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  • Jayden Collins
    Jayden Collins 26 minutes ago

    Instead of air it’s a Cat go to petco to get food

  • the under taker Dead man
    the under taker Dead man 27 minutes ago

    Can you put to me to OK My friend

  • Lazarus Castillo
    Lazarus Castillo 28 minutes ago

    Jojos Bizzare.... asmr?

  • We Skeem
    We Skeem 31 minute ago

    Day 21 asking for Mrs Doubtfire role play

  • GachaKitten
    GachaKitten 31 minute ago

    Jojo: “that’s a long name!” Also Jojo: *”my name is Dr. diddly langlang chang chee ming dennis joe mama”*

  • Sebastien Hebert
    Sebastien Hebert 32 minutes ago

    Jojo actually 360 no scopes stress

  • Donovan De La Cerda
    Donovan De La Cerda 33 minutes ago

    16:24 *AND I OOP*

  • Liqht
    Liqht 34 minutes ago

    I feel bad for anyone who can’t speak English so they don’t know what you or the comments are saying

  • Silver676
    Silver676 35 minutes ago

    @Jojo's ASMR Can you pin my timestamps comment again? You had done it before and I went to fix a mistake I had and I forgot that USclip unpins your comment if you edit it. If not it is OK. I am happy to have even had it pinned and liked by you for just a little bit of time

  • The Sandman
    The Sandman 36 minutes ago

    Upload more on your non ASMR channel! (Also, I love the content you make!)

  • Air Ninja
    Air Ninja 39 minutes ago

    Jojo vs. Gibi ASMR

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan 40 minutes ago

    Obligatory Jojo reference

  • tina f
    tina f 40 minutes ago

    What if he did a jjba roleplay

  • Angel0TheAvoc4do
    Angel0TheAvoc4do 41 minute ago

    Just Monica. d=(´▽`)=b

  • Ricardo Toribio
    Ricardo Toribio 43 minutes ago


  • Todoroki 872
    Todoroki 872 44 minutes ago

    I wonder what the financial hair cut looks like

  • JrTheBot
    JrTheBot 45 minutes ago

    In the back round I hear him making noise

  • Joey Hoey69
    Joey Hoey69 47 minutes ago

    This bets not be a mukbang

  • Manning Goes Gaming

    How about worst reviewed asmrtist

  • Charles Swift
    Charles Swift Hour ago

    This works

  • Jeremy Baun
    Jeremy Baun Hour ago

    what is intro song on piano called

  • Meroh
    Meroh Hour ago

    Jojo: 99.99% of you will fall asleep... 99.99%: *reading the comments*

  • Privial
    Privial Hour ago

    I really liked the brushes trigger, and the forks, ngl.

  • MoodyBlues
    MoodyBlues Hour ago

    Worst reviewed Deborah.

  • Akio
    Akio Hour ago

    In another dimension Jojo was a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes

  • clarion 23
    clarion 23 Hour ago

    Well if your brain is a male then…

  • Caden Gentry
    Caden Gentry Hour ago

    "Yea The Janitor. Yea I Havent Seen Him In A While He Probably Died In There" Me: ............*Leaves*

  • Maria Huerta
    Maria Huerta Hour ago

    Best asmr video

  • Akio
    Akio Hour ago

    Jojo, you have to do a JJBA roleplay

  • Akio
    Akio Hour ago

    0:00-0:42 My mom with the cleaner after I cough

  • Jayde Oswalt
    Jayde Oswalt Hour ago

    Bruh shut up you gave us an extra second as a bonus :0

  • Melanie Delgado
    Melanie Delgado Hour ago

    LOL! your coping ma boy owen (dennis asmr)

  • Puppet Time
    Puppet Time Hour ago

    Okay, honestly guys. The amount of bravery and confidence to post this stuff is incredible. I mean you could have a TON of people judge you for this stuff! So mad respect for you bro. Also, sir I fell asleep to this twice. (not that I'm counting...)

