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  • Carolyn Watson
    Carolyn Watson 10 hours ago

    Just had my gallbladder removed 3 days ago by laparoscopic. I was nervous but I wanted to have the surgery because the pain is unbearable. I was in at 6 am and out by 8:30 am. It was like one minute I was asleep and the next minute I was awoke. The pain after surgery was bearable but the second day I had to take some pain meds. I am still on a liquid diet and all is going well. Each day I'm getting better and better thank God. I am so glad I got it done because if it became infected or ruptured that would have been life threatening. I didnt want that so surgery was my only option and I'm so glad I did it!!

  • rob peake
    rob peake 16 hours ago

    Had two open hernia operations both painful with lots of swelling took 6 weeks to get moving.. Just had lap hernia repair 3 small cuts.. Day 2 feeling lot better all ready minimum swelling

  • Rajani Atram
    Rajani Atram 23 hours ago

    Mera bhi pichale month me ye surgery Hui h, report normal h,bt Mera period abhi tk nhi aaya h Mai Kya karu pls reply me

  • Vishwanath Prasad

    Can i do fast after two weeks of my surgery

  • E FOOL
    E FOOL Day ago

    I’ll pass on the H1n1 shot just another government setup for the sheep people to follow

  • Faylina Meir
    Faylina Meir Day ago

    To anyone who might be curious if the rooms actually look like that the answer is yes :) I took a tour of the maternity ward and the rooms are bright, quiet, and look like the video. Everyone was nice!

  • Little Tubie Girl

    can you travel by air if you have a pituitary tumor?

  • Lisa Berlin
    Lisa Berlin 2 days ago

    I wish someone would listen to me and not just brush me off like here she is again. Every time I go to the ER they say what now? And call me a repeat offender. All the while I'm throwing up and in so much pain in upper stomach and left side. I feel like I'm dying. My GI just told me the other day that I have an abnormality on my pancreas and that's why I keep getting pancreatitis . He said nothing can be done and I have to live with it

  • Vincent Hammond
    Vincent Hammond 2 days ago

    Can't get a bonnet

  • Cresent and star
    Cresent and star 2 days ago

    Some of the worst times in my life were in the winter

  • Amie Cartwright
    Amie Cartwright 3 days ago

    Young life gone RIP angel flight high

  • Team Breezy
    Team Breezy 3 days ago

    8 and a half years ago i quit smoking and never looked back. I used to smoke a pack a day since i was 15. What i did was replace my nicotine addiction. And I became addicted to coffee. Before i quit smoking i never drank coffee so i drank 4 cups the next day and 4 cups ever since. But first before you do anything you need to ask yourself out of 100 how badly do you want to quit. If it is 99% or below then have a nice day and you can stop reading this comment because honestly the main reason smokers still smoke is because they want to. Because it isn’t the nicotine that bit is beatable. Its because deep down they like it and don’t really want to quit the cigarettes. My advice will be to do it cold turkey. Which means not taking any nicotine added products because If you do then you’re still addicted to nicotine but it just been replaced/transferred for example nicotine patch. Because you’re still giving your body a dose of nicotine and sooner than later you’ll be back on the cigarettes. Look I can’t promise you the first 3 months will be a walk but your body will no longer want nicotine. One day you will see a person walk by you with a cigarette and the smell of the smoke will disgust you and then you’ll feel even more sick that used to inhale that into your lungs. 🤢

  • Stacey Lynn
    Stacey Lynn 3 days ago

    Will hospitals hire you out of school? All I see in California is Certification but also with one year of experience required in job ads. Kind of hard to get if you are starting a new career.

