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  • Adam DeLand
    Adam DeLand 2 months ago

    Why are you privating some of your old Vine compilation videos?

  • itsNath
    itsNath 3 months ago

    hey dude thanks for letting me use your vids do you mind if i do it again and i will give u shoutout

  • J-Hope Love
    J-Hope Love 6 months ago

    Neeeeeeelllllllll be4 yE

  • J-Hope Love
    J-Hope Love 6 months ago

    I'm ur kInG

  • Kickass TV
    Kickass TV 9 months ago

    Cool videos, and channel.

  • OX Gaming
    OX Gaming 9 months ago

    when vine is dead and you chenge you chennel name

  • Liz Staed
    Liz Staed 10 months ago

    Hi everyone! I created this article with some ValenVines to brighten your Valentines day. Enjoy :) www.buzzfeed.com/14sjhoffmann/10-times-vine-summed-up-love-2454t?utm_term=.qdj98KekB#.wizWdyA72

  • Brennan Timmel
    Brennan Timmel 10 months ago

    screw you.

  • Takaya in Action
    Takaya in Action 10 months ago

    really good channel

  • The phenomenal Mikeyissuperboy

    can i message you about something i need too infact

  • the_angry_potato

    plz sponsor me i will give full credit

  • Tube Compilation

    nice work

  • YaBoi M.O.E
    YaBoi M.O.E Year ago

    wow ya channel is going crazy! ill sub if you sub!

  • Top whatsapp viral epic

    amazing :P :D funny videos ever <3 please support Subscribe+

  • Goldmines Movies

    Hello Best funny vines, I m your fan and subscriber also. Can U add this channel into your channel's featured list. Thnk U in advance.😃

  • Robert En
    Robert En Year ago

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  • Utroliver
    Utroliver Year ago

    The best vines channel got deleted This channel is just sad

  • EveryNightInMyDreamsISeeYouIFeelYouThatIsHowIKnowY

    holy shit I was so confused I was like: who the hell is dumb genius then I read the url and I'm like Oh. The Best Vines changed their name

  • Harry Bradshaw
    Harry Bradshaw Year ago

    To be honest, I don't like the renaming of this channel. I just prefer 'The Best Vines', by the way. :(

    • Harry Bradshaw
      Harry Bradshaw Year ago

      Overall, the name of it HAS to be an April Fool's joke. Or, at least, a separate channel.

  • jada coleman
    jada coleman Year ago

    and i though it was funny

  • jada coleman
    jada coleman Year ago

    ok weriod

  • crazyBloodmonkey

    how is the channel alive i thought vine died like 6 months ago?

  • Lerian Acosenossa

    Esto que es el sobrino del dueño de USclip?? ¡Que mierda! con orejita de Mickey y todo!

  • JakeDriftGamer
    JakeDriftGamer Year ago

    we need live streams from you

  • Musafir Tuhin
    Musafir Tuhin Year ago

    I am always amazed with all of your videos. Love to see more videos like this. I also love to make videos with this kind of topic. It will be pleasure if you visit mystery channel too.

  • منوعات
    منوعات Year ago

    good work :)

  • Phyllipe Vang
    Phyllipe Vang Year ago


  • Phyllipe Vang
    Phyllipe Vang Year ago


  • Jon Thomas
    Jon Thomas Year ago


  • User
    User Year ago

    Channel is dead DELETE IT

  • SilkSippMilk
    SilkSippMilk Year ago

    Vine is dead, just let it go and stop trying to milk ad revenue from it.

  • JalenM 6
    JalenM 6 Year ago

    who are you?

  • Lucas Mountain
    Lucas Mountain Year ago


  • Ben.D
    Ben.D Year ago

    Why u hatin

  • Daily Bible
    Daily Bible Year ago

    Hey, The Best Vines is it alright if I can use certain clips out of some of your videos?? Also, can you give me a shout out for I can get as good as you because I do vines also so please and thanks? My channel name is KEROPPI Beast. :)

  • Top _KADA's_
    Top _KADA's_ Year ago

    Subscribe on my channel Pls!!!!

