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  • sean305625
    sean305625 Hour ago

    Hand brake never fully disengages

  • David Kramer
    David Kramer Hour ago

    Lieutenant Dan Sounds like a great name Have a great day and weekend

  • Subject Zero
    Subject Zero Hour ago

    3:00 So... who's the slack-jawed psycho in the background just standing there, staring at you three while you vlog?

  • Jeff McKenney
    Jeff McKenney Hour ago

    A 2000 horsepower Leroy sounds nuts

  • Taylor Hickman
    Taylor Hickman Hour ago

    16:24 Florida personified

  • Erik English
    Erik English Hour ago

    “ I’ll put in 4th and run it to the 8th”. Get some James!

  • Ghillie Nation
    Ghillie Nation Hour ago

    Good ol cleetus had his hands full in this video..

  • stefan w
    stefan w Hour ago

    Look at the damn groupies trying to get in the video!! Lmao

  • Ana 33
    Ana 33 Hour ago

    Lt. Dan re-found his purpose! Obviously his PTSD has magicarlly diappeared!

  • Shifttube
    Shifttube Hour ago

    James looks like he ran a high 5 to a low 6 1/8 mile pass to me

  • Demetrius Ollie
    Demetrius Ollie Hour ago

    Anyone else feel like Leroy doesnt get any love anymore??

  • Waylander
    Waylander Hour ago

    LT. Dan sounds good.

  • Guffaw
    Guffaw Hour ago

    Leroy needs to come back on top lol

  • Bradley Slusser
    Bradley Slusser Hour ago

    Leroy doesn't need more power. You need some chassis tuning help.

  • Joe Nels
    Joe Nels Hour ago

    oh no i fed the wrong one lol

  • Paul Fletcher
    Paul Fletcher Hour ago

    Lt Dan got legs

  • Ryan Curtis
    Ryan Curtis Hour ago

    Love the name lt dan, cause it cant keep no legs

  • Elbori 1982
    Elbori 1982 Hour ago

    The name LT Dan is perfect for the 240

  • Jelly052
    Jelly052 Hour ago

    So cleetus or more experienced people, what is holding Leroy back other than aero. So like before the launches were better because maybe aluminum block plus not as heavy caging. Seems like he has reached the plateau of the chasis and needs a better chasis to keep pushing the manual for better times.

  • Adam Mallory
    Adam Mallory Hour ago

    Other then the aerodynamics of Leroy. I cant seem to understand the power to performance ratio between leroy and ruby. Half a second ... 9mph and Leroy has a bit over 600 more hp then ruby. Idk. Maybe its time to add a powerflide with some body panels. I want Leroy to be the best.

  • MJM’s Workshop

    Is it Lieutenant Dan because it keeps breaking axles?

  • Andrew Nicely
    Andrew Nicely Hour ago

    James- if I didn’t have to change the plugs every pass I would Cleetus- and the heads.. 😂😂

  • Oliver Duenas
    Oliver Duenas Hour ago

    LT Dan. 10/10 perfect name

  • Matthew 11544
    Matthew 11544 Hour ago

    I don’t remember the last time we have seen cleetus’s girlfriend

  • C Clip
    C Clip Hour ago

    more james content pls

  • K5 Guy
    K5 Guy Hour ago

    The wild timing had no idea.

  • smevox
    smevox Hour ago

    MMM...Been waitin for this. Patiently Thanks!!!!

  • P W
    P W Hour ago

    Cletus has the same facial expression running an 8.5 that I do on my commute to work. It's like he doesnt even register how fast he is going anymore.

  • RickDiesel718
    RickDiesel718 Hour ago

    Cleeter just hit a 9.9 without being on the gas for a couple seconds

  • Chloe Hennessey
    Chloe Hennessey Hour ago

    James- the Turn Up Taal. Lt Dan: you ain’t got no axle

  • Kris DelPriore
    Kris DelPriore Hour ago

    You got some new legs Lieutenant Dan!