  • Jayde Oswalt
    Jayde Oswalt Hour ago


  • Chase Smith
    Chase Smith Hour ago

    Ok so imagine this... I’m like heck yea Jojo posted! Then for the first time I think I get tingles but no it was just a.... L a d y B u g and it made me sad.

  • Aca
    Aca Hour ago

    Seb is best

  • The Yato God
    The Yato God Hour ago

    When u just need a haircut but your barber hits you with water in a container

  • Adrine Marie Adonis

    I dont get ASMR:<

  • Mario Testa
    Mario Testa Hour ago

    Like si veniste a ver qué decían los comentatios

  • The Minecraft Master

    You forgot Marno ☹️

  • Jaycob Mendez
    Jaycob Mendez Hour ago

    Need help going to sleep

  • Jaycob Mendez
    Jaycob Mendez Hour ago

    Tingles what are they

  • SeNpAI wIlL NeVer NOtIcE yOu

    2:14 jojos bizarre food adventure

  • Ghost_Toast
    Ghost_Toast Hour ago

    Worst review minecraft coach

  • This is spood 8005

    day 1 of asking for jojo Q&A

  • Willz Filmz
    Willz Filmz Hour ago

    Subscribe to jojo or I'll delete your epic games account

  • Millie Roche
    Millie Roche 2 hours ago

    Imagine jojo doing that when giving someone an actual haircut

  • Tyna G
    Tyna G 2 hours ago

    Day 11 of asking jojo for a a gardener role play

  • hyper_ gaming
    hyper_ gaming 2 hours ago

    1$ was the best mic

  • πiens
    πiens 2 hours ago

    What's your favourite colour my guy

  • Asmr with Stylz
    Asmr with Stylz 2 hours ago

    This is dope bro really appreciate the help

  • Joseph Stratton
    Joseph Stratton 2 hours ago

    No one: Fish trigger 54

  • Sky RSx27
    Sky RSx27 2 hours ago

    14:50 i feel like he is gonna watch me sleep

  • Arcticphantom9
    Arcticphantom9 2 hours ago

    What’s his name?

  • Sebastian Pena
    Sebastian Pena 2 hours ago

    JoJo's Mom: don't ever play with scissors Jojo:

  • Finley Rodgers
    Finley Rodgers 2 hours ago

    Ur super good omg!!!!! My friend and I listened to you at a party and fell asleep!!!!

  • SeNpAI wIlL NeVer NOtIcE yOu

    Bold of you to assume I have a brain

  • Josh Harworth
    Josh Harworth 2 hours ago

    I got a lot of tingles

  • HARMONY fidow
    HARMONY fidow 2 hours ago

    this is the best

  • Matthew Burkett
    Matthew Burkett 2 hours ago

    I see why the plane is empty. Its worst reviewed

  • SeNpAI wIlL NeVer NOtIcE yOu

    Day 569 of asking for jojo bizarre adventure asmr

  • spookyboii 1
    spookyboii 1 2 hours ago


  • Only Lonely Me
    Only Lonely Me 2 hours ago

    Litterally noone Jojo: **thinks my nose is 9 inches wide**

  • Caucasian Blazian
    Caucasian Blazian 2 hours ago

    2021: People looking for likes: *I haven’t even *STARTED* the video and I have so many tingles all over 🤤 🤤 🤤❤️❤️❤️

  • Joseph Stratton
    Joseph Stratton 2 hours ago

    No matter how tingly this is nothing can simulate the feeling of that little buzzed on the back of your neck

  • Dino _YT
    Dino _YT 2 hours ago

    Look at me making a original comment :D Like or I find ur cookies

  • Owen Drury
    Owen Drury 2 hours ago

    These really trigger me

  • SunBurn
    SunBurn 2 hours ago

    Idea : worst fitness trainer and worst lawyer

  • Mint Leaf
    Mint Leaf 2 hours ago

    Is your name a Jojo Reference?!?! Nani?!

