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  • Design Doc
    Design Doc 22 seconds ago

    I wished they would just make turn these Hoverboard or Snowboard dream events into full racing games with tons of courses based on both series. I don't care for the "Olympics" part of these game and it would fits both series very well and we'd essentially get a new Snowboard Kids game this way.

  • mynegaims
    mynegaims Minute ago

    Nice April fool's joke sakarai! Haha I'll expect Goku to be announce by next month

  • Chariot Goblin
    Chariot Goblin 2 minutes ago

    Do these games hold up? Should they be played in order?

  • Stuffed Cinema
    Stuffed Cinema 3 minutes ago

    Oh cool, they made games based off the hero character from smash bros

  • Grapefruit Moon
    Grapefruit Moon 3 minutes ago


  • sans Undertale
    sans Undertale 6 minutes ago

    Sakurai: Goku basically will not be in smash. Alpharad: *Say Sike Right Now*

  • Alex Baker
    Alex Baker 6 minutes ago

    The 2010 and 2012 games on the wii had a lot of dream events there had better be more than 3 in the game. I’d imagine there will be a bunch you can unlock if not then that’s awful considering how many were in previous games. Also i wish that dream racing wasn’t based on an area from sonic forces the sonic game i hate the most but I’m just a nit picky little twat

  • Chase Ginn
    Chase Ginn 6 minutes ago

    It would be hilarious if there was an episode where James went "And I Oop" lol

  • dezutilo
    dezutilo 7 minutes ago

    Now i will buy Nintendo Switch

  • AlexArtsHere
    AlexArtsHere 8 minutes ago

    neat, just 5 game rereleases to go until we get that sweet DQIX remake.

  • Paul Newhouse
    Paul Newhouse 8 minutes ago

    funny that i was just wondering the other day why i couldnt find the first few DQ games on the eshop :P

  • Christopher Carter
    Christopher Carter 9 minutes ago

    These visuals are absolutely top shelf and I’m amazed by them

  • FinalFantasySete
    FinalFantasySete 10 minutes ago

    "Everything that sleeps is designed to dream. We are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of sleep and awakening. Is this a curse? Or some kind of punishment? I often think about the Wind Fish who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle...and wonder if we'll ever get the chance to awake him. "

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez 13 minutes ago

    Sweet with this barring the online one and the joker series I'll have all the Dragon quest games including the one that came out for wii

  • Steffen Saffron
    Steffen Saffron 13 minutes ago

    amazing screen plan and i loved the heart that was in it. maybe mother brain doesnt need to be the thing she kills in the first movie. this could really be a series more than a movie. like a netflix thing.

  • TheAnimator10
    TheAnimator10 14 minutes ago

    Might pick up number 3

  • drunkendevil
    drunkendevil 15 minutes ago

    I give Jon, a MEH.

    JEANS 15 minutes ago

    I normally dont like your guys channel but this video was really well made and not that bad, I especially like the commissioned artwork.

  • Airsh Bornely
    Airsh Bornely 15 minutes ago

    Hold on. Are you sure these will just have those mobile graphics? It would be nice if they give you the option for original graphics

  • KholdKhaos64 Ray
    KholdKhaos64 Ray 17 minutes ago

    How convenient, I was just getting interested about playing those 3 games after hearing about them. Apparently DQXI has a lot of references to them too.

  • DevinY1
    DevinY1 17 minutes ago

    Oh sweet hopefully we can get other DQ games on the Switch.

  • Daryle Walton
    Daryle Walton 19 minutes ago

    But are mi is playable in this game?

  • saam jaza
    saam jaza 19 minutes ago

    Dream shooting. Aka *EVERYONE GOT A GUN--*

  • Hero Arusu
    Hero Arusu 20 minutes ago

    DQIII 😍

  • CuriousUserX90
    CuriousUserX90 20 minutes ago

    Is Dream Shooting set in a Mario Stage or a Sonic Stage. I myself can’t recognise it’s location.

