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  • DethKlaus
    DethKlaus 2 hours ago

    There's something about the promise of an amazing trailer like this, knowing now that the movie does a fantastic job of delivering on it, that is very triumphant and moving.

  • dat boi
    dat boi 2 hours ago

    I saw rotten tomato give low ranting.. and I usually skip to see this movie because of that.. but seen alot of positive review everywhere.. and I decide to watch it.. holly fuk! The best origin of joker ever, he feel like a joker and not like leto joker shit... The character is surereal

  • Jeff Mitchell
    Jeff Mitchell 2 hours ago

    I got back from seeing a social worker just now and the meeting left me feeling a bit like Arthur Fleck. On the way out I mentioned the film to the receptionist and she said that she really liked it lol. She was much older than me.

  • Sebastian Zmener
    Sebastian Zmener 2 hours ago

    La película todavía no la ví. Peor lloro de lo bien que está hecho este trailer.

    JOSE AJHA 2 hours ago

    I think this film is much better than Avenger : End Game

  • Carter Moore
    Carter Moore 2 hours ago

    All I have are negative THOTS

  • Galilea Villarreal
    Galilea Villarreal 2 hours ago


  • Jonathan Anthony
    Jonathan Anthony 2 hours ago

    This looks like it's going to be really bad

  • Lena Colling
    Lena Colling 2 hours ago

    0:48 I love this song

  • King Kong
    King Kong 2 hours ago

    Joker is a representation of what many people in this world are, feel, think and do under the table.

  • Rope Neck
    Rope Neck 2 hours ago

    Can i get likes for no reason?

  • King Kong
    King Kong 2 hours ago

    Joker is a representation of what many people in this world are, feel, think and do under the table.

  • mauricio madrid
    mauricio madrid 2 hours ago

    You really get me hyped when you use Edith Piaf music.

  • Josh B.
    Josh B. 2 hours ago

    It all makes sense. This is the Joker that we all been waiting for.

  • Sentry service Service

    We miss you Heath this movie sucked

  • Cristian Garcia
    Cristian Garcia 2 hours ago

    Me at 2:00 when my teammate on cod says there was a person on my.left and they were really on my right....-.- the bastards

  • Manuel Carranza
    Manuel Carranza 2 hours ago

    Last jumpscare AHHH! FUCK!- dad:WHAT U SAY!? Me : nothing...

  • Byron James
    Byron James 2 hours ago

    usclip.net/video/Uk7MdKMfypM/video.html Link to the inspiration for his Joker laugh... is no laughing matter...so painful to watch... What a performance in this movie, still can't get it out of my head

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 2 hours ago

    So beautiful.. this short clip evokes such deep emotion. Can’t wait to see this and hear the new material

  • C.I.A
    C.I.A 3 hours ago

    *This encourages and promotes violence*

    • Jeff Mitchell
      Jeff Mitchell 2 hours ago

      Have you thought about defecting to AWD? I heard they're planning a big event next year.

  • Miners T&B
    Miners T&B 3 hours ago

    69 mil views, nice.

  • David Gerstein
    David Gerstein 3 hours ago

    Frankenstein created his monster. Society created their joker.

    • Jeff Mitchell
      Jeff Mitchell 2 hours ago

      Every society gets the Jokers it deserves.

  • Lavado Alexia
    Lavado Alexia 3 hours ago

    Why so serius...? -Joker 2008-

  • K K
    K K 3 hours ago

    This movie made me think a lot、、 I didn't know he is a weak person

  • HotShotVQ35
    HotShotVQ35 3 hours ago

    Melissa McCarthy ruins everything.. This is a total flop

  • mrbubetube
    mrbubetube 3 hours ago

    as a diehard fan of The Shining, I have to say that trailer looked like shit. I'll wait for everyone else to take the hit first, I'm not going to go see it.

  • uncle Poobie
    uncle Poobie 3 hours ago

    Out of this lil boy head

  • ilkay Demirdelen
    ilkay Demirdelen 3 hours ago

    Marvel: Are you in danger? Dc DC: No, no I am not in danger, marvel. I AM THE DANGER!!!

  • The Watchful Hunter
    The Watchful Hunter 3 hours ago

    They wanted to call this 'NUTS!' but that was already taken. Hey Barb, we still love you.

  • Raider Warrior
    Raider Warrior 3 hours ago

    I’d like to see part 2 with Joaqin playing as the joker throughout the whole movie and not Arthur.

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall 3 hours ago

    What I love most about his laugh is you can tell it's missing something

  • Execution Critic
    Execution Critic 3 hours ago

    It’s really the girls who liked jared leto’s joker and Harley Quinn. If it would be Heath Ledger’s Joker and Harley, it would be a different story 😂

  • Mohamad Romzi Sungkar


  • kaiju 3124
    kaiju 3124 3 hours ago

    This trailer is epiiiiiccc!!!

