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The Kombucha King
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i'm a cyber bully
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ASMR has gone too far
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The Wise Men of Instagram
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The Couples of Pinterest
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Fitness Comedy
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Trashtagram: Violin Guy
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good news :)
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bad news :(
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Crea Tyler is back.
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5 Minute Beauty Hacks
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Reading Natgeo Tweet Replies
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Tik Tok is trolling me
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Well That’s Uncomfortable
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Bad YouTuber Music
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5 Min Crafts
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Roasting Fans pt. 2
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My mistake...
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Worst of Buzzfeed
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Q&A with my parents
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Lele Pons is bad
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Dogs on Instagram
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Making fun of your art
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2017 In Review
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Googling myself
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Our first time...
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Cole Labrant *IM SORRY*
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Hvar'dly know her!!
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  • ethan devore
    ethan devore 6 minutes ago

    What wrong with Honda

  • sia seya
    sia seya 9 minutes ago

    ‘Oxygen cavity’ 😂😂😂😂😂 another way to say lungs

  • Jayda Corunna
    Jayda Corunna 12 minutes ago

    did anyone notice how photoshopped the firemans abs were?

  • Professor JAJL
    Professor JAJL 14 minutes ago

    Jesus Christ, your editing on the protein shake SENT me

  • Kappa Pride
    Kappa Pride 18 minutes ago

    I duuno I just like the fact that he said "downvotes" instead of "dislikes"

  • Professor JAJL
    Professor JAJL 21 minute ago

    Noel genuinely getting angry is me

  • Cassidy Royal
    Cassidy Royal 29 minutes ago

    next time i see my dad stressed or my brother stressed imma woop dem butts

  • Alessandra Leigh
    Alessandra Leigh 31 minute ago

    That girl definitely ruined several girls lives in high school..

  • Cassidy Royal
    Cassidy Royal 35 minutes ago

    their what you call true blondes

  • Cassidy Royal
    Cassidy Royal 35 minutes ago

    sugar gay who?

  • Kitty : 3 cookie
    Kitty : 3 cookie 45 minutes ago

    Cody you should react to "we are not the same person" Thx if you do

  • Aaron Music
    Aaron Music 49 minutes ago

    Cody I don’t have a tan At all also Cody she a hoe because she fucking with my former tan

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop 50 minutes ago

    7:27 leaked footage from the new live action Phineas and Ferb remake

  • i do not like kpop
    i do not like kpop 52 minutes ago 13

  • Sailing Away
    Sailing Away 53 minutes ago

    he won't buy new tissues but he paid for all those tats

  • potatoe toe
    potatoe toe 56 minutes ago

    Ok is instagram officially toxic?

  • Kappa Pride
    Kappa Pride 57 minutes ago

    "When have you ever seen an alien that's attractive?" ... *cough* Mass Effect *cough*

  • العنود المسرحي

    العرب اثبتو وجودكم ب لايك 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

  • Nicky Bailey
    Nicky Bailey Hour ago

    This guy severely irritates me. A guy that I would happily walk away from when he tries to spark up a conversation about his “quirky” ways.

  • Ded PiXLs
    Ded PiXLs Hour ago

    9:35 + 25 = 10:00

  • lolzzz
    lolzzz Hour ago

    Next marvel avenger movie: Avengers and Dre Drexler

  • imhyper_28
    imhyper_28 Hour ago

    Girl's locker room: 11:53 Boy's locker room: 13:55

  • Avni M. Sharma
    Avni M. Sharma Hour ago

    The funniest thing on internet

  • Jussie Crowder
    Jussie Crowder Hour ago

    Sugar Gay dude lol

  • Susan Saphire
    Susan Saphire Hour ago

    Yo, I know he's a grown man but how do you think Cody feels seeing all this praise of Noel? Let him figure it out, it's supposed to be fine. I know they're actually good, but this is still supposed to be fun. Criticism is cool, but some people go a little too hard.

  • Jussie Crowder
    Jussie Crowder Hour ago

    Would God like you to cover up his creation with makeup? Seems a little contradickterry

  • Jussie Crowder
    Jussie Crowder Hour ago

    Get the fuck out Janica!

  • milestogobeforeisleep

    No matter how much time has passed, this is the greatest video on the internet lol

  • leaf heart
    leaf heart Hour ago

    I guess I understand the printer guys it probably wasn’t “oh yeah I’m excited for celibacy of both sex and kissing until marriage” I think it was more of a “ ok whatever you want to do dear I’m comfortable with whatever you’re comfortable with”

  • Jerk Norris
    Jerk Norris Hour ago

    Respacc wammens Boi!!!!!!!!

