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Try Not To SINK - Challenge
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  • Sachin Pandey
    Sachin Pandey 2 hours ago

    i was literally watching that was epic and faze rug happened to be on my recommended list

  • Incomplete
    Incomplete 2 hours ago

    Rug: What’s your name Spirit: Run Rug: Run from who? Spirit: Run from MEEEEEE

  • DARK
    DARK 2 hours ago

    Help me reach 1000 subscriber guys

  • Ioana Udrescu
    Ioana Udrescu 2 hours ago

    are you scrolling through the comments bcs you're scared?...cuz same lol

  • Cb420 Brown
    Cb420 Brown 2 hours ago


  • QualityBlood
    QualityBlood 3 hours ago

    creeper 04:12

  • * _*
    * _* 3 hours ago

    That play button worth a 10M subscriber

  • OpTic WLF
    OpTic WLF 3 hours ago

    4:17 Donlad cam

  • Arnav Ashat
    Arnav Ashat 3 hours ago

    Any one in 2019 hit like 🔥

  • Aariz Khan
    Aariz Khan 3 hours ago

    I’m a fifth grader and I easily did all of the questions right. How do they not know what the closest planet to the Sun is. It’s obviously Mercury

  • Alejandria Browning
    Alejandria Browning 3 hours ago

    11:00 😱😱😱 14:05 🙉🙉🙉

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi 3 hours ago

    Rug could have got black beans for Tanner

  • Blink Forever
    Blink Forever 3 hours ago


  • Lofi Winterstein
    Lofi Winterstein 3 hours ago

    Drink lots to liquor or water

  • kato _kato
    kato _kato 3 hours ago

    I loove rug some hater trying to scare faze rug for 20 minutes straight someone is so mean I loove him btw that dog bark scared shit out of me 350k please like the vid

  • TGS The Gaming Squad

    How does he know what hamster food taste like

  • Natalie Rosales
    Natalie Rosales 3 hours ago

    You’re such an amazing person for all that you do 😭

  • IRD zay
    IRD zay 3 hours ago

    Wtf does this kids dad do

  • tyler scott hunting NZ

    im going in im connected to my tv lol protect me

  • joanna madeline
    joanna madeline 3 hours ago

    Jesus pls help us who watching this video keep us safe from evils and demons pls jesus may the demons will leave in the name of JESUS 🙏🙏🙏

    EWADI S 3 hours ago

    I've been watching rug since 2014

    #SUCCESS CHANT 3 hours ago

    Pwolichu mwutheeww... ✌️

  • Redatsz Bram
    Redatsz Bram 3 hours ago

    Oreos are black

  • Foliaz
    Foliaz 3 hours ago

    4:58 as ya'll see guys look at the back of faze rug so scary

  • john playz _ 44
    john playz _ 44 3 hours ago

    How Anthony came and starting ripping pages made me lmao 😂😂😂

  • Dakota Palomino
    Dakota Palomino 3 hours ago

    This could earn an impersonation charge even with the disclaimer.. be careful dude.

  • Fazetrickshot X YT
    Fazetrickshot X YT 3 hours ago


  • Mrwheelie Man
    Mrwheelie Man 3 hours ago

    I actually like black licorice

  • Brett Jacobs
    Brett Jacobs 3 hours ago

    Lol love it when rug says I'm good dog makes me laugh

  • ZB - Taiatini
    ZB - Taiatini 3 hours ago

    Me: hide n seek in house hallway *winner gets a packet of *Oreos* Faze Rug:

  • Rafiq Mohammed
    Rafiq Mohammed 3 hours ago

    Your home is so beautiful

  • Maha Ahmed
    Maha Ahmed 3 hours ago


  • Kazuya ML
    Kazuya ML 3 hours ago

    How to act like you guys pls tell me?