  • Ali Akbor
    Ali Akbor 3 hours ago

    whatever DC is shit

  • momopup01
    momopup01 3 hours ago

    She is so cringy

  • Cho Koon
    Cho Koon 3 hours ago

    1:42 *movie* 1:45

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 3 hours ago

    What kind of coward would do something that cold-blooded? Someone who denies Oscar to Joaquin.

  • Hana Ratnam
    Hana Ratnam 3 hours ago

    I dnt know i will ever stop watching this trailer! Its mindblowing!

  • Awnity
    Awnity 3 hours ago

    I feel like I missed something because when he called himself "Joker" for the first time, it seemed like it came out of nowhere. I wondered how he came up with it o:

  • James Ambrocio
    James Ambrocio 3 hours ago

    Everybody else wants to be Marvel these days. Everything is rehashed, rebooted or turned into a sequel. Jesus fucking christ.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 3 hours ago

    What kind of coward would do something that cold-blooded? Someone who denies Oscar to Joaquin.

  • Execution Critic
    Execution Critic 3 hours ago

    Trailer looks good cause of the short lines of Harley but im gonna guess this will be trash kinda like the first time we saw the suicide squad trailer. DCEU script writing is terrible. DC Tv series better

  • DJ Johnny Blaze
    DJ Johnny Blaze 3 hours ago

    Welcome to the Oscars 2020..... And the WINNER for BEST ACTOR in a movie Is.....🙂

  • LiyahM
    LiyahM 3 hours ago

    Might watch Joker this week. Can the people who have already watched it leave their opinion of the film below?

    • Jeff Mitchell
      Jeff Mitchell 2 hours ago

      Really dark, not much action, focusses on mainly one guy.

  • Pozza42 _YT
    Pozza42 _YT 3 hours ago

    Soy yo o cada ves estoy mas retorcido psicologica y mental mente

  • Pedro Linhares Filho

    Já assisti...

  • mr unknown
    mr unknown 3 hours ago


  • Teethe Bone
    Teethe Bone 3 hours ago

    I think the way many Americans quickly turned on Richard showed our societies' inherent biases against people we consider 'weird' or not fitting the mold of a good looking, likable person. The fact is, Richard Jewell probably turned a lot of people off because of his appearance and mannerisms. He was overweight, wanted to be a cop, socially awkward 'bumpkin' to many, still lived with his mom as he approached his mid 30's, etc. It's easy now in hindsight to blame the media, FBI, etc., but what about the public who turned on him right away? Why should they be off the hook on how Jewell's name was drug through the mud?

  • Ninja-Wizard
    Ninja-Wizard 3 hours ago

    What a shit movie.

  • Bryan Nguyen
    Bryan Nguyen 3 hours ago

    Who watching the trailer after they already saw the movie? 😂

  • Fanboy1
    Fanboy1 3 hours ago

    1:36 hold on wait.... is that what I think it is in the background..... is that a rwby poster

  • who am I
    who am I 3 hours ago

    So Arthur is the first joker

  • DogamesZ
    DogamesZ 3 hours ago

    This is what the CGI and a budget of 400 million dollars cannot do.

  • J C
    J C 4 hours ago

    Trailers remind me of premature ejaculation

    CRYNEK 4 hours ago

    (Black panther) holds 88 at Metacritic (Joker) holds 59...... Me:- Is it just me or it’s getting crazier out there?!

  • Ariela Strombeck
    Ariela Strombeck 4 hours ago

    boy like almost every scene fades to black

  • Nashton Norton
    Nashton Norton 4 hours ago

    69 mil views ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • drippy pollo
    drippy pollo 4 hours ago

    When he said "uaaaaaa" I felt that

  • Tim Higgins
    Tim Higgins 4 hours ago

    This preview just saved me 12 euros.

  • Nashton Norton
    Nashton Norton 4 hours ago

    Spoilers ahead: They should’ve added Arthur being pushed down the stairs after being punched by Thomas Wayne.

    LHUIBERT SANDE 4 hours ago

    Is this a sequel or a reboot

  • Regina Rossetti
    Regina Rossetti 4 hours ago

    Wow. Just wow..

  • tyshika111
    tyshika111 4 hours ago

    So this ties in to the shining? (Please be nice! Never read the book, just watched the movies).

  • Cloudjumper Music
    Cloudjumper Music 4 hours ago

    Love the Dies Irae

  • Shaheen OfAncapistan

    Fuck Whedon

  • williamsij25
    williamsij25 4 hours ago

    I wish every man could experience the horrors of war so that we would all appreciate the value of life.

