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  • Shannon S
    Shannon S 22 minutes ago

    This is so peaceful

  • Jane Coleman
    Jane Coleman 39 minutes ago

    everyone that doesn't know about this is missing out fr

  • cereals
    cereals 2 hours ago

    nothing like falling asleep to this then waking up boiling alive in your tent full of bugs with more legs than I’d ever want to see

  • _Sunflowershowers •

    loooooooovvveeee thisssss

  • Jennora
    Jennora 2 hours ago

    #4 makes me happy

  • neBby
    neBby 3 hours ago

    loving it

  • brain dead
    brain dead 4 hours ago

    there's a lot of depressive comments in here, and i just wanted to share how i feel: alive.. like you know, just happy to exist and even though i never knew for the thing that people call 'motivation', i just feel genuinely happy to breathe and be a part of all this existence thing. i don't know what i'm doing or what i'll do later in life but it feels very right if you are stubborn enough to want it to be like that. people come and go, there were and will be times with more complications in your life but is anything really that problematic that it makes you feel unable to move on? i feel as one with the air, light, sounds. we are all part of one universe, don't you think? i want you all to wake up one day and realize that this amazing life we're given is a blessed experience and you should live it, be able to feel the sadness and the happiness and be fine with it because you've accepted yourself and your surroundings. i believe that the only thing standing on our way of being comfortable with anything is us. you're amazing.. please don't ever give up <3

  • 01's
    01's 4 hours ago

    what happened to sad boy with a laptop?

  • Lucas Ranieri
    Lucas Ranieri 4 hours ago

    soo, source on the anime talking?

  • Brooke Butterworth
    Brooke Butterworth 4 hours ago

    31:00 Jim and Pam ..... new favorite mix

  • Natalie Baza
    Natalie Baza 4 hours ago

    This reminds me of Emma Chamberlain

  • Shafra
    Shafra 5 hours ago

    I would do anything to be on that rooftop

  • Backyard Bully
    Backyard Bully 5 hours ago


  • Ana Carolina Fantin
    Ana Carolina Fantin 5 hours ago

    This is so good, for sure made my study nights a lot less shitty!! thanks for this

  • BYC Productions
    BYC Productions 6 hours ago BYC here from Canada! We started production this past year and so far we have been blessed with finding our groove & ourselves most importantly! Inspired by lofi hiphop and good vibes! Check us out, we have a lot in store and we are looking forward to sharing with you all ! iG bycproductions_ One Love & Bless UP!

  • Ruslan Shemietov
    Ruslan Shemietov 6 hours ago

    my thanks for not putting songs with speech. hate it

    • Ruslan Shemietov
      Ruslan Shemietov 5 hours ago

      Ok, I've heard one but I liked already. Today's your lucky day

  • Ridvan
    Ridvan 8 hours ago

  • TheContactCollector
    TheContactCollector 9 hours ago


  • Mateo Trapiello
    Mateo Trapiello 10 hours ago

    Is this one of your best mixes ever? I really think so

  • VashTheStampede321
    VashTheStampede321 11 hours ago

    Notes for me 00:00 miscél - When You Left 02:44 Jay-Lounge & Jordy Chandra - Puddles

  • Alma Said
    Alma Said 12 hours ago

    love this

  • Anabelle Portman
    Anabelle Portman 13 hours ago

    The part where the girl says"i love you i love you. So much" aaahghfghgg plz just fkin' fkin stoop😖😤🤯

  • Yuri Katz
    Yuri Katz 15 hours ago


  • Annabel’s World
    Annabel’s World 16 hours ago

    i don’t know why but this really reminds me of walking around in animal crossing in the rain after midnight 👀

  • Mehmet Keser
    Mehmet Keser 16 hours ago

    anasını avradını çok iyi be

  • Deck Trout
    Deck Trout 17 hours ago

    What a dream shot, with only two enemies being mosquitoes and rain...

  • Феномен Шоу
    Феномен Шоу 17 hours ago

    It seems to me that all those people who like this vibe are somehow mentally connected ... Maybe I smoked a lot and speak without, but it doesn’t matter ... :) Everyone has a good day and take care. With Love from Ukraine

  • hadrrien
    hadrrien 18 hours ago

    that's what i call a beautiful lofi mixtape ! i love the background ! its so peaceful ! keep doing the good stuff !