  • II Bad Sport II
    II Bad Sport II Hour ago

    Lieutenant Dan is a perfect name for the 240

  • Stovall's Garage

    I'll never get tired of watching Leroy leave the line.

  • Joel Gingerich
    Joel Gingerich Hour ago

    When do we get you meet your girlfriend?

  • joshiemerr
    joshiemerr Hour ago

    F yea james be cutting them trees 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • kelvin cabell
    kelvin cabell Hour ago

    Literally a week later 😤🙄

  • I taint Mistaken yo

    Haha “Made my dollar back so I can’t complain about that”

  • Francesco Concini

    Stop the video at 13:10 and look 🤣🤣

  • Air Force Vette
    Air Force Vette Hour ago

    Lt. Dan all the way!

  • RaceProvenMotorsports

    Repping the shirt james!!!!!! Thanks buddy

  • Bryan Rothe
    Bryan Rothe Hour ago

    I know you probably don't have the clearance for a taller tire but how about can you go wider to allow you to launch harder

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson Hour ago

    Danger Dan!

  • AWDDSM 4G63
    AWDDSM 4G63 Hour ago

    Gapped by that 90s DSM lol sorry leroy........

  • Adrian Hernandez

    Rubi is a beast. Prolly like a gazillion dollars less invested than OG Leroy and it's already creeping behind it

  • zelashi zzz
    zelashi zzz Hour ago


  • Robert Green
    Robert Green Hour ago

    Cleeter done turned into John Force's unknown son lol

  • TheTsunamijuan
    TheTsunamijuan Hour ago

    I with you and naming cars. But I still continue to refer to em by model and stuff based on who i am talking too. Fellow enthusiests I never try to miss represent it as a model higher than what it came off the factory line as, regardless of mods. Thought around those less knowledgeable i Will often refer to it as the higher model since everyone knows that name better than the fact its a base model car. But when its race Its always the cars name. But Lt. Dan is a great name for a car that likes to break axles left and right.

  • Anyjuan
    Anyjuan Hour ago

    Lieutenant Dan. Magic legs!

  • Matthew McTaggart

    Definitely keep the name Lt. Dan

  • Bill Duguay
    Bill Duguay Hour ago

    @10:27 ruby's taking that kawasaki to gapplebee's

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor Hour ago

    Keep the name

  • PD Köester
    PD Köester Hour ago

    Llama-eyed giraffe is pumped now.

  • Ashton Morgan
    Ashton Morgan Hour ago

    Where is the supra

  • Brett Parker
    Brett Parker Hour ago

    LMAO @10:24 when the guy is racing Ol Cleet in the background on his pitbike

  • Michael
    Michael Hour ago

    My favorite part of this video is James' hood just stuck in the ground.

  • Alexander Rankin

    Is that you Lt Dan? Lt Dan what happen to your legs?

  • YBM Garage
    YBM Garage Hour ago

    Imagine letting off for 2 seconds and still going 9.9X to the 1/4 😭

  • grant washington

    I wanna see Leroy and the 240 go at it!!!

  • SupraRy
    SupraRy Hour ago

    Jesus christ when Leroy let off then spooled that fucker back up it sounded so amazing, that boost kicked in FAST.

  • Troy Miller
    Troy Miller Hour ago

    What ever happened to the visor up policy in Leroy

  • Brandon Johnston

    That guy on the dirt bike was BOGGING DEEP at 10:23

  • Ashwin Ash
    Ashwin Ash Hour ago

    Seeing Leroy's passes, he needs a aero update , cause you can have a lot of power but the winds resistance equalize's with the power..... Not hate but just a theory.

  • Papa Capra
    Papa Capra Hour ago

    But you ain’t got no legs Lt.Dan!