  • Armaan Anwar
    Armaan Anwar 3 hours ago

    Can you give me a shout I never got anyone in my life

  • Fazetrickshot X YT
    Fazetrickshot X YT 3 hours ago

    15:08 anyone see that white mask at the top right corner like so rug can see

  • Lupita Garcia
    Lupita Garcia 3 hours ago

    Rug I have the same birthday as you

  • Fire Foxx
    Fire Foxx 3 hours ago

    In the next video can u play the elevator game in the hotel that Kate Morgan died in

  • Aidan55
    Aidan55 3 hours ago

    Mr. Beast: Hide n Seek in a $50,000,000 MANSION!! **WINNER GETS THE HOUSE**

  • Khalid Egal
    Khalid Egal 4 hours ago

    I love when you do scary challenge

  • Angel Rosas
    Angel Rosas 4 hours ago

    Where is Michael?

  • Unikka Tibay
    Unikka Tibay 4 hours ago

    Theodd1sout Wins 😂 (the animator's)

  • Dipen kayastha.
    Dipen kayastha. 4 hours ago

    I don't know how people get so much likes in their comment my maximum is 4 likes in an comment can we break 10 likes please if you do not wanna like comment me #1_like_1_respect_to_FazeRug

  • joanna madeline
    joanna madeline 4 hours ago

    I'm not telling this to scare you rug but I need to tell you one when I was 13 after I came back from school I saw 3 birds sat in front of my house fence but I ignore it and the next day we had a sad news tht my grandma had passed away. I freaked out this is happened to me on 2017 I'm not gonna lie.

  • Smooth EE
    Smooth EE 4 hours ago

    Young Mr. Beast

  • MCK BlazeBoi
    MCK BlazeBoi 4 hours ago

    Who's hiding in the cover lmaoo

  • Elizabeth Roy
    Elizabeth Roy 4 hours ago

    For your safety and we'll being, don't go back there, there were people in that tunnel who knew you and wanted hurt you guys.

  • Caitlyn J
    Caitlyn J 4 hours ago

    Brandon’s drawing looked like a blobfish

  • Justine Collantes
    Justine Collantes 4 hours ago

    Rug you must visit mike the one that you help erlier

  • Justine Collantes
    Justine Collantes 4 hours ago

    Wheres mike

  • Justine Collantes
    Justine Collantes 4 hours ago

    You should visit mike

  • Rouge DK
    Rouge DK 4 hours ago

    Ok am happy faze rug made a better way of Morgz challenge am so happy faze rug is why better

  • Little Rub
    Little Rub 4 hours ago

    Fuck this im watching with my flashlight on

  • Justine Collantes
    Justine Collantes 4 hours ago

    You should visit mike the one that u help erlier

  • Justine Collantes
    Justine Collantes 4 hours ago

    Rug wheres mike

  • Justine Collantes
    Justine Collantes 4 hours ago

    Rug wheres mike

  • Justine Collantes
    Justine Collantes 4 hours ago

    Rug wheres mike

  • Justine Collantes
    Justine Collantes 4 hours ago

    Wheres mike the one that you help erlier

  • Justine Collantes
    Justine Collantes 4 hours ago

    I think you must visit mike the one that you help erlier beacuse its been along time since we see mike

  • lilly matangi
    lilly matangi 4 hours ago


  • Cloticz
    Cloticz 4 hours ago

    me gets scared next thing you know my screen turns black its a toco bell add me still: shits my pants

  • Divyanshu Jhuboo
    Divyanshu Jhuboo 4 hours ago

    10:58 14:02 ... Scariest moments!

  • Babyana Vlogss
    Babyana Vlogss 4 hours ago

    Give me one b ?!!! You go to the rich area 🙄

  • Deleted Channel
    Deleted Channel 4 hours ago

    14:03 your next generation is actually garbage. there is only very few good people in this world from my generation now (i’m 14)

  • Sagar BS
    Sagar BS 4 hours ago

    I beg u rug plz don't do this shit plz I beg u this is for ur safety... We need to see ur other videos plz never do these stuff...

