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Young Dolph - SMH (Audio)
Views 366K2 years ago
Young Dolph - Yeezy (Audio)
Views 357K2 years ago


  • mykel hendrix
    mykel hendrix 4 minutes ago

    Lol she came out with a cup of water to wet homeboy when he was already wet 😭

  • Indigo JO
    Indigo JO 5 minutes ago


  • Ben K
    Ben K 6 minutes ago

    45:27 Tf brudda got attacked by goddamn hood Michelin man

  • Nano Niggs
    Nano Niggs 7 minutes ago

    What's the song at 4:40 lmk

  • Medaris Holley
    Medaris Holley 11 minutes ago

    Outta the CTO south Memphis vet been telling y'all PRE or nothing

  • marcus jones
    marcus jones 11 minutes ago

    🗣 I feel like i just hung out with PRE for a day 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • YMcNasty
    YMcNasty 12 minutes ago


  • Raheem Thomas
    Raheem Thomas 12 minutes ago

    That alarm scared tf outta me 😂

  • prodbyjozu
    prodbyjozu 14 minutes ago

    26:52 got me dead 😂😂

  • Victor Najera
    Victor Najera 27 minutes ago

    Best bragadoshis rappers to do it

  • illinoisphil
    illinoisphil 28 minutes ago

    🎯The hardest album of 2019🎯

  • Kiwis Rombley
    Kiwis Rombley 31 minute ago

    Yo back too back the shit wtf yh helll

    SCOOPY BENZ 32 minutes ago

    Dolph cook look like the the type of nigga that'll kill you if you don't eat his food

  • Melvin M
    Melvin M 34 minutes ago

    Dolph and glock the hardest out. Omaha Nebraska waiting for y'all to come through and fuck shit up. #PRE

    TRE BANDZ 37 minutes ago

    That’s Lil Wayne’s house if couldn’t tell

  • Abdul Aleem
    Abdul Aleem 39 minutes ago

    Who’s the fat nigga

  • TJ Avant
    TJ Avant 42 minutes ago

    Straight motivation and inspiration 🔥‼️ Does my life need to the same as there’s? No...but to see others be successful, shows me I can also make it to the top in my own lane 🤞🏼🔥

  • Bryson B
    Bryson B 45 minutes ago

    26:24 how I be in the crib 😭😭

  • they wuck
    they wuck 54 minutes ago


  • arianareyesx
    arianareyesx 56 minutes ago

    I fucking love these two

  • Carson James IV
    Carson James IV 57 minutes ago


  • travis delima
    travis delima 59 minutes ago

    “monsta a mafk monsta”

  • XClomesX
    XClomesX Hour ago

    Drop that Everybody Know video!!! Dope to see the from beginning of Major video is his homie

  • Mr Koo1aid 540
    Mr Koo1aid 540 Hour ago

    Check me out in the link below

  • Ben K
    Ben K Hour ago

    The creation of a masterpiece 🚫🧢🙏🏼

  • Future
    Future Hour ago

    An hour of dolphh!??? Ive been waitingg to seee this

  • Ron K ArThou
    Ron K ArThou Hour ago

    That loud 🔥setting of alarms! Lol

  • Caio Rodrigues
    Caio Rodrigues Hour ago

    1:55 damn that must require some talent

  • tevin stvalle
    tevin stvalle Hour ago

    Dolph World 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • RelaxxGang
    RelaxxGang Hour ago

    The song at 25:30 🔥🥵 that one isnt on the tape right?

  • Milo
    Milo Hour ago

    Dolph lowkey nasty at pool

  • SniperGang Yt
    SniperGang Yt Hour ago

    That nigga keep his lean man around the big mf lol that boy realer then a bitch Arkansas To Memphis 870 to 901 real street nigga !!!

  • Sickles197
    Sickles197 Hour ago

    We need them ig’s

  • Jay Cybrian
    Jay Cybrian Hour ago

    I watched the whole video then I realized that I watched the whole video... Dolph is the GOAT of our generation

    • NID ENT
      NID ENT Hour ago

      Jay Cybrian choppa the next dolor if he be smart

    • NID ENT
      NID ENT Hour ago

      Jay Cybrian Memphis mogul

    • NID ENT
      NID ENT Hour ago

      Jay Cybrian af 41

    • NID ENT
      NID ENT Hour ago

      Jay Cybrian yea maybe honestly no one has did it like him

  • Dank Hill
    Dank Hill Hour ago

    Travis scott’s movie was ass. This 💩 Fye 🔥🔥

  • Bolo714
    Bolo714 Hour ago

    Fuck ya!!! We need more mane!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sam-E
    Sam-E Hour ago


  • b birdo
    b birdo Hour ago

    Song at 38:40 anybody ?

  • Cloud 420_life
    Cloud 420_life Hour ago

    Song at 25:50 where is that heat

  • Ethan Berlin
    Ethan Berlin Hour ago

    Yeo this vlog go so fuckin hard this fuckin big art nigga

  • King KY
    King KY Hour ago

    Dolph really be laughin in his songs

  • RelaxxGang
    RelaxxGang Hour ago


  • milktastictv
    milktastictv Hour ago

    Looks like they really had fun putting it together can't wait till all my niggaz got millions It’s up fam

  • Chris C
    Chris C Hour ago

    Wussup brudda let me b ur personal car prep bro.

  • Taz Toochilli
    Taz Toochilli Hour ago

    Impressional. my pplz from the south. Lexington Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas lil rock, fort worth texas. ✊🏿👾 626/323.

    IamKILLASWAGG Hour ago

    PRE real star power!!!

