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I got her pregnant...
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Try Not To SINK - Challenge
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  • Jhaden Clark
    Jhaden Clark 7 minutes ago

    Like for the women

  • Maritza Lucero
    Maritza Lucero 8 minutes ago

    Papa rug said : 😖😖😖 “I’m good 😮” ahh 😖😖

  • QuiterZ
    QuiterZ 8 minutes ago


  • Carter Murphy
    Carter Murphy 9 minutes ago

    taco bell

  • Latisha Phagu
    Latisha Phagu 9 minutes ago

    I have i have 2 girls best blessing

  • Not_ juanito
    Not_ juanito 9 minutes ago

    Tell noah to get tf out the camera I just wanna see you

  • Carter Murphy
    Carter Murphy 9 minutes ago

    im always hungry

  • ACWTHE Gamer
    ACWTHE Gamer 9 minutes ago

    these retards

  • Zamira Johnson
    Zamira Johnson 9 minutes ago

    that sounded nothing like u but ok

  • Davinder Singh
    Davinder Singh 9 minutes ago

    i paused for the whole video

    LOAN HUYNH 9 minutes ago


  • Biscuits Rgud
    Biscuits Rgud 10 minutes ago

    This isn’t fair, Rug already lives in a mansion. To top it off he knew he made himself win because he knew he wasn’t gonna finish the baby food faster than himself.

  • hunter kinley
    hunter kinley 10 minutes ago

    Do one and see if girls can stand the pain of getting kicked in the balls bc on the pain scale I forgot the name of it but apparently getting kicked in the balls is more painful then giving birth

  • scarlett
    scarlett 10 minutes ago

    Noah is so cute

  • kennyhyo
    kennyhyo 11 minutes ago

    FaZe rug give a sponsor to Panda xoxobecause she wrote the same thing as me and I think it's cool subscribe to her she has a USclip channel!!😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • iiyxzmin
    iiyxzmin 11 minutes ago

    Imagine a guy being pregnant...

  • Emerald the Vloger
    Emerald the Vloger 12 minutes ago

    Rug remember the note with the orange pills well what if the dude made a kid write it and took it to your door and just was trying to get something out of you so yeah that's my theory

  • SLP Zephz_
    SLP Zephz_ 12 minutes ago

    Um. Ok.

  • Luisa Jorrin
    Luisa Jorrin 12 minutes ago

    It's amazing how youtubers are just as famous as actors or singers

  • lxeo
    lxeo 12 minutes ago

    Cameram man actually won but..

  • Alberto Basanciuc
    Alberto Basanciuc 13 minutes ago

    you are like me i like my hair long and i hate haircuts

  • Arthur Muniz
    Arthur Muniz 13 minutes ago

    The house is the best house seen. ever I rate it 100000000 out of ten

  • Kielleee._ C
    Kielleee._ C 13 minutes ago

    boys: gIrLs aRe OvvErRated SAY THAT AGAIN

  • LifesAnAdventure
    LifesAnAdventure 14 minutes ago

    Men weak af lol

  • Elena Shazad
    Elena Shazad 14 minutes ago


  • christian cooper
    christian cooper 14 minutes ago

    dude christian beasted that

  • Brendan m
    Brendan m 15 minutes ago

    Please go subscribe to him and her let's get them to a mill rugrats ❤️

  • J-A-C-K
    J-A-C-K 15 minutes ago

    Subscribe because my friend said he’d give me $50 if I get to 100 subs in the next week. Also my vids are pretty cool. 🥳😋

  • Livy Miranda
    Livy Miranda 15 minutes ago


  • Kerin Gorman
    Kerin Gorman 15 minutes ago

    rug you are not funny stop making fun of women i am really offended by you so i unsubscribed

  • Tate Aycock
    Tate Aycock 16 minutes ago

    Wow u can shot a nurf gun have u ever tried a real gun

  • Renotta Locklear
    Renotta Locklear 17 minutes ago


  • Christian Estrada
    Christian Estrada 17 minutes ago

    I think my brother can beat you

  • Life With S&J
    Life With S&J 17 minutes ago

    Dude just play call of duty mobile

  • lisa melendez
    lisa melendez 17 minutes ago

    I’m a mommy of a little baby girl and let me tell you it hurts really bad 😭 but the pain it’s worth it at the end of all cuz you have your baby

  • BigE faith
    BigE faith 17 minutes ago

    That’s actually really good!

