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  • Eddie Somers
    Eddie Somers Hour ago

    still early doe

  • MLO
    MLO Hour ago

    "Let the man be the head of the family" - "Learn have to submit" - WTF? ;)

  • Leon Phantasm
    Leon Phantasm Hour ago

    Mike wasn’t sleeping in the same bed though. I’m playin love you mike.

  • Hunter x craft
    Hunter x craft Hour ago

    "You know what I mean" 😑😑

  • Aubrey Johnson
    Aubrey Johnson Hour ago


  • Some kind of Entity

    Me after hearing He and Cardi are the hottest artists in NY New York.. Ya'll STOOPID!

  • Chiraq TookaPack

    Using donuts as a bun has been a joke way before the boondocks

  • Dobbie
    Dobbie Hour ago

    What happens when he comes out is he is going to get splashed

  • jade bethel
    jade bethel Hour ago

    He can put me on the table any day 😂😂😂

  • Helder De Almeida

    I can't care less if his snitch just get him and everyone involved in jail

  • P. Unruly
    P. Unruly Hour ago

    Swizzy!! Very down to earth person 🙏🏾

  • Phillip Powell
    Phillip Powell Hour ago

    This nigga gettin all these views because he mentioned more famous comedians. Got the nerve say comedians are out to destroy their own.

  • jade bethel
    jade bethel 2 hours ago

    I love him

  • Helder De Almeida
    Helder De Almeida 2 hours ago

    Get him in jail we have too many f... up people

  • Boyang Li
    Boyang Li 2 hours ago

    28:28, real man emotion took me deep into this segment, Im Asain, but I respect Dennis so much!!!

  • fellagood2009
    fellagood2009 2 hours ago

    Post car accident 🤔

  • The Watchers
    The Watchers 2 hours ago

    "The woman is always right"? #weakassman

    GENERAL BKOLO 2 hours ago

    They both stupid besides Charlemagne

  • hey it me
    hey it me 2 hours ago

    Rodman is coked up here. Damm. Grow up OG

  • J O
    J O 2 hours ago

    Please give Envy donkey of the day!!!

  • Jamarcus Jackson
    Jamarcus Jackson 2 hours ago

    Academiks goin get tight😂😂😂

  • Tony Lewis
    Tony Lewis 2 hours ago

    18 million views more than Birdman he wasn't kidding about this being the most popular video ever for Breakfast Club

  • QUAY Savvy
    QUAY Savvy 2 hours ago

    Don't let this distracted you from the fact that a kid went viral from running like Naruto....Boom!

  • mohau thekiso
    mohau thekiso 2 hours ago

    This story is just so emotional. Being out here in Africa it best describes for me the struggle of the African Americans.

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui 2 hours ago

    Mr. Hernandez is that all? 69: BARTY CROUCH... JUNIOR

  • Charles Zegzdryn
    Charles Zegzdryn 2 hours ago

    ~ I always thought Kim Wayans was the only sister!... (guess i learned something new...

  • Jay Goonie
    Jay Goonie 2 hours ago

    Anybody else come back to watch this video because of the case

  • Cory Lemons
    Cory Lemons 2 hours ago

    Charlemagne, “why do whites gravitate towards your comedy.” Ummm, because it’s funny, regardless of skin color. Charlemagne is honestly a race baiting douche. Love how Dave intelligently answers that. Dave’s been my favorite comedian since I was a kid. Charlemagne still remains a douche.

  • Ayo GunnaMac
    Ayo GunnaMac 2 hours ago

    Tiff not funny but she a good actress mad respect for her

  • Roxanne_811 A.
    Roxanne_811 A. 2 hours ago

    Respect respect blessings to all of them especially Korey!

  • Fernando Lopez
    Fernando Lopez 2 hours ago

    This is what people support? Sad...

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 2 hours ago

    They did him DIRTY in the thumbnail smh

  • Bam Again
    Bam Again 2 hours ago

    Wow. I had no idea what a complete twat he was.