  • Cloud 420_life
    Cloud 420_life Hour ago

    Seeing these hood niggas play golf is the funniest shit on this vlog

  • Chavez8688
    Chavez8688 Hour ago


  • Kangoo Kiddd
    Kangoo Kiddd Hour ago

    Dolph, I'd get you on that pool table. Out of necessity. LMAO! I'd have to pull them Chi town tricks out the bag

  • savion thomas
    savion thomas Hour ago

    When them unreleased songs coming out👀👀👀

  • Qr ENDO
    Qr ENDO Hour ago

    4:08 song name?

  • Labronski Milan
    Labronski Milan Hour ago


  • Cloud 420_life
    Cloud 420_life Hour ago

    Gimmie my god damn money man 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lucky's Electronics

    Bruh will use that bat real quick. Look like he keep it in his hand

  • Cloud 420_life
    Cloud 420_life Hour ago

    Literally the best album of 2019 no skips all hard ass tracks Glock n dolph are unstoppable

  • Thrilla Cartel
    Thrilla Cartel Hour ago

    The amount of music I would have recorded I would be in heaven with big house with a studio inside

  • Blue Benji
    Blue Benji Hour ago

    God damn them beats were hard 🔥🔥

  • King KY
    King KY Hour ago

    Damn a whole hour

  • Jayyy B
    Jayyy B Hour ago

    My niggas taking over 🐐

  • Trap Baby
    Trap Baby Hour ago

    Dolph and Glock are the hardest trappers in the game right now

  • Cap God
    Cap God Hour ago

    Those cars stick out like a sore thumb and showing close ups a lot of people want Dolph’s head hope he tightens up and moves smart

  • Braden Rogers
    Braden Rogers Hour ago

    Need more documentaries like this.

  • James Copening
    James Copening Hour ago

    They looked like they had fun making this documentary

    • NID ENT
      NID ENT 59 minutes ago

      James Copening is it not supposed to be fun

  • John Farrow
    John Farrow Hour ago

    I like to see rappers life outside of music

  • John Garza
    John Garza Hour ago

    13:24 dolph gone asf

  • Tommy4924
    Tommy4924 Hour ago

    26:57 name of the song???

  • James haskett
    James haskett Hour ago

    Best duo mixtape/album to me in yrs 🤷🏼‍♂️

    GNAUTICA Hour ago

    this is dope asfff

  • adrian 1k
    adrian 1k Hour ago


  • Hannah Gonzales
    Hannah Gonzales Hour ago

    Dis whole video hard af keep doin yo shit n dropping shit like this

  • Blake Adamos
    Blake Adamos Hour ago

    So fucking dope! Whole caravan of foreigners I will be apart of something this huge one day

  • SluTubeTV
    SluTubeTV Hour ago

    Dat watermelon ain’t got not 1 seed in it 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Deep Poetic Society

    "A hundred milli out this rap shit then I'm done"

  • Prolific Tee’s Ent

    Thanks for the content they should do more

  • Mr. Grey
    Mr. Grey 2 hours ago

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  • Di Fé BXD
    Di Fé BXD 2 hours ago

    Fé e grana 🔥

  • Stay Positive
    Stay Positive 2 hours ago

    Best work to date !

  • Mod Jay
    Mod Jay 2 hours ago

    Dolph changed niggaz lives.

  • MMB banging
    MMB banging 2 hours ago

    At 19:08 is legendary in 2030 i will still be listen to the original song 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kaliko Khronic
    Kaliko Khronic 2 hours ago

    Bro these dudes out here workin.

  • Demetrius Tapia
    Demetrius Tapia 2 hours ago

    dolph a skinny ass nigga

  • Jerron White
    Jerron White 2 hours ago

    That shit was too hard! #PaperRouteBusiness

  • Luxury Steeze
    Luxury Steeze 2 hours ago

    This was dope!!

  • Ivana Lindsey
    Ivana Lindsey 2 hours ago

    Float like ah butterfly like Ali Woe! 💁🏾‍♀️

  • adrian 1k
    adrian 1k 2 hours ago


  • MMB banging
    MMB banging 2 hours ago

    Its dolph 🏆💯💯

  • Dakeem Isaac
    Dakeem Isaac 2 hours ago

    An hour long Its lit

  • raphael williams
    raphael williams 2 hours ago


  • Justforthe Kickz
    Justforthe Kickz 2 hours ago

    Who is Latina with the grey shorts please

    • Isaiah Smithson
      Isaiah Smithson Hour ago

      Dolph on theway to being Jay Z,boss talk on another level.... inspired by em @thats_par king of Jersey

  • LilNeca Baby
    LilNeca Baby 2 hours ago

    This shit 🔥

  • elijah o
    elijah o 2 hours ago

    YEEEAH YEEAH!!!! #PaperRoute

  • Avanti Clark
    Avanti Clark 2 hours ago

    That'z it im sign n to P.R.E...📝📦i see the future🤔 family

  • adrian 1k
    adrian 1k 2 hours ago


  • Tommy James
    Tommy James 2 hours ago

    Need video for this

  • Labronski Milan
    Labronski Milan 2 hours ago

    the alarm is loud 😄

  • Oula Savolainen
    Oula Savolainen 2 hours ago

    Came here from a walking blue horned dude

  • Lame ass Willie
    Lame ass Willie 2 hours ago

    Lil fat mf look like a kid ..was trying his best to be in every scene especially in the beginning mf u annoying

    • moneychec
      moneychec Hour ago

      Lame ass Willie yo name fits u dick suck in Ass boy

  • j the man
    j the man 2 hours ago

    bet no one knows what movie they were reinacting with this music video skit

  • Labronski Milan
    Labronski Milan 2 hours ago

    that really is major 💎

  • Selenamj123 Dr928425

    26:02 - 26:56 high chronicals at its best 🤣🤣🤣🤣