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  • Dan Hard
    Dan Hard 8 minutes ago

    what is James' channel?

  • Epic
    Epic 11 minutes ago

    10:58 LMAO The "OHH SHHiiit I'm gonna Diiiie!!" Face for 8.6 seconds Meanwhile: 15:35 "Becomes One with the bucket seat"

  • John LeBlanc
    John LeBlanc 17 minutes ago

    This is exciting. I always thought a trickle charge elec turbo could work. Would love to see what two bigger turbos running at 120v would do on a G37. Even if it cut the run time from 4 min to 30 seconds it would be impressive, easy and a lot of fun!

  • Dan Hard
    Dan Hard 19 minutes ago

    omg im sick of the drug commercial's

  • James Moore
    James Moore 21 minute ago

    Build the golf cart to the max so it’s safe and capable of running crazy times no expense spared build it to be a legit drag cart

  • Jolly Joe Rants
    Jolly Joe Rants 21 minute ago

    Soo we’re not going to talk about the 500ft wheelie? Kk

  • Bent brims n Mullets
    Bent brims n Mullets 23 minutes ago

    You spent more money than a factory supercharged or turbo cobalt and it still makes less power

  • Jeb Little
    Jeb Little 25 minutes ago

    Push the rear axles back so it can race

  • Rvngo
    Rvngo 28 minutes ago

    18:09 holy SHIT, James that was a helluva burnout. I cannot wait to see what he does with the Chevy 🔥🔥

  • sony8331
    sony8331 45 minutes ago

    Cletus thinks that's bad frame rust he needs to come look at 6.0 powerstrokes in new England people want 13.5k for


    I think James has had a cash injection.

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore 48 minutes ago

    I really love that 240. The cam sounds so amazing. I just prefer boost over nitrous. But that's all him. Badass car though

  • Allthingsfast
    Allthingsfast 54 minutes ago

    James has that car dialed in. Thing rips lmao.

  • Johnny Lopez
    Johnny Lopez 55 minutes ago

    Upon the day of reckonings, THE CLEET FLEET has become UNREKKIN"D!!! #SAVAGE

  • torracat thefiregod


  • LD71
    LD71 Hour ago

    Silly question, can one of y’all rippers help me out. What does purging nitrous do before the run?

    • Tim Banicevich
      Tim Banicevich 34 minutes ago

      LD71 It’s not a silly question at all! Purging gets any gas bubbles of nitrous out of the feed lines. Liquid nitrous has a fixed density and the highest mass of nitrous per gallon. This is why you run liquid nitrous to get consistent oxidiser/fuel mixes and make consistent power. If you have nitrous gas bubbles in the line, you run fuel rich because the gas is less dense and contains much less mass of nitrous per gallon. With gas in the line, you also get varying results because you can have lots of gas or not much at all, depending on what’s going on with pressures and temperatures in the feed lines. I hope that this makes sense.

  • Jack Vandenbrink

    let a fan rip ruby

  • Matthew Montero
    Matthew Montero Hour ago

    Widen axel for stability

  • GodlessManitoban

    11:22 I didn't hear any shifting.

  • LtCopeGaming
    LtCopeGaming Hour ago

    TJ Hunt should only stick to his camera. hahaha

  • David Windsor
    David Windsor Hour ago

    If James keeps popping up. Could always use the wheely bar from the colf cart. Shore that will hold up. 😁😆🤔👍

  • 54raceman
    54raceman Hour ago

    Jamie is a true friend the kind you don’t see much anymore and even rarer if you’re not from the country I can’t count the times I’ve gotten out of bed in middle of night or dropped what i was doing at drop of a hat because a friend needed something but i was raised old school by old school people

  • Black Lotus
    Black Lotus Hour ago

  • richard adams
    richard adams Hour ago

    Number 11 on trending do it for Dale

  • hendrix herrin
    hendrix herrin Hour ago

    I think tj got the bug

  • A.G. Rich
    A.G. Rich Hour ago

    Just a bald eagle freedom machine. I really wish I owned ruby, so i can eat up all these ricers in tacoma WA without breaking a sweat.

  • hydroban 385
    hydroban 385 Hour ago

    Do twin turbos on Ruby

  • Jeff Flanagan
    Jeff Flanagan Hour ago

    Don't let Ruby get too loose!

  • Dj St3rling
    Dj St3rling Hour ago

    10:35 holy sh*t that was a great pass. I LOVE Cleetus' last few words. "Make sure you floor it" lol

  • SuperSidori
    SuperSidori Hour ago


  • Dj St3rling
    Dj St3rling Hour ago

    08:30 can someone explain the pass? the motor sounded like it barely went through the gears. what kind of gears/trans is this? It was so smooth and seemingly stayed in the power

  • Dean Harris
    Dean Harris Hour ago

    If I was you I'd be putting a four wheeler front end suspension on that cart make it more stable because it's bit wider stance and not much shock on her landing lol

  • Christopher Mielitz

    I feel like you could launch Ruby in 2nd and she would run 8s 🤣🤣🤣

  • Robert Knight
    Robert Knight Hour ago

    Cleetus you got yourself an orange crown Vic huh?

