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Cadbury's targeting children?
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Thanks to the slaves!
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Change the world or go home?
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Happy New Moment
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The Ghost of Schrödingers Cat
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Should Neo Have Children?
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18 October 2018
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VLOG: Unintelligent intelligence
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Proposals for a vegan world?
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Court Case (word crime) update
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Is the house on fire?
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Blockchain Expo Disruption
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Is there such a thing as a Muslim?
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Disobedience - a short film
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STEEM sponsored Sterilisation
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Police Training Video
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Crypto at Tiffanys
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Make Medicine Legal
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VLOG - Is money a scam?
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Who Killed Miss Piggy?
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Sexy Fish???
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Random Hugs Interview
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Tricks of the trade (LAW)
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What is Magic?
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Men and their feelings
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Police highlights
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Contrasting views of death
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Finger licking good
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Ex Police Officer On love
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Camden preaching
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Am I mad?
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Tesco fun call
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Am I a danger to children?
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Stream of consciousness
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Water fun
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Can I Join The Revolution?
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Food in hospitals?
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A Prayer in Macdonalds
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Permission to speak?
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Becoming a Patron
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