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  • Unique LR
    Unique LR 4 hours ago

    Thank you!!!!!

  • PFN Beats
    PFN Beats 4 hours ago

    10:45 I ain't never see a nigga finally speak on Tevin's eyes.

  • Greay Statia
    Greay Statia 4 hours ago

    can u blame the man?! LMAO

  • Rowgly
    Rowgly 4 hours ago

    Say what you want about 69, but he a great role model for the younger generation of youngens, nice dude

    TICAL METHOD 4 hours ago


  • sali0928
    sali0928 4 hours ago

    my favourite guest on your show so far love to flame

  • Yoliee Beltran
    Yoliee Beltran 4 hours ago

    Or u can go somewhere else where u can get pay more

  • Erica Tilmon
    Erica Tilmon 4 hours ago

    Bring her back

  • Zaytv_1 YT
    Zaytv_1 YT 4 hours ago

    Charlamagne said yes smam

  • Joey Karate
    Joey Karate 4 hours ago

    Why does he look so much like Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy

  • Om Peace
    Om Peace 4 hours ago

    What a joke. Squandered opportunity to ask some serious questions

  • Chris Simpleton
    Chris Simpleton 4 hours ago

    Monique is so delusional!!

  • Nicole Scott
    Nicole Scott 4 hours ago


  • Victor Saucedo
    Victor Saucedo 4 hours ago

    Nigga! Sorry.. you whites n blacks couldnt take it from society, and blacks, sorry you cant take it from America since it was born here Lol

  • Kedar.
    Kedar. 4 hours ago

    Sometimes the best response is to be no response. The brother had an opinion about his people to his people. Ego and emotions have become too influential in the black male. Take a breath CTG

  • TTSantiago821
    TTSantiago821 4 hours ago

    When is flame gonna be on the 5150 show!!!!!!

  • Maggie Skilbred
    Maggie Skilbred 4 hours ago

    I love the breakfast club but this interview is trashh ?? they clearly didn't read up on him at all lmfao "did you have a netflix show?" "what? Nah" and then they tried to make it out like he was the dumb one the whole interview. like lakeith is literally an actor he was really playin yall

  • Linda
    Linda 4 hours ago

    I just stumbled on here and after checking a few of these Breakfast Club shows, I was puzzled by some of the negative ways blacks are demeaned in them. I wanted to understand why there's this constant black self-deprecation that goes on in it. So, I did a little digging, and go's just another white station with a black face. This show is a subsidiary of iHeartmedia, which is headed by it's white female president, Julie Talbot. So, it's agenda cannot truly be to preserve, protect, or promote anything positively black. This is one of the many media distributions that have been given a black face to deliberately undermine true black empowerment.

  • TheTruthsayer
    TheTruthsayer 4 hours ago

    Don’t nobody wanna see Angela naked lol

  • Phil Good
    Phil Good 4 hours ago

    I mean he's not wrong

  • myra cartger
    myra cartger 4 hours ago

    At the end if the day, they don't believe she is worth 13 million. Also, Netflix would have also made millions.

  • Nicole Scott
    Nicole Scott 4 hours ago


  • politicalsanity777
    politicalsanity777 4 hours ago

    Getting robbed jacked or your ass kicked in the hood, is all the conditioning you need to get strapped and be leary of hooded young men, Black, White or Latino

  • Display Name
    Display Name 4 hours ago

    Monique need to know that she not nearly as relevant as she think she is

  • OYG Peso Brim
    OYG Peso Brim 4 hours ago

    Officially announced her retirement lol you don’t go against the grain in Hollywood

  • The Phakati's
    The Phakati's 4 hours ago

    Mo ghel bafe Osaka ba hemisa🔥🔥🔥🔥give the people what they want❤❤❤

  • Jill Smith
    Jill Smith 4 hours ago

    God Bless Everyone!!!!! I'm enjoying the conversation with your show with especially D.L. Huley. I really enjoy listening and watching him. I understand him because he really addresses what I have already been through and experienced. Love to you all!!!!!

