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  • Cornel Ferreira
    Cornel Ferreira Minute ago

    Santa's Little Helper SLH is santa's little helper!!

  • Aneet Gill
    Aneet Gill 2 minutes ago

    Do you remember that game master put hidden trackers at your cars

  • Kerry Page
    Kerry Page 2 minutes ago

    No u are not pregnat

  • Kerry Page
    Kerry Page 3 minutes ago


  • Kerry Page
    Kerry Page 3 minutes ago


  • Marina B
    Marina B 3 minutes ago

    The norris nuts should reacted to your tik tok because u did the same

  • Kirk Garvin
    Kirk Garvin 3 minutes ago


  • Lily-Joyce Betterton
    Lily-Joyce Betterton 4 minutes ago

    Hey I trust RZ twin

  • Lillian Muelot
    Lillian Muelot 4 minutes ago

    They are talking about AZ twin and mat

  • Lynne Morrison
    Lynne Morrison 5 minutes ago


  • Freya Hardy-Wallace
    Freya Hardy-Wallace 5 minutes ago

    Rebecca twin was on the tv

  • Narayana Nac
    Narayana Nac 6 minutes ago

    I 👍,subscribed and hit the bell ❤️ I trust RZ twin.

  • Bongiwe Prisca
    Bongiwe Prisca 7 minutes ago

    Your cameraman works for the quadrant

  • Abigail Kay
    Abigail Kay 8 minutes ago

    Rebeca - did you put a tracking device on matts Tesla Rz - no Rebeca- are you telling the truth ? Rz - no 😂

  • Nada Al-Habanji
    Nada Al-Habanji 8 minutes ago


  • Bongiwe Prisca
    Bongiwe Prisca 12 minutes ago

    I saw that

  • Diljeet Soni
    Diljeet Soni 14 minutes ago

    I am team rz twin

  • Gary Heredia
    Gary Heredia 14 minutes ago

    I think the mirror initiative have to do your clone because if you look inside the mirror you see yourself which is basically the same thing when you’re looking at your clone

  • Amber Beverage
    Amber Beverage 15 minutes ago

    What is the app called

  • khan ali
    khan ali 16 minutes ago

    Rz twin 💝💖

  • David Wang
    David Wang 17 minutes ago

    I can see rz twin 🤩😍❤❤❤💘💖💝💙💜🤎🖤🤍💕💞💓💗

  • Suri Daria
    Suri Daria 17 minutes ago

    I am a zamfan

  • dave beatty
    dave beatty 18 minutes ago

    They want Daniel two become one of the GMI

  • Stephen Dube
    Stephen Dube 18 minutes ago

    I think the code is 2077

  • Di Brown
    Di Brown 19 minutes ago

    Kelly is working with the GMI because I saw the tattoo on her arm

  • Bongiwe Prisca
    Bongiwe Prisca 20 minutes ago

    You guys should have looked on you TV it showed RZ twin

  • Rosie Engledow
    Rosie Engledow 21 minute ago

    I saw the game master at the back.

  • Bongiwe Prisca
    Bongiwe Prisca 21 minute ago

    RZ twin wrote that on your wooden floor

  • Dry Bones
    Dry Bones 21 minute ago

    Help the Norris nuts

  • Bongiwe Prisca
    Bongiwe Prisca 21 minute ago

    RZ twin wrote that on your wooden floor

  • Bernadette Leyva-Vorn
    Bernadette Leyva-Vorn 22 minutes ago

    I trust Alice

  • Bongiwe Prisca
    Bongiwe Prisca 23 minutes ago

    GMI is taking DNA of USclip's

  • Amber Beverage
    Amber Beverage 23 minutes ago

    My grandma where ever she goes her grandma goes with her

  • Kayla Clunn
    Kayla Clunn 24 minutes ago

    When Alice said mirror she was eliminated from the game

  • Chapiz Gomez
    Chapiz Gomez 24 minutes ago

    You gas should. Tel matt

    TARA HANN 24 minutes ago

    I don't trust Rz twin

  • Mira Sultan
    Mira Sultan 26 minutes ago

    Oh yeah hit the whoa

  • Amy Garza
    Amy Garza 27 minutes ago

    Is Daniel going to be alright

  • Lauren Edwards
    Lauren Edwards 27 minutes ago

    Hi I am your BIGGEST fan I love you doing game master and probably gmi

  • Ilonka Ramakers
    Ilonka Ramakers 28 minutes ago


  • Salma Banu
    Salma Banu 29 minutes ago

    She (Alice) has been deactivated from the game your new BFF might be denise

  • Chapiz Gomez
    Chapiz Gomez 30 minutes ago

    Alice is the lier

  • A S M R
    A S M R 31 minute ago

    There is a guy in the back with the suit and a suitcase that was following you

  • Baby kiran
    Baby kiran 32 minutes ago

    No ,no Rebecca the camera man hacked into your computer so that you can't see.....

