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Why A Man Ate An Airplane
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Exploding Head Syndrome
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Tiger With 436 K/D
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  • Metal_Jack3t
    Metal_Jack3t 28 seconds ago

    Bro one time a touched a metal door handle during the summertime lemme tell you something

  • Bill Mers
    Bill Mers Minute ago

    Written by dr. Seuss

  • Taco Plays
    Taco Plays Minute ago

    Farm Boomers : welp, stop harrassing me. Me : Okay boomer!

  • National Autistic Socialism

    So this Russian family survived survived WW2 and Stalin by living in isolation.

  • Loya Aheibam
    Loya Aheibam 2 minutes ago

    “Do you know animals really don't like getting eaten” - Got it

  • Ludw1g V4n Beeth0ven
    Ludw1g V4n Beeth0ven 2 minutes ago

    7:53 FLORIDA MAN!

  • L.O.G Fauzan
    L.O.G Fauzan 2 minutes ago

    0.00000015% But the thing is, *There's a chance*

  • Aaron Bruce
    Aaron Bruce 2 minutes ago

    Mans said 21th century istead of 21st XD

  • Sav Alyrose
    Sav Alyrose 3 minutes ago

    Next challenge "My girlfriend and I switch (food) diets for a week" or "eating my favorite food for 2 weeks or just a week"

  • Steve the potato
    Steve the potato 3 minutes ago

    Finally we are talking about the serious stuff

  • leo LI
    leo LI 4 minutes ago


  • xd_VitaminC
    xd_VitaminC 4 minutes ago

    These guys paid $70,000 to die

  • Wan Iqbal Ariff Wan Ikbal Zainal Rashid

    my sister:i dont even know what's going on my mom:what are you wacthing????? my little bro:well...that went well me:why am i the only one who understand's?

  • Yeshaswi Prakash
    Yeshaswi Prakash 6 minutes ago

    Gosh they are so cuute

  • JeremySpaceInvaders
    JeremySpaceInvaders 7 minutes ago

    Spoiled af

  • Harjac Gaming
    Harjac Gaming 8 minutes ago

    7:14 Says 80% reads on screen as 90%

  • w00t
    w00t 9 minutes ago


  • The Cyborg
    The Cyborg 9 minutes ago

    So that's why I cant kick no bodys arses

  • Jay Man
    Jay Man 10 minutes ago

    I ate a fried chicken sandwich that was breaded with ghost pepper extract and had to suffer these symptoms throughout a 2 hour drive

  • Manjeet Singh
    Manjeet Singh 11 minutes ago

    Tip for Russian gangsters : DO NOT USE CHEAP COFFIN

  • SpectateArt
    SpectateArt 11 minutes ago

    Oh no NEROOOooOoO-Chan!!!!!!!

  • Mar Kus
    Mar Kus 11 minutes ago

    After watching why 2020 would be the worst year, and now this. Idk what to feel now😕

  • That80sGuy1972
    That80sGuy1972 14 minutes ago

    If you are so Donald Trump you need to order your nation's hackers to attack a studio and its employees because it made a movie that embarrasses you, you need to reevaluate your importance and why then know you are toxic.

  • OwO rainbow
    OwO rainbow 14 minutes ago

    the title says "14 lbs" its actually 13

  • HerpaDerp
    HerpaDerp 15 minutes ago

    Judging by the number dislikes, it seems that the 50 cent army has been deployed.

  • RandomFox Dude
    RandomFox Dude 16 minutes ago

    You’re just explaining the fallout story, where the US and China have a war cuz The US wont share the Oil with China,

  • Helene Trøstrup
    Helene Trøstrup 17 minutes ago

    Even if I was going anywhere today, I wouldn't be taking elevators. Especially not an Otis one as all of the personel in the area is at a meeting today and thus they wouldn't be able to get me out if I got stuck. 😆 Calling my dad: "Dad, help. I am stuck." I was watching a movie with an elevator that malfunctioned yesterday and I asked my dad. "Dad, how likely is that to happen?" He said it was highly unlikely and it wasn't really realistic either. Not that I didn't know, it was just fun getting his professional verdict on it. So yes my answer to this video, in case all of the safety mechanisms failed me and I was in an elevator, would be to lie down. That was even way before it was mentioned as an option in this video. 😆 I have never gotten stuck in an elevator. But I have almost tripped down (and up) stairs quite a few times. 😅

    ROMAN STANISZEWSKI 17 minutes ago


  • Gamingflare
    Gamingflare 18 minutes ago

    I exist

  • Steven Abelson
    Steven Abelson 18 minutes ago

    And are humans responsible for Venus' climate change? 😏

  • Thick Madam
    Thick Madam 18 minutes ago

    I heard she is above the law , that's why she ...............🤐

  • Priyanshu Sahu
    Priyanshu Sahu 19 minutes ago

    This is wonderful punishment to rapists

  • Random person
    Random person 19 minutes ago

    the reason why venus is so hot and deadly is bc, venus is having puberty

  • Brian Caddell
    Brian Caddell 19 minutes ago

    Did you just call it wind walker

  • Lee Everett
    Lee Everett 20 minutes ago

    The comment section consists of 99.999% being rehashed jokes instead of anything serious or original. What a shame.