  • Denise Johnson
    Denise Johnson 4 hours ago

    Go head FLAME! He keeps it 100 all the time especially about the alphabet people trying to cause confusion with the black community! Glad to see him come up. He deserves it!

    OHIO RUNS BOXING 4 hours ago

    He spoke some damn truth !

  • craig Welch
    craig Welch 4 hours ago

    Flame is a hypocrite

  • Om Peace
    Om Peace 4 hours ago

    Almost all water meters in the country are now read by satellites

  • Duck Under
    Duck Under 4 hours ago


  • wannaknowbad
    wannaknowbad 4 hours ago

    Deep down, the god has some goddess in him. Lol

  • Cord Cutter Lifestyle and Technology

    HeSheWe is hilarious. Speaking truth i think should be a spokes person for trans cause she says it from both sides

  • inconnu313
    inconnu313 4 hours ago

    Envy you caught the hook or the “hook”

  • B Blizzard
    B Blizzard 4 hours ago

    Them shits ight - Rory Voice

  • PotOfGold Seeker
    PotOfGold Seeker 4 hours ago

    Envy is uncomfortable

  • zee Man
    zee Man 4 hours ago

    I see none of them want to comment or agree with Mo’nique just in case they get a deal with Netflix

  • B. Strella
    B. Strella 4 hours ago

    Why are these people deceiving themselves?🙄🙆🏽‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Should we tell them??

  • Slasher X
    Slasher X 4 hours ago

    Y’all want hell to come Wonder why the world is in disaster The black race use to be strong with god LGBT is statue now that everyone has to bow too

  • Starr Lin
    Starr Lin 4 hours ago

    Charlemagne you disappointed me smh it’s okay tho y’all niggas on the breakfast club always end up eating your own words even it takes years look at Angela Yee and how she did K Michelle 💀💀it’s okay i always believed Raz B

  • Aye Chan
    Aye Chan 4 hours ago

    Lmao damn, Dave gonna drop kodak but then sell 3000 copies on his new album and get dropped from his label 😂

  • Steven Lindsey
    Steven Lindsey 4 hours ago

    Charla not even pretending to be black anymore she got all hate for kapernick and "negroes"

  • Victor Ekpo
    Victor Ekpo 4 hours ago

    Wow, respect ✊🏾

  • Beautiful Woman
    Beautiful Woman 4 hours ago

    *Flame looks like a mix of Tina Lawson and Miss Evelyn Toni Braxtons mom*

  • raymond medley
    raymond medley 4 hours ago

    Basically you attacking and bashing him for the same freedom of speech that you practice? Abusing your platform...

  • Adrianne Luttrell
    Adrianne Luttrell 4 hours ago

    This weekend is the first I ever seen or heard of flame monroe and I have immediately fell in love

    • Ms. Dani
      Ms. Dani 4 hours ago

      ME TOO!!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  • TheHNTRS
    TheHNTRS 4 hours ago

    I thought he was the KFC man lol

  • Kenimation Studios
    Kenimation Studios 4 hours ago

    So CTG mad?

  • sagehiphop
    sagehiphop 5 hours ago

    Flame is funny and not confused in who they are I know this is Charlemagne dream interview Love Monique though

  • Thagreat1
    Thagreat1 5 hours ago

    Real Talk.. I'm not even missing Angela Yee.. Charlamain and Envy got this shit rolling like a 18 wheeler.. Its really has gotten better

  • John Kal-El Pride
    John Kal-El Pride 5 hours ago

    “Jennifer Hudsons??” With an “S?” Lol

  • Kiea Hutty
    Kiea Hutty 5 hours ago

    Put Flame on the show!!!!!!!

  • F yo Feelings
    F yo Feelings 5 hours ago

    Disgusting🤢 this a grown ass n*gga playing dress up

  • Jose Duarte
    Jose Duarte 5 hours ago

    Wish there was Hispanics like Killer Mike. The man is GREAT.

  • Shine baby shine
    Shine baby shine 5 hours ago

    I love them! ❤️🙌🏾

  • Wethu Doyisa
    Wethu Doyisa 5 hours ago

    I learnt from this interview that it is easy to discuss other people issues than your own. Lots of ideas about other societies. I get the idea of building our own communities but reality is that without capital it is not possible. He dodge to answer or share his opinion on the segregated cities in South Africa.

