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GreedFall - Launch Trailer
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NBA 2K20: Momentous
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WRC 8 | Launch Trailer
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NBA 2K20: House of Next
Views 9K11 days ago
Views 20K19 days ago
Gears POP! Launch Trailer
Views 61K25 days ago
Control: Launch Trailer
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  • Garrett Sampson
    Garrett Sampson 12 minutes ago

    Remember spartan lock

  • GrittleMyDittle
    GrittleMyDittle 16 minutes ago

    Eehhh not my cup of tea

  • пажилая биба
    пажилая биба 36 minutes ago

    Can whis game be on ps 4?

  • Lee Garza
    Lee Garza Hour ago

    I’m playing , when do I get him

  • 케넨유튜브
    케넨유튜브 Hour ago

    그래서 한국차가 나와 버린다?

  • Alex's Animations

    5 months from now. Ugh

  • BobaGaming2208 yu

    Where are the URLs for the jacket?

  • พิจิก พงศ์

    Xboxรุ่นใหม่. มีที่ใสแผ่นเกมไหมคับ. ผมอยากให้xboxรุ่นใช้แผ่นเกมของ Xbox oneได้จังเลยคนเล่นจะได้ใช้แผ่นXbox oneได้ผมของให้เครื่องเกมใหม่มีภาษาไทยด้วยน่ะคับ. เวลาตั้งค่าเครื่องของให้มีภาษาไทยด้วยน่ะคับ. ผมชอบเล่นเครื่องxbox. น่ะคับ

  • Adrian Lau
    Adrian Lau 2 hours ago

    WOW XBOX!!

  • 갓세훈
    갓세훈 2 hours ago


  • Quifix Ultimate
    Quifix Ultimate 2 hours ago

    These idiots saying that they haven't seen 120 fps before. I bet they also didn't play PC in their intire life before.

  • Pikabluplays
    Pikabluplays 3 hours ago

    HaloBorderFall 2 Electric Boogaloo

  • โชคชัย แก้วประจบ

    Car audio GTR 34 32 It's bad.... rework

  • Sadik M
    Sadik M 4 hours ago

    This game does even make some sense, i mean in the movie umbrella corp did experiments on people

  • Ganuhayjay234 gameplays Juario

    Play me gta online the diamond and casino Resort

  • Ethan Govender
    Ethan Govender 4 hours ago

    Can you put electric mode on BMW I8 pls

  • gottahave mypops
    gottahave mypops 5 hours ago

    Man these reptiles wont leave jago alone.

  • Rian Griffiths
    Rian Griffiths 6 hours ago

    I used to play tekken on ps2 ans then PS3 and PS1 and the arcade let's go

  • Mircodiplatino91
    Mircodiplatino91 6 hours ago


  • Big Dave
    Big Dave 7 hours ago

    This will open my third eye

  • KneeHighNinja05
    KneeHighNinja05 8 hours ago

    *pEOPLe STiLl pLAy ThIS?*

  • Michael Goode
    Michael Goode 8 hours ago

    Xbox for the Scarlett you should make it so you can use the one controllers

  • Felipe
    Felipe 8 hours ago


  • Hi Fwend!!!
    Hi Fwend!!! 9 hours ago

    Im here for the greatness of stevie knicks lyrics.

  • Gideon Moffitt
    Gideon Moffitt 9 hours ago

    Games great, but little did we know that Octane isn't in it to win, he's here for the thrill. His 24 what would you expect

  • Ayush Pandey
    Ayush Pandey 9 hours ago

    The pilot grew old on that ship in 1:42 at the beginning he was young.