  • Wyatt the goat/ Simp fam

    I’m twelve and have aa and had a transplant on aug 15

  • Vandana Singh
    Vandana Singh 5 days ago

    Hi mam, my T3 & T4 is normal but TSH is low its 0.028. Will it effect to cencive. Mam Plz help I am too much worried for the same

  • Amarpreet Kaur
    Amarpreet Kaur 5 days ago

    I had my surgery done 10 days ago and I started walking after 3 hours of operation. It was totally painless and I have my stitches removed 3 days ago. I eat anything I want and life is back to normal. Just relax and be brave. It is very simple procedure. All the best to anyone who will be going through this

  • Birjesh Gupta
    Birjesh Gupta 5 days ago

    आयुर्वेद जडीबुटी से सैकड़ों लोगों को पित्त व गुर्दे की पथरी बिना आपरेशन निकाली हैं मैंने गुर्दे की20 20 47mm पित्त की24x16,33x19,18x23, 17x8,11x8,27x13mm मात्र15से50दिन में निकाली हैं जो लोग गिरने से चोट लगने से पहले दर्दहुआ फिर चलना बंद हुआ।मात्र5दिन में फायदा होगा मै ब्रजेश कुमार गुप्ता मो.न.८४००५४०४६४ 8400540464 पेड खत्म, परिवार खत्म पेड लगाओ,आयु बढाओ हमारी सोच,, हमारी संस्कृति ,,🌱🌲🍁🍀☘,,,,,,,,,,भारत,,,,🌱🌲🌳🌾🍃🍂🍁

  • Dhoni Fans
    Dhoni Fans 6 days ago


  • Joseph
    Joseph 6 days ago

    I loveeee how they knock you out in seconds! I had surgery 3 times, and I like waking up confused. 🤣🤣

  • Monique Obedoza
    Monique Obedoza 6 days ago

    i had polyps since i was 17 or 18 and now i'm 19. I once went to a doctor but he said it's nothing so i believed him. He didn't give me medications or anything for my polyps. And now time to time i notice my polyps is getting bigger and i can feel the problem of breathing through my nose. now, i'm planning to see a doctor i hope he/she will be the honest and a real doctor.

  • StrangerThingsLover

    I’ve always wanted to shave my head.....idk why though

  • Candice Marie
    Candice Marie 7 days ago

    I have general anxiety and I’m so scared to do this in 6 days

    • Candice Marie
      Candice Marie 2 days ago

      isabelgranter 🙂 I did it today and it was fine. I have only a little aches. Mostly feel drowsy.

    • isabelgranter
      isabelgranter 4 days ago

      Candice Marie i have severe anxiety and was a nervous wreck prior to my surgery. I got it done in May and I am so happy. The recovery isnt too bad. You’ll be fine :)

  • Kring kring
    Kring kring 7 days ago

    How is the feeling during endoscopy any pain?

  • Charlie Beagle
    Charlie Beagle 8 days ago

    I’m healthy, should I get the flu shot or not?

    • Nebraska Medicine Nebraska Medical Center
      Nebraska Medicine Nebraska Medical Center 6 days ago

      Yes, definitely! Most everyone should get the flu shot. Even if you're healthy, you can get the flu, and if you do, it can be serious. The shot can prevent you from getting the flu and lessen its severity if you do happen to get it.

    • EricMoranFilms
      EricMoranFilms 6 days ago


  • Sarah Runkle
    Sarah Runkle 9 days ago

    I was super terrified going in but it was super easy! :) That was yesterday and I'm already up and moving.

    • Mustafa Alghazwani
      Mustafa Alghazwani 6 days ago

      how do feel right now? I hope that you are OK , I am writing this because I'm going to remove mine next Monday and I'm scared , also I'm scared that if I remove it I will be in pain for months because a lot of people said that

  • Heywire BEADs
    Heywire BEADs 9 days ago

    So cool that sounds the way I was explaining my stuff in my middle back and I have had stuff cut out and now I am really looking for info for my children and there children and at 44 two years ago. With straight up no ride to the doctor and having no family support. I got my thing cut out and tubes in and more than two months it took to get them out .and fap I have had this and didn't have any idea it would go there and my family are all high sugar. I know to much info I didn't look anything up till after I had surgery in February now . I want to explain this ever day on how son you got to see the doctor and he is 21 and no insurance. What do you do when going to the doctor don't since in.