  • kal rowe
    kal rowe Year ago

    omg i just pooped

  • Tech Twins
    Tech Twins Year ago

    the side bars (the v alphabet) in these videos is due any app ??

  • sjnk
    sjnk 2 years ago

    is vine really dead?

  • Donte Moore
    Donte Moore 2 years ago


  • Dark KNIGHT 64
    Dark KNIGHT 64 2 years ago

    What will this channel do now vine is dead?

  • Michal
    Michal 2 years ago


  • strom
    strom 2 years ago

    That's right! Fuck you and fuck vine!

  • Shawn Totten
    Shawn Totten 2 years ago


  • Rhys Davids
    Rhys Davids 2 years ago

    will this channel be taken down

    JFOX WOLF 2 years ago

    usclip.net/channel/UCoKZguUnBg-bMurlSCsMthw subscribe guys to see Different Types of youtubers videos

  • Seanvsgames
    Seanvsgames 2 years ago

    R.I.P 2013-2016

  • Sxphia Cxndace
    Sxphia Cxndace 2 years ago


  • SatansDildo
    SatansDildo 2 years ago


  • Scruffy Mcfly
    Scruffy Mcfly 2 years ago

    Now that Vine is closing down, what will you do now?

  • Ashley Morton
    Ashley Morton 2 years ago

    I've got a funny goldfish video I filmed of my girlfriend making stupid sounds in sync with her fishes lip movement.

  • Mason Lanning 2022
    Mason Lanning 2022 2 years ago

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  • Mason Lanning 2022
    Mason Lanning 2022 2 years ago

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  • Sheikh Writes
    Sheikh Writes 2 years ago

    Awesome Channel Yo !!!

    DUBLIKAT 2 years ago

    :-) super!

  • Perfect Vines
    Perfect Vines 2 years ago


  • Porfirios Guarding This Channel

    More with kids :P

    KAIDEN VLIEM 2 years ago

    channel name Kaiden Vliem!!!

    KAIDEN VLIEM 2 years ago

    my channel is way better come see vines and more crazy stuff on my channel!!!

  • Edson wate13
    Edson wate13 2 years ago

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  • Molly Robyn Lindsay
    Molly Robyn Lindsay 2 years ago


  • The Real Life of Team AOG

    Check out INTARSTALLAR on vine and USclip! plz use my vines!

  • Jackson Francis
    Jackson Francis 2 years ago

    How are we

  • LaurenJauregi IsMyQueen

    moms spaghetti

  • It's William!
    It's William! 2 years ago

    Congratulations on making $1,000,000 in monetization! USclip says as of today your channel alltime has earned $1,009,782

  • The God Of Skill
    The God Of Skill 2 years ago

    You have skype?

  • Panda_
    Panda_ 2 years ago

    Can you give me tips on how to start a good vine channel I have one it is called BEST SPORTS VINES thank you if you can give me tips.

  • Joseph Kaune
    Joseph Kaune 2 years ago

    Fuck this Channel. I Started with them putting out original SHIIIIIIIIIT. NOW, it's like "Nah brah I seen that shit". Now every one has seen that Shiiiiiiiiiiit. Too bad, left overs are like 3 leaf clovers.

  • Viki Princz
    Viki Princz 2 years ago


  • Tempered V1ZIONS
    Tempered V1ZIONS 2 years ago

    You got me into trouble because of you gay vines there not funny ok so just end the vines and close the Channel

  • Faye King
    Faye King 2 years ago

    Love vines

  • Thomas Wood
    Thomas Wood 2 years ago

    I got something that I think its Funny for the Filipinos

  • Funny Vines 2017
    Funny Vines 2017 2 years ago

    Welcome all to my New Channel exclusive vine videos for all kind of human, animals ,Cars,fail army compilation,feel free to visit us ,and send us if u have some ,thanks .

