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  • Dicky Miller
    Dicky Miller 3 hours ago

    Welkers Farm has a fummins also!! Fummins must be poplar👍✌️

  • chucktherepairguy91
    chucktherepairguy91 3 hours ago

    Who needs a speedometer when you have a turbo

  • Toby Slate
    Toby Slate 6 hours ago

    Waylon is a Champ!!! Keep him in the Videos!!!

  • m hammett
    m hammett 7 hours ago

    Kool aid man!

  • Dodge Guy
    Dodge Guy 7 hours ago

    That is pretty hilarious!

  • Alex Halliday
    Alex Halliday 8 hours ago

    I need a truck like that converted to a 14 yards dump truck so bad I can make some money

  • that comment doe.
    that comment doe. 8 hours ago

    You only ate one Burger?

  • that comment doe.
    that comment doe. 8 hours ago

    Your bum ass is a leo too? That's why your such a beast

  • motoman 714
    motoman 714 10 hours ago

    3:33 at least i dont open it with a chainsaw like ziptiesandbiassupplies 🤣

    AIT BLOOD 10 hours ago

    I don't really wanna know but what really was going on in that sleeper because you started to say the only thing in Texas is steers and lol

  • Payton H.
    Payton H. 11 hours ago

    Dune that eco brother!

  • Payton H.
    Payton H. 11 hours ago

    Loved the intro man , new sub right here . Excited to see your new vids . Cummins 👌❤

  • Rihards Skrastiņš
    Rihards Skrastiņš 11 hours ago

    Like your video,fix it up and you will not regret it

  • Markus Lindgren
    Markus Lindgren 12 hours ago

    Wtf youtube, I was subscribed and I just realised I wasn’t all of a sudden 🤬 well... 5 unseen videos to watch!

  • John Deere
    John Deere 14 hours ago

    Lol... y’all are cool as hell. I wanna hang out and drink beer

  • John Deere
    John Deere 14 hours ago

    Alright ... I was wondering if another update video on this truck will be made.... say what ever happen to tread mustang. I’ve been out of the loop on your videos for a good. Minute.

  • Don Mock
    Don Mock 15 hours ago

    You guys are good fellers and other people oughta watch!

  • James Pietrzykowski
    James Pietrzykowski 15 hours ago

    Doesn’t seem like Weston really does anything... nothing on his hands... clean clean clean. Just talk and yells hahahaha

  • sc12100
    sc12100 15 hours ago

    AHHHH...... Back in the day when you had two tanks.

  • Kane Cody
    Kane Cody 15 hours ago

    That tractor came from near where I live. St Francis KS!

  • Shaun
    Shaun 16 hours ago

    LMAO I take my $800 truck everywhere.

  • Tim Martin
    Tim Martin 17 hours ago

    we're is the mustang at I don't see it in the shop

  • Devon Walker
    Devon Walker 17 hours ago

    1st thing to do with a dozer . . . do some destruction or crush some things

  • Richard Berg
    Richard Berg 17 hours ago

    I think you should give it to me.

  • Goat 429
    Goat 429 18 hours ago

    The Snap-on has failed me. Me: should have bought Cornwell

  • TheDailyProductionsShow

    I’m buying Milwaukee now lol

  • Sam The Lego Man
    Sam The Lego Man 18 hours ago

    Darn right Cleetus don’t need a hood

  • Mike Roberts
    Mike Roberts 19 hours ago

    What did you end up deciding on doing to the k30?

  • Tyler Maschmann
    Tyler Maschmann 20 hours ago

    Wish we could of seen the smoke but the camera guy sucks

  • hillbilly beer dranker

    Check the got durned air in the tires. If the tires are low, the thang ain't startin. It's a safety thang bilt into all new vehiculars.

  • William Brown
    William Brown 20 hours ago

    Its all fun n games til someone busts a knuckle

  • MoparFam 300C
    MoparFam 300C 20 hours ago

    Right at the beginning of the video, I thought he was molesting a Stack 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty 20 hours ago


  • William Howard
    William Howard 20 hours ago

    and how much do you want for it ?

  • Jim Jackle
    Jim Jackle 20 hours ago

    But it didn't hit 7th gear, so you got screwed.

  • gary bennett
    gary bennett 20 hours ago


  • TroubadourJuggernaut

    Awesome videos my friend !!

  • rustyupinyou 2
    rustyupinyou 2 21 hour ago

    Westin needs some cardio

  • Pete Tommaso
    Pete Tommaso 21 hour ago

    Poor fella could hardly catch his breath after pulling that rubber gasket off the sleeper box.