  • The Rogue Maverick
    The Rogue Maverick 20 minutes ago

    It looks like the slowdown present in the original, most notably with the Yellow Devil, is seemly removed!

  • PJ Bear
    PJ Bear 21 minute ago

    You should rename this video its not a catching as it should be for a video this cool

  • The N.E.R.P.S.
    The N.E.R.P.S. 21 minute ago

    Dream Karate is basically just 3D Smash Bros. *I love it*

  • Piero Pisswhall PHD
    Piero Pisswhall PHD 24 minutes ago

    I would get it.... But i have no one to play with.😐

  • Piero Pisswhall PHD
    Piero Pisswhall PHD 25 minutes ago


  • Bio21
    Bio21 28 minutes ago

    Seeing Sonic in Odyssey's Mushroom Kingdom is so weird

  • mechashadow
    mechashadow 29 minutes ago

    Is that Nintendo Land?

  • CodeCaden
    CodeCaden 31 minute ago


  • Wizard Lizard
    Wizard Lizard 31 minute ago

    Now that there is a man of his word! Sakurai is truly just a phenomenal person.

  • Luiswagula
    Luiswagula 31 minute ago

    Oh no its the cellphone version Edit: but in all seriousness how are these versions?

  • SuperDarknight567
    SuperDarknight567 32 minutes ago

    Is no your video is the video to nintendo you pick

  • Lvl Xav !
    Lvl Xav ! 33 minutes ago

    "So long-a Bowser !"

  • Fabian Benavides
    Fabian Benavides 34 minutes ago

    As long as Bree Larson doesn't play Samus, im good.

  • Marcel's Brave Adventure
    Marcel's Brave Adventure 35 minutes ago

    Such good news!

  • MetaDash
    MetaDash 35 minutes ago

    waluigi grinding, 10/10

  • Crono Epsilon
    Crono Epsilon 35 minutes ago

    Dragon Quest 11's story does reference the first 3 games so your experience is heightened if you play them beforehand.

  • Michael Von Verdi Du Tepes

    I really like the idea, the script is too straight forward. I would start like the you said then going straight to Samus exploring a pirated ship many years later (like the start in metroid prime) just adding a bit of mystery in Samus not giving away everything at the start. (Would love to trick the audience that don't really know much about the series keep thinking Samus is a guy,then in an after battle bad ass scene Samus removing her helmet or something like that early on)

  • HylianForce
    HylianForce 36 minutes ago

    Ash won the poke league? The end is near

  • Obi-wan kenobi 6
    Obi-wan kenobi 6 36 minutes ago

    What a sonic riders rip off

  • Raphael Sorel
    Raphael Sorel 37 minutes ago

    No one: Me: Why do only the girls have sports attire?

  • Konata Izumi
    Konata Izumi 37 minutes ago

    Ok, now i'm really interested.

  • George Smith
    George Smith 37 minutes ago

    Yes get in there 🤲

  • Liam Hilhorst
    Liam Hilhorst 39 minutes ago

    All the xy fanboys hating because the anime wasnt their typical shonen action garbage. Sun and moon has brilliant storytelling and a way superior cast than most previous seasons. Ash win was deserved. Fight me!

    • Tidepool Clipper
      Tidepool Clipper 15 minutes ago

      You mean like winning one of the easiest leagues with one of his worst teams?

  • DANCERcow
    DANCERcow 39 minutes ago

    This is so stupid, and I love it because I'm stupid! 🤔

  • Dalamartm
    Dalamartm 39 minutes ago

    I'm showing some love to Nintendo , Sega and Square Enix. I have a Sega Genesis mini , Zelda: Links Awakening , Dragon Quest 11 and Dragon Quest Trilogy collecton all preodered.

  • Jacob Prosser
    Jacob Prosser 40 minutes ago

    Hi from 2019

  • Derpceus
    Derpceus 40 minutes ago

    Dream racing is basically sonic riders but with mario characters added to the mix.