  • Jo Monty
    Jo Monty 10 days ago

    I love hearing your story, your perky personality and the love of your family, especially your husband, he is a good man. I am 69 yrs. old, has an adult son with Autism, he is my lifeline. I drink plenty of Ginger tea with lemon or turmeric or and organic 100% honey. Turmeric kills cancer cells food source, ginger, lemon fight inflammation. Baking Soda alkaline your body if it too acidic. Cancer cells love acidic and a sugary sweet environment to thrive. Look up more info. I hope this help to keep you Cancer Free www. I need help to keep up with my supplements and special foods

  • Rayyan shah
    Rayyan shah 12 days ago

    What procedure is used, and does fibrin glue helped or not?

  • mary marys
    mary marys 12 days ago

    Masha Allah. May God bless the scientist, the doctors, surgeons and nurses and all that are involved in this procedure and any other procedures.

  • Ivan Ooze
    Ivan Ooze 12 days ago

    I had a picc line for 3 months(ty sepsis). Wish I would have watched this before. Mine went in at my elbow with a port. And getting it pulled out was a unique experience

  • Colleen Lingafelt
    Colleen Lingafelt 14 days ago

    Just had mine removed yesterday. This morning I had a cup of coffee with my breakfast and it was the first time in a year and a half that I didn’t have stomach discomfort from drinking it! So happy I had mine removed!

    • Ankit Kumar
      Ankit Kumar 6 days ago

      Hello sir apko kitne mm ka stone tha

  • ADHD
    ADHD 15 days ago

    Bernie Sanders had this operation

  • Cristian Daniel
    Cristian Daniel 15 days ago

    I reccomend do not remove your gallbladder look for other options to treat it u need your gallbladder cuz it stores bile..I had mine removed and now I'm having problem with liver cuz it overworked since my gallbladder is removed and the liver problem causing thyroid nodules to grow in my neck...which looks a bit like goiter.

    • Carolyn Watson
      Carolyn Watson 10 hours ago

      Trust me when you have a gallbladder attack the pain is unbearable. You have no other choice but to have it removed. I just got mine removed 3 days ago and my sister had hers removed about 15 yrs ago and she is doing great and her liver is working just fine. That is why they say limit your fat intake so your liver wont be compromised or work so hard to eliminate the fat

    • Nazoo Khan
      Nazoo Khan 11 days ago

      Oh no I have apointment on nov😥

  • K S
    K S 15 days ago

    God bless this family😇

  • charly32 32
    charly32 32 16 days ago

    Im no doctor, definitely nowhere smart enough to be a doctor but couldn't something be used to break up the plaque, letting it dissolve in the body to clear that artery.??

  • Carol Crudder
    Carol Crudder 16 days ago

    My heart literally broke watching this. God bless!

  • Andi Byron
    Andi Byron 17 days ago

    I can't believe the doctor were so dismissive

  • Doe/Idaho USA
    Doe/Idaho USA 17 days ago

    Old video? I had stent placed using artery in my arm. Recovery done in LaGrange, Illinois after heart attack on a plane (5hrs) then at hospital had to wait 24 hrs since I can not tolerate Iodine. Thanks to cardiologists at Adventist Lagrange Trauma Center & Firefighters who saved my life since SW Airlines could care less.

  • H B
    H B 17 days ago

    Also, preventative maintenance is best. Eat your almonds!

  • Chris topher
    Chris topher 17 days ago


  • James Daugherty
    James Daugherty 17 days ago

    Fantastic and informative video! It really helped me, a new crutch user after a severely sprained ankle. also, I love those Doc Martens! Aren't they the best nonslip shoes in the office? 10/10 awesome upload

  • Jude Dumatteo
    Jude Dumatteo 18 days ago

    life is so previous and take the time to love one another sorry for your loss peace be with the family

  • Ben Snider
    Ben Snider 18 days ago

    I have 3 leaks and apparently have even been dealing with multiple Plus ore injuries maybe for more than 2 decades. I literally throw up Pure snot. Becaus I also have collapsed septs so it all falls to My stomach

  • Ben Snider
    Ben Snider 18 days ago

    I throw up buckets of snot every morning I’m Not medicated I’ve been dealing with csf leaks possibly my whole life

  • everything here#
    everything here# 18 days ago

    What is the cost in Mumbai

  • Gray Fox Ninja _
    Gray Fox Ninja _ 19 days ago

    Why didn't they show me this at the hospital? My armpits and palms hurt so bad.