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 10 hours ago

    Just as I was getting used to the Xbox one Microsoft wants more money from me

  • Masked Guitarists
    Masked Guitarists 10 hours ago

    Left for dead vs world war z who will win

  • Emiliano Barron
    Emiliano Barron 10 hours ago

    New zoo tycoon Buffalos: African buffalo, american bison, european bison, murk ox and water buffalo Cheetahs: cheetah

  • Shane Khan
    Shane Khan 10 hours ago

    What's the soundtrack for this trailer

  • Matthew Higgins
    Matthew Higgins 10 hours ago

    Sounds like they’re betting pretty big on project scarlet to run this thing or else we are left with nothing but loading screens

  • Shadowmi
    Shadowmi 10 hours ago

    Game of the year

  • Vanguard's Sin
    Vanguard's Sin 11 hours ago


  • NextGenJ
    NextGenJ 11 hours ago

    now make lavarunner

  • Loner Link
    Loner Link 11 hours ago

    Soo.. jets or nahhh?

  • Nicholas Marshall
    Nicholas Marshall 11 hours ago

    I see forced characters and roles, 4 survivors, most likely need to buy more as dlc, and the mastermind looks OP, and it looks like the RE2 remake in alpha state

  • Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee 11 hours ago

    They should include multiplayer as well .... zzzzzz

    SHANE PARKS 12 hours ago

    Low key kinda excited for it

  • Nicolas Aguilar
    Nicolas Aguilar 12 hours ago

    Are they gonna add every minecraft skin in Minecraft Dungeons? Or the ones in the trailer?

  • FAZEblace 29
    FAZEblace 29 12 hours ago

    Has it came out?

  • Tom Byrne
    Tom Byrne 13 hours ago


  • ShawnyBGood
    ShawnyBGood 14 hours ago

    So Euro

  • Bunker 4
    Bunker 4 14 hours ago

    We gotta have playable vehicles!

  • Jeff Henjes
    Jeff Henjes 14 hours ago

    I can't watch this enough. Time to put the 2080 ti onto some REAL work.

  • ItzHyperDreams
    ItzHyperDreams 14 hours ago

    Developers: will this work? Microsoft: It has too, because I dont know what to do if it doesn't.

  • PetrovGamer
    PetrovGamer 14 hours ago

    Спасибо Фил за хорошую игру!

  • Jeanu Motorola
    Jeanu Motorola 14 hours ago

    Just add euro truck to it

  • Horizon6
    Horizon6 15 hours ago

    Dragón ball FOREVER!!!❤️

  • Benjamin Graff
    Benjamin Graff 15 hours ago

    would a 9/11 memorial flight be offensive?

  • FireScream3r
    FireScream3r 15 hours ago

    i love that octane didnt even kill mirage. i think the two would get along really well

  • Karmy EL
    Karmy EL 15 hours ago

    Give everyone points every month so we can save up to buy dlc for our favorite games

  • Victor jesus Rios raya


  • Israel R
    Israel R 15 hours ago

    My child hood game hope it releases soon. Looking forward to it 😎👍

  • Sri Harsha TC
    Sri Harsha TC 16 hours ago

    Do they have fighter jets in the game?

  • James Christensen
    James Christensen 16 hours ago


  • ignacio lopez taboada
    ignacio lopez taboada 16 hours ago


  • Zack Bertuzzi
    Zack Bertuzzi 16 hours ago

    Make Spider-Man 1&2 Ultimate Spider-Man Backwards Compatible

  • Zack Bertuzzi
    Zack Bertuzzi 16 hours ago

    When will there be more Xbox 360 games And OG Xbox Games backwards compatible for the Xbox One? It been like 6 months they last time added games into the BC list. I hope we see Minecraft Xbox 360 edition, Skate 2 & Max Payne 3 NFL Tour Madden NFL 07 Burnout 3 Ford Racing 2 Wwe 2K14 Wwe Smackdown vs Raw 2011 NHL 09 in the backwards compatible list

  • mamonsin
    mamonsin 16 hours ago

    I played battletoads during my childhood in the 90s and this seems like an okay game

  • CanIPlayzz Gaming
    CanIPlayzz Gaming 16 hours ago

    Was thinking of buying xplane11 I might have changed my mind.