  • Tommy Deonauth's Archives

    "Dream events are back!" A whole 3 of em! And one of them is based of of Sonic Forces.

  • Twisted Logic
    Twisted Logic 42 minutes ago

    Gotta admit, this is pretty sick. I also appreciate your little give to Gunpei Yokoi in there. ;)

  • Gambit2483
    Gambit2483 42 minutes ago

    Pretty sure there are more than just 3. I think these are just the NEW dream events but older ones will be returning as well.

  • D3AniMs
    D3AniMs 43 minutes ago

    Mans won the sweetest league in existence. 1v1 then 3v3. Dont get me wrong, Im glad we finally got him winning one out of the way, but this is the equivalent of having a friend that could never catch a ball from afar for the life of him, and then when you hear he finally did make that catch that he worked so hard towards, it turns out that this time around it was a light toss from a foot away. Im just hoping his story is done and we get a new protag for the gen 8 anime

  • StealthEyesX
    StealthEyesX 43 minutes ago

    Where is the image from?

  • Christopher Fuß
    Christopher Fuß 44 minutes ago

    I imagine you could turn either of the Prime games into good movies. Just imagine the battle against Metroid Prime on a giant screen. Honestly, I would watch all three, especially if they would do Echoes, because the Dark World just offers so much potential.

  • MetalSonic646
    MetalSonic646 44 minutes ago

    So many good games coming out this month! Omg!

    PIP OWENS 45 minutes ago

    Well what's better a whole $60.00 for 1 game Or 3 games for under £20.00

  • Arin Elliott
    Arin Elliott 45 minutes ago

    I hope they do a port of dragon quest 4 5 and 6

  • TendoFan
    TendoFan 45 minutes ago

    There’s only 3, but I’m not least we get them at all.

  • Homeless
    Homeless 45 minutes ago

    Dream racing is gonna put us in null space for 2 seconds

  • MetalSonic646
    MetalSonic646 46 minutes ago

    Even tho there are only 3 dream events. I am putting this game into consideration cause it looks like a fun game!

  • eduardo torres
    eduardo torres 46 minutes ago

    Wow cheaper than Capcom classic games!

  • Sonic171000
    Sonic171000 46 minutes ago

    Sticks is nowhere to be seen.

  • OlivenOlli 01
    OlivenOlli 01 47 minutes ago

    Are there only 3 of them?

  • Aaron Ferguson
    Aaron Ferguson 48 minutes ago

    Can and do you not mind telling me about the characters and event I am thinking about being confirmed so far?

  • AaronBoi 16
    AaronBoi 16 48 minutes ago

    These are cool. But *nothing* will surpass Dream Long Jump from London 2012

  • Michael Cordova
    Michael Cordova 49 minutes ago

    Omg Square Enix actually cares about Dragon Quest. 😢

  • Aaron Ferguson
    Aaron Ferguson 49 minutes ago

    Also, I hope at least Rosalina, Diddy Kong, Birdo, Rouge the Bat, Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow, Storm the Albatross, Sticks the Badger and even DIxie Kong will be confirmed to be confirmed to be playable in most of the events or even every one of them for teams of 4 or 2. I hope this if the creators confirm some characters to be playable in some events instead of every event.

  • Lyra
    Lyra 49 minutes ago

    A Metroid movie could work by not doing any damn movie about Metroid. Movies based on video games suck, they always did, still do, and will always do.

  • Cubex
    Cubex 49 minutes ago

    This how you know that most people are going to play dragon quest 3

  • Broface
    Broface 50 minutes ago

    Ew, they're going to look like those RPG maker rejects? They can keep that trash.

  • Aaron Ferguson
    Aaron Ferguson 50 minutes ago

    I also wish the game included Synchronized Swimming teams of 4 and duets. Why not if it will not be confirmed and you know why not.

  • EPS5000
    EPS5000 51 minute ago

    Wait wait wait, they are separate eShop purchases? I’ll stick with my Play Asia PHYSICAL import.

