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GRWM! My Mourning Routine!
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  • Anna Getman
    Anna Getman 7 minutes ago

    7:27 what if I’m the MONSTER 😂

  • Laura Rodriguez
    Laura Rodriguez 14 minutes ago

    That face Gabbie makes when Irene put her therapist outta business

  • medusa626
    medusa626 16 minutes ago

    Wow, First world problems. How about making a video telling people to vote, recycle, donate or help the needy. I have anxiety & depression and I think you're over reacting. Get off the internet & connect back with the real world, this isn't a real problem.

  • Lauren Rebecca
    Lauren Rebecca 20 minutes ago

    3:47 every theatre kid when everyone is jokingly singing

  • Carrilyn Zingerella
    Carrilyn Zingerella 22 minutes ago

    i had to stop listening because she kept cussing.

  • Louisa McCann
    Louisa McCann Hour ago

    We didn’t know what we had until it was gone 😔

  • Angi x
    Angi x Hour ago

    I'm always getting Goosebumps while listening to it

  • H C
    H C Hour ago

    Damn you suit blue, oof

  • ky- -liann シ
    ky- -liann シ Hour ago


  • ky- -liann シ
    ky- -liann シ Hour ago

    nice nose ya got there

  • Cheyanne Wolpert

    Quilted Northern 2 ply is my go to

  • Angela Challita
    Angela Challita Hour ago

    Gabbie I know you’re of Lebanese origin, but please pin this comment and stand with the Lebanese people who have been suffering from poverty, hunger, oppression, over taxation, lack of electricity, lack of water and jobs, and basic human rights. Please, just raise awareness on social platforms, and help us take a down a corrupt government, in the hope that globally people can stand with our pain and our cause. God bless ❤️💋

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 2 hours ago


  • Juan Romero
    Juan Romero 2 hours ago

    on min 5:36 my screen smelled like tuna

  • Emily Thibodeau
    Emily Thibodeau 2 hours ago

    The sound of Gabbie's brain sounds very similar to mine lmao

  • Melissa Memory
    Melissa Memory 3 hours ago

    Ok gabbie is an amazing person and people judge her singing because they can't people bully what they see in themselves and my god she can bloody sing and if you don't like her singing then why the heck are you here this is a beautiful song with a beautiful meaning and if you can't see that then think about what your saying to others and ruining her career by making stupid Meme you talking horridly about her is ruining her career now that's what bullies want and its happening don't let people influence you because you never know not everyone tells the truth I love gabbie she's such a wonderful girl and she can sing in my eyes if you do not like my opinion then please do not comment it will be a waste of your own time I hope you have an amazing day|night xxxxxx❤️❤️❤️

  • Christina
    Christina 3 hours ago

    tana looks so innocent

  • Boston Book Bitty
    Boston Book Bitty 4 hours ago

    I had a roommate that bought costume glasses so she could “hide” her face when she didn’t feel like wearing make up. And honestly, it’s a great security blanket.

  • Daisy Mae
    Daisy Mae 4 hours ago

    Butterflies, butterflies 🦋♡

  • Wade Cloudt
    Wade Cloudt 5 hours ago

    Your adorable

  • Franny worldxo
    Franny worldxo 5 hours ago

    I LOVE THIS 😍😍❤️ Ok I'm I the only one in October 2019

  • littlevoicebigworld
    littlevoicebigworld 5 hours ago

    when that door slammed it actually scared the sh*t outta me. I full on jumped

  • Heather McLoughlin
    Heather McLoughlin 5 hours ago

    when a stylist massively messed my hair up and completely got my colour wrong and it washed out weird I reached out to them and they did it wrong again i didn’t cause drama I just went else where to get it done, notes for girls just find a salon you’re comfortable with and trust, I go to a salon for cuts and a different one for when I get it dyed

  • Jess Wright
    Jess Wright 5 hours ago

    Kinda random but I full have a friend like this lol

  • Alison Crippen
    Alison Crippen 5 hours ago

    Gabbie talking about important things like birth control lowkey attractive af loll I’m weird.

  • Best Belle
    Best Belle 6 hours ago

    You should put tiny lights of different colors on different people/things

  • Grace Haigh
    Grace Haigh 6 hours ago

    Wait Americans have to pay for their contraception?!! That’s so bad

  • m g
    m g 6 hours ago

    Shouting!! This is not singing.

  • m g
    m g 6 hours ago

    Boy look at your t#ts because they are hanging out of your shirt

  • m g
    m g 6 hours ago

    Amateur quality. This is shouting not singing

  • m g
    m g 6 hours ago

    You are NOT a celebrity.

