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  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 5 seconds ago

    Come to the bills!! We’ll take him!!!

  • The Truth
    The Truth 23 seconds ago

    Now i see Molly was found in a strip club with that body.

  • E M
    E M Minute ago

    I think KC and Bmore is a 50/50 game on who wins. Last year was a super close game. This year they have both have overall improvement, but I think the Ravens have had the larger improvement from where they were last year, some Ravens may even have a very slight edge.

  • kaiser sosay
    kaiser sosay 2 minutes ago

    Hopefully the lions will sign him.

  • Williams Charlie
    Williams Charlie 2 minutes ago

    hahahaha steven say why pay for a trip

  • Nash Pluto
    Nash Pluto 2 minutes ago

    They’ve won 1 game 😂

  • Joe Corley
    Joe Corley 3 minutes ago

    This is corny...basically he saying I want Tebow to have a different perspective but you attack people with different perspectives from him. Corny

  • jk 26
    jk 26 3 minutes ago

    lakers may not make it to the playoffs.. let see how lebron play with davis.. is gonna give up the ball to davis? or is gonna make davis as a spot shooter like bosh or love?

  • Manny Calavera
    Manny Calavera 5 minutes ago

    Brown the Clown. Hats of to the Steelers for actually being able to deal with this dude. I wonder how many things they covered up and never talked about.

  • James Grant
    James Grant 5 minutes ago

    Facts..... This reason prove he is a batter player then L. James

  • Юлиан Георгиев

    Ward lost at least one of the bouts against Kovalev! Europeans getting robbed in Vegas.

  • Nathan mier
    Nathan mier 7 minutes ago

    I have to say... MAGIC has tarnished his legacy not only by leaving the LA Lakers, but more so by settling to be a ESPN shill.

  • Eddie Bitar
    Eddie Bitar 8 minutes ago

    Stephen A. stick to basketball sir.

  • Mr. Wumpa
    Mr. Wumpa 9 minutes ago

    One of the worst teams sure but worst program is the color brown 🤣🤣

  • whokoo
    whokoo 10 minutes ago

    He can now concentrate on running for president.

  • SnoBunnyPidePiper313🚬
    SnoBunnyPidePiper313🚬 11 minutes ago

    Magic drunk as usually rockets champions 2020 best duo

  • ItzScott0
    ItzScott0 11 minutes ago

    he not a champ until to he defends the belt

    JOHNNY BUCK3TS 12 minutes ago

    this man KD really got Twitter fingers

  • tapouut
    tapouut 12 minutes ago

    How dumb are you??? He took a settlement...there will be no football for him again...NFL settled case closed

  • IDSS
    IDSS 13 minutes ago

    Oh man, if Dre was in training he would win big over Canelo! That would be a great victory for SOG.

  • shabazz360
    shabazz360 14 minutes ago

    Why do people keep saying Zion is gona run into guys just as big and athletic as he ? WHO ?!?!

  • Aim HACK YT
    Aim HACK YT 14 minutes ago

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  • egokilr _cobra
    egokilr _cobra 16 minutes ago

    Texas let o state stay in the game, o state shouldn't have scored 30 at all more like texas 36 okst 20

  • ASC Eagleman
    ASC Eagleman 16 minutes ago

    Stupid motherfucking topics day in and day out. This show sucks why does it always pop up in my feed...

  • reelkena
    reelkena 16 minutes ago

    Seattle Dragons sounds like a Japanese baseball team. Even with Seattle in it,

  • MrRay
    MrRay 19 minutes ago

    Malika be careful there. KD might tweet about you

  • Matthew Mockabee
    Matthew Mockabee 19 minutes ago

    AB is disgraceful

  • Talvinder Singh
    Talvinder Singh 19 minutes ago

    He dropped that punch short, shits staged....he was never looking to land. Even if Benevidez didnt roll Terence would have fell short.