  • I’ll meet Katy Perry

    *This is gonna be successful as despacito but like“ movies version“* 😅

  • Jordan Harper
    Jordan Harper 4 hours ago

    Please don’t ruin this book. 🙏🏼

  • 604koba
    604koba 4 hours ago

    this movie makes me feel bad for the joker

    • Boel B
      Boel B 4 hours ago

      It was very sad in the beginning

  • Matthew Steinke
    Matthew Steinke 4 hours ago

    I didn't really like the finished film as much as I was hoping, but this trailer still is wonderful. Kudos to the people that worked on it!

  • ScoobWRX04
    ScoobWRX04 4 hours ago

    I feel like only .03% of the comments read the book and the rest either didnt even know the book has been out for a few years.

  • L.A. Hensley
    L.A. Hensley 4 hours ago


  • Ali Sayed Hck
    Ali Sayed Hck 4 hours ago

    Say this with me If Joaquin doesn’t win Oscar We riot!!!!

  • Ali Sayed Hck
    Ali Sayed Hck 4 hours ago

    Say this with me If Joaquin doesn’t win Oscar We riot!!!

    • Boel B
      Boel B 4 hours ago

      Look at the Oscar's Instagram, they posted about joker, also alot of osacr voters are saying it might win best picture

  • Davih Mainardes
    Davih Mainardes 4 hours ago


  • Sally Marshall
    Sally Marshall 4 hours ago

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  • TakTak
    TakTak 5 hours ago

    It was so great!

  • ReactZero
    ReactZero 5 hours ago

    I started a joke which started the whole world crying But I didn't see that the joke was on me oh no I started to cry which started the whole world laughing Oh if I’d only seen that the joke was on me

  • kpop lover
    kpop lover 5 hours ago

    Joker is worth more than this

  • Get ‘em Alfonso!
    Get ‘em Alfonso! 5 hours ago

    Looks like another completely unnecessary, vastly inferior sequel. Hollywood has truly run out of ideas

    • colliric
      colliric 3 hours ago

      The sequel novel is absolutely superb..... So there's hope!

  • j lgaming
    j lgaming 5 hours ago

    "I used to think marvel was a comedy...but now I realize it's a tradegy"

  • Gaming With Lukas
    Gaming With Lukas 5 hours ago

    These McDonalds commercials are getting out of hand.

  • I Am The Marble
    I Am The Marble 5 hours ago

    Wish I could relive this trailer and the film for the first time again

  • j lgaming
    j lgaming 5 hours ago

    This movie really shows alot about our society today

  • Haylla2008
    Haylla2008 5 hours ago

    I don't know. After watching Joker, this looks like it's going to be soulless in comparison.

  • Lorena Tomas Ruíz
    Lorena Tomas Ruíz 5 hours ago

    Oh my god....Joaquín the Oscar is yours this year, the movie is fantastic, surprising for a good understanding of everything behind a human being in pain, and Joaquín...amazing just amazing...❤️

  • Sanji San
    Sanji San 5 hours ago

    usclip.net/video/YzzqjQb0F-s/video.html draw

  • Investor Jess
    Investor Jess 5 hours ago

    Movie is freaking wack!!

  • aquele lá
    aquele lá 5 hours ago

    Watched it today. I have no words to say. Simply amazing

  • Παντελης Αντωνοπουλος

    I remember Joker as an outcast with a twisted sense of humor, not a weak parent murderer that fights against rights of the poor. I believe this movie (like many others and games) promotes civil unrest which pushes in the direction of war within the US borders.

  • Παντελης Αντωνοπουλος

    You coward pseudovictim! You killed them cause they were beating you up, NOT cause they were rich! Yet you pull a ‘Homer’ and enjoy the accidental ride pretending to be a rebel of the people...

  • George Washington
    George Washington 5 hours ago

    I honestly don't really like DC, but this fucking movie seems like a masterpiece and i can't wait to see it!

  • Atrux1
    Atrux1 5 hours ago

    1:09 : that music theme! You did a great job on this!

  • marky jay
    marky jay 6 hours ago

    What's your name? I'm Bruce

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 6 hours ago

    When I was a little kid,everybody use to like me.Well no one is liking me now😭😭😭😭

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 6 hours ago

    I'm so glad I decided to watch this after already seeing the movie. This trailer spoils quite a good bit of the movie. Regardless, if you haven't seen it yet I highly advise you too. 9.8/10 bloody excellent movie.

  • Dilara Ergezen
    Dilara Ergezen 6 hours ago


  • Daniella Ortiz
    Daniella Ortiz 6 hours ago

    How come when he's not joker he looks unhealthy but when he's joker, he looks healthy 😅😅

  • Iker Bartolomé
    Iker Bartolomé 6 hours ago

    Worst movie ever he didn't say “we live in a society”. 0/10