  • AHu Saulo
    AHu Saulo 17 hours ago

    Hoping will be available in Xbox.:(

  • IV
    IV 17 hours ago

    can not wait to purches this and get the same feels as playing ice age the melt down on ps2 and pc xD

  • Victorykat
    Victorykat 17 hours ago

    Pls make more minecraft controllers

  • It’s Sprly
    It’s Sprly 17 hours ago

    I’m searching the game up and it’s not showing up help

  • Alisha Thompson Steel
    Alisha Thompson Steel 17 hours ago

    The plague stupid

  • Bacon_Bandit_08 D
    Bacon_Bandit_08 D 17 hours ago

    This week on 👏game review👏

  • Gwen Moore
    Gwen Moore 17 hours ago

    Apex trailers are better than fortnite trailers

  • Hayden Rinkenberger
    Hayden Rinkenberger 18 hours ago


  • marcky ,-,
    marcky ,-, 18 hours ago


  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 18 hours ago

    Looks good but kinda eeeh too

  • SaviorAssassin1996
    SaviorAssassin1996 18 hours ago

    Unreal Tournament 3 for October, please. :)

    ƬӇЄƦƛƤƳ 18 hours ago

    Looks like mobile phone game..

  • Santana Draper
    Santana Draper 18 hours ago

    dropping when?

  • A random person
    A random person 19 hours ago

    There was this master piece along with 3 and new Vegas Then we got falldown 76

  • D.V.H Gaming
    D.V.H Gaming 19 hours ago

    Only if garden warfare was as epic as this...

  • braeden martin
    braeden martin 19 hours ago

    I need that cover

    • B R
      B R 17 hours ago


  • DarioDBS
    DarioDBS 19 hours ago


  • Luan Ventura
    Luan Ventura 19 hours ago


  • Cheese is good
    Cheese is good 20 hours ago

    Just got mine and it's so good

  • RyanPlayz XDD
    RyanPlayz XDD 20 hours ago


  • Denis Roslov
    Denis Roslov 20 hours ago

    Русские есь?

  • Abd Dreae
    Abd Dreae 20 hours ago

    I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I NEEEEED ITTTTTTTTTTTT

  • Tromet Masa
    Tromet Masa 20 hours ago

    *Last seen 7 years ago*

  • Tn 2.0 F.M
    Tn 2.0 F.M 20 hours ago

    A M A Z I N G

  • fragtrap chap
    fragtrap chap 21 hour ago

    Thats way we cant have nice things

  • Lukemd Inc.
    Lukemd Inc. 21 hour ago

    *Will it be on **#GamePass**?*

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man 21 hour ago

    After release will the price drop?

  • Drooper Daze
    Drooper Daze 21 hour ago

    will it be on xbox 1s

  • juan david ferrer camaño

    Una voz genial para acompañar la travesía de una mujer fuerte. Amy Lee. 😍

  • Adny Angrand
    Adny Angrand 21 hour ago

    "SAW", the video game....

  • Troll Films
    Troll Films 22 hours ago


  • Lukemd Inc.
    Lukemd Inc. 22 hours ago

    *Congrats @Galantis. They used ur song in the best racing game intro.*

  • AlejoConejo2209
    AlejoConejo2209 23 hours ago

    Bruh why not Tekken 7??

  • Raul Gomes
    Raul Gomes 23 hours ago


  • Colin Lynch
    Colin Lynch 23 hours ago

    Trailer looked okay. Gameplay looks 💩 💩

  • Big Depression
    Big Depression 23 hours ago

    “And the rewards within your grasp are riches unimaginable” 10,000 coins

  • Dante
    Dante 23 hours ago

    Best character ever !!! They should replace jd and make drax the main guy in gears 4 and 5 haha

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark 23 hours ago

    Oh it's Resident Evil x Evolve....

    • SgCy
      SgCy 22 hours ago

      Not even close. Try look in up some actual info on the game.

  • Xene The Wraith
    Xene The Wraith 23 hours ago

    throwback to ovilex anyone?

  • Life 23333
    Life 23333 23 hours ago

    Игра может быть в геймплейном состовляющем хорошая,но графика как дешёвая анимация на Никелодеон (Такой же хейт как у черепашек ниндзя)