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  • VchecK
    VchecK Hour ago

    reminds me a little of Russell Wilson

  • David Ortega
    David Ortega Hour ago 🤣😂😂🤣

  • Matt Scarey
    Matt Scarey Hour ago

    Funny how the first guy says its gonna be about Trevor Lawrence. And not the other way around bc Justin Fields hasn't been their before. But wasn't Lawrence in the same position last year in his first year. These 2 QBs have played each other in high school. And they are now playing each other on the big stage. Its gonna be about which defense can stop the other. Ppl talk about Clemson having the run and pass, but yet we have great receivers also. But we have one of the best rbs in all of college football. If their was 4 seats at the heisman Dobbins might have been the 4th seat behind his 2 other teammates. No clemson wont be easy. But this Ohio State team is better than the ones that clemson beat in the past.

  • Eli Smith
    Eli Smith Hour ago

    This man drank the same water that I do. I only live like 10 miles away from this guy's hometown. This man inspires me.

  • Oliver McCall
    Oliver McCall Hour ago

    Of course the white SEC player wins, talk about privilege and bias

  • Paul Young
    Paul Young Hour ago

    OSU fans are quaking rn.

  • Impeach Individual-1

    Please kick his a$$ that is all we’re asking Usman!!!

  • Pinky Toe
    Pinky Toe Hour ago

    First the home alone Movies, Then Richie Rich and now Macaulay Culkins a Hiesman Throphy winner. 👏🏾 👏🏾

  • TMK Pulse
    TMK Pulse Hour ago

    Why they put breaking news it’s the most obvious thing this year well deserved trophy tho

  • Anthony Campos
    Anthony Campos Hour ago

    Covingtons got nothing on Ricardo Mayorga.

  • eleventh house of zenith 30

    Miami need to trade 2 first round picks to the Bengals and grab chase young

  • Kevin Macky
    Kevin Macky Hour ago

    That's my boy. Straight up. He speaks his mind.

  • Sean
    Sean Hour ago

    Joe Burrow should be Drew Brees successor at the Saints.

    • fqexpat
      fqexpat Hour ago

      ooooh, man! If only we could do that, but there's less than no chance. It'd be nice though. Gooo Saints, and Geaux Tigers!

  • Danny Garcia
    Danny Garcia Hour ago

    Been a great season for college football, Hard work and dedication does pay off...

  • Increase Kru
    Increase Kru Hour ago

    My 4 year old granddaughter could get a scholarship as a wide receiver to either one of these organizations, she would finish with the same amount of catches as their wide receivers, Zero.

  • Kevin N
    Kevin N Hour ago

    He didn’t leave Ohio State, Ohio State left him. Ohio State likes black quarterbacks. Way to go white boy! Better than any black Ohio State players lolol

  • Sandra Young
    Sandra Young Hour ago

    Now the next level,young man seen you play and you should makeit

  • Adon Yisrael
    Adon Yisrael Hour ago

    Okay, come on Navy quarterback, you can't be a ball hog!!! You have your other players to run the ball! 😕

  • Chris Adams
    Chris Adams Hour ago

    Perry did that shit fr

  • Batman Blood
    Batman Blood Hour ago

    All this is is proof Les Miles just needed to update his offense and LSU would've won a few titles and kept the Mad Hatter. I am grateful for all Les accomplished but Coach O is a TRUE LSU HC

  • Tim Farrier
    Tim Farrier Hour ago

    Congrats to Joe Burrow! *Sidenote* OSU should feel pretty great about their ability to recruit QB's

  • STH
    STH Hour ago

    Both these guys always show out with the unis in this game 🔥🔥

  • Ronnie Civella
    Ronnie Civella Hour ago

    GO ARMY BEAT NAVY.... maybe next year

  • Tracy Costa
    Tracy Costa Hour ago

    All for not if he doesnt win the championship game fake tears kid .

  • Closer2theheart 68

    So let me get this straight, Navy beat Army with a QB who is a RB? Hell yeah. That kid can ball.

  • Uriel Salas
    Uriel Salas Hour ago

    I wonder how many skipped out with the excuse of having bone spurs...

