mogul flash no helicopters no ambulances and no video to tell me where these people are laying there should be body’s everywhere sorry if your offended by this I think something is off :/

  • 01stockton
    01stockton 4 hours ago

    I heard this story from my local news you liar!!

  • Girl on A Bus
    Girl on A Bus 4 hours ago

    That was bullshit!! Rights violated!!

  • Wilhelm von Vladisnoff

    Orange county is the worst.

  • phubans
    phubans 4 hours ago

    I would pay good money to torture people like this.

  • AlphaK91
    AlphaK91 4 hours ago

    Mandatory Bite history reporting for 2020. CA dog rescues take heed. QUIT LYING!!!

  • sillysinz
    sillysinz 4 hours ago

    gosh i really hope they get the shit beaten out of them every day while locked up

  • One Two
    One Two 5 hours ago


  • Reasonidowhatido
    Reasonidowhatido 5 hours ago

    Kill the witch !!!!

  • Destinee Mercer
    Destinee Mercer 5 hours ago

    Please don’t hurt these dogs they haven’t sone anything wrong!!!

  • Louie C
    Louie C 5 hours ago

    you cannot proof if fedex did it , what if the dog is old and sick already, that's why there's cameras everywhere now days , ring? nest? netgear arlo? now there will be lawsuit and i won't get my packages delivered on time anymore or there's going to be more lame policy or laws later about signature required only law ....... etc etc .

  • King Smokes
    King Smokes 5 hours ago

    Not all hero's wear capes.

    SEBASTION HAWK 5 hours ago

    I would be heartbroken and FURIOUS! lawsuit, Lawsuit, LAWSUIT!!! Imagine if it would have struck a toddler or an INFANT in the head- it could have killed such a person...

  • dushooter
    dushooter 5 hours ago

    They don't like the job they can leave. They don't stand out side where it is hot or where it rains. They are over paid as it is.

  • waaa _ge
    waaa _ge 5 hours ago

    When is there gonna be a life in torture sentence

  • Khadijah Jabarkhil
    Khadijah Jabarkhil 5 hours ago

    Absolutely disgusting how do they have the guts to do this to their own child seriously! What type of a messed up world do we live in.

  • jo s
    jo s 5 hours ago

    And the pig chief sees nothing wrong with it. That explains it all

  • wowgisselx3
    wowgisselx3 5 hours ago

    Majority of the comments I have read are heartless and don't you read between the lines? LA PD are you really doing your job ?? Is removing someone of the train using force necessary, let the girl live there are more important things to worry about then just feet on the train!

  • Jenelle Mccray
    Jenelle Mccray 5 hours ago

    The boy was so beautiful, I remember this story, I cried for weeks

  • steven burnham
    steven burnham 5 hours ago

    Oh the weather outside is frightful, but damn, she's so delightful.

  • GiVer
    GiVer 5 hours ago


  • Jimmy Pop
    Jimmy Pop 5 hours ago

    this is creepy

  • Soldier 2nd1
    Soldier 2nd1 5 hours ago

    Looks like there doing there job they explained what was happening 1st officer was hispanic the second guy looked like he was hopped up on drugs he clearly made a move on officers we all get stopped

      SEBASTION HAWK 3 hours ago

      @Adam if an officer tells you to come out of your car and put your hands behind your back, you DO it! Otherwise you put their life and YOURS on the line.

      SEBASTION HAWK 3 hours ago

      @Adam yes, they CAN; if an officer tells you to come out of your car and put your hands behind your back, you DO it! Otherwise you put their life and YOURS on the line.

    • Adam
      Adam 5 hours ago

      Soldier 2nd1 what was the reason for pulling him out of his car...hmm🤔

    • Adam
      Adam 5 hours ago

      Soldier 2nd1 cops can’t just pull people out of their car

    • Adam
      Adam 5 hours ago

      Soldier 2nd1 their* and you’re just going off assumptions

  • Adam
    Adam 5 hours ago

    Fed ex put a ridiculous quota on their drivers....fed ex is to blame

  • Adam
    Adam 5 hours ago

    Cops do as they please

  • erza scarlet
    erza scarlet 5 hours ago

    I hope they are tortured too

  • you you
    you you 5 hours ago

    Dangerous Sanctuary City unafraid.

  • John Sticher
    John Sticher 5 hours ago

    God looks at down at this world and thinks ‘I’m about crush all you fucking heartless cruel fuckfaces...I’ve had enough.’

  • H Hachem
    H Hachem 5 hours ago

    My God bless his soul....

  • The Music Land
    The Music Land 5 hours ago

    Harry didn’t know.

  • Jiren Grey
    Jiren Grey 5 hours ago


  • nailzius
    nailzius 5 hours ago

    Wrong tone Greg. Don't try to get somber later

  • Hawk 411
    Hawk 411 5 hours ago

    Chaos formula: Step 1)Establish a chain restaurant with good food, but shitty and incompetent staff. Small orders take forever, and when there is a rush of customers, every thing comes to a standstill. Step 2) Create an extremely desirable menu item that rivals one of the top chains on the US, with little to no marketing. Step 3) Unleash this Holy Grail upon every single location and watch as entire ghettos crash and burn in flames over a limited supply of fried chicken sandwiches.

  • prettycute andexpensive

    they have committed the worst acts possible, kill them in the worst way possible. burn them alive.

  • Nevergiveup
    Nevergiveup 5 hours ago

    Oh well, its just a dog get over it

  • You Make Me Laugh
    You Make Me Laugh 5 hours ago


  • Peter Y.
    Peter Y. 6 hours ago

    I can't believe those people stayed and ate after the incident. Who knows what else is in the kitchen, rat feces? Good thing the rat didn't fell in the meat grinder.

  • kalkeikuu kalkeikuu
    kalkeikuu kalkeikuu 6 hours ago

    ❤️🐕 😢

  • Just Kilowatts
    Just Kilowatts 6 hours ago

    Two wrongs don't make a right. The judge was childish. 🤦😤😒 Don't give the "death penalty" if you don't agree with murder. Makes you look sort of... 🤔 Stupid 🤷

  • DMoney Industry
    DMoney Industry 6 hours ago

    The message was sent using Xbox One chat message 🤪

  • Meek Rodriguez
    Meek Rodriguez 6 hours ago


  • a1seus
    a1seus 6 hours ago

    whats a ferret...? that's a ferret

  • Robert Wieczorek
    Robert Wieczorek 6 hours ago

    I totally missed the weather from 3 years ago, i gotta replay this

  • Space Catboy
    Space Catboy 6 hours ago


  • GreatWhite Sharkey
    GreatWhite Sharkey 6 hours ago