  • Cleveland Matheson
    Cleveland Matheson 21 hour ago

    I'm a new subscriber to your channel,I enjoy the videos and how you guys are able to repair these vehicles without a major investment in tools such as a lift,etc. I am curious to your mechanical background and what happens to the vehicles after they have been repaired.

  • Mx Blaze
    Mx Blaze 22 hours ago

    Whatever happened to the cummins mustang swap

  • Matthew Guilford
    Matthew Guilford 22 hours ago

    Just a uni-body that's a easy fix

  • music10293
    music10293 22 hours ago

    I love that you didn't sacrificed a dodge to build a ford

  • Matt Posey
    Matt Posey 22 hours ago

    Ok so shaky all that stuff what if u got a 12v Bc everythibg ratttles n shakes

  • matek103
    matek103 23 hours ago

    that tractor looks in pretty good condition

  • Saltcandy 112
    Saltcandy 112 23 hours ago

    Just stumbled on this channel and you guessed it mate you have a subscriber for life 👍

  • JesusIsKing✝
    JesusIsKing✝ 23 hours ago

    A lot of people like to watch old diesels start for the first time in a long time. I think that is why the other video is more viral.

  • solomonii0
    solomonii0 23 hours ago

    I bet you my hammer is bigger than yours lol

  • William King
    William King Day ago

    You didn't have to cut off the bent exhaust pipe , exhaust would have went thru the other side just fine 😂

  • UToobRandomness

    You keep calling this 200 year old lookin truck a big blue beautiful peterbilt, I keep thinkin yer talkin about a 579... :/

  • joseph ndungu
    joseph ndungu Day ago

    Put all series form buying to selling... We need to see if is a good business

  • Kyle Runyan
    Kyle Runyan Day ago

    I am going to enjoy watching this repair/rebuild! And THANK YOU for taking the time to explain the dash gauges. It's awesome you did that! You made it make more sense for sure!

  • Fat Dan
    Fat Dan Day ago

    Really like your channel and your humor is spot on. I need to know where you got that Ribbed Aug. tire 7.50 x 20. I am in urgent need of one er two of them for my 46 Adams Motor Grader. My ol tire went the way of the Dodo bird tire after I filled it with concrete last year. I live in Palmer, Alaska and the shipping is more than the tire so I drove to Atoka, Oklahoma to H&H Tires and Wheels to get a tire that works but it is not the Aug. Ribbed like type want. usclip.net/channel/UCNn9NYtxjLefz55oEsl_6sw? I'll post short clip of tire here. I think the tire had been on the rim sense 1955 stuck on there tighter than Dick's hatband took me two weeks to get it off. I wound up using the moboard on the grader to break the beads and it still took me two days.

  • Justin Hommel
    Justin Hommel Day ago

    Tan Part is the primer. They dont waste paint at the factory to paint those type of areas.

  • Jordan B
    Jordan B Day ago

    shit yall are to funny lol

  • Brett H
    Brett H Day ago

    Hey there!! I am back for another episode and I have paused at 1:39 ...the reason why? It is because I can clearly see into the garage, and I am a regular viewer of this channel so I am kinda confused cause I can not see the red Mustang soon to have a Cummins engine installed anywhere?! Like, I do not think I have missed an episode on the red Mustang as I have notifications AND the bell clicked so where the heck is the Red Mustang? And is she ok?? I am only at the beginning of this current video and have lots yet to watch but this video is only about the awesome blue Peterbilt...please update on the red Mustang!! I am sure she is on a leash or if not at least secured by the fenced in area so she can not have wandered off anywhere!!...could she?! O.o

  • The Coronet Shop

    Maybe just me but I'll IDI swap the big girl instead of Cummins.

  • Joe Anthony
    Joe Anthony Day ago

    what a pile of shit. and put that fork. down.

  • Vlopddap
    Vlopddap Day ago

    The 5.4L Triton engine is known as the WORST engine ever produced by Ford. Because of a very poor design all around, it's the less reliable engine ever and every time it fails, it's cheaper to put a new refurbished engine completely than fixing the existing engine, but the refurbished engine will not last forever as well, so most people will spend a few refurbished engine on a single chassis...

  • Mike Horton
    Mike Horton Day ago

    You turkeys are havin' way too much fun...are ya sure it's legal? I brought a giveaway Jeep back to life in about '56 when I was about 14 (yeah, I'm that vintage) and would do another one if I could find most of a CJ-2a somewhere within reach. Keep on keepin' on and I'll keep on watchin'!