  • Ocehamada
    Ocehamada 2 years ago

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  • Pedro Sotero
    Pedro Sotero 2 years ago

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  • Pedro Sotero
    Pedro Sotero 2 years ago

    Da uma olhada no meu vine > fallayagi Vamos descobri novos vine

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  • gamincreeperYT
    gamincreeperYT 2 years ago

    your hilarious, awesome, aaand a load more stuff that I just cant describe! Don't stop now!

  • 北原莉恩
    北原莉恩 2 years ago

    こんにちは❗️I'm Japanese. I don't use English… I'm sorry. This videos funny!thank you❗️

    • Fun101 Canterbury
      Fun101 Canterbury 2 years ago

      本当に私はアメリカ人 ただそれを見て日本語を話すことはできません。 申し訳ありません間違っている単語

  • Nwtoday Music
    Nwtoday Music 2 years ago


  • anjopag31
    anjopag31 2 years ago

    ... Your channel trailer sums up why Vine needs to die off. It only encourages the low attention span of our generation to go down further and it also encourages crappy trends. I swear, Vine made what could have been one of my favorite classes hell - some of the kids there just wouldn't shut up about some random Vine. Also, did you realize at ALL that you're stealing other's work and pasting it onto USclip, thus stealing potential profit from them? Not only that, but it allows the stupidity of Vine to spread even further...

  • saffron usenmez
    saffron usenmez 2 years ago

    watch saffron usenmez panda

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 years ago

    guys i stream everyday from 9-10 o clock if you wanna join the stream and be in it todays link is plus.google.com/hangouts/_/ytl/sSPRzi9D_lW-Uj_bBxfkCngtCI0YZwDmlwhTS0Jz8uA=?eid=107427159416257863560&hl=en_US&authuser=0 ill give you a dif link everytime

  • rob scoggins
    rob scoggins 2 years ago

    please check out Gordon the Perverted Panda on Vine Thanks

  • like jop
    like jop 2 years ago

    fucking funny

  • itsghiffari1203 M. Ghiffari H.

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  • Вирусные Видео

    Nice channel

  • CakeHead 2 electirc boogaloo

    Do a compilation of RegalJoe

  • King Fury
    King Fury 2 years ago

    im going to become a viner in just a few just like #king_bach #anwar_jibawi #logan_paul #etc soooo guys i will be great if u guys get me to only 40 subscribers becuse i just created this account remember king-fury

  • WhiteFire
    WhiteFire 2 years ago

    Can you please take the copyright thing away from my video? It took me a long time to edit and upload and I gave your video so much credit and promotion in it already, you don't need to take my money as well, my video isn't going to even put a dent in your fame.

  • iam_anARMYofBTS
    iam_anARMYofBTS 2 years ago

    U inspired me to start as well. keep it up. :D

  • IISphiinxz II
    IISphiinxz II 2 years ago

    so much hate but I like the daily upload

  • GeraltOfNigeria
    GeraltOfNigeria 2 years ago


  • Tube Donna
    Tube Donna 2 years ago

    more of anwar jibawi!

  • Xavier Your Savior
    Xavier Your Savior 2 years ago

    Haters hating on the channel ^_^

  • Just Vines
    Just Vines 2 years ago

    what's up Best vines can you put my channel in your section "Check them out!"

    FIFA DEEN 2 years ago

    Nice channel. Really good uploads!

  • Roger  Neilson
    Roger Neilson 2 years ago


  • Kerro Ayo
    Kerro Ayo 2 years ago

    This Channel needs to be treated like a tumor... Removed immediately

  • IsJuzy
    IsJuzy 2 years ago


  • CRG Videos
    CRG Videos 2 years ago

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  • SideShop
    SideShop 2 years ago

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  • ROBLOXsilenced
    ROBLOXsilenced 2 years ago

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  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 years ago


  • Lodahlis
    Lodahlis 2 years ago


  • Lodahlis
    Lodahlis 2 years ago


  • Joshua Judge
    Joshua Judge 2 years ago

    I have seen a vine that none of you saw before

    • Joshua Judge
      Joshua Judge 2 years ago

      calm down damn. i was just saying, i know to person thats featured in the vine.