  • fqexpat
    fqexpat Hour ago

    As the season wore on I had no doubt. He was a lock! Now, let's do it to the Sooners. Congratulations Joe (both of 'um!) and Geaux Tigers!

  • Michael V
    Michael V Hour ago

    Noooo, CBS Sports doing the cheesy hard rock background music that makes ESPN so unwatchable. Stop that, CBS Sports!

  • Clayton Taylor
    Clayton Taylor Hour ago

    Joe is an amazing and humble young man and us LSU fans will always be grateful.. Also coach O is an amazing coach who shares a special bond with his players and it shows how much these young men loves playing for him..

  • Michael Harriman

    I'm an OU Sooner fan, die-hard, but there's no doubt that it's well deserved! I cant wait till we play our bowl game against LSU. It's gonna be a great game!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, and good luck in the pros!!!

  • Robert from USA
    Robert from USA Hour ago

    Joe... we Ohio State fans know that you love you adopted state of Louisiana... but you need to remember how many OHIO people still support you and wish you the best. We wish that OSU would have more faith in Ohio Quarterbacks... especially one who is the son of a coach. Who gave us the CFP National Championship? Cardale... an Ohio Quarterback like you. We all wonder what would have been... if you were our QB. I wanted to see what you could do more than any OSU fan. I understand why Haskins was named the starter for the 2018 season... because Barrett had 2 apparent injuries in "The Game" ("lack of leadership", and "diminishing skills")... and because Haskins turned the game around... and went 6 of 7 for 94 yards after Barrett only had 30 yards for the game. But... what would JOE BURROW have done... if given the chance...?

  • Ethxn
    Ethxn Hour ago

    Not really breaking news

    NEWBEATZ MUSIC. Hour ago

    Bengals need him badly.....

  • shaolinWOLF36
    shaolinWOLF36 Hour ago

    Football is all about quarterbacks and beer commercials. The rest of the players don't matter

  • Wolf Jumper
    Wolf Jumper Hour ago

  • Wolf Jumper
    Wolf Jumper Hour ago

  • Wolf Jumper
    Wolf Jumper Hour ago

  • Christopher Fair

    Dude is INSANE if he plays those useless ass "playoff games". He is the near certain 1 overall.

  • Rowland Buck
    Rowland Buck 2 hours ago

    Oh please. Jets defense was just tired from being on the field so long.

  • Joe The Plumber
    Joe The Plumber 2 hours ago

    Im a Denver Bronco fan, and I would love to see the Ravens win the Super Bowl. They are the only team im watching this year, if they not playing im not watching.

  • moose tracks
    moose tracks 2 hours ago

    Will he be a Barry Sanders or an andre ware

  • B T
    B T 2 hours ago

    Pshhh, and they said the era of the white QB was over. I am an OSU fan, but Burrow deserved this, hands down. Congrats Joe Burrow and LSU!

    • Pablo Wilkano
      Pablo Wilkano Hour ago

      Who said there was a "white" or "black" QB era???

  • Marckendly Villiers
    Marckendly Villiers 2 hours ago

    HOORAH/HOOYAH USN/USMC Pround Corpsman (Best on both sides)!!!

  • David Leblanc
    David Leblanc 2 hours ago

    Its amazing he plays better under pressure.he goes around and thanks them for catching the ball and he will also pat them on back for missing the catch.What a True Leader and Great Human being.Keep going buddy don’t ever change.

  • Pinky Toe
    Pinky Toe 2 hours ago

    He was shit for two years. LSUs new OC was the only reason LSU offense was popping. The same OC that helped Carson Palmer and Matt Leinert win their Heismans at USC. Joe will follow their footsteps in the pros and bust down harder then Thottiana 🤣

    • Pinky Toe
      Pinky Toe Hour ago

      Scooby doo - I gotta big Scooby snack between my legs if you’re interesting

    • Scooby doo
      Scooby doo Hour ago

      Ok, I get it. A tree killing, frontrunning, teabagger

    • Anthony D
      Anthony D Hour ago

      You obviously have zero clue what you're talking about. Joe Brady is 30 years old. He was coaching Palmer and Leinert during his teen and pre teen years? Wow, he must have been a wiz kid.