  • Santosh Joshi
    Santosh Joshi 19 days ago

    What exactly is Serotonin deficiency ?

  • legit boss
    legit boss 19 days ago

    What a precious gift of love to do.

  • siddharth singh
    siddharth singh 19 days ago

    Now felling happy to do those things

  • J2XG
    J2XG 20 days ago

    My left nostril has been blocked for almost 2 years maybe this is why

    • jamie campbell
      jamie campbell 20 days ago

      I'm the same mate, I just shined a torch up my nose and I think it's polyps as my airway if blocked with a lump... I've been sniffing like a made man for years.. Have a look up your nose

  • Stragrrius A
    Stragrrius A 21 day ago

    acute sinusitis 4 Weeks Subcute Sinusitis 6 Weeks Chronic Sinusitis 12 Weeks Recurrant Sinusitis 1 Year

  • Vikash Choudhary
    Vikash Choudhary 21 day ago

    Watch this video about Gallbladder Removal Surgery Side Effects -

  • Itsfredbeer
    Itsfredbeer 21 day ago


  • Frederique Lanoix
    Frederique Lanoix 21 day ago

    Luv luv luv

  • 奇諾
    奇諾 22 days ago

    1:59 for report :)

  • Okay
    Okay 23 days ago

    The mom thanking everyone on their last walk together made me cry really heavily. So much gratefulness and respect in such a devastating situation, those are the good people.

  • Shaji John
    Shaji John 25 days ago

    I too had undergone this procedure twice in 2012 & 2017. The first occasion was after a severe attack that took place during in a mid night. The second occasion when my flight got looped in a sky whirlpool by which my blood pressure raised to an uncontrolled stage which ultimately ultimately led to an heart congestion.

  • Kimberly Kestner
    Kimberly Kestner 26 days ago

    I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful precious son💞he is in heaven with God and you will see him again 💗❣️💓 God bless his family and friends 🦋💕💖

  • Scott Harris
    Scott Harris 26 days ago

    I had this done yesterday and I dont want to scare anyone but was the worst thing I have ever done ... I have trouble swallowing so I knew trying to swallow a camera would be a terrible idea ... I was gagging throughout the whole procedure and threw up soo much blood that they had to stop the procedure as the camera wouldnt go down my esophagus probably 🙄

  • Pamela Miller
    Pamela Miller 27 days ago


  • Sheree Hardin
    Sheree Hardin 27 days ago

    They can use mris!?!!?!

  • Carissa Courtney
    Carissa Courtney Month ago

    I don’t have a medical cruches so I use my moms old ones on the shortest level and tommorow I have school so

  • Rita Fatallah
    Rita Fatallah Month ago

    Wow amazing story. God bless all the medical staff involved. Wishing you a continuous happy and healthy life Todd!

  • Eduardo Lauren
    Eduardo Lauren Month ago

    I am so proud of the things i accomplished. .

  • N Peace
    N Peace Month ago

    Getting mine out in 1 week. Can't wait! Tired of being nauseous.

  • Benjo Porras
    Benjo Porras Month ago

    so sad.condolence to the family

  • cole kucirek
    cole kucirek Month ago

    I’m 19 and may have to get this done I’m really scared

  • chris bass
    chris bass Month ago

    I want this done but my doctor's haven't even mentioned it at all. I just got pancreatic enzymes after 2 years of constant pain.

  • Tim
    Tim Month ago

    Thank you soo much this was so inspirational🙌🏿 and it’s keeping me motivated for me and my son ❤️❤️

  • Wakinah Njue
    Wakinah Njue Month ago

    I have one lasting more than a year

  • Corinne Gow
    Corinne Gow Month ago

    I had my gallbladder removed last Thursday and was in hospital overnight and home the next day at lunch time

  • minju jayakumar
    minju jayakumar Month ago

    Thanku ..very useful vdo for learning

  • Chris Bernardo
    Chris Bernardo Month ago

    Mine will be removed in 6hrs from this writing..did they apply urinary catheter on you guys after the procedure? Heard from my friends that they had it..