  • mustangmaniac22
    mustangmaniac22 2 hours ago

    ive never been more excited about a 240 than now

  • Jon & Alycia
    Jon & Alycia 2 hours ago

    Why can’t they show James times?

  • Anthony Cable
    Anthony Cable 2 hours ago

    Id love to drive that car thatd make my year!!!

  • Clayton Pfenning
    Clayton Pfenning 2 hours ago

    Trending #11!!!!

  • Ian Stoufflet
    Ian Stoufflet 2 hours ago

    You guys are legends. Your cars are works of art.

  • shinto666
    shinto666 2 hours ago

    Isn't ricer a racial slur?

  • Kfx Guy
    Kfx Guy 2 hours ago

    Sorry people but ruby is my favorite USclip car hands down.

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson 2 hours ago

    Wonder who noticed the oxy was on the whole time his was explaining the task at the start.

  • Cscs Cscs
    Cscs Cscs 2 hours ago

    I don’t even let people drive my $1600 shitbox.........

  • Zach B
    Zach B 2 hours ago

    "Look at all that rust" Me: *laughs in michigan*

    • Tuba Player
      Tuba Player Hour ago

      Zach B yeah I bought a 2013 2 door wrangler a few weeks back and it was a struggle to find vehicles (especially wranglers) that we’re not just covered in rust. Found one from a dealer in Detroit that shipped it closer to me that had owned it as a “show car” for the past 6 years so it came with no rust at all and it was completely stock. Now I know I can upgrade it and not have someone else’s crappy work to deal with.

  • Tanner Phillips
    Tanner Phillips 2 hours ago

    Dude you should do a test on a big ass electric motor turning the crank on the colbalt just a wild idea.

  • Will S.
    Will S. 2 hours ago

    Is that Cleeter drivin the boat??

  • The Rod Shop
    The Rod Shop 2 hours ago

    Did James finally put in a solid axl?? He has broken one in a while

  • Michael Thacker
    Michael Thacker 2 hours ago

    You need to hot up abom79 for some machining. He is up in Pensacola and he is the shit! For sure check him out!

  • Shofner The Redneck2


  • jay jerry
    jay jerry 2 hours ago

    Hell yeah brother that's what you call bald eagle drifting!!!!

  • Steven Steiger
    Steven Steiger 2 hours ago


  • robert sapp
    robert sapp 2 hours ago

    Screaming seamen

  • bigwater52
    bigwater52 2 hours ago

    James car left harder then it ever has and the axels survived

  • Wing Nut
    Wing Nut 2 hours ago

    I wonder if her mom knows that she's prostituting herself on the most obvious "look at my jugs" video of the year.

  • Robert Adams Metal Detecting

    Ruby has to be the most reliable street car ever! The race car that makes every driver look good.

  • Rae Ernst-Kelly
    Rae Ernst-Kelly 2 hours ago

    name it smoke cause you gonna smoke the competition the walls the tires the engine and every bodys ears......... LOL

  • E X
    E X 2 hours ago

    You guys are exaggerating so much, obviously it's salvage , means insurance considered it irepareable could learn something from goonzquad

  • sparrow
    sparrow 2 hours ago

    Put the old turbo into one of the new ones and that one goes into the other one that might have sounded like a sex joke but it wasnt

  • Bluemod 13
    Bluemod 13 2 hours ago

    It was so weird because I was taking pictures of Leroy at PRI and I got this notification

  • Quinton Keizur
    Quinton Keizur 2 hours ago

    Ruby is just a bad ass

  • yoosrid
    yoosrid 2 hours ago

    I stopped by the Kirkey seat booth at PRI and the old guys didn't know who Cleetus was,so I told them he's on youtube and they were like, "we don't watch youtube"

  • gabe duchesneau
    gabe duchesneau 2 hours ago

    So why can’t they show james’s time?

  • Your Eschatology‡
    Your Eschatology‡ 2 hours ago

    how much is the 240 running? I have been watching every video since the c7 was the main car of the channel and I don't recall any 240's numbers

  • Anthony Lusano
    Anthony Lusano 2 hours ago

    Film your champ car racing!!!

  • rwbuckley83
    rwbuckley83 2 hours ago

    Does Cooper post videos of any of his cars? His channel seems stagnant. I'd like to see his stuff too.

  • ASB 1192
    ASB 1192 3 hours ago

    What if you put a bigger turbo then the one you guys are already going to put on ruby and add one of the electric turbos to help spool up quicker ?