    JIM HARRIS Hour ago


  • David insertlastname

    Anyone else getting that amphetamine vibe ? 😂

  • Dan Allison
    Dan Allison Hour ago

    Being a Dan. I like Lt Dan

  • PhilBurgMiniQuads

    The way James nails the tree literally every pass he does is amazing. Like the timing is built into his brain and he just reacts

  • Micah Holloway
    Micah Holloway Hour ago

    Callin a 7.83 for the first pass tomorrow. 🤛🏽

  • Brandon Terry
    Brandon Terry Hour ago

    Lieutenant Dan is a great name for the 240

  • Ramon Gonzales
    Ramon Gonzales Hour ago

    Good name lt. dan

  • Bill Duguay
    Bill Duguay Hour ago

    ole cleeter with the john force style burnout!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Kuiper
    Joe Kuiper Hour ago

    Lt Dan 4 sure

  • Austin Blevins
    Austin Blevins Hour ago

    I like the name Lt. Dan for the 240

  • Jasta315
    Jasta315 Hour ago

    850s in Ruby looks like you're driving to chuch. Completely drama free.

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson Hour ago

    Mr. Sweaty Mullet !

  • ade 1772
    ade 1772 Hour ago

    Lt Dan sound good the James and yeh it has some legs eg eagles 🦅 lol great

  • RedneckLive
    RedneckLive Hour ago

    Jet car sure woulda been nice instead of watching 3 different boosted ls's do the same shit..

  • Ronnie Williz
    Ronnie Williz Hour ago

    James is a really good narrator lol great vid as allways an yes lt dan is way better an ive very superstitious

  • SirVic42
    SirVic42 Hour ago

    12:55 The McFarland Tuning Giraffe in the wild!

  • Kermit of Rivia
    Kermit of Rivia Hour ago

    Found the next slogan for a t-shirt: “James, get the Duck(t) Tape!”

  • TheWalkerracing68

    Yes keep the name

  • GeminiCartel
    GeminiCartel Hour ago

    Run Forrest Run

  • aDIYguy
    aDIYguy Hour ago

    Ruby is like a Sunday drive to 8s

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover Hour ago

    I love America, if you'd do this in the Netherlands you would get the hole police departement at your doorstep😂

  • Andrew Lang
    Andrew Lang Hour ago

    Lt Dan is a great name!!! Gotta keep it

  • thsissktboarding

    But you ain't go no legs, Lt. Dan

  • thewoodshed
    thewoodshed Hour ago

    Well who the heck is the gf? Is it the puppy cookie making girl from Christmas?

  • Phil Hodgson
    Phil Hodgson Hour ago

    "I'd put it in fourth and go to the 1/8th" James 2019 😂👌

  • FaZe iMagnet
    FaZe iMagnet Hour ago

    Smooth as butter on Toast With that first pass.

  • Carlo Brigante
    Carlo Brigante Hour ago

    4:27 to 5:13 greatest red kneck pep talk ever 👍👏👌

  • Ed Mawhinney
    Ed Mawhinney Hour ago

    Love the name

  • aluminumfetish
    aluminumfetish Hour ago

    good times, stay safe guys !

  • DDAA
    DDAA Hour ago

    This man stopped halfway down the track and still ran a damn 9 🤦‍♂️😂

  • SupraRy
    SupraRy Hour ago

    James is getting far more comfortable in front of the camera, really good to see that james is a good dude.

    • Kyle Helfrich
      Kyle Helfrich Hour ago

      SupraRy i was gonna say the same thing and honestly he also pulls off the mullet look

    • aluminumfetish
      aluminumfetish Hour ago

      Yeah, it was good to see him chat a bit ! Nice job James ! 8:30 But did he say " IF the sun goes down"? I t IS going to go down.

  • Richard Campbell

    Maybe time for some sort of "aero"

  • sienile
    sienile Hour ago

    Pretty sure that size is meant for kei cars. I don't think anything more than 1.5l (probably less) would be able to break even compared to NA with that.

  • badcarrm
    badcarrm Hour ago

    Instead of Lt. Dan you should name yer car Bubba

  • Jesse Whittington

    Go bigger tire on Leroy

  • thomas froberg
    thomas froberg Hour ago

    Or how about STITIOUS!?? Name for the car? Instead of super stitious

  • Dennis Lebhardt Jr

    Lieutenant Dan!