  • Arn Martin
    Arn Martin 21 minute ago

    Payton M went 3-13 in his first year and 13-3 because they found out he was the real deal you have to know all the kids capabilities

  • Iron Throne
    Iron Throne 21 minute ago

    What a joke

  • Justin James
    Justin James 21 minute ago

    Cam is a mediocre QB. He had one good year. Dude is super over rated and over hyped.

  • Melanie Jordan
    Melanie Jordan 22 minutes ago

    Hes a joke if the NFL

  • Bryon Yarbrough
    Bryon Yarbrough 22 minutes ago

    Pride comes before the fall.

  • Brian Robideau
    Brian Robideau 24 minutes ago

    The "C word" Steven A. is what I prefer as a white man

  • ALM Mack
    ALM Mack 24 minutes ago

    If the Ravens win will I be shocked? If the Chiefs win will I be shocked? No to both cause they both can ball that said I got KC cause they proved themselves with Mahomes more times. Not Breaking News: Ravens are real good. No injuries for either team is a win. Full disclosure I'm a Chiefs Kingdom member. Chiefs by 3

  • Sifelani Justice Magodi
    Sifelani Justice Magodi 25 minutes ago

    Ryan Clark shouldn't waste his breath with these idiots who've never played one snap of football in they lives. The receding hairline having geek

  • Adnan Siddique
    Adnan Siddique 26 minutes ago

    All these pics look like AB was on the team for almost the whole season lol

  • R M
    R M 26 minutes ago

    His career is probably over

  • Joshua Eikamp
    Joshua Eikamp 27 minutes ago

    I hate molly

  • P C
    P C 29 minutes ago

    Actually, Stephen A and Max Kellerman have more pressure than any of them. Just the fact that day in and day out they sit next to Molly but never just stood up and backhanded her is an incredibly amazing accomplishment.

  • Angel Campos
    Angel Campos 31 minute ago

    One went to the Superbowl and the other is doing nothing

  • jose joseph
    jose joseph 32 minutes ago


  • Fabo Andolini
    Fabo Andolini 33 minutes ago

    Such a waste of God given talent, congratulations, yuh played yuhself

  • ApexAimClub
    ApexAimClub 33 minutes ago

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  • Ignas Bernotas
    Ignas Bernotas 33 minutes ago

    The nets are Rodions Kurucs team!!! 💪🇱🇻

  • AP AP
    AP AP 34 minutes ago

    Maybe KD is also secretly a flat-earther. That would explain a lot.

  • Jihad Da God
    Jihad Da God 35 minutes ago

    Why would he be happy at GS when everyone was mad he went there. Everyone said he wasn't needed. I've been an OKC fan since Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp and I wasn't mad.

  • cyprian ladd agpoon
    cyprian ladd agpoon 35 minutes ago

    i like what magic said! they know how to "WIN"

  • mediacenter man
    mediacenter man 35 minutes ago

    As we all judge and condemn what is clearly a series of complex problems; I truly believe that this will end in tragedy due to mental health problems. It is only then that the internet will seek to excuse itself for previous comments. I truly believe that A.B needs a psychiatrist, therapy and time away from football.

  • ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ sᴇᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ

    Wow Magic compliments and wishes KD the best but KD disapproved. Sad guy

  • Misaal Shah
    Misaal Shah 36 minutes ago

    Lebron played in the east. Thats a straight ticket to the finals. Put Lebrons team in the West You see him getting past the Suns, mavs, Spurs, Lakers and then Thunder later on. Stop It RJ.

  • Leslie James
    Leslie James 37 minutes ago

    Antonio Brown made the fastest trip through Massachusetts of any patriot since Paul Revere...

  • Maurice Myers
    Maurice Myers 37 minutes ago

    He got his check in arbitration. Singned NDA .Nothing to see here.

  • dilld0r 45
    dilld0r 45 37 minutes ago

    Pats aint wit the drama he brings

  • Rufus 45
    Rufus 45 39 minutes ago

    He’s signing with the Bulls

  • America Awesome
    America Awesome 42 minutes ago

    Take a knee . Get your job back .

