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  • Eric Wisel
    Eric Wisel 2 hours ago

    Jack Frost is the movie that popped in my head after seeing the first popcorn classic segment back in season 1, I feel like I just had my first born son

    ERA CASTE 2 hours ago

    Would Kim be willing to go on the Kimmy Kimmel Show?

  • Lindemann
    Lindemann 2 hours ago

    Show Me What You Got - Alan Aztec You're welcome =D

  • Humberto Tovar García

    Pinko predicted 2019 society

    Alize RONQUILLO 2 hours ago

    Assy Mcgee damn his voice is awesome

  • dustin stockdale
    dustin stockdale 2 hours ago

    Maybe it took forever because that style of voice acting is destroying his vocal cords and he wants to let them not be as destroyed? Lol im not a voice coach and I actually have no idea if that would buuuuuut, Rick sounds like it hurts....

  • Todoroki Shoto
    Todoroki Shoto 2 hours ago

    Wtf did I watch it for!?

  • Anoymous Cuz
    Anoymous Cuz 2 hours ago

    “I’m a Barbie girl, in the barbie world” Wait? Whose Darryll?

  • Potatoes Are here
    Potatoes Are here 2 hours ago


  • Los objetos que Hablan

    Avocato no died ?

  • kickmait
    kickmait 2 hours ago

    I dont know any of you... Yet reading this comment section... I love you all 🥺

  • Steven Green
    Steven Green 2 hours ago

    Admiral Ackbar: Mario Kart on Xbox!? IT'S A TRAP!!!

  • X Y
    X Y 2 hours ago

    This is better than Toy Story 4

  • 4c1dr3fl3x
    4c1dr3fl3x 2 hours ago

    Maybe if you took 20 seconds out of your liberal hipster life to access fluid capital from MONEYZAP, you could get that gimpy neck fixed, _GREG_ , and acknowledge Will Ferrell's brilliant portrayal of a seminal Image Comics character

  • JariahxSynn
    JariahxSynn 2 hours ago

    So who's hungry?

  • Catpool Wilson
    Catpool Wilson 2 hours ago


  • Mr Lee
    Mr Lee 2 hours ago

    Black Guy: "Hey I never got a welcome cross."

  • K, Jetix's Successor

    B***h don’t take the orbs, it’s not worth it. Walk the path of the bada**.

  • Jason Palmier
    Jason Palmier 2 hours ago

    And that's the way the cookie crumbles!

  • Chris Reed
    Chris Reed 2 hours ago

    War never changes except when it does.

  • Sannah Blue
    Sannah Blue 2 hours ago

    **gets drunk** my sad ass: wait, you guys are getting paid for this?

  • SuperAvengerMan
    SuperAvengerMan 2 hours ago

    That sketch was dark

    TOMMY GAMER YT 2 hours ago

    Compared with BoJack Horseman , this show is shit. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Xen
    Xen 2 hours ago

    so just fuck hulu right?

  • That Guy
    That Guy 2 hours ago

    What a croc!

  • TerminalCarrion
    TerminalCarrion 2 hours ago

    I mean, they did try to kill him first

  • Rebekah Wolkiewicz
    Rebekah Wolkiewicz 2 hours ago

    Batman: Joker, you better be sick or dead in there, I s$&@ you NOT!! 😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Amateur0Visionary
    Amateur0Visionary 2 hours ago

    It should be Heathcliff Vs. Garfield. Heathcliff is the plaintiff.

  • Bytorcus
    Bytorcus 3 hours ago

    One of their best sketches.

  • DJ Shadow
    DJ Shadow 3 hours ago

    I love this guy.

  • Emma
    Emma 3 hours ago

    did they really get all those people to send in clips of them saying happy 40th anniversary or did they find them on the internet?

  • Emma
    Emma 3 hours ago

    "put the stew right on the dog- a stew dog"

  • Sonicxtx
    Sonicxtx 3 hours ago

    Rip genesis

  • Mr oofersen Oof
    Mr oofersen Oof 3 hours ago

    This video is SUPER unrealistic Mario kart would never come out on Xbox

  • Marshmallowmonster 77

    Is't Spencer guy's name?

  • JimmyJumpCut Down
    JimmyJumpCut Down 3 hours ago

    3 solid minutes of silence as the list of elves who died scroll down at a steady pace.