  • FLASH Vine
    FLASH Vine 2 years ago

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  • WajHson
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  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi 2 years ago

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  • Mélanie Tétia
    Mélanie Tétia 2 years ago

    usclip.net/video/RKO17GUNsXA/video.html Look at that !! It's a funny Vines with a Cat !

  • Tony VKC
    Tony VKC 2 years ago

    What's the name that was playing in your world star hip hop at the start and end

  • Cadence Huck
    Cadence Huck 2 years ago

    Hey I love your Vids. me and my sister laugh at them all the time

  • Andreea-Ioana Mureșan

    vine.co/v/iiB7WIVHJq7 heey :D here's one of my vines. I would really appreciate if you'd check me out :D

  • Dearsam 332
    Dearsam 332 2 years ago

    vine is the best thing in the world

    • Kerro Ayo
      Kerro Ayo 2 years ago

      +sam craft .... Ya need some bleach with that wine?

  • Manveer Bhachu
    Manveer Bhachu 2 years ago

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  • Ashvin Nankoo
    Ashvin Nankoo 2 years ago

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  • Ak Sprkl
    Ak Sprkl 3 years ago

    Are you guys running out of ideas? Is that why all these exclusive viner videos are being made?

  • ChaseDaAce Bailey
    ChaseDaAce Bailey 3 years ago

    Great Work, check out my vids, guaranteed to laugh!

  • Ak Sprkl
    Ak Sprkl 3 years ago

    Why don't you guys use King Bach anymore? I just saw him on the James Corden show.

  • Legolord Productions

    In Loving Memory of Gary Rojas' Vines

  • life with iemie
    life with iemie 3 years ago

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  • Felix Lambert
    Felix Lambert 3 years ago


  • h p
    h p 3 years ago

    how much money do you make with this? you gained 1 million subs in almost a year.....dang

  • Crazy Vine
    Crazy Vine 3 years ago

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  • Nut
    Nut 3 years ago

    Wow, in this discussion's page all you see is people jut self advertising so they can be featured on one of the vine compilations. Especially this AbdeRules guy.

  • Bendydick Cumonmyback

    Wow, they got rid of VineADD TV due to violations of USclips rules.

  • Omegamon456
    Omegamon456 3 years ago

    Check Boby he 7s so good and funny go on vine and type Boby and put him and yours vine

  • sajed shirazee
    sajed shirazee 3 years ago

    Am always looking forward for the series of vine comps each month!

  • Fahad Yahia Aljaberi

    Hello, how are you I guess that these videos are also funny and entertaining I hope more

  • Vine classes
    Vine classes 3 years ago

    You done a great job!!


    hey, check this viner, he's hilarious!! Please make a compilation vine.co/u/1217179356276371456 #TeamRules

  • Abdellatif El Abdellaoui

    Hey check out AbdeRules on vine LMFAO!! he is hilarious!!! vine.co/u/1217179356276371456 MAKE A COMPILATION OF HIS VINES!!

  • AbdeRules
    AbdeRules 3 years ago

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  • Daniel Sayer
    Daniel Sayer 3 years ago

    How the fuck is "21" funny? It isn't even comedy, and "deez nuts" is just as fucking worse, all he is doing is sitting on his fat arse pronouncing stuff oddly and fuck faced kids think its hilarious, oh and people who think its funny tell me how the fuck you watch those fucking shitty ass videos.

  • Deshaun Beasley
    Deshaun Beasley 3 years ago

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  • Vine video compiler
    Vine video compiler 3 years ago

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  • Siico
    Siico 3 years ago

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    The creepy creep 3 years ago

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  • Dylann Rengifo
    Dylann Rengifo 3 years ago

    please, tell me the best vine accounts to follow

  • itaetaelove skorys
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  • V III IX
    V III IX 3 years ago

    NEW KingBach Best Vines Compilation.. PLEASE!! :D

  • V III IX
    V III IX 3 years ago

    NEW KingBach Best Vines Compilation.. PLEASE!! :D

  • King LYNX
    King LYNX 3 years ago

    You always cheers me up

  • Vine video compiler
    Vine video compiler 3 years ago

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  • Miranda Turcotte
    Miranda Turcotte 3 years ago

    I love you guys and girls in the vines thanks

  • Lukas Van Leeuwen
    Lukas Van Leeuwen 3 years ago

    i hate the fact that they repeat EVERY vine from the older ones...