  • tawonga munyanduri
    tawonga munyanduri 2 hours ago

    The Luther form boondocks😂😂😂😂

  • Magdalena Santiago
    Magdalena Santiago 2 hours ago

    He’s truly a wounded individual! And weird af too , its has to be the side effects of all the drugs and alcohol ! I know he probably was reeking of tabaco!! Smh lol

  • David Delgado
    David Delgado 2 hours ago

    You coaperated two days later hahahahha

  • Almight Quen
    Almight Quen 2 hours ago

    I still ain't watch it and probably still ain't gon watch it

  • Dylan Pritchard
    Dylan Pritchard 2 hours ago

    I think we should put Andrew in the Oval Office and let him stay as long as he wants lol

  • Trice McC
    Trice McC 2 hours ago

    Yall remember the movie "In to Deep" with Omar Epps and LL cool J? 🏌️‍♂️

  • King Lo
    King Lo 2 hours ago

    Yee.... u nasty #:;*_

    EAR ART 2 hours ago

    The snitch report

  • Mel B
    Mel B 2 hours ago

    I like her, I really like some of her plans. Just waiting to hear her plan on earning the male white conservative vote (and their wives).🤔🤓

  • Reggie collier
    Reggie collier 2 hours ago

    Charlemagne said he was gone suck 69 off if he gets out well him home now & what u gone do lbvs

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui 2 hours ago

      Its Consequences 4 The Things You Do💯

  • The Watchers
    The Watchers 2 hours ago

    The Breakfast Club is pushing the Lesbian and Gay agenda strong. #trash

  • Sunshyne57
    Sunshyne57 2 hours ago

    Damn, didn't know fat Joe was so comedic ! I'm LMAO🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • patrick y
    patrick y 2 hours ago

    No disrespect to Cardi and Remy Ma, but if Sha-Rock was coming out now...she would dust both of them!

  • Lola Acosta
    Lola Acosta 2 hours ago

    Luv this interview .i remember watching dennis back then .he was great and still is ..i hope its all good in his life

  • Gods Son
    Gods Son 2 hours ago

    Who here after a beer

  • J O
    J O 2 hours ago

    Seriously Envy needs to just be cut out, he stay never bringing no good questions and really has no personality- just be talking about himself.

  • Jes
    Jes 2 hours ago

    He still more popular than old 'worn out wallet' Charlemagne ever was

  • O d
    O d 2 hours ago

    Charlagmane said i wouldnt trust you as a bustboy i feel like u would spit on my food take my food rubb it on your dick then serve it to me🙈🙈🙈

  • fii fii
    fii fii 2 hours ago

    Meh, my boys play with make up, 4 & 6, but we PLAYING I'm always running out the house with "zombie dragons". I think being creative is extremely important, especially at such young ages. Colours, hand eye coordination etc etc I think it has both pros and cons.

  • marjorie augustin
    marjorie augustin 2 hours ago

    He Snitching right in this interview saying Dj Akademiks said. He was already talking way too much 🙊

  • leonie burnham
    leonie burnham 2 hours ago

    First up need to declare that I'm an Aussie and will clarify why American politics matters to me and as I believe the rest of the world , but first Warrren is speaking truth. America NEEDS a Warren at this point in time to get in roll the sleeves up and clear fell the jungle of legitimised corruption that is the current state of your union. She's right about setting an equitable platform for the future ... what's More she has obviously investigated the humanistic underlying issues of the deepening divide and thought deeply about what change must occur and how to implement that change...she has an energy a vision and a plan. So why should this matter to an Australian... what has been steadily happening here is a virtual mirror image of the policies there ... sitting members here legislating to profit there wealthy donors at the bourn cost to the citizenry tax payers.... so what happens in the USA by and large happens here and like wise in many other countries. What's been happening in America having watched from the sidelines since the mid 70's has just been this turning of power onto it's own people ... stripping wealth from everyday people not just by means of taxation but by neglect and forcing everyone onto privatised providers (for everything necessary for life pretty much e.g. healthcare, power/energy and communication). The methods of making us into smaller squabbling tribal groups, fighting each other for table scraps has to end, we have it here too. Soz about the rant... feel better now lol

  • bluv812
    bluv812 2 hours ago

    here for the "1 year ago" comments from you catfished ass goofies

  • BluDrop5
    BluDrop5 2 hours ago

    I read a case of a woman setting an entire apartment building on fire because she saw on social media that her Ex-boyfriend had a new girlfriend. The fire displaced 150 people in the building...