  • TheArtyUnicorn
    TheArtyUnicorn 7 hours ago

    I have watched this video so many times I’ve lost count 😂

  • Carlos Sibal
    Carlos Sibal 7 hours ago

    She starts at 7:56

  • V A.R.M.Y
    V A.R.M.Y 7 hours ago

    Well I did not know that blind people imagine their face by personality learning facts

  • Nicholas Macke& Natie's gacha edits

    Gaaaabbbbbbbiiiiiieeeeee ...... Is it true you did vines!?

  • K0rUpT ;D
    K0rUpT ;D 7 hours ago

    Btw Big Mouth made fun of u

  • Growinthegardn
    Growinthegardn 8 hours ago

    17:38 Molly: WIN WIN She’s too cute

  • Tia Sharday
    Tia Sharday 8 hours ago

    Roomie remix's your music the monster

  • Mallory Reed
    Mallory Reed 8 hours ago

    OMG I Used to live in Georgia, not the dumb US Georgia but the country Georgia 🇬🇪!!!!!!!!! Please tell him!!!!!!!!!

  • Elliot Lyons
    Elliot Lyons 8 hours ago

    Gabbies videos will never get old

  • Tatiana Grullon
    Tatiana Grullon 9 hours ago

    Still my favorite song and video she’s ever done

  • CertifiedCash519
    CertifiedCash519 9 hours ago

    i love your videos you are amazing #day1

  • Downtown Motors ABQ
    Downtown Motors ABQ 9 hours ago

    You are fucking annoying. 😶

  • Thomas Fox
    Thomas Fox 10 hours ago

    I am a huge hunger games fan and if that happen to me I would be devestated I feel so sorry for you Joey

  • Hakime Hamdouchi
    Hakime Hamdouchi 10 hours ago

    Well it's genius interview so not the best studio quality out there for sure Also you would figure that a giant cooperate like genius would know better than to make that mistake

  • Dylan
    Dylan 11 hours ago

    I can already tell by the intro she’s annoying

  • Felicity
    Felicity 11 hours ago

    I love rewatching these story time videos, hearing about Friends references.

  • Annoy Your Mouse
    Annoy Your Mouse 11 hours ago

    Literally all youtube apology videos 12:09

  • Its Avaaa
    Its Avaaa 12 hours ago

    Wow everyone looks so different now.

  • Isabel Duenas
    Isabel Duenas 12 hours ago

    first Taylor now it’s... The dead’s dad kitchen girl.. I can’t think of her fuvkin name its really bugging me... OH IRENE!!! (i just typed my whole through process wow)

  • Taija Withford
    Taija Withford 12 hours ago

    3019 where u at??

  • Hayley Mckean
    Hayley Mckean 12 hours ago

    Old Gabbie videos, oh my heart

  • Glowing for Jesus
    Glowing for Jesus 13 hours ago

  • Natniel Gebremariam
    Natniel Gebremariam 13 hours ago

    Who is blind here??? 🤥

  • Look At Life Studios
    Look At Life Studios 13 hours ago

    You Should Be A Country Artist

  • Janine Keyes
    Janine Keyes 13 hours ago

    “This is fun-nominal” okay I can’t help but laugh so fuxking hard lmaooo but to my random Gabbie Hannah laughs I hope that you are still working at the ep /long-ass I love you beyond what you have created youtube-ically but we can make it be a thinly musically and I want it to be a ringtone for the rest of my life (please) so music do your thing... and music imma prove tour wrong... leggo...

  • moonnu chamling
    moonnu chamling 13 hours ago

    I don't mean to say she is ugly but i can't take the song serious when she is in the screen. The song is good actually. She should try to keep actors for her songs. Sorry Gabbie just giving constructive criticism.

  • Victoria Kellar
    Victoria Kellar 13 hours ago

    The first week or 2 are the worst because he finally just get rid of all the stuff and you’re not eating anymore and your body is getting used to that and that why you’re getting keto flu

  • Brittany Frazier
    Brittany Frazier 14 hours ago

    Beautubers don't say beautuber

  • Red Nitro
    Red Nitro 14 hours ago

    Nose look big though

  • Janelle’Grace Taylor

    Irene’s the best (not better than Gabbie tho) *Sorry* I’m the little girl in the picture

  • Victoria Kellar
    Victoria Kellar 14 hours ago

    We always Change our air filters but we don’t change them once a month it is more like once every six months because I get sick

  • Rileyann Kinne
    Rileyann Kinne 15 hours ago

    love love love❤️ also watching for halloween makeup ideas

  • The Jenna Experience
    The Jenna Experience 15 hours ago

    I ship it.