  • しおり Shiori
    しおり Shiori 19 hours ago


  • Kimberly Cruz
    Kimberly Cruz 21 hour ago

    Having to read so much a Business Administration major, this playlist helped get through a long night of reading a small library for this week's classes.

  • Christian Estrada

    Is there a title for the picture?

  • Seiren Drack
    Seiren Drack Day ago

    So relaxing, I love it. In this moment is raining, so is perfect.

  • Potato Productions


  • Cezar
    Cezar Day ago

    Wonderful image

  • Cat Catt
    Cat Catt Day ago

    Poor kids stuck doing all this homework......

  • Cat Catt
    Cat Catt Day ago

    Where did she plugged that fan in? She keeps starring at the water and her phone is blowing off. Lol

    • J Dee
      J Dee 7 hours ago

      The wind is making the fan turn. If you ever seen a fan outdoors on a windy day, the wind makes it turn, like a windmill.

  • Hope
    Hope Day ago

    All I want to do is be in that camp setting and just stare at the fire and night sky and water all night long

  • cayddn
    cayddn Day ago

    You know, I usually dislike the city. All the loud noises, traffic, smells.. but this mix? And that picture? Kinda makes me want to pack my bags and move to a modest apartment, sit on the rooftop, and absorb the black and gold colors. Realistically though, I wouldn't actually move unless there was less traffic.

  • long hoàng
    long hoàng Day ago

    Cảm ơn nhiều

  • richter
    richter Day ago

    So, why exactly is this sign on the left edge of the screen in russian? КОНТИНЕНТ (continent)

  • long hoàng
    long hoàng Day ago

    Cảm ơn

  • Lot Smoegrande

    depression has no cur-

  • Vinyl Peacock
    Vinyl Peacock Day ago

    Nice mix! Really love the background on this one ^-^ If anyone is interested I also have some lofi/chill hip-hop I've made on my channel. One of which is inspired by my many backpacking and camping trips called "Night on the Trail" I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive day :)

  • Julio H. Eguigurems E.

    such a beautiful gif, we are alive.

  • Adobong manok
    Adobong manok Day ago

    If you ever feeling down remember that there is someone worrying about you in the corner.

  • Chillchilla
    Chillchilla Day ago

    Got Milkwood? 🐭

  • RJ CM
    RJ CM Day ago

    I love you Yasmin

  • YongJee E
    YongJee E Day ago

    25:00 what is this anime? in that time

  • Alec Dixon
    Alec Dixon Day ago

    I've always wanted my life and room to be like this

  • la mingo
    la mingo Day ago

    I like this🐘💨

  • Fan of Fandoms

    the lofi hiphop corner of youtube doesnt feel real to me because i only come here late at night and its so relaxing

  • Jordan Pugh
    Jordan Pugh Day ago

    This playlist is what happens when you realize the world isn't as somber and lonely as you thought it was.

  • TravelBean
    TravelBean Day ago

    Thank you for not putting a million ads on this

  • Slynell1
    Slynell1 Day ago

    take me to this camp fire

  • Suga Kookies
    Suga Kookies Day ago

    ok but not at how that guy's posture is a whole mood

  • Abby Cranfield

    so innocent until THE MOANING IN THE LAST ONE but it was still so soft <3333

  • Cute'N'Crazy
    Cute'N'Crazy Day ago

    wow gj

  • Paula
    Paula Day ago

    Adoring this while at work, thank you! :)

  • Cecily 95
    Cecily 95 2 days ago

    odd I noticed but the air unit below is a different model... cheap apartments replacement lol. #apartmentlife

  • eloday53
    eloday53 2 days ago

    Is that like an old Asian-style TV?

  • atomzone
    atomzone 2 days ago


  • Winter X
    Winter X 2 days ago

    you uploaded this while I was actually camping, wow.

  • Sketchy
    Sketchy 2 days ago

    this is vibeees

  • sad ghost
    sad ghost 2 days ago

    damn, this shit hit me in another way, but calmly.

  • Flying Potato
    Flying Potato 2 days ago

    The one in the wallaper has his preparations right....coolbox, guitar, campfire, beer.

  • Capt Vadose
    Capt Vadose 2 days ago

    IT'S BACK!!! YES! YT took this vid down for a couple weeks or it was removed from search results but my link to it also no longer worked. Glad its back, this is my Star Citizen mix.