  • maria nash
    maria nash Hour ago

    My only comment after watching this...who tf is Russ? No seriously quit laughing who tf is Russ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hayley DeMoor
    Hayley DeMoor Hour ago

    7:10 is from a Disneyland advert 😂😂 they air it in the uk

  • Sabine de Vos
    Sabine de Vos Hour ago

    Cody: "this is the chillest chat" Dutch kid: "kanker toetsenweek" 😂

  • Jerk Norris
    Jerk Norris Hour ago

    Isn't being gay a trend so Cody be illin

  • Michael Marquez
    Michael Marquez Hour ago

    Omg that guy was horrible

  • Nhien McCormick
    Nhien McCormick Hour ago

    She talking about saving her kiss for her husband but I'm over here thinking like how tf is she gonna kiss bc mf ain't got no lips

  • leaf heart
    leaf heart 2 hours ago

    I’m the only Pastafarian presence in my town with 5 churches we have around 1500 people and churches for pretty much every branch of Christianity not all Christians are like this

  • tesla model x p100d
    tesla model x p100d 2 hours ago

    *is anyone else wondering where to get these templates or is it just me lmao*

  • Frederik Andreasen
    Frederik Andreasen 2 hours ago

    Model, seeks rich elderly gentleman, must be Hung

  • Sabdream
    Sabdream 2 hours ago

    Isn’t 210 just half of 420

  • Sophie Parry
    Sophie Parry 2 hours ago


  • Jimin's Left Ass Cheek


  • leaf heart
    leaf heart 2 hours ago

    Dear god I HATE vapers they get on my nerves so much it’s either douche bags that want to look tough but can’t because they walk around wearing their pants around their ankles or weird hipster types no normal people vape

  • Baily Veasey
    Baily Veasey 2 hours ago


  • Gaizkia
    Gaizkia 2 hours ago

    What kind of white trash name is Tyra

  • Kike Ruiz
    Kike Ruiz 2 hours ago

    4:55 “ BOOM DICK SHOT “ fucking killed me bro 😂😂😂😂

  • Karolina Tomaszewska


  • A Person
    A Person 2 hours ago

    CodyKo: "Why would you flex on the people who made you rich?" Also CodyKo: drives *Madza* on video, wears high-end *branded* clothing The difference is that Cody is actually funny, he's allowed to flex.

  • Matthew Copley
    Matthew Copley 2 hours ago

    Pls react to the Dobre bros vid of real or chocolate

  • Jennifer 1
    Jennifer 1 3 hours ago


  • yeah
    yeah 3 hours ago

    me: clicks on this video *hears cody’s deep rapping* me: oh 🤰🏽

  • benjamin topper
    benjamin topper 3 hours ago

    Hodge twins. Jacked comedians, who are funny. Look em up

  • Chilli Townend
    Chilli Townend 3 hours ago

    Imagine being late for school and just walking in on that.

  • Oh Man
    Oh Man 3 hours ago

    Can't stop thinking about 7:25

  • Seraxic
    Seraxic 3 hours ago


  • am amarchez
    am amarchez 3 hours ago

    i tought we were a family, i am disappointed

  • am amarchez
    am amarchez 3 hours ago

    keep you tits fat? I want it

  • Chilli Townend
    Chilli Townend 4 hours ago

    They’re also very very against LGBTQ+

  • Mi
    Mi 4 hours ago

    You have got to be the smartest person alive to do all that illegal stuff and then record it and put it on USclip

  • Corey Carter
    Corey Carter 4 hours ago

    Actual b a r s

  • Hoofy
    Hoofy 4 hours ago

    Cody got fucking BARS though

  • 妍
     4 hours ago

    im obsessed with them omfg

  • Amanya
    Amanya 4 hours ago

    He was genuinely having fun loml

  • anna pruchnicka
    anna pruchnicka 4 hours ago

    The song at the End lowkey slaps

  • Sage
    Sage 5 hours ago

    seeing that video really hit me in a weird visceral place. i kind of just feel like vomiting right now. it's really upsetting that people out there truly think they can do something horrible and call it a joke, but that's not the worst of it. the worst is that they get away with it. i won't go into detail but my friends and i for a long time were targeted by a guy at our school who would say stuff like that and who would try and go through with it. luckily, things never got to such extreme measures as the video shows, and he was expelled before things got worse. i still can't believe people think it's cool to film something like that and call it a joke. it's even more sickening that people still think it's funny. thank you for calling people out on their bullshit, cody. i really hope that video got taken down.

  • Amanya
    Amanya 5 hours ago

    The amount of stuff you waste Cody, it’s concerning

  • Hazel_ Eyed.Q-Tee
    Hazel_ Eyed.Q-Tee 5 hours ago

    “We’re not in Jersey!” Lmao oh my goodness Noel!!!

    GOTHICCKA 5 hours ago

    when he said "its not safe!!!" I waited for the "forget fashion and when im in the whip I keep the seatbelt fastened"

  • blue waters
    blue waters 5 hours ago

    How does someone fuck up a house so bad lmao. Not even a 4 year old can do that much damage.

  • Sage
    Sage 5 hours ago

    can i just say cody is the only other man i've ever known to have my same views on cats. thank you good bye.

  • Charlotte Charlotte
    Charlotte Charlotte 5 hours ago

    🍿 lungs

  • Kyle Perkins
    Kyle Perkins 5 hours ago


  • killjoy 88
    killjoy 88 5 hours ago

    Thumbs up if you come from Uncle Benny's tiktok video lol

  • 2000 Abos ohne Video helft mir bitte !

    Me: "Where did you go for??!!" TMG: "Take a walk man!"

  • Sam Perry
    Sam Perry 5 hours ago

    its funny, im from australia and its like $200 for a flight to bali, i regularly spend more than that going out for a night on the weekend, and wake up thinking, fuck i coulda gone to Bali...

  • Redeemed Exile
    Redeemed Exile 5 hours ago

    wait rynx is vanossgaming normally hes in music videos he works on where is heeee

  • Tina Foo
    Tina Foo 5 hours ago

    Jake pale is wrong he lered how to make meth

  • william crawford
    william crawford 6 hours ago

    His fucking mouse is invisible, must be a camo print

  • Edgardo Morin
    Edgardo Morin 6 hours ago

    the beat 3:40?

  • Kevin McConnell
    Kevin McConnell 6 hours ago

    this makes me sad for horses

  • thatflyguybry
    thatflyguybry 6 hours ago

    I thought he was wearing a 3oh3 shirt at first lolz.

  • Joslyn Johnson
    Joslyn Johnson 6 hours ago

    i come back here everyday cause i’m still so shook he made this-

  • Marielle Tienzo
    Marielle Tienzo 6 hours ago

    who tf keeps a jar of bellybutton lint...

  • Wellized ROBLOX
    Wellized ROBLOX 6 hours ago

    i love how his shirt just says pleasures

  • Sylvester Outze
    Sylvester Outze 7 hours ago

    My friend put this in on our shared Spotify playlist and i just now Saw who made it. Honestly i love this song so much its so good

  • Booker Viso
    Booker Viso 7 hours ago


  • Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose 7 hours ago

    Never thought I’d ever see a video of Cody crying, but here we are.

  • Lauren
    Lauren 7 hours ago

    you have *calm*? you should download *cum*

  • east of may
    east of may 7 hours ago

    9:29 a meme was born because of this, no hate tho love this vid

  • Rylee B
    Rylee B 7 hours ago

    What ever happened to this kid? Did he actually get sued?? I 100% hope he did just bc drama

  • Nicole Palacios
    Nicole Palacios 7 hours ago

    its just white chocolate

  • Cheesy Chan
    Cheesy Chan 7 hours ago

    The chick has an awesome arse, I'd love an arse like that, but bitch doesn't have ENOUGH of an arse to twerk. I got second hand embarrassment.

  • Dakota Stephens
    Dakota Stephens 7 hours ago

    Ok. This one was painful

  • The Dutch
    The Dutch 7 hours ago

    This jay guy is a douche on the highest level in the universal douche scale.

  • SkaDooDle
    SkaDooDle 7 hours ago

    Does anyone know what his transition/edit is called? 5:06

  • I luv tfue
    I luv tfue 7 hours ago

    Cody, you look like Ken the doll not only looks but personality 😳🤚🏻

  • _ Danielle's
    _ Danielle's 7 hours ago

    I'm from Tik Tok ✋

  • taha ahamed
    taha ahamed 7 hours ago

    0:37 😆😂😂😂

  • Emanuel Sontay
    Emanuel Sontay 8 hours ago

    9:26 When your parents get you NBA live 20 instead of NBA 2k20

  • Pop Tart S'Mores
    Pop Tart S'Mores 8 hours ago

    14:09 She activated the Xbox 360 microphone