  • MrLowRated
    MrLowRated 52 minutes ago

    Another Pointless Video BTW these are the IOS/Android Port So I Will Stick To My English Translated Versions

  • Mad Society20294
    Mad Society20294 52 minutes ago

    No way finally never thought I would see the day and yeah the animation sucks 😮😮😮

  • wallet boi
    wallet boi 52 minutes ago

    Ash won This feels weird to say

  • Aaron Ferguson
    Aaron Ferguson 52 minutes ago

    Sorry if you criticize for posting a comment like this. It is not talking about the Dream Events, but I wish Rosalina, Diddy Kong, Birdo, Rouge the Bat, Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow, Storm the Albatross, Sticks the Badger and even DIxie Kong were confirmed to be playable in every event. I think all of them should. I wish they were confirmed if someone who told me most of them are not confirmed was telling the truth. Why not if you believe or know the person who told me was telling the truth? Also, why not are they confirmed if you know?

  • XDavid777
    XDavid777 52 minutes ago

    I thought the thumbnail said kingdom hearts on switch for a minute

  • Dragnus12
    Dragnus12 53 minutes ago

    I like where youre going, though i disagree with some of your decisions regarding nitpicky lore stuff, but thats just me. Hope we see more soon.

  • Aaron Ferguson
    Aaron Ferguson 54 minutes ago

    Very exciting video.

  • potatoman44
    potatoman44 55 minutes ago

    3 events?

  • Azure Striker
    Azure Striker 55 minutes ago

    It's going to be an amazing day <3

  • Alakazamlover4
    Alakazamlover4 56 minutes ago

    i have already pre-ordered DQ 11 hm....i dont think i'll have the money for these sadly oh well, i need to beat the DQ games i have XD i have 3 prior to buying DQ 11 (Sentinals of the starry sky, fragments of the forgotton past, and journey of the cursed king) and i have yet to beat any of them...closest to beat DQ FOTFP

  • Stratilex
    Stratilex 56 minutes ago

    Glad to hear they didn’t get rid of these in favor of the retro things

  • Anatta
    Anatta 57 minutes ago

    The games just look awful!! Definitely a pass for me...

  • Tommy Deonauth's Archives

    Funny, I was watching some gameplay of Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge when this news came out!

  • Dedede 02
    Dedede 02 57 minutes ago

    Sad to see only three dream events but at least the music is shaping up to be really good

  • Jayden B
    Jayden B 59 minutes ago

    WHERE'S MY DRY BOWSER!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Sammy Escamilla
    Sammy Escamilla 59 minutes ago

    wow and last month I bought 1-5 on mobile....oh well! I'm a fan now and do not mind buying these again! Hopefully DQ2 will have that glitch involving the prince sleeping at an inn forever is fixed.

  • Chris Carranza
    Chris Carranza 59 minutes ago

    They need to stop with “physical release only in Asia” stuff

    • Sif grid
      Sif grid 17 minutes ago

      This game is digital only

  • Martell Tha Cool

    Dragon quest - Dragon Ball?

  • TheRealSonicFan 64

    Bro, this is amazing! Nintendo would be insane not to listen

  • BradPete1
    BradPete1 Hour ago

    Day 0

  • OmegaChase1002
    OmegaChase1002 Hour ago

    cant wait to see modern-day nintendo soyboys struggle with an old school jrpg and whine how it's too hard and not hand-holdy enough. (not saying every nintendo switch player is a soyboy who needs a game to hold their hand. just saying theres a small portion of people who NEED a game to basically play itself, and that's hilarious.)

  • Macca
    Macca Hour ago

    Do the same but have it middle level brightness no one plays that high dumb ass so easy 5 hours out of that game

  • Jaime Ramon Santillan

    Are these games getting a pshysical release?

  • MaximumFlyer
    MaximumFlyer Hour ago

    i'm so glad they brought dream events back these were like the best parts of the first couple games