  • Samantha Baisden
    Samantha Baisden 3 years ago

    how do u submit vines

  • ericksprojects
    ericksprojects 3 years ago

    How do you get that green frame to make vines with?

  • Abdennour Taleb
    Abdennour Taleb 3 years ago

    PLEASE MAKE : hi okey vines thanks

  • Vining Vines
    Vining Vines 3 years ago

    Love you guys :) Inspired me to start as well ;)

  • melayne bishop
    melayne bishop 3 years ago


  • Vine 2015
    Vine 2015 3 years ago

    Is this Lance that owns this channel?

  • StoneColdMiracle
    StoneColdMiracle 3 years ago

    You get money for putting other people's work together. How despicable.

  • yvngmkd yt
    yvngmkd yt 3 years ago

    Ther is a video that was made,....ABOUT A WEEK AGO A WEEK AGO

  • Christopher Butler
    Christopher Butler 3 years ago

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    NATELAW 3 years ago

    how did you become so successful on youtube

  • AdeusTédio
    AdeusTédio 3 years ago

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  • christian udesen
    christian udesen 3 years ago

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    christian udesen 3 years ago

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    Not Valid 3 years ago

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    Hamody Sparrow 3 years ago

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  • Adam DeLand
    Adam DeLand 3 years ago

    You haven't been using BigCatDerek's Vines since October, could you try to use his again?

  • Aiex Demetroudis
    Aiex Demetroudis 3 years ago

    that cool man

  • jason thomas
    jason thomas 3 years ago

    The best vines ever

  • 25 981 025 views
    25 981 025 views 3 years ago

    My channel is only about Dog Cats and funny animals vines ;)

  • LegoAnimations6370
    LegoAnimations6370 3 years ago

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  • Universal Tutorials
    Universal Tutorials 3 years ago

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  • NoahsWorldHD
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  • the dargas
    the dargas 3 years ago

    i love all of your vines i am a big fan

  • Top Vine Picks
    Top Vine Picks 3 years ago

    Collab is stealing all of your Ad Revenues.

  • Harry Davies
    Harry Davies 3 years ago

    Your last video doesn't have any actual video fyi - /watch?v=gT6MTKLhof0

  • Jose Cosita Rara
    Jose Cosita Rara 3 years ago

    always make my day seeing these video. I made some my self.

  • Бодрый Человек

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  • Highlight Nation
    Highlight Nation 3 years ago

    Thank you for your videos! You motivated me to create vines compilation videos :) usclip.net/user/thebestvinesfullhd

  • Yairo
    Yairo 3 years ago

    You make me sick using other peoples videos to make money i hope you get copyrighted

  • RoyalMcShouty
    RoyalMcShouty 3 years ago

    hey that meghan i think she is pretty

  • Safae Zentari
    Safae Zentari 3 years ago

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  • Safae Zentari
    Safae Zentari 3 years ago

    ?? whatch the movie!!!! hahahahahaha;)

  • Best Vine Collection __ ( Best Vines Compilations )

    I hope to grow my channel like yours. You're doing well and make good compilations. Keep up the good work. :-)

  • Murad quluzade
    Murad quluzade 3 years ago

    O yes vain vidyo lik Balaca vayin 2015

  • Aled Burns
    Aled Burns 3 years ago

    u rarely upload y?

  • jonathan standrew
    jonathan standrew 3 years ago


  • Edgar Reyes
    Edgar Reyes 3 years ago

    FUNNY videos

  • InkninjaPlays
    InkninjaPlays 3 years ago

    Finnaly u uploaded some vine took ya long e nof

  • ntt
    ntt 3 years ago

    What kind of Asian are you? Asian.

  • InkninjaPlays
    InkninjaPlays 4 years ago

    Where the vines