    • Scooby doo
      Scooby doo Hour ago

      Are you a troll ? you don't know shit about football?

  • Delvon Hall
    Delvon Hall 2 hours ago

    Proud of y'all Middies!!!! From a very proud retired Machinists Mate (1995-2015)

  • golfdude2007
    golfdude2007 2 hours ago

    would love to see Joe go to Green Bay or Atlanta

  • Jo-Ryan Salazar
    Jo-Ryan Salazar 2 hours ago

    Dear Antonio Brown, You're next. Signed, The Grim Reaper!

  • TRE45ON
    TRE45ON 2 hours ago

    Congrats Joe. Nobody will ever throw for 40 TDs and 1 pick again. Congrats Justin and Chase. Let's get that bigger prize.

  • David Blette
    David Blette 2 hours ago

    Love the 70’s cheesy NFL background music... lol

  • D rob
    D rob 2 hours ago

    It Used to be 10 on 11...But with Lamar... It's actually seems like12 on 11... Because he can run and throw the Buttermilk...🤗

  • Jennifer Foley
    Jennifer Foley 2 hours ago

    Okay this guy is officially a bust

    BURNING BRIDGES 2 hours ago

    No political bullshit no profanity no cussing no attitude just a humble great person that’s what we want in sports

  • jacqueline russell
    jacqueline russell 2 hours ago

    Congrats Joe along with the state of Louisiana and LSU. Joe comes off as humble not cocky. I like this.

    • fqexpat
      fqexpat Hour ago

      @Robert Marshall Yes, really! You have kept up, right?

    • jacqueline russell
      jacqueline russell Hour ago

      @Robert Marshall Yes really especially from I was sitting Can you dig it?

    • Robert Marshall
      Robert Marshall Hour ago

      Really? Not cocky.

    JAKESTEED 2 hours ago

    Bengals! 🐯

    BURNING BRIDGES 2 hours ago

    White boy!!! My cracca

  • Kenneth Thomas
    Kenneth Thomas 2 hours ago

    Reciever #1 is killer

  • James Lee-South
    James Lee-South 2 hours ago

    What, like 7 passes thrown in the whole game?!

  • golfdude2007
    golfdude2007 2 hours ago

    now joe will Suffer when he gets drafted by the Bengals or Lions LOL

    • golfdude2007
      golfdude2007 2 hours ago

      @DanOnTheMoon right exactly

    • Michael Cain
      Michael Cain 2 hours ago

      @JAKESTEED there is no turning THAT around

    • DanOnTheMoon
      DanOnTheMoon 2 hours ago

      more like the bengals

      JAKESTEED 2 hours ago

      He's going to bengals to turn shit around

  • theguywithone
    theguywithone 2 hours ago

    Well deserved is an understatement! He earned it and recognized the people who helped him get there. True professional

  • St. jer Fisher
    St. jer Fisher 2 hours ago

    Always liked this game, glad to see the President at the game, this is what America is all about. ✝️🇺🇸

  • Bender Fender
    Bender Fender 2 hours ago

    It's kinda sad this is the end of his football career. It aint going to get any better in Cincinnati.

  • EJ 13
    EJ 13 2 hours ago

    this is the most boring game in college football history

    • Scott W
      Scott W Hour ago

      you dont have a clue pal

  • Island Warrior
    Island Warrior 2 hours ago


  • Fanny Buster
    Fanny Buster 2 hours ago

    It could have been 3 Ohio State Players going for the Heisman..

    • Saidakine
      Saidakine Hour ago

      Justin A No he would have behind Fields. He made a great decision.

    • Justin A
      Justin A Hour ago

      Had Burrow stayed at OSU, Fields would have transferred somewhere else.

    • Jackson Dreyer
      Jackson Dreyer Hour ago

      Fanny Buster so two QBs on the same team could’ve been in the running?

