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What is Inside 12V Battery
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  • Bharti Sharma
    Bharti Sharma Hour ago

    Lake 😡😡😡

  • dale scumidt
    dale scumidt 2 hours ago

    Is that you HILLARY? Your hands look softer!

    VELU MANI 2 hours ago

    I need some explanation for the project

  • Radha Krishnan
    Radha Krishnan 2 hours ago

    It will work or not

  • Qutubuddin Khan
    Qutubuddin Khan 3 hours ago

    Making fool of other is not good .there is no free energy that generates itself.even solar need panel and light

  • zDodo
    zDodo 7 hours ago

    Wow you are better than Nikolai Tesla why he didn’t thought that ?

  • BALBEREY games
    BALBEREY games 8 hours ago

    like si no te funciono


    É ngente enganando gente. O homem é o LOBO do homem...

  • Kurijn Buys
    Kurijn Buys 8 hours ago

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    • Kurijn Buys
      Kurijn Buys 8 hours ago

      Oh, and bravo for the nice trick though :~) My guess is: you have another fan, out of camera visibility, which is blowing the small one (and turning it around and powering it off and on etc.). It would be great to use your smartness for real contributions to the world, I can assure you, that is really rewarding. The world needs it now so much.

  • Sushila Rai
    Sushila Rai 9 hours ago


    ELECTROMUSIC WORLD 10 hours ago

    Name of the song

  • Soumendra Mandal
    Soumendra Mandal 10 hours ago

    Battery loww ho geya jo tune legaya he niche

  • Raunak Srivastava
    Raunak Srivastava 10 hours ago

    Free Energy = £r€€ V!€W$

  • Spring Trap
    Spring Trap 11 hours ago

    Make Tesla coil

  • Luke Carpenter
    Luke Carpenter 11 hours ago

    If this works so well then why dont we use this in houses everywhere?

  • navtomás gardener
    navtomás gardener 11 hours ago

    Static electricity the magnet act like a switch pulling electricity out of the atmosphere. Have you ever noticed during a lightning storm lightning strikes the same spot for one over due to the magnetic energy in the ground / earth. Electric companies don't want you to know. They lose so much electricity during a thunderstorm.

  • Pranjol Baruah
    Pranjol Baruah 11 hours ago

    Bhai bina motor ke sherf upar ka dish ko ghoma ke dihka

  • CENネル
    CENネル 12 hours ago


  • abhiraj shahi shahi
    abhiraj shahi shahi 12 hours ago

    Very good Super🤓👏

  • jabs ya
    jabs ya 14 hours ago

    spark plug are just insulated metal rods. They do not include coils or magnets? this is just finishing the circuit with a battery in the bulb

  • sharada S
    sharada S 14 hours ago

    Magnets are not working pls upload the right don't make fool mention the materials properly or else don't do this type of videos

  • John Ayap
    John Ayap 15 hours ago

    why is there always a suspicious wooden block in these projects..??

  • sahajahan lilla
    sahajahan lilla 15 hours ago

    Hey man your project is un useful it has no produce any electricity. What I do. Pls give a solution.

  • Wester JD
    Wester JD 17 hours ago

    What capacity in volts did you measure?

  • Dhanbhadur Bhujel
    Dhanbhadur Bhujel 17 hours ago

    The free energy is nice

    MADHU MALA 17 hours ago

    Bhaiya impossible vedio mat banaya karo

  • Kamal Kumar
    Kamal Kumar 18 hours ago

    give me small mangnat in sopker

  • Surjeet Singh
    Surjeet Singh 22 hours ago


    KULDEEP K 22 hours ago

    Bhai off kaise hoga

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  • Caged Rage
    Caged Rage Day ago

    why do you people want to post bullshit like this? got to be damn indian scammers doing this shit

  • Mesesah Tiny
    Mesesah Tiny Day ago

    Hello am from Ghana I try this but it doesn't work y?

  • Gladys Roche
    Gladys Roche Day ago

    When your making videos, try to explain it

  • Juarez martins borges

    this is a trick, infinite energy doesn't exist this doesn't work it's called fool muggle.

  • Veergo Genebra

    Report these lies uploader He use a rechargeable lightbulb waste of time

  • Harsh Vats
    Harsh Vats Day ago

    Ye desk ke niche magnet hilata h

  • Kannagi Arul jothi

    "Don't try this at home, Cause you won't get it"

  • Andreas Weissensteiner

    The music is a realbullshit

  • Jordi Naula
    Jordi Naula Day ago

    no funciona me mentiste por tu culpa voy a sacar cero en fisica :V


    Are bhai chutiya baba ratha hai

  • Rodrigo diaz de vivar




  • hohz-dima мемрук

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  • Prajwal Talikoti

    Nim vhan

  • Munda Khera SC

    Sir what happen between two magnetic field does it try to gernate electercity

    • Munda Khera SC
      Munda Khera SC Day ago

      Sir plz give me a reason. So that I forms a model on it

  • Sajwan Suri
    Sajwan Suri Day ago

    Without running a magnets it's not possible to produce the electricity

  • Sajwan Suri
    Sajwan Suri Day ago

    This bulb from complete charge before this small is switch which one use for pawer on of by magnet 😄😄😄

  • владимир солянников

    полный интернет абсолютного бреда а вы все на это ведетесь....абалдеть

  • H K Y Tech DC
    H K Y Tech DC Day ago

    We have to put magnet in attracting or in repulsing angle

  • kenneth jensen

    free energy where is the mooving part between magnets?