  • JamesEarlMoans
    JamesEarlMoans 5 hours ago

    We know you put that evil eye on the judge Flame.

  • RyanMartinDrums
    RyanMartinDrums 5 hours ago

    I absolutely love Andrew Yang! I’m voting for him 100% not doubt. Since day 1 when I heard his first words, he’s been my candidate. This guy is smart. Much more smart than these other dem idiot trying to run.

  • Njideka Achilefu
    Njideka Achilefu 5 hours ago

    Did scientists assume that a tiger was a tiger? Or is that bc physical attributes of that species they grouped them together and gave them a name? Did the doctors assume I was a human? I feel like I’m a panda bear! Gtfoh

  • Vidale Martin
    Vidale Martin 5 hours ago

    Salute to TBC for like Charlemagne and Envy are always The Most Straight.....being around gays doesn't bother them...the guys that act so aggressive and are so against gays...ALWAYS have some....secrets

  • maurice
    maurice 5 hours ago

    all that big talk and u broke

  • Cowboy Western38
    Cowboy Western38 5 hours ago

    ENVY already knows...

  • Melriqua Jackson
    Melriqua Jackson 5 hours ago

    It was awkward when ctg says it went on too long

  • Ger Thor
    Ger Thor 5 hours ago

    Nothing but identity politics, platitudes and no policys. So sick of these entitled corporate shell. SMFH.

  • sheri yusuf
    sheri yusuf 5 hours ago

    Angela is not having it with CTG. ... Smh

  • Deanna Bell
    Deanna Bell 5 hours ago

    They made her an offer she didn't like maybe if she had better management she could have gotten something better

  • JoSeph51898
    JoSeph51898 5 hours ago

    Just trying to reach 500 views please listen

  • Emma Isabella
    Emma Isabella 5 hours ago

    TMZ revealed all secrets that models are using the site *AUTHENTIC VIEW$ (.) C0/\/\* for views, Likes.

  • nicoleasm1
    nicoleasm1 5 hours ago

    I’m so glad she said that...if you’re a man attracted to a trans female with a penis, you’re gay...Malik yoba! It’s just back peddling because they look like a woman up top, but you really want the other part

  • Isaiah Taylor
    Isaiah Taylor 5 hours ago

    In this interview she explained a time when she saw a drag queen on a tv show as a child which made her feel like she was not crazy or alone in her feelings of gender identity. Yet in the same interview says to stop forcing the narrative/importance of lgbt visibility. I don’t get it.. I do like flame and I think she’s funny, but she explained very simply. “SHE IS ONLY APART OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY WHEN THERES A CHECK INVOLVED” this interview does not validate anything other than her views and very narrow opinion on lgbt matters.

  • da boomer
    da boomer 5 hours ago

    Flame Monroe you were excellent on the BC! I just love listening to you talk. I hope you continue to be a super real person (you will always have me as a fan if you do) #CNBDWID

  • Heartthrob Rob
    Heartthrob Rob 5 hours ago

    "Wanna know why we can co-exist? You like to laugh and talk ish. At the end of the day that's all we wanna do! If we can laugh and talk ish, we good! I dont care what you do!"

  • Patient Zero
    Patient Zero 5 hours ago

    Finally, a Trans person on here that's cool

  • Wendy Ngcobo
    Wendy Ngcobo 5 hours ago


  • Nicole Richardson
    Nicole Richardson 5 hours ago

    isnt he w a white woman now?

  • afro Samurai
    afro Samurai 5 hours ago

    those boobs are so nice

  • iRedman
    iRedman 5 hours ago

    "It's a real nigga up under this wig" ahahahahahaahah!!!

  • Eric Boswell
    Eric Boswell 5 hours ago

    Hummmm... I was waiting on him to slap the shit outta Charlamane!!!