  • just a psycho
    just a psycho 15 hours ago

    Hello if you are there molly hi

  • Natsuki
    Natsuki 15 hours ago

    She laughs to cover up her tears

  • JustANormalGuy 2
    JustANormalGuy 2 15 hours ago

    What’s the song?!?! Guess I’ll never know

  • izzy man2189
    izzy man2189 15 hours ago

    Wait her heart was bitten out and she didn't die... probrobley bc in etn s2 her heart was taken 😭😭😭

  • Chloe Camp
    Chloe Camp 15 hours ago

    If you really want to do this, cut refined sugar & spend 2-4 weeks letting yourself eat fruit. Then cut down on that. High protein, low sugar diets make most people feel amazing, but torturing yourself to get there is silly af. Look into real studies-not a sugar-addicted youtuber aiming for the most views possible....she's still ignoring the elephant in the room & not addressing her obviously VERY unhealthy relationship with food. Do research & get counseling/coaching if you're struggling with a poor food relationship at the same time

    • Chloe Camp
      Chloe Camp 15 hours ago

      And don't eat a ton of animal fat-theres tons of fat your body uses for skin, cell growth etc. In plants-like nuts. This is essentially the trash version of a "keto" diet. You're not supposed to start living on bacon, you're supposed to eat good fats & not aim to be eating tons of fat

  • Yandel Meza
    Yandel Meza 15 hours ago

    Gabbie should've asked "OMG We're coming over" to come over.

  • Chloe Camp
    Chloe Camp 15 hours ago

    She's really bad at doing research. You feel like crap bc your body is adjusting to using proteins instead of sugars & re-learning how to break fat down for glucose. That's WAY over simplified, but there's TONS of studies about this type of thing. There's smart ways & dumb ways to do everything-this is the dumb way.

  • Gianna Klaphake (Student)

    Honestly, I really thought that out of all of your songs and music videos this one was outstanding! I loved the different colors!

  • Mandy Whitford
    Mandy Whitford 15 hours ago

    Woaaahhh they have the same nose here! I didn't realize how different Tana looked before! Holy shit lol

  • Joshua Zertuche
    Joshua Zertuche 16 hours ago

    Is this bitch ok ? Like when did she go crazy 🤔

  • Courtney Otero
    Courtney Otero 16 hours ago

    I feel like Gabbie has Ren as a friend because she films good and she can treat her life and all she does is laugh

  • Alex poopslie
    Alex poopslie 16 hours ago

    yeet pretty sure that candy corn joke belongs to lewis black

  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith 16 hours ago

    That intro tho

  • Roblox captaindorito
    Roblox captaindorito 16 hours ago

    Team edge

  • Treston Melvin
    Treston Melvin 16 hours ago

    i just read your book‼️‼️

  • That Dude
    That Dude 16 hours ago

    Love the reactions when they finally realize it’s her ❤️ 2019!!

  • Lamari Allen
    Lamari Allen 17 hours ago


  • Deku Midoriya
    Deku Midoriya 17 hours ago

    who else was just looking at the money in the background, just me....ok

  • Stale Draws Bad
    Stale Draws Bad 17 hours ago

    How well do these pills work on men I'm very interested in this baby annihilating product

  • Ashley Paige vlogs
    Ashley Paige vlogs 17 hours ago

    Do the eating one color challenge

  • Rachel Smeith
    Rachel Smeith 17 hours ago

    Did you tell this make up story on ur insta stories?

    ITz BRIKX 17 hours ago

    9:08 ... where did they post that from? ohh. . . . . ok GABBIE IS A RACIST CONFIRMED

  • Amanda Collins
    Amanda Collins 17 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that the blue Gabbie is naked? What do you think that means?

  • Robyn Walters
    Robyn Walters 17 hours ago

    Being completely awesome is your thing gabbie ! 💜

  • Tish T
    Tish T 17 hours ago

    Welp here’s a perfect example of karma for whoever dumped you

  • Pasa
    Pasa 18 hours ago

    The director... YES. This was good.

  • Angelina De Medeiros
    Angelina De Medeiros 18 hours ago

    Please have ryland decorate one of ur room!!!!!!!

  • Owen Martin
    Owen Martin 18 hours ago

    Ik this is a meme but it made my playlist so 🤷‍♀️

  • Angel K .
    Angel K . 18 hours ago

    1 year in a few days

  • Commander Fox
    Commander Fox 18 hours ago

    You should try line art. or this It's from the King of Random, I thought of it as soon as the video was over, hope you see this.

  • Ameer Jaffery
    Ameer Jaffery 18 hours ago

    I dont hear okay, I hear otay like gabbies cute baby voice otay

  • Salah Imad
    Salah Imad 18 hours ago

    Who else thinks that the guy is really cute

  • Trinity Rasmussen
    Trinity Rasmussen 18 hours ago

    you should dye your hair like the pink room hair

  • Madi
    Madi 18 hours ago

    Her outfit is soooooo adorable no surprise btw love you gabbs

  • Hannah Almeida
    Hannah Almeida 18 hours ago

    Holy crap I love this

  • indiiebreadkid
    indiiebreadkid 18 hours ago

    Gabbie, check out the modern eclectic design style. It's my favorite and very similar to what you like mixing modern with bright colors (: