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  • Shawn Friday
    Shawn Friday 4 hours ago

    8:39 hahahah

  • Joseph G
    Joseph G 4 hours ago

    CM Punk is good at playing a tough guy, But in real life, not so much.

  • Arthur Prior
    Arthur Prior 4 hours ago

    His Inner Circle Shrunk? Well when you are a pr*ck to everybody things like that tend to happen.

  • Armin Azari 7
    Armin Azari 7 4 hours ago

    Cm Punk 🙌🏼

  • Swedish Bulldog
    Swedish Bulldog 4 hours ago

    I love adam cole, but they would bury him

  • Mr 5180
    Mr 5180 4 hours ago

    3:00 BAY BAY 5:44 Adam Cole is a subtle mix of CM Punk and Michaels afterall !!!

  • Istudder94
    Istudder94 4 hours ago

    He got tired of getting his ass beat in MMA had to switch back to scripted wins

  • Amrit Srivastava
    Amrit Srivastava 4 hours ago

    If you want brock lesner in WrestleMania you will be conquered 😂🙏🔥💥

  • Dev Sakhuja
    Dev Sakhuja 4 hours ago

    Waiting for the day his music hits on the main show

  • Amethyst Sapphire
    Amethyst Sapphire 4 hours ago

    It's obvious...he's back on WWE 'cuz the money was right or perhaps his money was getting tight and this was a way to keep him afloat_hey you never know_just 'cuz u clean cut and don't do drugs...doesn't mean ur expenses won't balloon up like crazy...but for him to return to the ring...I don't know...he most likely will...somewhere around WrestleMania if anything but getting in the ring long term and suffering from injuries again without rest is one of the reasons why he left...so I highly doubt he signed-on for that...if he's smart he got a deal like Brock Lesnar...who only shows up once every now...does the F5 then jumps out the ring to disappear like a ghost for several months. Lol

  • xxxdude1231
    xxxdude1231 4 hours ago

    We need this man back !!

  • Michael Brazier
    Michael Brazier 4 hours ago

    Take my fucking money!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Uzi Clan
    Ryan Uzi Clan 4 hours ago

    Just Kidding

  • Ryan Uzi Clan
    Ryan Uzi Clan 4 hours ago

    Add Keith Lee

  • Flora Winx
    Flora Winx 4 hours ago

    I Love sascha

  • Alex CapaLot
    Alex CapaLot 4 hours ago

    You smell like spam 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • anonymous
    anonymous 4 hours ago

    That is too cringey... get him back in the roster ffs.

  • Oliver_B
    Oliver_B 4 hours ago

    Bring AJ Lee with you too!

  • AmazingGamers1000
    AmazingGamers1000 4 hours ago

    Seth vs punk WM

  • Xphantom Gamer
    Xphantom Gamer 5 hours ago

    Jim Carrey: So your telling me there’s a chance

  • Kyle Hearnsberger
    Kyle Hearnsberger 5 hours ago

    @WWE on FOX, answering the question, I would at LEAST like to see Punk give WWE another chance as an active talent for the company. I’d like to see either he vs. Adam Cole or he vs. Nakamura - or maybe he vs. Styles with no run-ins from The OC.

  • MEGA
    MEGA 5 hours ago

    Cm punk looks happy here

  • Lee Leslie
    Lee Leslie 5 hours ago

    the cult of personality

  • Dark World Inc
    Dark World Inc 5 hours ago

    Paige's reaction was great.

  • Hawk High Podcast
    Hawk High Podcast 5 hours ago

    So you're saying there's a chance??

  • Rap Meister
    Rap Meister 5 hours ago

    Did someone say SCU in a WWE show? 😏

  • Bradlee Sellers
    Bradlee Sellers 5 hours ago

    Talks about jim Ross then Immediately after "my INNER CIRCLE is small" was he deliberately referring to aew.

  • Judah Kelly
    Judah Kelly 5 hours ago

    “You smell like spam” noooooo 😂😂

  • Rap Meister
    Rap Meister 5 hours ago

    CM Punk's "Inner Circle" I see you. 😏

  • Mike2500L
    Mike2500L 5 hours ago

    Imagine if he returns to the ring, wins the Rumble, wins the title at Mania and then jumps to AEW... With the belt.

  • Ryany Baz
    Ryany Baz 5 hours ago

    Punk at the rumble I’m calling it

  • Scott Jefferson
    Scott Jefferson 5 hours ago

    That Chi Town crowd is going to be chanting CM PUNK the whole Survivor Series ppv.

  • Jeffrey Keith Horne II

    Him working backstage means his full return to WWE and the ring is inevitable. He might wrestle at Wrestlemania or even Royal Rumble 2020. God Bless.

  • Mo Rais Raj
    Mo Rais Raj 5 hours ago

    bahut quit

  • iblackfeathers
    iblackfeathers 5 hours ago

    1:07 did a re-take. almost sounded like punk said god offered to him, but actually said “got.”