  • Lance Huff
    Lance Huff 5 hours ago

    So 500,000 wasnt enough for someone who who hasnt been hot in years? Ridiculous. And im so sick of these #metoo stories. Shut up jlo, you signed up to do a nude scene. Of course he wants to see what you look like before you get on camera

  • Marco André
    Marco André 5 hours ago

    Yeeeeessssssss!!!!!!!!! Sooo proud of youu

  • Walter Spencer
    Walter Spencer 5 hours ago

    Of course I support Monique valuing herself, esp as a black woman and even more so being from Bmore!! But what her and many other ppl are ignoring is the facts. Yes she is a Legend and Academy Award winning actress BUT, this is not based off her legacy. Amy Schumer is not funny in anyway shape or form but she has a “crossover” audience and she did her stand up tours right after being in blockbuster films. Monique has been out of the stand up game almost 10 yrs (like 7 or 8) and mainly has just a black audience. When it comes to stand up specials, Netflix bases their offer on whatever your ticket sales were for your last tour. Her last tour years ago grossed 500 something thousand so that’s what they offered her. It’s business not discrimination. on top of that, ITS THEIR PLATFORM. So to keep it completely funky they didn’t have to offer her anything in the 1st place. She came to them trying to make a sale, they gave her a logical offer using the same procedure that they use for everyone else and she didn’t like the results. That’s not their fault!!!

  • Anthoni Lewinson
    Anthoni Lewinson 5 hours ago

    Trump 2020

  • Simone Grey
    Simone Grey 5 hours ago

    Flame identifies as a man. Flame is a drag queen. He has no right to speak on behalf of the transgender community. He is no different from any other heterosexual man talking about a subject that he doesn't even live. "There is no such thing as a woman with a penis" he said. How about this, there is no such thing as a Father with breast.

  • iRedman
    iRedman 5 hours ago

    That "#HeSheWe" explanation was bars as ahahahahahaah.

  • Summer Jewell
    Summer Jewell 5 hours ago

    I'm just here to find out how does one get assigned a gender at birth?This made my damn head hurt🤦🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Manny Smith
    Manny Smith 5 hours ago

    I'm a fan of MO' nique, but the Lawsuit is frivolous and will be dismissed.

  • BryanV4
    BryanV4 5 hours ago

    This was hilarious. Don't know who heshewe is but this was very entertaining

  • DaBlacc$aiyan
    DaBlacc$aiyan 5 hours ago

    This whole video you can see that angie was annoyed by CTG lmao

    OHIO RUNS BOXING 5 hours ago

    He/she is funny as hell.. I’m a fan 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Isexwayiso
    Isexwayiso 5 hours ago

    I hope you make a success of yourself. As for dating, it's said that you doing you makes it difficult for men to approach you, you seem like a lovely girl. I am sure if uyindoda doing the same ngabe ayikho inkinga.

  • travelingjohn69
    travelingjohn69 5 hours ago

    Bruh I'm ot givin a pass of empathy to murderers. Especially those who murder our legends.

  • Lihle Ngxaza
    Lihle Ngxaza 5 hours ago

    You can tell this nigga can fight

  • P Square
    P Square 5 hours ago

    This guy just said Kapernick wasn't black balled. This slave owner is explaining to another owner's slaves about issues that are affecting us without once mentioning racism being the leading cost behind the disparages that harm us. Bring Tim Wise in there while this man says what he says.

  • Renee Dijeng
    Renee Dijeng 5 hours ago

    See how she casually throws in vernac, ugh Bonang is the perfect person to show Africa, South Africa. We want 'African African' sorry loooool

  • Cody Flowers
    Cody Flowers 5 hours ago

    Charlamagne didn't ride like that for TBC when he was interviewing gucci 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • okoli chinaa
    okoli chinaa 5 hours ago

    I ENJOYED watching this. So funny

  • Precious Matthews
    Precious Matthews 5 hours ago

    C the God was in love with Flame I saw him watching those titties (. )(. )

  • Quincy Wood
    Quincy Wood 5 hours ago

    Yea someone needs to flash the light in this guy's face again lol 😂😂

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 5 hours ago

    He already acts suspect first minute of the video lmao🤣 "Oh oh yeah yeah im rappin now" This n*gga wants all the cloud lol