  • luis gill
    luis gill 2 hours ago

    They going to clap those cheeks and watch Skittles fall out his hair taste the rainbow 🌈🌈🌈Deep down

  • Deadrising Ninja
    Deadrising Ninja 2 hours ago

    Just finished watching the first five episodes it's really good

  • Giovanni Murrell
    Giovanni Murrell 2 hours ago

    A true African respect for this dude. Al is one of the greatest tap dancers of all time. If your black and take pride in voting and fighting for I think it's safe to say racist Caucasians appreciate it.

  • Ariel Nicole
    Ariel Nicole 2 hours ago

    God don’t this I don’t either🤔🤢

  • Autumn Kim
    Autumn Kim 2 hours ago

    Oh my gosh 2016 $1,022.00 (dividend was estimated to be $2,052 however Governor Walker's veto reduced it)[18] 2017 $1,100.00 (dividend was estimated to be over $2,300 however it was reduced by legislative action)[19] 2018 $1,600.00 (dividend was estimated to be $2,700 however it was reduced by legislative action)[20] Yeah right - Politics retards are busy faking and playing with that money so hard. You never lived in USA I knew it.

  • Mother Earth
    Mother Earth 2 hours ago

    But you cant take care of the woman who was with you struggling tho smh

  • DoctorHolliday EATS
    DoctorHolliday EATS 2 hours ago


  • freakindamnshiki
    freakindamnshiki 2 hours ago

    from 2019 here, this guy grosses hal a bil on a tour, what is is whiskey choice? a 200€ tops brand (amazing good) if you want the premium, but a 20€ bottle of the normal black lable... that is amazing

  • lamon kincade
    lamon kincade 2 hours ago

    Those white ppl involved in the mistreatment of these guys and other should be ashamed to keep living

  • Straightupnochaser
    Straightupnochaser 2 hours ago

    I wonder what opinion does DL have about the PM and his Black Face and his Apology also..

  • Apeman Commeth
    Apeman Commeth 2 hours ago

    Sounds about black!

  • T. Tenille
    T. Tenille 2 hours ago

    Fantasia's preaching, however money is not the root of all evil; It's the LOVE of money.

  • Jesus Castillo
    Jesus Castillo 2 hours ago

    "Test my gangster" gets tested "yea ima just snitch" lmfaooo

  • YoungerVision
    YoungerVision 2 hours ago

    when the most popular girl in the school speaks to you and you're a nerd @50:46

    MANGO ZOO 2 hours ago

    This is why you need to tax the rich big as their money doesn't go into the system for the people, it stays in banks or its invested in to things that are connected to and for other black people, poor working and middle class spend money that help us all but rich keep it and that's why with have problems and bigger problems coming in the future The Capitalism needs to adjust soon

  • tape dispenser
    tape dispenser 2 hours ago

    “Imagine when I’m in the game for 10 years” yeahhhh about that

  • KORPSxCollection
    KORPSxCollection 2 hours ago

    Why isn’t this on your podcast???

  • Joshua Avendaño
    Joshua Avendaño 2 hours ago

    Who watching this to understand who the F is this Takashi everybody talking about and only thing trending on the internet 🤔. I guess I'm getting old cause I never knew who he was. I googled his music and I fell in love with his song " I don't really want no friends with niki minaj". Once I heard that I got curious lol and landed here lol

  • RNNurseJonique
    RNNurseJonique 2 hours ago

    Charlemagne was on to his BS early 🤣🥴☕️

  • sndydlrs
    sndydlrs 2 hours ago

    Why no one punch dud in the face? That's the wrong message for the breakfast club, this is when you set the standard by putting his ignorant as lights out. He only got at best 30 seconds of fight by the looks of him, missed opportunity.

  • Reezy_Bad
    Reezy_Bad 2 hours ago

    We know he was talking about 9-Trey Bloods and Shooti lol

  • M.A.B.
    M.A.B. 2 hours ago

    He did promise if this video does 10 million plus he’ll stop the wreckless trolling...

  • Autumn Kim
    Autumn Kim 2 hours ago

    Put that money free education intuition directly. Put down the real-estate price down. Control China fake websites selling fake stuff before. Make insurance companies to take care when people needed , instead try to avoid to pay. So people don’t suicide.