  • DVINTHEHOUSEMAN- BigBowb1e Productions

    6.69M Subscribers @The Infographics Show

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 23 minutes ago

    Que buena forma de hacer carnitas asadas jajajaja.

  • Tsunayoshi Sawada
    Tsunayoshi Sawada 23 minutes ago

    It Would be the best slow cocked pulled pork ever

  • cerx fn
    cerx fn 24 minutes ago

    MEMZ VIRUS 10/10

  • Craig Chaney
    Craig Chaney 24 minutes ago

    That’s amazing.

  • thaichubby101
    thaichubby101 24 minutes ago

    Ordinary Thai cyclists die on the Thai road : just the ordinary road accident, the cyclist is careless too? , news not spread. Some foreigners from western country due the same : make many Thai hate their homeland!!!

    OMARPLAYZROBLOX_ YT 25 minutes ago

    In there the fear of drowning wouldn't scare me but the sharks will 🤣

  • XisaiahX _13
    XisaiahX _13 25 minutes ago

    Next challenge is being Vegan for 1week or 24hrs

  • Matthew Eliot
    Matthew Eliot 26 minutes ago

    Wait why antrex is there

  • The Troll
    The Troll 26 minutes ago

    6.69 Subscribers? *nice*

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown 26 minutes ago

    I would die to easily

  • Ron Ryan
    Ron Ryan 26 minutes ago're title was b.s.?

  • Matt IIo
    Matt IIo 30 minutes ago


  • Hits Me
    Hits Me 30 minutes ago

    I am not random.This comment is

  • Zak Dank
    Zak Dank 31 minute ago

    Anyone else bothered by how he pronounced Grimoire as "GRI-MORE" when it's correct pronunciation is "GRIM-WA"?

  • Gaby Moreno
    Gaby Moreno 31 minute ago

    Back to school videos are the best

  • That80sGuy1972
    That80sGuy1972 32 minutes ago

    Great video, but you got the ideologies wrong (not the words used). The USA vs USSR's ideologies were not Democracy vs. Communism. That's like saying they were Capitalism vs. Fascism. The USA was a virtual Democracy because of Oligarchy power because of Capitalism. Democracy in the USA was cursed with that since the Revolutionary War. All attempts to become an actual true Democracy keeps failing because of Oligarchs. The USSR ideology was faux pro-everyone government that was actually Fascism that favored those in power in the name of both Communism and Socialism, whereas in reality, they were power-broking capitalists at the top while starving the masses. Both the USA and USSR had top-tier propaganda to program all of us to partisan one way or another. Neither side was correct. Both were epicly wrong but for different reasons.

  • vivi_ etc
    vivi_ etc 33 minutes ago

    I use to eat toilet tissue, grass, maple leaves, i use to swallow hair beads as a child as well, or and also towels

  • gamez 808
    gamez 808 34 minutes ago

    Plz say hawaii right

  • Stephen Cook
    Stephen Cook 34 minutes ago

    Put all the Democrats in prison problem solved!

  • Bryan Lam
    Bryan Lam 34 minutes ago

    the deadliest element is the element of surprise

  • Victor Gomez
    Victor Gomez 34 minutes ago

    I think like years ago I jumped over a log cuzz there was a tree copped down in a park then I just see red ants on meh idk if there fire ants

  • elsa1942
    elsa1942 35 minutes ago

    Agafia is one of the most amazing people ever.

  • Tatsuhiro Satou
    Tatsuhiro Satou 35 minutes ago

    1billon dollar challenge is easy just spend it all on bitcoins.

  • PaoPao Gales
    PaoPao Gales 35 minutes ago

    I think Philippines is one of the participants in war that help turn the tide against North Korea

  • silverhorder1969
    silverhorder1969 36 minutes ago

    What if you were put into solitary confinement and the camera watching you quit working and at the same time the guards fell asleep??

  • Dillon LaBarge
    Dillon LaBarge 37 minutes ago

    Why does everyone have Parkinson's?

  • Brian Gomes
    Brian Gomes 37 minutes ago

    This channel is psychopath 101 🤨

  • jellydamgood
    jellydamgood 38 minutes ago

    The most overpreviliged person in the world

  • 104de
    104de 38 minutes ago

    A few days ago i played a game in my dream and when i tried tracking it was like i had 100 dpi and 0.001 sensitivity

  • Royal Payn
    Royal Payn 38 minutes ago

    I don't know what kind of trees you have in SoCal, but if you found something flexable and green you could have taken the string you wastes on the snares and fashioned a recurve bow in about half an hour. Doesn't get the distance or accuracy of a compound, but it would have been better than the stick. Also depending on the trees available, a straight stick with a carved tip and a feathered fletching works, and although a weighted tip is better, its kinda hard to find a rock thats in the right shape and at the right size. Grinding them takes a long time too. Still, this is what I did when learning survival skills. With enough string and a knife, you could be set. Nice info on the bugs!