  • Md Aslam
    Md Aslam 5 hours ago

    Adam Cole vs The Undertaker...

  • Himanshu Singh
    Himanshu Singh 5 hours ago

    CM Punk: "I don't have to work with jerks anymore" Renne: 😒

  • BG Resjek
    BG Resjek 5 hours ago

    Best in the world: *1995 HHH Spits from a distance*

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  • Kendrick
    Kendrick 5 hours ago

    Not something that messed up my day or anything but I hate that Renee said clobbering time before punk lol

  • Lego ninja 23
    Lego ninja 23 5 hours ago

    I dunno maybe he should play a undertaker like role where he challenges someone every once and awhile

  • Ахром Маматов

    связплохо .

  • Dave Duncan
    Dave Duncan 5 hours ago

    What a clown!!!! This dude is a chump!!!

  • عليش احمد حسن

    Welcome back Iam so so sooooooooooo Happy

  • F U
    F U 5 hours ago

    I don’t wanna see cm punk backstage! I wanna see him fighting in the ring

  • Jared Crabtree
    Jared Crabtree 5 hours ago

    Aew inner circle ⭕️???

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  • The6FootPlusTree
    The6FootPlusTree 5 hours ago

    Punk should ask for the one thing Vince would never give. Creative Control

  • king bloody
    king bloody 5 hours ago


  • Hector Hector
    Hector Hector 5 hours ago

    I told Everyone he’s not with wwe he’s with Fox You all Ow me $$$$$$$$$

  • Alexander Oghadeva
    Alexander Oghadeva 5 hours ago

    CM punk king of Africa

  • John M
    John M 5 hours ago

    Dude's just doing this because he's becoming completely irrelevant after his embarrassing ouster from the WWE and his beat down in UFC. CM Punk has been on quite the losing streak.

  • Rival Prianda
    Rival Prianda 5 hours ago

    He still got it

  • Andrei Spiridon
    Andrei Spiridon 5 hours ago

    CM Punk answers : if I could return to the octagon... I would at least throw one single punch before tapping CM Punk is an overachiever, he got the title of worst MMA performance in the history of the sport only after 1 fight That’s a huge achievement

  • Nav Sudan
    Nav Sudan 5 hours ago

    Grow up first!

  • V-Dub23
    V-Dub23 5 hours ago

    Everyone i know from chicago calls it wrasslin

  • William Smith
    William Smith 5 hours ago

    What brought CM Punk back? WWE: Save us AEW is gonna take our fanbase because of our lackluster product.

  • Kenneth Murray
    Kenneth Murray 5 hours ago

    Those shield guys 😂😂😂😂

  • M1k3y
    M1k3y 5 hours ago

    I'd kill to see AJ Vs CM Punk...

  • Arno TheMan
    Arno TheMan 5 hours ago

    Cm Punk should return to ring

    • king bloody
      king bloody 5 hours ago

      Arno TheMan 🙏🏾❤️ usclip.net/video/ShgIV4AQjtM/video.html

  • Real dude
    Real dude 5 hours ago

    I'm shocked

  • Joseph Payne
    Joseph Payne 5 hours ago

    Cm punk vs Shane

  • King K.O.D.S
    King K.O.D.S 5 hours ago

    Everything he's saying wrestling should be is what AEW is doing not the WWE, what if he's using this gig just to talk down on the wwe even more and then goes to AEW? if he doesn't fine..I'm over it, just a theory

  • MrTurbografix 16
    MrTurbografix 16 5 hours ago

    All the new wrestlers today look 12

  • Kevin Loera
    Kevin Loera 5 hours ago

    We love you here in Mexico CM punk CM punk CM punk CM punk!!!!!!!! I remember you from ECW !!🇲🇽🇺🇸

  • Shinigama
    Shinigama 5 hours ago

    I love renee

    • king bloody
      king bloody 5 hours ago

      Shinigama 🔥❤️ usclip.net/video/ShgIV4AQjtM/video.html

  • epin anik
    epin anik 5 hours ago

    With CM PUNK on WWE Backstage it has become better tham RAW

  • Clips 36
    Clips 36 5 hours ago

    I c where WWEs ratings are going to now

  • PGoughy
    PGoughy 5 hours ago

    CM Punk is a jerk & he's so petty that he blocked ME on Twitter.

  • paramesh ranjith
    paramesh ranjith 5 hours ago

    Anyone from 2030?