  • jobs 4
    jobs 4 2 hours ago

    Let’s keep it real her entire life goal was to act black and get a Black man

  • Aquarius Jones
    Aquarius Jones 2 hours ago


  • Trigger Me6
    Trigger Me6 2 hours ago

    Ruckus shall always be my favorite character from boondocks, sparing the bootywarrior.

  • ProspectNY11211
    ProspectNY11211 2 hours ago

    Who here after...

  • bibipeach66
    bibipeach66 2 hours ago

    Take a shot everytime he touches and fixes his glasses

  • Lucca Parolo
    Lucca Parolo 2 hours ago

    US of A: Oh, Its 50 Cent! Zimbabwe: Oh, Its 50 million dollars!

  • Autumn Kim
    Autumn Kim 2 hours ago

    You are paid by Hillary because she needed Toy boy acting like president

  • Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah 3 hours ago

    " The young boys will kill your ass just the same" That goes for in jail and in society. You got to steer clear of the young boys because they need a hug and scared of an ass whooping. Therefor, they take NO chances. That trigger, is their confidence..

  • Autumn Kim
    Autumn Kim 3 hours ago

    Take care China fake trash on online instead try to give free money.

  • Gemayel Williams
    Gemayel Williams 3 hours ago

    What the hell YEE drinking?🤔 Look like Picante Sauce 🤢🤢

  • 4dderf Garcia
    4dderf Garcia 3 hours ago

    Them reruns are epic..

  • SizzleZix
    SizzleZix 3 hours ago

    Fem gay men exsist, they are still homosexual. Why do men who date transwomen think that there is a difference??? Two males having sex while always be gay sex no matter how much makeup and surgery the other one gets, still two males. Also that srs surgery is just a surgically induced wound that will close up and heal if they don't dilate it, it's still the male gentialia formed and mutilated. It's not even a vagina!! Homosexuality is getting advanced, wayy advanced.

    • SizzleZix
      SizzleZix 2 hours ago

      @Dante Kelly I know that, i was talking about men who claim to be heterosexual while sleeping with a male. That's what, a male is still a male no matter how many surgeries he gets, it's still gay.

    • Dante Kelly
      Dante Kelly 2 hours ago

      SizzleZix Being transgender is about GENDER IDENTITY, NOT SEXUAL ORIENTATION. You can be transgender and either gay, straight or bisexual.

  • Pinochle15 Q&J
    Pinochle15 Q&J 3 hours ago

    forgiveness + peace-depression= real freedom

  • David Marcus
    David Marcus 3 hours ago

    This is the whole car Dave Chappelle was talking about on one show smh

  • Autumn Kim
    Autumn Kim 3 hours ago

    How many politicians will try hard to fake the document to have that money in their own pocket ?? I knew you have not lived in USA but Beverly Hills. That PFD started to make people move to AK , USA because no one wants to live in cold dark place when Seward bought the state. Stupid China communist

  • The id Effect
    The id Effect 3 hours ago

    This dude sounds like a capitalist to me. Why was he a Bernie supporter.

    • Fa Fa
      Fa Fa 2 hours ago

      So to you it's wrong to create business and be entrepreneurer?

  • Jeremy Turner
    Jeremy Turner 3 hours ago

    Sometimes... Eye feel like eye'm the last of a dying breed. This proves it. Eye innerstand the balance of femininity and masculinity in oneself, but doesn't mean you have to become something other than yourself. There's the difference between divinity and pleasure.

  • Ourllc
    Ourllc 3 hours ago

    That was better then I predicted!

  • C L
    C L 3 hours ago


  • Autumn Kim
    Autumn Kim 3 hours ago

    You fucking retared That money has been taken and faked with polititions And it is most nasty attitude people ever in state. Everybody seek for free shit but avoid working at all time so they end stupid and nasty personality. Fucking I knew you are the one paid you from some other governor.

  • RedAlfa
    RedAlfa 3 hours ago

    Well to tell you the truth i to didn't not know about her until i heard her sound Nicki Minaj - Super Bass to day on the radio i heard her name and start looking for the song and here i i'm