  • Gere Stevenson
    Gere Stevenson 38 minutes ago

    Infographics I have insomnia and I've been watching you every day and night with the exception of sleep here and there. I've even considered doing some of your challenges like living off the wild and all that I think it's cool to eat squirrels and catch fish and eat snakes and bugs cause I'm just weird. But I tend to be funny I guess and I got my own channel I started on facebook before I wanted to go to USclip. You got any advice

  • doom slayer
    doom slayer 39 minutes ago

    You forgot Tetris 99...

  • Eddythebandkid
    Eddythebandkid 39 minutes ago

    Before we even start this video you have to remember that at the end of Zelda 2 adventure of link Zelda goes to link and the curtain goes down while link goes up.

  • vol Rogue
    vol Rogue 39 minutes ago

    still not worse than getting a cramp in your leg when you try to nut

  • Andres Clark Anay
    Andres Clark Anay 40 minutes ago

    Poor link been single gor decades still looks young but never had a girlfriend Yikes

  • Samuel Starr
    Samuel Starr 43 minutes ago

    plot twist, he stabbed his buddy to spare his own life. and went home.

  • shankz venomous
    shankz venomous 43 minutes ago

    Vallhela is calling the Vikings fan

  • Jeremy J E Conner
    Jeremy J E Conner 43 minutes ago

    Sir William gull makes more sense for me

  • Ant_TonyLOL KID
    Ant_TonyLOL KID 44 minutes ago

    I've never dreamed of fighting before But maybe running one... But i can only distinctively remember dejavu dreams or of family. My dreams are pretty ordinary...

  • thusano2
    thusano2 45 minutes ago

    talking in circles the channel

  • Elijah Watts
    Elijah Watts 45 minutes ago

    Can I ask you something personal? Yeah Sure How rich are you? 😔

    TAO TAO 46 minutes ago

    Venus is us if we don’t address the environmental impact of our choices. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • trash account
    trash account 46 minutes ago

    *Uranus is the coldest planet in our solar system

  • KNT 21
    KNT 21 47 minutes ago

    5:13...sorry bro... I couldn't help here coz I wasn't there that time

  • Neko Cat
    Neko Cat 48 minutes ago

    *step 1* _wakes up in a coffin:_ "i'm fine."

  • Rosa Garcia
    Rosa Garcia 48 minutes ago

    This is cool in all but... what r the chances of ww3?

  • abhay siaag
    abhay siaag 48 minutes ago

    Tried it, now my neighbours are mad coz i ate their kid

  • Rahul Verma
    Rahul Verma 49 minutes ago

    At last we found the solution for deforestation

  • Jezzrel Aladdin Sambaan
    Jezzrel Aladdin Sambaan 49 minutes ago

    Someone tackled this before. Link was in a Hero Zone. Link: I think I l.... Zelda: Go save the world! Link: Goddamit.

  • StarLove00
    StarLove00 49 minutes ago

    Was it necessary to draw the black female guard like that?

  • In Sync with the Infinite Tundra

    Textbook Narcissist. Everytime he executed his Wife, it was the Discard Phase.

  • Thangjam Thangnou Thangheiba

    Thanks for the info, I have always wanted to fight a Gorilla 1 v 1 💪💪💪

  • Touch Bionics
    Touch Bionics 51 minute ago

    She should have taken the clothes from dead people to cover herself up

  • alexis Juillard
    alexis Juillard 52 minutes ago

    The temperature on venus would not melt anything that goes near it thats BS. It’s in the 400C, it’ll melt lead but you need to get up to 1000 to melt gold and 1600 to melt steel

  • felix baeza
    felix baeza 53 minutes ago

    Me when I’m high af 13:17

  • Vinnie Cheng
    Vinnie Cheng 53 minutes ago

    today’s punishment *getting called a boomer*

  • Morgan Craig
    Morgan Craig 54 minutes ago

    Whats wrong with this guy

  • manGup Q
    manGup Q 55 minutes ago

    Yeah the first few iphones were better than any other phones of that time. But now they are just a waste of money.

  • T-wex Moose
    T-wex Moose 55 minutes ago

    In Soviet Russia we DONT! Listen to you

  • silverhorder1969
    silverhorder1969 55 minutes ago

    Stretch arm strong would be kind of neat..

  • Coka-cola
    Coka-cola 55 minutes ago

    You can download Malwarebytes and get a trial premium no credits asked. It removes the trojan virus.

  • Akimbodads
    Akimbodads 57 minutes ago

    Challenge: show proof instead of making up stories

  • Rextimina
    Rextimina 57 minutes ago

    well in breath of the wild he got to see how Zelda unlocked her powers to protect him, so who knows breathe of the wild 2 just might be the first time we get them actually being together, since well, Hyrule technically is no more as of the end of the game, so it kind of is up to them to make it anew.

  • Will
    Will 58 minutes ago

    They shoulda watched primitive technology