  • xversace _
    xversace _ 18 minutes ago

    My mum gave birth to 5 boys 1 girl

  • Osman Yousif
    Osman Yousif 18 minutes ago

    I would be worth 10M

  • Dequindell Jackson
    Dequindell Jackson 19 minutes ago

    Oh cool

  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez 19 minutes ago

    Noah shut up bro honestly

  • Brandon Cassidy
    Brandon Cassidy 19 minutes ago

    eat pepper X

  • Hipolito Reyes
    Hipolito Reyes 20 minutes ago

    In the song does not look good goes like that it goes boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider

  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael 20 minutes ago

    If you put that to the wrong spot you can have a heart attack

  • Hipolito Reyes
    Hipolito Reyes 20 minutes ago

    I am not subscribed to channel because you said girl sick so you should have never said that

  • Kelsey Shropshire
    Kelsey Shropshire 22 minutes ago


  • Jayden Carter
    Jayden Carter 22 minutes ago

    This house is fire

  • kozy makenzie
    kozy makenzie 22 minutes ago

    This just a thing im sad your growing up su fast because im still watching the old videos ;( please do another scary video ;(((

    OG BACON 23 minutes ago

    The thumbnail he looks better with the 10 dollar one lol

  • sgt.pepper
    sgt.pepper 24 minutes ago

    noah is so damn cute omg😭

  • Cosmo Vlog
    Cosmo Vlog 24 minutes ago

    Who else hates when they spoil how the video is going to be in the begining‼

  • O Marcia
    O Marcia 24 minutes ago

    Happy birthday mama rug

  • Verónica López
    Verónica López 24 minutes ago

    U should do it to brawadis

  • YT_SoccerBoy 7
    YT_SoccerBoy 7 24 minutes ago

    Guys this is not a “birth simulator” it is a vibration system for if you have back problems, leg cramps or arm cramps

  • Christina Spasaro
    Christina Spasaro 24 minutes ago

    Contractions aint no joke. I have a daughter and trust me, it is very painful. Good luck on this challange. Lol

    REBELSPECTRE184 24 minutes ago

    What happened to his new house?

  • DemiGod_30
    DemiGod_30 25 minutes ago


  • ig dank_pods_ 83
    ig dank_pods_ 83 25 minutes ago

    Like this if he should go in public and do this as a challenge

  • Jesus Ayala
    Jesus Ayala 26 minutes ago

    Me but i live in new yourk

  • Kevin Ho
    Kevin Ho 26 minutes ago

    fellas be good to your girl christmas is fast approaching and you don't want this under your christmas tree

  • Isaac Yarullin
    Isaac Yarullin 26 minutes ago

    My mum had 5 kids including me so can I have 5,000

  • Im Beyond
    Im Beyond 27 minutes ago

    12:20 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Jessica R SugaPlum
    Jessica R SugaPlum 27 minutes ago


  • shinobu_is_ dead
    shinobu_is_ dead 27 minutes ago

    Nah may be a girl but still a virgin😭😭

  • Alyssa McQueen
    Alyssa McQueen 27 minutes ago

    Faze rug on his final days: Last one to die wins,2 dollars!!!!!!

  • Nirvana Delev
    Nirvana Delev 27 minutes ago

    Why don’t women that give actual birth get $1000 ????