  • prodigy Baray
    prodigy Baray 32 minutes ago

    I think Daniel likes RZ twin because he’s always on RZ twins side

  • Jessi Episode
    Jessi Episode 32 minutes ago

    It trust RZ twin

  • Niyah Bear
    Niyah Bear 32 minutes ago

    it scared me for sure i am jumpy very jumpy

  • Isabella Bernhardt
    Isabella Bernhardt 33 minutes ago

    Rebecca are u pregnant or not tell us if so and make a video about it

  • elsa martini
    elsa martini 33 minutes ago

    alice has been deactivated from the game plz return sead the gmi

  • Dominique Tango
    Dominique Tango 35 minutes ago

    Rz twin I trust

  • Eleanor Collins
    Eleanor Collins 36 minutes ago

    Twin telepathy challenge RZ Twin

  • Isabella Bernhardt
    Isabella Bernhardt 36 minutes ago

    Poor Daniel

  • Baby kiran
    Baby kiran 36 minutes ago

    I saw that

  • deepani wijerathne
    deepani wijerathne 37 minutes ago


  • shauna beecroft
    shauna beecroft 38 minutes ago

    Rz twin

  • Baby kiran
    Baby kiran 39 minutes ago

    Team Rebecca but you both are the best

  • Harper Gaming04
    Harper Gaming04 39 minutes ago

    Wary is chad

  • noobiegirl1212 and Pandy
    noobiegirl1212 and Pandy 39 minutes ago

    She either works for gmi or quadrent

  • Niyah Bear
    Niyah Bear 39 minutes ago


    PRASAD PT 40 minutes ago

    I'm team Rebecca like if u agree with me

  • noobiegirl1212 and Pandy
    noobiegirl1212 and Pandy 40 minutes ago

    She said she said to much

  • noobiegirl1212 and Pandy
    noobiegirl1212 and Pandy 40 minutes ago

    Alice said rz twin is your mirror

  • Maheen Naeem
    Maheen Naeem 40 minutes ago

    The clones are the mirror of the the persen

  • Ella Kendrick
    Ella Kendrick 40 minutes ago


  • Kashif Mahmood
    Kashif Mahmood 41 minute ago

    I trust RZ twin because she is your twin and she has been with you for a long time. I dont trust Alice because the GMI has choosed her to be your best friend they must have a reason to pick her to be your best friend.

  • noobiegirl1212 and Pandy

    You shouldnt trust alice

  • deepani wijerathne
    deepani wijerathne 41 minute ago


  • Liv Vlogs
    Liv Vlogs 42 minutes ago

    Alice me trust me favourite part was 2:17

  • Lola’s toy reviews Unboxing


  • Samara Modi
    Samara Modi 43 minutes ago

    It's a trap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • matthew Smith
    matthew Smith 44 minutes ago

    Team rz twin

  • Shareese Villaflor
    Shareese Villaflor 44 minutes ago

    When Rz Twin said:LET ME GO! LET ME GO! She sounds like a boy XD

  • valentin adambu
    valentin adambu 45 minutes ago

    Hey Daniel look like you are not going to have a hat today.

  • Wilder Gomez
    Wilder Gomez 46 minutes ago

    Iiii>ileni bbbjjjju

  • M S
    M S 47 minutes ago

    Alice did not trick you she had ca

  • Leah Hennigan
    Leah Hennigan 48 minutes ago

    Unicorn squad

  • Raaniyah Khan
    Raaniyah Khan 48 minutes ago

    I trust Rz twin

  • Paula Rivers
    Paula Rivers 49 minutes ago

    My birthday is the 21 October like Daniels

  • Izabella Guimbra
    Izabella Guimbra 49 minutes ago


  • Mohamud Omar Mohamed
    Mohamud Omar Mohamed 49 minutes ago


  • Stevenson YouTube
    Stevenson YouTube 50 minutes ago

    Your strong Rebeca I was crying threw this you are amazing well done you will have fun with your life but stay on track you are really really strong

  • Samara Modi
    Samara Modi 52 minutes ago

    # cake spuad

  • Nielcy Gyn Abas
    Nielcy Gyn Abas 52 minutes ago

    You guys I noticed that all clone have those tatoo maybe daniel is a clone and alice

  • Azraa Mandhu
    Azraa Mandhu 53 minutes ago


  • sinead e
    sinead e 54 minutes ago


  • Lola Davies
    Lola Davies 54 minutes ago

    Rz twin said in the car she works for the red hood and then I twin telepathy she said game master

  • ebbieplays
    ebbieplays 54 minutes ago

    Rebecca wrap one Rebecca one well love Veronica one Lorana go run and she's going to get trapped

  • Nielcy Gyn Abas
    Nielcy Gyn Abas 55 minutes ago

    Totally RZ twin knows Bec better coz shes like rebbeca shes a clone shes everything Bec is.

  • Julie Ball
    Julie Ball 55 minutes ago

    Go on the hiyes ride

  • Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith 55 minutes ago

    I trust RZ twin cause she helps u

  • Drawing with me
    Drawing with me 56 minutes ago

    GMI yes 👍

  • Ingrida Stoyanova
    Ingrida Stoyanova 56 minutes ago

    if you don't like this this comment you will be cursed by mo mo

  • Hayleigh Carr
    Hayleigh Carr 57 minutes ago

    I trust Alice