  • Fun stuff With Sophie

    Did anyone else see the marshmallow head at 8:39 IS HE MARSHMALLOW LIKE IF YALL SAW IT

  • Jasmine Hammer
    Jasmine Hammer 4 hours ago

    Definitely forgot to blur the naked lady 🤷🏽‍♀️

    NANDINI GUPTA 4 hours ago

    How can some people don't know that closest planet is mercury and also people are confused that how many continents are there???😝😝

  • Zach Frings
    Zach Frings 4 hours ago

    I want to be part of the VIP section one day. 💯

  • hzrry
    hzrry 4 hours ago

    Scared the shit out of me

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 4 hours ago

    😂😂scripted 😂😂😂

  • Riley Campbell
    Riley Campbell 4 hours ago

    i was crying so much

  • Dallas Iversen
    Dallas Iversen 4 hours ago

    Love your vids

  • Zylper Lynet Akoth
    Zylper Lynet Akoth 4 hours ago

    You're such a good heart,,,keep it up Much love from Kenya ❤

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 4 hours ago


  • Zylper Lynet Akoth
    Zylper Lynet Akoth 4 hours ago

    Please come date me and give me these surprises😍😍

  • BARLOS 100
    BARLOS 100 4 hours ago

    I’m just here to admire Jessica 😍

    PANDA KID 4 hours ago

    Im sure 90% is not watching kn full screen and 10% are watching on full screen im not on full screen i hate horor stuff i jate scary things

  • Ryan Garcia
    Ryan Garcia 5 hours ago

    You forgot Hershey

  • Richard Vasquez
    Richard Vasquez 5 hours ago

    That black ops movie tho

  • Roshania Benjamin
    Roshania Benjamin 5 hours ago

    Some Hershey's

  • daniel luna
    daniel luna 5 hours ago

    You finally have gear that is for the tunnel and not wearing vans adidas pants and a t shirt

    WICKED ASTRO 5 hours ago

    Rug hit that girl up fool

  • Corny Playa
    Corny Playa 5 hours ago

    When you literally have a roof over your head

  • Martin Huerta
    Martin Huerta 5 hours ago

    11:06 gave me a pornhub vibe

  • Zylper Lynet Akoth
    Zylper Lynet Akoth 5 hours ago

    A small home for him 😘😘

  • A gaming
    A gaming 5 hours ago

    Saw a hand in 18:13

  • Peralta forever6
    Peralta forever6 5 hours ago

    You should become an actor Faze

  • Sam And Colby
    Sam And Colby 5 hours ago

    My dad he hert his back while working to but years later he found a new one

  • Jasmine Hammer
    Jasmine Hammer 5 hours ago

    Anthony is getting thicccccc

  • tiny loks
    tiny loks 5 hours ago

    I am to fu**ing scared to put it on volume AND full screen😂✌

    YO_ITS _GABE 5 hours ago

    Go back to blogging please

  • Mauricio Velazquez
    Mauricio Velazquez 5 hours ago

    How come you don’t you use your Lamborghini

  • B- LO911
    B- LO911 5 hours ago


  • Gabriela Figaro
    Gabriela Figaro 5 hours ago

    Who is this kid and how is he so rich ??

  • Jahziel Santiago
    Jahziel Santiago 5 hours ago

    Faze rug I am willing to drop my trash iphone 5s in that bridge and willing to accept the new phone

  • Zaim Karim
    Zaim Karim 5 hours ago

    Happy birthday

  • Bianca Toscano
    Bianca Toscano 5 hours ago

    That’s a good idea, have a disguise but not let the seeker know 😂😂 he should’ve put his disguise on when they were hiding & not let Rug see

  • Ariel Ramirez
    Ariel Ramirez 5 hours ago

    Rug: How old are you? Spirit: 18 Rugs Brother: Oh so she’s legal then!

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    14:03 Anthony and Brian are killing the last zombie in cod😂😂

  • Quinn Hoang
    Quinn Hoang 5 hours ago

    This is rug: is Orange juice yellow? Me: you go to the f*ucking shop how do you not see the orange juice.