  • katy rutherford
    katy rutherford 2 hours ago

    "that's a nice earring, where'd you get it? oh yeah that's- i don't really care"

  • PowerPlug YouTube
    PowerPlug YouTube 2 hours ago

    Is this video going quick cause I left the play back speed in 2x? 😂 (me trying to me a joke😓)

  • PowerPlug YouTube
    PowerPlug YouTube 2 hours ago

    I love how the shaver from the thumbnail wasn’t used at all throughout the vid 🤨🧐

  • PowerPlug YouTube
    PowerPlug YouTube 3 hours ago

    Watch this on playback speed 2, it’s a much different asmr

  • Stone Age
    Stone Age 3 hours ago

    Dislike, I’m still awake after 10 seconds

  • Suzanne
    Suzanne 3 hours ago

    This man’s future children will never stay up all night screaming.

  • Adi Bossul magic
    Adi Bossul magic 3 hours ago


  • Jack Doucette
    Jack Doucette 3 hours ago

    No one : Jojo: *drinks paint water*

  • purpleguyxgaming x
    purpleguyxgaming x 3 hours ago

    You were my first asmrist Aww... good memories

  • obscure Paper bag
    obscure Paper bag 3 hours ago

    I now have brain damage for my brain has melted

  • Agera GAMING
    Agera GAMING 3 hours ago

    1:14:00 is a nice little trick.

  • Fran Platypus
    Fran Platypus 3 hours ago

    Who is Dr.Diddly-Langlang-Chang-Chee-Ming-Dennis-Joe-Mama

  • Mr. Jeff
    Mr. Jeff 3 hours ago

    The guy speaking isn’t relaxing its just even more stressful

  • Honey_Vibes1435 Boatswain

    Number 7 or number 8 what do u pick? 🤣 15:23

  • inur face
    inur face 3 hours ago

    Imagine getting paid for constantly whispering "Tingles tingles tingles tingles." Into a microphone. Edit: I just realised that this video was uploaded 2 years ago so I'm not gonna get any likes. 😥

  • Francisco Barceló
    Francisco Barceló 3 hours ago

    Nothing better than smoke weed and watch jojo’s videos in your bed👏👏

  • katelyn amezquita
    katelyn amezquita 3 hours ago


  • Serenity LOCKWOOD
    Serenity LOCKWOOD 4 hours ago

    slowly becoming dennis asmr...

  • Ultra Instinct Shagy

    Diddly-Langlang-Chang-Chee-Ming-Dennis-Joe-Mama: youll be out for about 7 weeks me: LoOkS lIKe Im HaViNg A hAnGoVer!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!11111

  • Farmer Ontel
    Farmer Ontel 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or is anyone elts watching this is 2019 December? I’m only watching and listening to this because of the rubber case

  • Kelly Kolsch
    Kelly Kolsch 4 hours ago

    An oldie but a goodie

  • ゴールデン
    ゴールデン 4 hours ago

    i i t i th i thi i thin i think i think t i think th i think the i think the l i think the li i think the lit i think the litt i think the littl i think the little i think the little p i think the little pi i think the little pil i think the little pill i think the little pillo i think the little pillow makes a nice sound... i got bored

  • Hsa 5782
    Hsa 5782 4 hours ago


  • sugan y sus pendejadas

    Me recuerda al cantante de sub urban

  • Hugo Petch
    Hugo Petch 4 hours ago

    cured my tingle impotence

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi 4 hours ago

    At 1 million subscribers make a jojo roleplay

  • Daxh
    Daxh 4 hours ago

    11:08 squidward has a pp🥵🥵🥵

  • Official Panda
    Official Panda 4 hours ago

    *my phone is at 9 percent and I’m way to tired to go plug it in*

  • Official Panda
    Official Panda 4 hours ago

    Day 124 of asking for a shrek role play

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 4 hours ago

    I am officially top comment

  • Miilo
    Miilo 5 hours ago

    What would his neibors think if they sen him scralfha