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This Has To Stop...
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What is this Instrument??
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PewDiePie Plays BASS?
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Belle Delphine COPIED me?
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The truth about my FACE...
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I'm the BASS Guy
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Russia REJECTED me... :(
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STOP doing this to me...
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BASSo Mode
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This video is in REVERSE
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How to Make a Guy CRY
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Spooky BASSY Skeletons
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How to Make a Girl Smile
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  • John Lerry
    John Lerry Hour ago

    Omg Davie!

  • Noah Carver
    Noah Carver Hour ago

    so, im not a bassist - i dont even play guitar, im a bloody mathematician! this was so entertaining

  • Spencer Tikes
    Spencer Tikes Hour ago

    This is so sad slapp the picc pls

  • David Juha
    David Juha Hour ago


  • sahar genish
    sahar genish Hour ago

    and here i thought a whamen can challenge davie

  • AJPJ1 0
    AJPJ1 0 Hour ago

    Watch SSundee’s latest video “How to get the SECRET ANNIHILATOR Tank to Win” and go to 13:15 proof he is a slapper

  • Hanke Weynker
    Hanke Weynker Hour ago

    Davie is "Based Bass Man"... ...like Based Stickman

  • The Musicians
    The Musicians Hour ago

    thats not travel bass thats thanos bass

  • Spencer Tikes
    Spencer Tikes Hour ago

    Can you play a bass with no neck

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep Hour ago

    Wheres THE SLAPP LIKE NOOW!!!!

  • Kniff
    Kniff Hour ago

    Its the natural cicle of life.

  • Máté Varga
    Máté Varga Hour ago

    Baby i'm yours

  • mirko benn
    mirko benn 2 hours ago


  • mr bungle
    mr bungle 2 hours ago

    ss🆎 pals lliw i ◀

  • Moonchild
    Moonchild 2 hours ago

    Davie'e least favorite: band: The White Stripes Album: ...And Justice For All His spine is a bass guitar body.

  • PNG
    PNG 2 hours ago

    Congrats on 4mil!

  • Salut, Albert!
    Salut, Albert! 2 hours ago

    It is so cool! Bravo, tovarish 💪👏👍

  • Michael
    Michael 2 hours ago

    Спасибо, очень хорошо!

  • mint frost
    mint frost 2 hours ago

    pls send me that knife 😅🤣

  • H R
    H R 2 hours ago

    What about the Witcher 😭

  • RandomRulo
    RandomRulo 2 hours ago

    omg in the comments NOW

  • Reyhan Aldy Wibowo
    Reyhan Aldy Wibowo 2 hours ago

    Slap like now

  • alpha akhavan
    alpha akhavan 2 hours ago

    sei simpaticissimo!

  • Taylor Freeman
    Taylor Freeman 2 hours ago

    B A S S

  • Jayden Lim
    Jayden Lim 2 hours ago

    11:35 noo, I can’t escape

  • Taco Boy
    Taco Boy 2 hours ago

    You forgot 2018 its Apex legends

  • Luuk
    Luuk 2 hours ago

    More primus please

  • Gjermund Norum Bugge

    Annoys me that one of the notes in the melody is wrong in the intro

  • Peaky Playz
    Peaky Playz 2 hours ago

    My favourite was mayonisse !!!

  • Andrei Gonzales Iturri

    Make the bass solo #10, I guess you can do it just by hearing the sound you don't need to see him how he is doing isnt?

  • Jorell Isip
    Jorell Isip 2 hours ago

    Try bass line no. 10 even if it takes you to the hospital. It's ok, you'll recover from stroke.

  • Chino Carlo Sedilla
    Chino Carlo Sedilla 2 hours ago

    Slapping intensifies @ 1:51

  • Rene007terminato YT
    Rene007terminato YT 2 hours ago


  • PotatoOf TheDevil
    PotatoOf TheDevil 2 hours ago

    I'm gonna kill ya bc you played fortnite

  • Jesper Persson
    Jesper Persson 2 hours ago

    I hurt my thumb today so I can't SLAPP my bASS can I get SLAPP from bASS to end my suffering sooner?

  • Linda Bethel
    Linda Bethel 2 hours ago

    O M G

  • WeevilVlogger
    WeevilVlogger 2 hours ago

    36 of these were basses tho

  • Kacper NiezaBitowski

    yeah!! Wojtek Pilichowski - our polish bass player rulez!!!

  • Lettuce YouTube
    Lettuce YouTube 2 hours ago

    0:47 nice australian food 👌

  • Thanh An Trần
    Thanh An Trần 2 hours ago


  • DarthFargus Productions

    how bout hystreia by muse

  • adil kapcha
    adil kapcha 2 hours ago

    N35 Blow my mind

  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy 2 hours ago

    Very impressive but can you play American Idiot with an American guitarist

  • Mitchell hawkins
    Mitchell hawkins 2 hours ago

    Like your vids! Keep up your smile 👏👏👍

  • Mateusz Namyslak
    Mateusz Namyslak 2 hours ago

    I recognised the difrence when i uderstood that Brian May is someone different than John Deacon

  • Medora
    Medora 2 hours ago

    Watching the mayo squirt out of the bottle over and over was disgusting.

  • Vinay Kumar
    Vinay Kumar 2 hours ago

    Hey Davie!!!

  • Johanna Schmidt
    Johanna Schmidt 2 hours ago

    I live in Germany :( * cry because Artikel 13 *

  • ツrayy
    ツrayy 2 hours ago

    my fav is the 0 d o l l a r s g u y

  • BlackJack21
    BlackJack21 2 hours ago

    My favourite instument is definitely the ma...(COUGH)...sorry, my favourite insturment is definitely the ma...(COUGHx2)...my bad, my favourite instument is definitely the machine gun bass.