  • 藍筆幸
    藍筆幸 42 minutes ago

    Stephen A is literally a human Cap lock

  • Mark Nairn
    Mark Nairn 42 minutes ago

    This the result of a coddled spoiled athlete who never had to deal with the repercussion's of his actions, enabled by dirt bag football coaches and whomever desire to win a stupid football GAME!

  • shubham kumar
    shubham kumar 42 minutes ago

    The girl behind is Brittany Palmer Thanks

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg 43 minutes ago

    I really hope and pray that a woman makes false accusations about all you haters and you have to defend yourself for nothing.. Only then when your a victim of lies you’ll all stop being haters

  • Zachariah
    Zachariah 44 minutes ago

    IM FREE!!!!

  • lakhina Chan
    lakhina Chan 45 minutes ago

    Like ros gold said, you got two rings and two mvp, steph sacrifice all that for you!

  • DexxonGamerYT
    DexxonGamerYT 46 minutes ago

    Giannis aint close to shaq. Giannis being all positions🤣. He has a horrible jumpshot. Has bad handles, and passing. How is he a PG or SG, or C. He is a sf/pf. The current basketball player that has all positions is KD. Has ok handles, ok passing, and amazing shootinh. But he is also a 7 footer.

  • josh
    josh 47 minutes ago

    Warriors even offered him the super max. Not enough.

  • P C
    P C 48 minutes ago

    What has she accomplished exactly? It's easy to say a blanket statement that she's done a good job just because she's a woman. Get off her nuts. All I know is, (1) I haven't heard of any of her direct contributions, and (2) there were several reports on players not getting their PB&Js.

  • Petaia Seiuli
    Petaia Seiuli 49 minutes ago

    KD is AB

  • Andy T
    Andy T 49 minutes ago

    Whyyy would he send text messages, absolute fool.

  • Phil Dicks
    Phil Dicks 49 minutes ago

    I still think something happened to him with the Burfect hit. I think that was more than a concussion. I think he received a serious brain injury. He was a bit assholish before(fairly common for professional atheletes). After that hit his behavior seemed to change.

  • highspeedtubing
    highspeedtubing 50 minutes ago

    Please be kind everyone. Cam is transitioning to PAM NEWTON......maybe GRAM NEWTON.

  • KOA 532
    KOA 532 51 minute ago

    People need to stop talking down on zion

  • Jean francisco
    Jean francisco 52 minutes ago

    Reality > warriors Hahahha

  • Chris Turns
    Chris Turns 53 minutes ago

    I agree with all the comments saying people are putting huge expectations on Zion.. but I think he deserves it! Dude acts like he’s the next great, flexes after every point and walks and talk like he already is one of the greats. I say, put all the expectations in the world on him, and if he meets them, he deserves it, if he doesn’t, he deserves to be called a bust too.

  • John Williams
    John Williams 54 minutes ago

    SAS is an idiot... Kap wasn't all that before his vacation

  • Nesly Leonvil
    Nesly Leonvil 54 minutes ago

    Jay Williams is compromised ,he’s to close to Lebrun to say otherwise and low key on the pay roll.

  • Kim philip Basingan
    Kim philip Basingan 56 minutes ago

    Rondo Green James Davis Mcgee Bench Bradley caldwell-pope Dudley Kuzma Howard

  • Brendan Moore
    Brendan Moore 57 minutes ago

    Rather have Gardner Minshew

  • RayTonz
    RayTonz 57 minutes ago

    @8:52 what does Andre mean tough lifestyle outside of the ring for Kovalev?

  • zachary minor
    zachary minor 58 minutes ago

    Marvin Lewis is not a fuckin owner dummy

  • Bryan Florido
    Bryan Florido 58 minutes ago

    Ravens played the Lolphins an AZ 😂 come on now

  • Kaleb Tourist
    Kaleb Tourist 58 minutes ago

    Over 50 dislikes?!!!! People listen the two best boxing USclip channels are Max on Boxing and Boxing Legends Tv. There should be no dislikes here .