  • Anthony Gann
    Anthony Gann 5 hours ago

    Other than seth rollins hell i dont even watch WWE havent seen a ppv since wm 29 cm punk returning would be great but you gotta think i mean it even seems to me since brock lesnar has been back wwe has been over played like said by cm punk and it seems to me also like everything is just kinda pushed now i mean like cm punk/phil brooks said wwe is just not really at the top like it should be i mean AEW is almost more watched then wwe since dean ambrose/jon moxley has been on it cause everything doesnt look like its so heavily thought out and forced i mean wwe letting these guys hold titles for years and guys they dont really know what to do with like seth rollins has said they just kinda put to the side and try to make the same story lines with pretty much like the same issues like a year ago it was the seth rollins brock lesnar title fighting issue now brock back on raw but its the brock vs rey issue for the title like the same shit a year ago just tad more detail in it bringing cain velasquiez pretty much same storylines same issues and same guys pretty much given chances when its someone different they dont keep the championship long at all it just basically feels since brock lesnar there he runs the show with vince and its the same matches almost every ppv or wrestlemania is why i havent watched a ppv or wrestlemania since wrestlemania 29 people dont chant cm punk anymore thats a lie ive recieved news updates about arenas filled with cm punk chants cuz of possible rumors of his returns b4 or at wrestlemania

  • Sidney Mosley
    Sidney Mosley 5 hours ago

    I see people are still marking out about CM Punk being on a WWE show without actually being in WWE... 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Theveggiecoach24
    Theveggiecoach24 5 hours ago

    Renee young is light years better then Michael cole

  • Drew Massingill
    Drew Massingill 5 hours ago

    Lol it would have been perfect if he Shockmaster'd that entrance.

  • MCAssasin280
    MCAssasin280 5 hours ago

    Woooooow hunter did so much for #ungreatful

  • Lil Nigromane
    Lil Nigromane 5 hours ago

    Anyone remember that time I came on Paige?

  • MrTurbografix 16
    MrTurbografix 16 5 hours ago

    Wrestlers, musicians, actor's etc all irrelevant today, cause everyone is an actor singer wrestler its overwhelming abundance which everything loses its value at this point. Rarity is nomore therefor as is the value of anything we can call entertaining, in my opinion.

  • Jim Foxx
    Jim Foxx 5 hours ago

    Tom Arnold is a wiener

  • Butt Stephens
    Butt Stephens 5 hours ago

    T O M A R N O L D T O M A R N O L D T O M A R N O L D

  • Exceptional Gaming
    Exceptional Gaming 5 hours ago

    I agree paige

  • Ada Tavarez
    Ada Tavarez 5 hours ago

    If he comes back pleaseee be with the this fire burns theme

  • no009limit
    no009limit 5 hours ago

    Only listened to the intro. Cult of personality

  • Stoner Phoenix
    Stoner Phoenix 5 hours ago

    Still waiting on those ice cream bars Vince

  • bobby kibble
    bobby kibble 5 hours ago

    CM Punk ain't throwing nobody out no door pussy

  • yoshiki takaya
    yoshiki takaya 5 hours ago

    Lmaoooo😂😆💯 @ punk sayin "who yo favorite?" to renee

  • Chic Canyon
    Chic Canyon 5 hours ago

    "What brought you back to the world of wrestling?" Well MMA didnt work out sooooooooo

  • Cyber craft P.G
    Cyber craft P.G 5 hours ago

    Who wants him to come in 2019?😁✌️👌...like..🤙 😂

    BIG CAP 5 hours ago

    WWE should make him head of creative before AEW does

  • Mahendra Mahe
    Mahendra Mahe 5 hours ago

    Best in the world

  • Sohaan Goswami
    Sohaan Goswami 5 hours ago

    realy adam please dont say anything about THE FIND bacause he can heard every thing."LET ME IN"😡😈

  • sagar agarwal
    sagar agarwal 5 hours ago

    That rko from randy ortan was awesome

  • MacBurnin' Man
    MacBurnin' Man 5 hours ago

    This guy isn't really that big of a deal, I mean seriously half these newbees are flash in the pans. AJ Styles is shite, Daniel Bryan is overrated, Rusev is a meat head, the new day are a heepo of shite sprinkled with sugar. WWE has been flavourless for years now

  • Abel Joseph
    Abel Joseph 5 hours ago

    He finna get smoked

  • Filip Malik
    Filip Malik 5 hours ago

    Is it me or is Renee showing the middle finger when pointing and punk?

  • Ernesto Valles
    Ernesto Valles 5 hours ago

    Arrogant piece of crap

  • Bambino Escobar
    Bambino Escobar 5 hours ago

    *GO SUBSCRIBE* _CLICK THE LINK_ *usclip.net/video/ZnfBc2tLQOU/video.html*

    • king bloody
      king bloody 5 hours ago

      Bambino Escobar 🙏🏾❤️ usclip.net/video/ShgIV4AQjtM/video.html

  • Jared Bowman
    Jared Bowman 5 hours ago

    This is why Seth should be a heel. He’s great at being annoying. He was just so easy to boo back in 2015.

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 5 hours ago


  • jloion9870
    jloion9870 5 hours ago

    cut to him throwing that jacket into a trash can on TNT

  • Jason Carter
    Jason Carter 5 hours ago

    Seth Vs CM Punk WrestleMania book it