  • Massimo Ferrini
    Massimo Ferrini 2 hours ago


  • Muhammad Fareel
    Muhammad Fareel 2 hours ago

    Very impressive but can you play beastly-joe dart ??

  • Hiro Sama
    Hiro Sama 2 hours ago


  • Google Demonetization

    Oi you got a license for that music there mate?

  • Shinra Tensei
    Shinra Tensei 2 hours ago

    1:15 this part sounds like hes drowning LOL HAHAHAHA

  • Raycario raceway
    Raycario raceway 2 hours ago

    Pretty sure there's a transformer named slapper

  • Musavvir Ahmed
    Musavvir Ahmed 2 hours ago

    Do you live in China or Taiwan?

  • salami Hennessy
    salami Hennessy 2 hours ago

    B A S S

  • Thara Ralte
    Thara Ralte 2 hours ago

    I watch and listen this once everyday... :) refreshing

    TO THE GUILLOTINE! 2 hours ago

    That was some nice SLAPP

  • Gaming Studio
    Gaming Studio 2 hours ago


  • Noah Gabriel Francisco

    I wanna see you, a bass player, play the triangle.

  • Ilaria Vincenzi
    Ilaria Vincenzi 2 hours ago

    BAGPIPE, man!

  • Fabian Schmidt
    Fabian Schmidt 2 hours ago

    the "slap like now" has been said about 100 times in every video I saw and then comes 8:05min and I laugh again :D:D this might be one of those jokes which is growing stronger with time :D

  • - Killingmaster3000
    - Killingmaster3000 2 hours ago

    B A S S.

  • Google Demonetization

    It wasn’t clickbait, but I still feel played... not very cash money of you... **STILL SLAPPED LIKE**

  • Alon Joaquíne Mittelman


  • Jieff Drouin
    Jieff Drouin 2 hours ago

    Dark Necessities - RHCP

  • Arnistatron
    Arnistatron 2 hours ago

    Did anyone else even notice the price of about... $69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • stuart ayers
    stuart ayers 2 hours ago

    Let’s hear Strutter!

  • Josh Supilanas
    Josh Supilanas 2 hours ago

    Can you react on Zild Benitez “Take that man” ? Sir david504?

  • Ujjwal Dhyani
    Ujjwal Dhyani 2 hours ago

    Why is rocky balboa playing a guitar??

  • YA NE
    YA NE 2 hours ago

    2:26-2:30 🖐

  • Donato Torrese
    Donato Torrese 2 hours ago

    Shame on you, you've used PICC!!! Vergognati, il plettro! segnalo il video :D

  • John Amador
    John Amador 2 hours ago

    O.M.G. that was Bad ASS... did anyone see I snuck BASS in this comment. As Davie504 would say...SLAP LIKE NOW!!!

  • stuart ayers
    stuart ayers 2 hours ago

    Slappy bass

  • Oi You There
    Oi You There 2 hours ago


  • cardamomorama
    cardamomorama 2 hours ago

    🤘Careless Whisper🤘

  • YA NE
    YA NE 2 hours ago

    You just played them all with your slap!

  • Gojima
    Gojima 2 hours ago


  • Asad Ali Asad Khel
    Asad Ali Asad Khel 2 hours ago

    this is not a trick, this is cheating, other 3 guys were far away better than you.

  • Кашак
    Кашак 2 hours ago

    сука блять

  • NianDra LaDes
    NianDra LaDes 2 hours ago

    How tall is he?

  • Leif Olaf
    Leif Olaf 2 hours ago


  • Terje Rove Pettersen

    I always wanted to play like Mark King. But I was almost bullied from playing slap, so I stopped doing it. Now I am a grownup man, so I need to start slapping again. I liked Wooten. He plays so weird, but seems like a nice guy.

  • Матвей Шалагин

    Quadruple camera guy needs in this thing

  • nihal alfred
    nihal alfred 2 hours ago


  • ColD WoLf 21
    ColD WoLf 21 2 hours ago


  • Relikiem
    Relikiem 2 hours ago

    She didn't laugh because of the bass

  • Kazey kaze
    Kazey kaze 2 hours ago

    Do a nose reveal at 5 mil

  • Altair
    Altair 2 hours ago

    Explosion sound is like gunfire, i like it

  • Federica Ierulli
    Federica Ierulli 2 hours ago

    very impressive, but can you play "Calabria 2007" in Calabria in 2007?

  • PPvoodoo
    PPvoodoo 2 hours ago

    The girl: hey davie, can u play the bass for me? Davie: alright, but first, u gotta SLAPP the like button and SLAPPPPP the SUBSCRIBE button, italian voice reveal at 4 million subs, SUBSCRIBE NOW!!

  • Jieff Drouin
    Jieff Drouin 2 hours ago

    3.93M/4M. we neeeeeeed mooooooooooooooooore for the italian voice reveal !!!!!!!!!!

  • Smee Mgee
    Smee Mgee 2 hours ago

    That was epic. I smashed like.

  • Tamara BouAyache
    Tamara BouAyache 2 hours ago

    Im the BaAsE gUyy Bruhh

  • divorcedme
    divorcedme 2 hours ago

    You couldn't even find my minecraft account. ;-)

  • Soumya Mukherjee
    Soumya Mukherjee 2 hours ago

    "Va te faitre foutre " what did it mean!!! And "vaffanculo"

  • H A P P I N E S S
    H A P P I N E S S 2 hours ago

    1:42 Keanu Reeves

  • Fuck U
    Fuck U 2 hours ago

    I think crook is better