  • Beam me up Scotty!

    pls change the music

  • Khaithang Haokip

    how the hell this video gets 143k likes ? lol this explains the human species are nothing but sheeps

  • H K Y Tech DC
    H K Y Tech DC Day ago

    Can we use copper wire

  • Technical Rahul

    Can i use usb dc-dc converter

  • Jyoti Nayak
    Jyoti Nayak Day ago

    Very nice

  • study point
    study point Day ago

    Kya lagaya nam to batao device ka

  • G.Z.B Boys
    G.Z.B Boys Day ago

    Bkwas h chlta to h na

  • The 3d-Smith
    The 3d-Smith Day ago

    Your forgetting someting The wires connecting to a battery behind it

  • Lajos Baranyi
    Lajos Baranyi Day ago

    Entertaining and hilarious!!!

  • Костянтин Сміян

    Це хрень такого не буває

  • FullThrottle TreeService

    If you use red wire instead of blue this will really work

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar Day ago

    Jab video banate ho to puri material ke bare me batana chahiye nahi to yese video banane par gali paregi

  • Horst Buttler
    Horst Buttler Day ago

    What a bullshit! You are simply hiding a induction hob under your desk. That's all. All your "effects" are lies. I will avoid this channel in future.. Waste of time to look this shit. 🚫

    ADISMASH Day ago

    Wat the fug

  • albert tito
    albert tito Day ago

    youtube sos una mierda

  • Ramkumar Yadav

    Mujhe feck video pasand nagi

  • H K Y Tech DC
    H K Y Tech DC Day ago

    How much time it can run

  • manuel ortega
    manuel ortega Day ago

    This doesn't do "jack" for someone wanting to make the same unit. Phuck you people that tease with the idea of "free" energy and don't really show how.

  • Rohit Raj
    Rohit Raj Day ago

    It's good But plz name the material that use. Thanks

  • Muhammad Taufik Akbar

    Hoax video

    DRS SOUND Day ago

    Good vedio ....good job ❤️📣📣📣❤️❤️🔈🔈🔈🔉🔉🔉🔈🔈🔉🔉🔈🔈🔈🔉🔉📣📣❤️❤️

  • GAPQ500
    GAPQ500 Day ago


  • future tech
    future tech Day ago


  • TheRadioman1947 WHITE

    great, thanks for the tip i made one and now i power my whole house, and my neighbor next door is taping in to it too. thanks, power company might buy some of it back, i will make enough to buy a new car in 1 year, thanks bud your a tesla.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Manju Sridhar
    Manju Sridhar Day ago


  • Rajkumar Pawar

    What the fuc*

  • UZI Gang
    UZI Gang Day ago

    Guys you can’t gain free energy from nothing. He probably would have an Oscar. He’s actually pulling with air

  • T N
    T N Day ago


  • Pandey 111
    Pandey 111 Day ago

    Is glue is free..?? 😅😅

  • Suresh Gamit
    Suresh Gamit Day ago

    Sir isme apne jo tools use kiye hai uski least muze bata dijye


    You just fucked the science

  • ppwka hudeu
    ppwka hudeu Day ago


  • Dharmendra vanshkar Dharmendra

    Fak video hai mene karke dekh nahi chal rahi motar

  • harry cen
    harry cen Day ago


  • I need help. •
    I need help. • 2 days ago

    stupid youtube recommending bullshit

  • bang ranggaaa wp1
    bang ranggaaa wp1 2 days ago

    Lampu pakai remot dasar penipu anjing

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma 2 days ago

    Very very good luck

  • Sourhab Gupta
    Sourhab Gupta 2 days ago

    fool bna raha hai

  • The frog
    The frog 2 days ago

    He owns shares in wire

  • Sujit Naskar
    Sujit Naskar 2 days ago

    Ai products gulo kivabe pabo....please help me....

  • Russell Isla
    Russell Isla 2 days ago

    Why is the copper wire in the middle need to be cut?

  • Tia Maskur
    Tia Maskur 2 days ago

    Ya pasti menyala bola lampu ada batrei Goblokk

  • Kimheang DIY
    Kimheang DIY 2 days ago

    Great Video

  • ilham çelik
    ilham çelik 2 days ago

    -dB/dt=0 !

  • A. Antonio
    A. Antonio 2 days ago

    Por que não faz algo construtivo com imãs? Brinquedos por exemplo, as pessoas iriam adorar.

  • VerdGehirn
    VerdGehirn 2 days ago

    Who would win? An entire science comunity vs one indian boi

  • Crazy Black Hacks
    Crazy Black Hacks 2 days ago

    Замеряйте напряжение на конденсаторе? Сколько там вольт?

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  • Mr. Sunavi
    Mr. Sunavi 2 days ago

    WTF is going ?

  • Faran Ahmad 4077
    Faran Ahmad 4077 2 days ago

    By the way i am surprised to see it work but i didn't saw any battery or reed switch