  • PuffTheMagicHobo
    PuffTheMagicHobo 3 hours ago

    Lol when he went into talking about the movie for a sec

  • JimmyJumpCut Down
    JimmyJumpCut Down 3 hours ago

    How Batman smiled almost the entire time.

  • goodolarchie
    goodolarchie 3 hours ago

    This doesn't matter

  • Cam
    Cam 3 hours ago

    Why the hell is this show so popular? It just seems like your typical adult cartoon, doesn't seem to be anything special here.

  • PuffTheMagicHobo
    PuffTheMagicHobo 3 hours ago

    Y’know in all seriousness, imagine how blessed you’d be if you had a friend like Joe Estevez irl

  • Edward Gil
    Edward Gil 3 hours ago

    Jim really shouldn't count. Since there whole idea of the office is that there's cameras everywhere.

  • K, Jetix's Successor

    What the heck is a Plumbus? It looks like a bathroom object.

  • TheAlfaBich
    TheAlfaBich 3 hours ago

    0:56 Star's mom?

  • TheAlfaBich
    TheAlfaBich 3 hours ago

    1:20 is that the real voice actor

  • J0G591
    J0G591 3 hours ago

    just what i needed to fall asleep

  • K, Jetix's Successor

    Frag that. I’m going with the first opinion.

  • Ethan Tucker
    Ethan Tucker 3 hours ago

    Bob: why did someone live this job half done Me:because there not done idiot

  • Brin
    Brin 3 hours ago

    *spits it out* This is no good. *Drinks more*

  • DeepCupsChan119
    DeepCupsChan119 3 hours ago

    Looks like pc but not console Xbox and Mario kart is for Nintendo only

  • Mentlegen Beats
    Mentlegen Beats 3 hours ago

    This makes me cry the good healing tears.

  • Jerusel Gonelevu
    Jerusel Gonelevu 3 hours ago

    Someone get this man/Kryptonian a Kryptonian bullet.

  • wool Lee
    wool Lee 3 hours ago


  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 3 hours ago

    So fucking pumped for this!

  • it is I the real aaron carter

    this is the only thing that could make the xbox cool again

  • Theo Walcott
    Theo Walcott 3 hours ago

    Jerry Jones but animated lmao

  • Devo Fauzan Rahman
    Devo Fauzan Rahman 3 hours ago

    What bothers me most is Woody seems oversized a bit

  • Theo Walcott
    Theo Walcott 3 hours ago

    dam was that actually chad johnson?

  • Lauraryansays
    Lauraryansays 3 hours ago

    Mr. Mark Porch

  • DesertFerret7
    DesertFerret7 3 hours ago

    Well... I guess that's why Mario Kart isn't on the X-Box.

  • James Holcomb
    James Holcomb 3 hours ago

    Poor El Dorado

  • Pter Parkr
    Pter Parkr 3 hours ago

    This is why you get PS4

  • Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher 3 hours ago

    I watch the purps almost every night they help me get some zzzzzzzzzz's

  • john wheeler
    john wheeler 3 hours ago

    In a turn of unexpected events, the youngest Olsen kid won in the end lol

  • Aung Thu Hein
    Aung Thu Hein 3 hours ago

    He shot everyone dead INCLUDING that vulture LOL

  • Alexander
    Alexander 3 hours ago

    1:28 R.I.P. Door

  • Cominatcha 133
    Cominatcha 133 4 hours ago

    sometimes robot chicken should be a video game

  • TastesLikeA Wall
    TastesLikeA Wall 4 hours ago

    Jack is the only person to make a song about milk and make me cry

  • Yaneli Beltran
    Yaneli Beltran 4 hours ago

    0:00 Happy Nickelodeon day! 0:04 then friends aired. 0:27 now mom aired!

  • Johan Smallberries
    Johan Smallberries 4 hours ago

    Gregg had the exact same hair as the secretary at the end Dark Knight Rises, another marvel hit!