    • Dana Terry
      Dana Terry Month ago

      I had mine removed this morning. I did not receive a urinary catheter

  • Zeeshan Shoukat
    Zeeshan Shoukat Month ago

    If the gall bladder is removed. Then how will be bile juice delivered to the intestine

    • Cristian Daniel
      Cristian Daniel 15 days ago

      directly from liver to the intestine...and your live has to overwork...which aswell lead to thyroid problems..and nodules

    • Jacque Thacker
      Jacque Thacker Month ago

      From what I've read, it's delivered directly from the liver to the intestine.

  • Pak Pak
    Pak Pak Month ago

    What is the risk in this surgry

  • hernar2
    hernar2 Month ago

    I had my laparoscopic surgery yesterday. It was a rough last night. Felt like someone was punching me in the gut every 5 minutes. The Percocet is helping to reduce the pain

    • Jacque Thacker
      Jacque Thacker Month ago

      @hernar2 I was given percocet before I left the hospital, and I took gas x that first night. It was four days ago and I haven't needed anymore pain meds.

    • N Peace
      N Peace Month ago

      @hernar2 I will do that. Thank you for the advice!

    • hernar2
      hernar2 Month ago

      Get Gas X tablets for the gas pain post surgery. It will eliminate the discomfort I felt

    • N Peace
      N Peace Month ago

      My dr prescribed Tramadol. I don't think it's gonna be much help when I get mine removed in a week. They are so paranoid with the opioids. But come on, this is surgery. I don't want to be in extra pain because they think I'll get addicted.

  • Teja Sai
    Teja Sai Month ago

    Where is hospital

  • srv Brave
    srv Brave Month ago

    I had my gall bladder removed 2 months back and I am absolutely 101% fine. It's the easiest surgery one can ever imagine.. If you have gall stones go for the laparoscopic surgery rather than going for a open surgery. Pain is minimal and recovery is faster. Life is normal and you can eat anything with a certain limit✌

  • bachplayer13
    bachplayer13 Month ago

    what if there is not any railings for stairs

  • Ayat Malik
    Ayat Malik Month ago

    I have question...If blood clot is present then why that clot is not removed?bellon just open the narrow artery and make easy blood flow but clot residue is still present there.Why don't you remove that clot?

  • Black Card
    Black Card Month ago

    Endoscopy is a procedure but not a treatment? Am i right? Cause i am kn trouble with my stomach im so worried

    • Black Card
      Black Card 15 days ago

      @Nel Shiro thank you sir Nel

    • Nel Shiro
      Nel Shiro 16 days ago

      Yes. It is a diagnostic procedure not a treatment.

  • Apple Kindley
    Apple Kindley Month ago

    i give my prayers to the family. bless you all.

  • Dale Montgomery
    Dale Montgomery Month ago

    I get my headshaved every year at children's hospital in MinneapolisMinnesota. I really love this event . Can't wait until 2020 event .

  • the cat
    the cat Month ago

    Im hoping oneday my son will recieve a intestine donor. He has very short intestine, he 6 years old and still fighting and smiling in order to live. God bless us

  • Minecrafter Girl
    Minecrafter Girl Month ago

    Thank you ☺️

  • Heather Purtell
    Heather Purtell Month ago

    What is it that you do

  • Neil Benjamin
    Neil Benjamin Month ago

    Hello Jim Daake, I'm LVAD patient Jim, had mine implanted in 2015, and on the Transplant list, changed my life for the better, had a few ups and downs, but mostly ups, everything's good at the moment, it's been hard adjusting to the changes in my life, but I'm still working on it, as they say Rome wasn't built in a day, I do hope you recieved the good news you've been waiting for Jim, if so I wish you and your family all the very Best in life and you're future Jim, you're a TOP MAN JIM, Thankyou, God Bless.