  • A C
    A C 2 hours ago

    much better than tua

  • Crusader1815
    Crusader1815 2 hours ago

    He looks like Tom Brady out there. Next generation Brady-Manning rivalry should be Burrow-Lawrence.

  • shogunMR
    shogunMR 2 hours ago

    quoting Jim Rome "if you think Lamar Jackson is just a running quarterback then you're a MORON" LOL. " Or your next level imbecile". LMAO

  • walterlv01
    walterlv01 2 hours ago

    The crazy part is that had Alabama won this game they probably are in the CFP - the committee loves them so I doubt Oklahoma would have jumped them with the OT win over Baylor. Then they would have moved from 5 to 4 when Georgia lost to LSU and we would be talking about another Alabama-LSU rematch. Glad it didn't happen.

  • Ed Sev
    Ed Sev 2 hours ago

    Unbelievable nearly 5000 yards passing dammm that blew out everyone ... the TDS 48 and a bunch other record setting stats good for you joe Burreaux GEAUX tigers

    • Nick Kravitz
      Nick Kravitz Hour ago

      Efren Martinez Jr. why leave a comment if you knew he did it on purpose

    • Efren Martinez Jr.
      Efren Martinez Jr. Hour ago

      Thats not how you spell burrow but good pun 😐

  • G
    G 2 hours ago

    The Democrats may try to overturn his victory

    • Russell Giangrosso
      Russell Giangrosso Hour ago

      Lol you got them fired up now smh

    • DDKaraokeOutlaw
      DDKaraokeOutlaw 2 hours ago

      @clmaynor That would be you there, Skippy.

    • golfdude2007
      golfdude2007 2 hours ago

      He clearly GOT Russian help LOL.....but hey...thats not a Crime in the eyes of the GOP LOL....just like the fake President

    • theguywithone
      theguywithone 2 hours ago

      Quid Jo Bro

    • Jay Jackson
      Jay Jackson 2 hours ago

      I think you meant to say Trump will pardon him on Monday

  • ivan salazar
    ivan salazar 2 hours ago

    LSU will win the 2019 College National Football Championship!

  • Hugh M
    Hugh M 2 hours ago


  • Gerardo Sarria
    Gerardo Sarria 2 hours ago

    Colby going to sleep Usman with the ko

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    With the 1st Pick in the 2020 NFL Draft The Cincinnati Bengals selects...Joe Burrow AKA Joe Cool QB from LSU.

    • eleventh house of zenith 30
      eleventh house of zenith 30 Hour ago

      I could see the Redskins switch picks with the bengals plus add a second rounder just to grab chase young. Bengals use the third pick to get joe burrows.

      JAKESTEED 2 hours ago

      Who dey!

    • Exar Kun
      Exar Kun 2 hours ago

      Miami has three first round picks they might trade up

  • Dawud Muhammad
    Dawud Muhammad 2 hours ago

    Congrats Joe!!! Go Tigers and win that natty for the SEC!!! SEC for life!!! From a Bama former player... Roll Tide Roll!!!

  • Hao Zhou
    Hao Zhou 2 hours ago

    go NAVY!

  • Big Fish
    Big Fish 2 hours ago

    Don't Give Up the Ship.

  • Grey Ford
    Grey Ford 2 hours ago

    He could have done this at Ohio State, but he didn't

  • MrConsitution
    MrConsitution 2 hours ago

    Gotta Love It, Awesome for LSU QB Joe Burrow winning The Heisman Trophy:)))))

  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin 2 hours ago

    Chase Young is the best PLAYER in college football,the Heisman is nothing but a whos the best quaterback award

    • Justin A
      Justin A Hour ago

      There were games where Chase wasn't dominant. Burrow was consistently dominant.

    • Michael Cain
      Michael Cain 2 hours ago

      @Ed Sev and no shit

    • Michael Cain
      Michael Cain 2 hours ago

      @Ed Sev not on defense

    • Slim Jimmy
      Slim Jimmy 2 hours ago

      You can’t compare offense to defense

    • Ed Sev
      Ed Sev 2 hours ago

      There are two other QBs better than chase and joe is a lot better than chase I’ve watched both play and chase his improvements are slow joe burrows was quick and excessive he has a lot he’s turning on the opponents better watch it.