  • King Woodyyy
    King Woodyyy 28 minutes ago

    His dad said “say that” and it shook me

  • Maylisha Martinez
    Maylisha Martinez 28 minutes ago

    I cried I cried with Michael cuz it makes me cry

  • Meztli Gamino
    Meztli Gamino 28 minutes ago

    ME I DID

  • Gigirocks42 0
    Gigirocks42 0 29 minutes ago

    good luck

  • Sunset Rose
    Sunset Rose 30 minutes ago

    Yes 3 children I labored 24hr for my first baby 20hrs and 18 for the other 2 it’s worth it though because I love them so much

  • Victor Lima
    Victor Lima 30 minutes ago

    i am your big fan

  • Useless
    Useless 31 minute ago

    "Dont be scared. It just gonna be really really painful." mOrAl SuPpOrTtTt!!!!

  • JADAN Tv.
    JADAN Tv. 31 minute ago


  • I'm wild2
    I'm wild2 31 minute ago

    Hell yeah move there omg

  • Victor Lima
    Victor Lima 31 minute ago

    i know it hurts because my mom told me

  • Auidible gamer11
    Auidible gamer11 32 minutes ago

    2020 anyone

  • Its mj miranda gaming
    Its mj miranda gaming 32 minutes ago

    Cuteness 100000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • California Goddess
    California Goddess 32 minutes ago

    I’m a mom and the pain was intense

  • Ivan Delgado
    Ivan Delgado 34 minutes ago

    It was so funny

  • Jovon Quintanilla
    Jovon Quintanilla 34 minutes ago

    Rug is a baby only 3 and hes screaming

  • Stella Avery
    Stella Avery 34 minutes ago

    that is NOT anywhere near the smallest house ever so...

  • Maddy Sanchez
    Maddy Sanchez 34 minutes ago

    9:33 Dead.❤😂💀

  • Maya Nicole
    Maya Nicole 35 minutes ago

    Everytime faze does a social video and ask questions, I get them right! But I will probably never be in one :/ that sucks

  • Lola Bella
    Lola Bella 35 minutes ago


  • Brian Richsrdson jr
    Brian Richsrdson jr 35 minutes ago

    Full send

  • Alana Sampayan
    Alana Sampayan 35 minutes ago

    Contractions are no joke . It hurts a lot

  • Samy Mendoza
    Samy Mendoza 35 minutes ago

    This house is littler than my house but that house was better like legit

  • XeeL
    XeeL 35 minutes ago

    Girls are build for it they have specific hormones that boys don’t have

  • Janelle Rubi
    Janelle Rubi 36 minutes ago

    love you bunches brian

  • Liliana Maza
    Liliana Maza 36 minutes ago

    Can they just get back together

  • Brian
    Brian 36 minutes ago

    I was about to cry when the jump scare happened

  • Jennifer Esquivel
    Jennifer Esquivel 36 minutes ago

    I’m a mom of two & giving birth is very painful.

  • Lindsey Hernandez
    Lindsey Hernandez 36 minutes ago

    You should try it on moms ! And see if it actually feels like it !

  • Jacqueline Ruiz
    Jacqueline Ruiz 37 minutes ago

    Who else already saw that Gucci hat on him on another vids

  • Corrina Peery
    Corrina Peery 38 minutes ago

    Bunch of weenies lol I gave birth to my son who was 9 pounds, 11.5 oz... naturally. He is worth every pain I ever felt though.

  • Sixon Sixon
    Sixon Sixon 38 minutes ago


  • ċʏɞєя king god
    ċʏɞєя king god 39 minutes ago

    Faze ring on the beggining:no harm was done Me:sees lots of people screaming

  • Harrison Luhning
    Harrison Luhning 39 minutes ago

    He called Jordan’s af1s

  • Brady Horak
    Brady Horak 39 minutes ago

    Its in omargoshs video to

  • Felix Kjøl
    Felix Kjøl 40 minutes ago

    Its a bit odd to do this