  • Lando shawnathon
    Lando shawnathon 59 minutes ago

    Rachel could still get it.

  • jdp 90five
    jdp 90five 59 minutes ago

    Cp3 couldn’t get past curry... they were never gonna win a ring

  • Buzz B
    Buzz B Hour ago

    Unfair firing, must be racism, like in my dismissal! -- Colin Kaepernick

  • Eugene Burgin
    Eugene Burgin Hour ago

    I actually agree with KD this time

  • Foxxxy &Sassy
    Foxxxy &Sassy Hour ago

    KD is a very unhappy person. Nothing will satisfy him. And coming back from this injury is going to be really difficult.

  • jack thebeanstalk

    Maybe the browns or my lions should pick him up now.

  • Black Privilege
    Black Privilege Hour ago

    "Antonio Clown." The name fits...

  • R R
    R R Hour ago

    But to be fair they're just allegations not facts at the moment. Even though him texting the lady made him look worse

  • MJ S
    MJ S Hour ago

    That lob city Clippers was nothing but all highlights during regular season

  • R R
    R R Hour ago

    Even Terrell Owens and all his craziness never amounted to anything like this, I really think now Antonio Brown is crazy. Smh

  • Don H
    Don H Hour ago

    What a dumbass. Making millions and can't control himself. He thinks he is the only person in the world who matters, but he has zero class and less brains. He will always think someone else is to blame, never accepting any responsibility himself. Hope no one picks him up.

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez Hour ago

    KD is the type of guy, that after he leaves Brooklyn to say Kyrie wasn't his friend.

  • bellabana
    bellabana Hour ago

    Typically clueless Americans that don’t realize that other countries & people exist outside of America. Australian tennis player Margaret Court has 64 Grand Slam titles, 24 singles, 19 doubles & 21 mixed doubles, something Serena Williams can never match, she can only equal/pass her 24 singles titles. So no Serena is NOT even the most dominant player in women’s tennis!

    SELFTALK Hour ago

    To be fair Blake is ways hurt in the post season

  • Dezzziee
    Dezzziee Hour ago


  • highspeedtubing
    highspeedtubing Hour ago

    Stephan A (for a-hole) is not a real Steeler fan........he is a racist cheerleader for Mike Tomlin. He actually said they should bring In Kaepernick........because he’s black of course......even though Kap is a mediocre quarterback and team CANCER.

  • B. Whisky
    B. Whisky Hour ago

    Seems KD is too sensitive and thin skinned. Not accepted?? Why can he be appreciative and thankful he played with unselfish teammates. It's going to be a rude awakening when he has to deal with the east coast media. East coast media have a reputation of being blunt, heavily critical, and ask very tough uncomfortable questions. KD being so thin skinned, it won't take long for him to hating east coast media.

  • Ramone DeCurta
    Ramone DeCurta Hour ago

    Besides the top two, AFC has a great stable of QB’s: *Brady* *Rivers* Mahomes Watson Jackson Minshew Rudolph Allen Mayfield Darnold Brissett *Other AFC QB’s* Dalton 😒 Mariota 😒 Winston 😒 Rosen 😒 *NFC* Wilson Brees Rodgers Ryan Prescott Garoppolo Goff Murray Jones *Other NFC QB’s* Newton 😒 Cousins 😒 Stafford 😒 Trubisky😒 WHICH CONFERENCE HAS THE BETTER QB’s?

  • Liz
    Liz Hour ago

    He plays football for the freaking patriots.... I'm sure there are tons of girls who'd be down but he had to go and do that. Dumbass

  • Bantay Hero
    Bantay Hero Hour ago

    Excuses excuses teddy is a Joke for us Filipinos. He's training career is a Joke seriously he should just go to a acting class