    • Pierce Kimberling
      Pierce Kimberling 48 minutes ago

      OMG YES!!! I was freaking out. This is one of my favorite playlists.

  • Daniyana Anaydani
    Daniyana Anaydani 2 days ago

    Strongly beautiful

  • Francis Russ
    Francis Russ 2 days ago

    this is waiting music. Dentist office, or holding the line on the phone.

  • Dawn Hope
    Dawn Hope 2 days ago

    Am I the only person who *almost* immediately got knocked out as soon as this started playing? Yes? Okay ;-;

  • KIlling Boredom
    KIlling Boredom 2 days ago

    Thank you <3

  • Ice Cold Vaporized Sodaaa

    the second song is so good until the sound effects ruined it.

  • KT G.
    KT G. 2 days ago

    I dunno why, but when I saw the 'no signal' on the computer screen, it made me think of the rest of my family. I live a great life, with good grades, good parents, a bed to sleep in and a house to live in. But it was just the four of us, always sticking together throughout every hardship. The rest of our family never really gave us a signal, and it tore my parents up. Both sides hated us in the end. I know exactly why they had so much hatred, and sometimes I wish people *would* change. I love these videos so much. They make me think a lot. It's nice to visit the past every now and then, get my gears turning!

  • sella blah
    sella blah 2 days ago

    so. good.

  • Midnight Mint
    Midnight Mint 2 days ago

    It's pretty ironic how as a kid, I would be super loud and love the idea of parties and stuff, and now when I'm older I prefer quiet places.

  • Catherine Ammerman
    Catherine Ammerman 2 days ago

    the birds outside my window are to loud I can't hear the recorded birds! : )

  • Andra Kyundra
    Andra Kyundra 2 days ago

    i have No money

  • RådåЯ
    RådåЯ 2 days ago

    One of my favorite mix on your channel ! It's so peaceful ! Thank U <3

  • Com Truise
    Com Truise 2 days ago

    This is heaven

  • Mozila Winzy
    Mozila Winzy 2 days ago

    So good. 😘😙

  • Milu Katote
    Milu Katote 2 days ago

    feeling relax thanku

  • vaishnavi verma
    vaishnavi verma 2 days ago

    I like spending time in rooftop bt mosquitoes squeez all the excitement out.

  • Der Mensch
    Der Mensch 2 days ago

    horrible selection. i usually love ur mixes but this is justz bad. sorry

  • Fran Vázquez
    Fran Vázquez 2 days ago


  • Lori Ilona
    Lori Ilona 2 days ago

    love "harren - your evening porch"....yes, less is more, if it's so nice like this music

  • alice santiago
    alice santiago 2 days ago


  • Tango Kabocha
    Tango Kabocha 2 days ago

    Thank God my favorite song is still here

  • Mr M
    Mr M 2 days ago

    rice muddafukkaaa

  • panama metto
    panama metto 2 days ago


  • Mustafa Khazaali
    Mustafa Khazaali 2 days ago

    Waiting for it to be private :(

  • Hoàng Bùi
    Hoàng Bùi 2 days ago

    we need secret society blanket to be in the video

  • Yu Wish
    Yu Wish 2 days ago

    Does anyone remember the song that sampled that Black Mirror episode with Bryce Dallas Howard? I lost it.

  • Cedric Cansino
    Cedric Cansino 2 days ago

    This music is so nice but being super allergic to pollen I wish I could appreciate the art but it stresses me out LOL

  • Justaway Productions

    cigarette smokes, when held like that outside, usually goes into your eyes or drops ashes on your hair and clothes. Also, wind is a real bitch when smoking. So thats that. Kids, it's not that cool to smoke, don't do it.

  • Yōjinbō 用心棒

    This is definitely good to listen to. I'm listening to this in the background while I'm doing my work on the computer. Definitely helps get through things easier and make the time pass by.

  • Caleb Wiegman
    Caleb Wiegman 2 days ago

    It's so inviting because we are mostly wishing we could be there instead of pouring over human job stuff. One day.

  • AshKohn47
    AshKohn47 2 days ago

    If someone asks for likes, it's because they want their message to be seen. Or they are just desperate to tell their friends that they got more likes on a comment than views on all their viedos combined.

  • Glistening Ghost
    Glistening Ghost 2 days ago


  • Logan R
    Logan R 2 days ago

    This makes me wanna go camping 😂

  • sunflower field
    sunflower field 3 days ago