    FLASH NATION 3 hours ago

    When they ask, " show them how American you are".

  • Topper 87
    Topper 87 3 hours ago

    Ruby is my favorite car. Shes so reliable. Shift at like 25 feet and still eats!

  • blazin_bouch 420
    blazin_bouch 420 3 hours ago

    I love the fact that the cheap ass auc vet is the most reliable insanly fast car in the country man yall are a perfect team 💯💯💯💯💯

  • chris hadley
    chris hadley 3 hours ago

    Duh! It's a Honda.

  • zachariah liles
    zachariah liles 3 hours ago

    Man, Ruby is just an 8 second machine! It feels like no matter what you do in that car, aside from not flooring it, it's gonna run an 8.

  • Kent Keller
    Kent Keller 3 hours ago

    It’s been up North in snow and salt.

  • J J JR
    J J JR 3 hours ago

    This is drag racing for people who kinda drag race. Imagine being an internet keyboard racer... im sure this video was to shut the dumb haters and numbers kids up. Its 100% mental and 100% physical. If you aint 200% ... good luck. You could add the car for another 100... but no car ever runs 100% because the driver always blames the car.

    • J J JR
      J J JR 3 hours ago

      I drive a Prius.

  • Kelly Hearn
    Kelly Hearn 3 hours ago

    Love it

  • blazin_bouch 420
    blazin_bouch 420 3 hours ago

    Hahahhaha in new england trucks with that much rust are considered mint and go for tooop dollar shes a cream puff

  • Nelson Edgerly
    Nelson Edgerly 3 hours ago

    Damn james force. 100ft burn outs..

  • Will Kinnard
    Will Kinnard 3 hours ago

    Ole ruby might need a band adjustment it’s creeping bad on the brake

  • Ray Y
    Ray Y 3 hours ago

    AdamLZ didn't run Ruby?

  • Draytons Outdoors
    Draytons Outdoors 3 hours ago

    James is the burnout king!

  • Steven Fappas
    Steven Fappas 3 hours ago

    1:09 sounds like my 5.4 3v lol

  • Perry2186
    Perry2186 3 hours ago

    compound works better when its a smaller turbo feeding a bigger one

  • sparrow
    sparrow 3 hours ago

    The first ad I saw was a caren probably because it was a suv going 100000 mph u see a Karen kill them of they are a soccer mom went head on into another car doing nothing wrong got deleted

  • Tyler Lemoyne
    Tyler Lemoyne 3 hours ago

    If I'm ever dying my make-a-wish is gonna be to drive Ruby

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans 3 hours ago

    LOL, these geniuses are holding a turbo in their HANDS under load, that came in a box, from another country with no specifications as to quality. This channel won't be around for long.

  • Mountain Biker
    Mountain Biker 3 hours ago

    Would you be my friend. I wanna rip some of your bald eagles too. Duuude...

  • bobwatters
    bobwatters 3 hours ago

    Damn catching an old school Cleetus vid and see all the Ed comments and talking about an Ed project car. Too bad he passed, but we all keep remembering him and neighbor!

  • Clinton Dahlstedt
    Clinton Dahlstedt 3 hours ago

    bertha the burnout truck

  • Glockspecific
    Glockspecific 3 hours ago

    The biggest wheelie he has done was in the Nova, coop.

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans 3 hours ago

    lol 157 hp. My stock 70 Challenger made 375hp and 390 ft of torque and I reassembled the entire engine and installed it by myself in two days. No electronics.

  • Glockspecific
    Glockspecific 3 hours ago

    We need a full video of James racing this weekend!

  • R Nickerson
    R Nickerson 3 hours ago


  • Eclipse538
    Eclipse538 3 hours ago

    thanks for sharing james car more this episode, that thing is absolutely a beast!

  • J D
    J D 3 hours ago


  • Devin Bankett
    Devin Bankett 3 hours ago

    I think there's 20 pounds of air in those tires so they're like basketballs.

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan 3 hours ago

    How in the hell do you get rust in Florida?!?

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd 3 hours ago

    When a chick drives a Corvette and the engine blows. did she just give the car a blow...job?

  • James Brewer
    James Brewer 3 hours ago

    Great job Ruby and James. Keep up the great times.

  • RL RL
    RL RL 3 hours ago

    Just put in an rpm shift soleniod in Ruby. So effortless. I did and it's so much easier to focus on what you are doing in case shtf.

  • mark smithson
    mark smithson 3 hours ago

    Cleetus Ruby is so freaking awesome. Letting the Bald Eagles fly consistent 8's and you can drive her home. When Coop going to get his burn out ride. Just totally enjoy watching you letter rip and letting the Bald Eagles loose, keep on doing it for Dale. A Faithful Subscriber from Southeast Missouri.

  • N54 Vlogs
    N54 Vlogs 3 hours ago

    I LOVE RUBY !!!