  • DaileyDoodle
    DaileyDoodle Month ago

    I broke my toe yesterday this video helped a-lot thanks😂😂

  • elizabeth brown
    elizabeth brown Month ago

    My grandpa who I’ve never met had it and passed away. My mom has it and she’s lost soooo much weight. It breaks my heart! She has 4 kids now I’ve just had a son and my sister as well. Im obviously worried but this truly makes me happy that you’re close to finding a potential cure! I want to truly thank y’all for your hard work and dedication ! Bc without this information I wouldn’t be in a good place! I pray everyday that y’all find a cure! God bless all of y’all !❤️

  • josh
    josh Month ago

    My mom has to have this done Wednesday and I'm really worried :(

    • Be Kind
      Be Kind Month ago

      How is she? Hope all is well.

    • josh
      josh Month ago

      @Zen vir thank you! This made me feel a lot better! ☺

    • Zen vir
      Zen vir Month ago

      Good luck to your mom buddy. My uncle had this procedure a few weeks ago, he says it was very safe and he was even relieved within 15 hours from hospital.

    • Anil Kumar
      Anil Kumar Month ago

      Don't worry , all will be good. Make sure you maintain healthy diet

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor Month ago

    I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia in 2014 at age 48. I was rushed to emergency and basically told I could die at any moment. The nurse said we don't understand how your still alive because you hemoglobin is 2.0 ( I'm actually the first case and only case in the USA surviving at 2.0) . I didn't know what that meant but I said; okay it's okay if I die I'm good with it. Lol. It was a long healing process for me. But I kept a good attitude and trusted that GOD was in control. I was pronounced cured 2 years later...I'm happy that you lived...Keck Hospital of USC in Los Angeles CA. Is where I had my treatment.

    • Nathan Taylor
      Nathan Taylor 19 days ago

      @Cannon Ball Kool. Nice to know. Thanks.

    • Cannon Ball
      Cannon Ball 19 days ago

      BITTER (not sweet) Apricot seeds which contain b17 cures all types of bone marrow diseases. God has placed a cure for every disease known to man on this earth. God bless brother

  • Sunil
    Sunil Month ago

    मेरे 6 साल के लड़के को आँतों में दर्द रहने लगा था और उसका वह दर्द बढ़ता ही जा रहा फिर मैंने उसकी जाँच करवाई और जाँच में पता चला वह हर्निया से ग्रसित है फिर मैंने उसको प्लेनेट आयुर्वेदा के वरा चूर्ण और चित्रकादि वटी के अलावा कुछ अन्य आयुर्वेदिक औषधियों का सेवन कराया और उनके 3 महीने के इस्तेमाल से ही मेरा लड़का ठीक हो गया ।

  • Anwar Shamim
    Anwar Shamim Month ago

    My Mother is having TVCAD (Tri vessel Coronary Disease) in other words have her three vessels critically blocked and two partially. She had yesterday this procedure (Angioplasty), three Stents were installed and the rest of the procedure is going to be on coming monday. Doctors (from Surgery) had not recommended her bypass operation. if some one can please tell, will this method (PCI/Stenting) work for her. She is diabatic and physically not that fit. Also, when her this procedure completes, which she able walk even on staircases ?

    • Anil Kumar
      Anil Kumar Month ago

      I guess there won't be any problem. Stunt can help. My grandma is undergoing this Friday... September 5

  • Genecop Coppola
    Genecop Coppola Month ago

    Had it done yesterday, a little rough, my blockage was glass like, hard..I felt the expansion...OK now, Thanks God

  • Tea
    Tea Month ago

    Daisy is a beautiful girl she was so amazing and bright

  • Tea
    Tea Month ago

    Daisy was such a amazing girl love you Daisy flower♥️

  • M Mitral
    M Mitral Month ago

    May god make my father well. He has CABG tmrw. Thank u for the interesting video.

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky Month ago

    You have beautiful hands!

  • Shelley Buchholtz

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  • George Alderson
    George Alderson Month ago

    Thank you for this interesting video. I suppose using the saphenous vein for the graft will mean that the patient will not be troubled by varices at a later date! I wondered if the diseased coronary artery is left in situ and whether it simply atrophies away? Blessings and peace