  • Gabriel Palmieri
    Gabriel Palmieri 2 hours ago

    GO NAVY!!!!!

  • Eduardo Gutierrez
    Eduardo Gutierrez 2 hours ago

    So the one TD pass for one yard was from Navy, and the throw wasn't even from the QB! Go figure. 🤷

  • Pinky Toe
    Pinky Toe 2 hours ago

    Joes Burrows another Matt Leinert and Carson Palmer. Should thank his OC for that.

    • Pinky Toe
      Pinky Toe Hour ago

      Russell Giangrosso - Yes thank you 🙏🏾

    • Russell Giangrosso
      Russell Giangrosso Hour ago

      @Pinky Toe clown

    • Anthony D
      Anthony D Hour ago

      @Pinky Toe Joe Brady? Lmao. Joe Brady is 30 years old. Was he coaching them in his teens then? Brady turned the offense around. Also the coordinator can't make the throws for you. I guess all the analysts and scouts are wrong and the random USclip commenter is right. 😂

    • Pinky Toe
      Pinky Toe 2 hours ago

      Unrelenting Force - You do realize he was complete shit his first two seasons ? His OC was the only reason LSU offense was popping. The same OC that helped Carson Palmer and Matt Leinert win their Heismans at USC. Joe will follow their footsteps in the pros and bust down harder then Thottiana 🤣

    • Unrelenting Force
      Unrelenting Force 2 hours ago


  • Rocco 76
    Rocco 76 2 hours ago

    Oh boy! Time to search his Twitter history and hopefully find a joke about trans, gay, people of color he made when he was 15 so we can ruin him. Am I right SJW's isn't this how y'all want us to live?

  • bobepic
    bobepic 2 hours ago


    • Anthony D
      Anthony D Hour ago

      You must not watch college football

    NUKE CHINA 2 hours ago

    Breaking news lol maybe if somebody died. But still no

  • Team-USA
    Team-USA 2 hours ago

    Zero passes from Malcolm, wow.

  • Texas Jack
    Texas Jack 2 hours ago

    I didn't watch the whole vid. Someone tell me if CBS found a way to tie this story into the coming Trump impeachment vote.

    • fqexpat
      fqexpat Hour ago

      @Texas Jack So, that's the best thing you can think of to do on a Saturday night? Good luck, troll. You need it.

    • Texas Jack
      Texas Jack Hour ago

      @fqexpat To troll CBS--and you.

    • fqexpat
      fqexpat Hour ago

      Too bad your sorry ass Fox "news" doesn't carry it. And I agree, just why did you bring all that up?

    • DDKaraokeOutlaw
      DDKaraokeOutlaw 2 hours ago

      Why did you even have to bring that up? PISS OFF!!!

  • Anthony Wright
    Anthony Wright 2 hours ago

    I am shocked not really

  • Louis-haslan Dorsinvil

    Number 10 is fast ash

  • Lenny Kyles
    Lenny Kyles 2 hours ago


  • lynn allen
    lynn allen 2 hours ago


  • Claude Williams
    Claude Williams 2 hours ago

    Well the Oklahoma spooners fans were talking shit about winning 3 Heisman in a row

  • John Noble
    John Noble 2 hours ago

    Damn he gotta go to the bengals tho?

  • arabion knights
    arabion knights 2 hours ago

    I just want to see the games. Picking Clemson over OSU. Picking LSU over O.U. Picking LSU to win it all.

  • James Richey
    James Richey 2 hours ago

    He makes us in Athens, Ohio proud :) good job joe!

  • PLC1964
    PLC1964 2 hours ago

    Really! 10 responses and someone dislikes already! must have been an OS fan. Geaux Tigers! Geaux Joe! Geaux Coach O!

  • Tom Dockery
    Tom Dockery 2 hours ago

    With the money he'll be making,he won't have to go into the counterfeit business.

  • Rick Cardo
    Rick Cardo 2 hours ago

    this is way better than normal football #SUPPORTOURTROOPS