  • Kevin Slater
    Kevin Slater 4 hours ago

    Would watch these, not joking

  • Lady D
    Lady D 4 hours ago

    Damn, I was hoping for 10hrs of randomness rather than random on repeat. Still, pretty great

  • Brutally Honest
    Brutally Honest 4 hours ago

    The "real" reason why Andy gave up his toys in Toy Story 3:

  • Chris Figueroa
    Chris Figueroa 4 hours ago

    And the quarter back is toast! Die Hard 1988

  • glen kickett
    glen kickett 4 hours ago

    My lord go fuckyourself

  • Brandon smith
    Brandon smith 4 hours ago

    Holy shit it sounds just as good live. I’m doomed to an eternal cycle of moonmen in my freaking head. I’m scared of how good this is. Was I tripping or did that fart actually shit out gold fr??? Like that mf had the infinity stones and everything took a dump and created another one. We can’t let Josh Brolin find this ever. He might snap me away for real

  • Justindude2342 Roblox

    Show Me What You Got :Me Ok Plays Song I Like What you Got Good Job!!!!

  • skabossJ
    skabossJ 4 hours ago

    I think Gregg should get super buff one season as a bit. No one should acknowledge it.

  • Meister Kaos
    Meister Kaos 4 hours ago


  • Coolest Kidz
    Coolest Kidz 4 hours ago

    I’m not watching that movie again

  • Kou D3x
    Kou D3x 4 hours ago

    Not an xbox. I know you can use Xbox controllers with PC cause Microsoft makes windows and Xbox, but calling a PC an Xbox cause it has Xbox controllers? nah... that's a type of blasphemy in the Master Race eyes. Like calling a PC a console because it has emulator software on it.

  • The Good ones allen
    The Good ones allen 4 hours ago

    Is he just ok with this😂😂😂

  • Ramon Martinez
    Ramon Martinez 4 hours ago

    How to make it: anything purple Grapes Purple shit Purple balls SunnyD Purple foot Purple flowers The world Purple cars Purple God Medkit And drugs That how to make it

  • 2-ODD
    2-ODD 4 hours ago


  • Fliint
    Fliint 4 hours ago

    The music in this is so off putting I love it

  • Beto N.Garcia
    Beto N.Garcia 4 hours ago

    This is quallity material

  • Brandon smith
    Brandon smith 4 hours ago

    Ya know this song should not be this good but my goodness. My gracious. It’s fire. 🔥.

    ULTRA 4 hours ago

    it says Xbox in the title but it's a PC with Playstation Xbox type controllers and it mentioned Mario kart. So is it that new 3-way console coming out?

  • patrick anderson
    patrick anderson 4 hours ago

    i dont wanna write another song...

  • Shani Mayden
    Shani Mayden 4 hours ago

    Bald dad: I love spending time with you son Son: hey dad when am I going to turn into a man Bald dad: your a hard green tomata and your going to ripen from a green tomata to a red hairy tomata Son: (deep voice) you don't know what your talkin about daddy Bald dad: yuh oh yes i do ,and I made you this song to teach you a lesson about puberty "Music starts " Bald dad: Puberty makes me fall in love sexually I have no hair on me puberty Son: puberty Bald son: pu-pu-pu-pu- puberty ,tiny man pops out or bald guys pocket .pu-pu-pu-pu- puberty , pu-pu-pu-pu puberty ,pu-pu-pu-pu-puberty ,pu-pu-pu-pu-puberty *creepy smile *

  • xetaL
    xetaL 4 hours ago

    "Sorry, I don't talk to sluts." i am rolling bruh!! 🤣

  • Sour candy man
    Sour candy man 4 hours ago


  • ImBasicallyKing
    ImBasicallyKing 4 hours ago

    This is a whole freaking day of listening to this sht

  • Carl Freericks
    Carl Freericks 4 hours ago

    Toys are immortal in toy story so that didn’t finish them off

  • 6untr01 GUNTROL
    6untr01 GUNTROL 4 hours ago

    NA-NANI?!!??!? ㅇㅁㅎ TOTALLY SPIEs & MARSHMELLO are in SEASON 10!?!?!?!? And dat bloody Fortnite is in there.....huh.....

  • Jake Cassidy
    Jake Cassidy 4 hours ago

    I like this 100× better then the actual movie

  • blue famine
    blue famine 4 hours ago

    I feel so bad for Eric andre

  • TheArchive
    TheArchive 4 hours ago

    0:01 why this dude dressed like a slim fat Albert😅

  • Warren Chapoton
    Warren Chapoton 4 hours ago

    That toy was such a dumb idea. You can get the same result with legos!

  • Ram Teja
    Ram Teja 4 hours ago

    see you guys in 6 years when USclip decides to re-kim-mend this video again.