  • Game Shots
    Game Shots Day ago

    Yes diesallllllllllll swap

  • William Secoolish


  • Joey Kendrick
    Joey Kendrick Day ago

    Westen, somehow you get me CRYING laughing on every video. You aughta be a comedian.

  • Conner Kirkman

    when you laughed at "DUTY" i had to subscribe.

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover Day ago

    Me: Watching Westin work on the Peterbilt on my phone. My girl: Calls to say I luv ya Me: Babe! Westin is talkin bout his Peterbilt, I don’t got time for ya.

  • Andrew Pozerski

    Customize it into a crew cab semi

  • Noah’s cool. Noahsmart27!!

    Lmao who does not like lil hoes.

  • Nathan White
    Nathan White Day ago

    Its NOW a one stack Mack with a window in the back! Hahaha but seriously you forgot the mirror, my ocd backfired

    • Puppet lover
      Puppet lover Day ago

      "Texas did..." "Well yeah but Texas is full of steers and....." lmfao

  • John Jenkins
    John Jenkins Day ago

    What was wrong with the cam phasers.

  • danny tribble
    danny tribble Day ago

    I would like to see an auction video!

  • David Ellison
    David Ellison Day ago

    That is called a Pig Pole

  • Dr. Steveo
    Dr. Steveo Day ago

    ads ruined the video

  • Michael Frascati

    Don’t you love Westen’s can do attitude!?

  • Jose Santiago
    Jose Santiago Day ago

    Just for the intro alone this video deserves a like 🤣👍🏻🙌🏻

  • David Thorne
    David Thorne Day ago

    Dude!!! What’s that foaming stuff and where do I get it? That’s how I’m washing my truck???

  • Schmitz Garage

    This is like the opposite of whistlindiesel

  • Brian Fleck
    Brian Fleck Day ago

    I got a 97 dodge with 12 valve when it warms up I got pressure in radiator

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas Day ago

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas put a flat top sleeper on it would look sooooo much better

  • Tucky Ducky
    Tucky Ducky Day ago

    there could be some many quotes from this video, it's not even funny

  • Nate Engel
    Nate Engel Day ago

    “4Lslippy” lol

  • Skelton Slay8er

    Buys a giant toolset with every socket imaginable. Still doesn’t have a ten mil

  • mike kotarba
    mike kotarba Day ago

    thank you westen

  • Lee Rhadigan
    Lee Rhadigan Day ago

    can I be a friend riding in the back too. i put tools back were they belong lol


    @3:49 never thought id see a guy jacking of a peterbilt but here you go

  • John  Goodwin
    John Goodwin Day ago

    Hey westin saw you over on watch jr go didnt know you knew him

  • S Hargrove
    S Hargrove Day ago

    You need a mechanic

  • Brayden Dedrick

    Fuck you fat ass🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Brayden Dedrick

    I love trucks and I am only in grade 4 bitchs

  • Viper
    Viper Day ago

    No 379 peterbuilt deserves to go to the junk yard good job west on saving this baby.

  • Leonard Morse
    Leonard Morse Day ago

    How do I get one of them hats. great videos

  • Shane Hooper
    Shane Hooper Day ago

    4 cyclinder what the fuck

  • Blake Chernowsky

    This guy is amazing, and this is one of the best story’s I’ve ever heard!!

  • Jonathan Kroenke

    wix 33166 is still made

  • David H
    David H Day ago

    "Texas did..." "Well yeah but Texas is full of steers and....." lmfao

  • fillg
    fillg Day ago

    Build an over-sized pickup truck bed on the back. Make it the biggest, coolest pickup ever.

  • Deathbytrolling

    "We're gonna pull the air filter off so we can get the door open and then we're gonna pull the mirror off because it looks like hell"

  • bnelson313
    bnelson313 Day ago

    Get’er done!

  • 1966tnt
    1966tnt Day ago

    i noticed the fan not turning , is that normal on a peterbuilt diesel

  • Josh Thayer
    Josh Thayer Day ago

    Put a 4 cylinder diesle in it

  • Mike Monarres
    Mike Monarres Day ago

    Your a beast bro dammit you need to host fan sit inns my Lil bro and I watch you and are going to attempt a swap in to his 91 f350 from 460 to 5.9 12valve hope it’s as smooth as your went great job 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