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You Suck At Cooking
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  • Ryan Carder
    Ryan Carder 38 minutes ago

    So... Like... Can I roughly follow this recipe and actually cook something?

    • You Suck At Cooking
      You Suck At Cooking 35 minutes ago

      You can follow it roughly or specifically and actually cook something.

  • anna tisko
    anna tisko 38 minutes ago

    *cries while eating gingerbread*

  • Bubble Bass
    Bubble Bass Hour ago

    Really disappointed that when he tossed the second chicken breast up an egg didn't come down instead, so that we could debate wether the chicken or the egg came first

  • GutSlayer
    GutSlayer Hour ago


  • Declan Swapp
    Declan Swapp Hour ago

    The evolution in you has been so drastic and I love both these you’s YSAC

  • Jacoby Lee
    Jacoby Lee Hour ago

    That egg scene was dumb

  • Josephpkk Gaming
    Josephpkk Gaming 2 hours ago

    666k views D:<

  • Tanya von Rosenfeld
    Tanya von Rosenfeld 2 hours ago

    keto is literally just the atkins diet reskinned. regardless, it’s fun as fuck

  • Lilly Loving Heart
    Lilly Loving Heart 2 hours ago

    I dont think he's a tough guy.... *he's a hardcore ultimate man*

  • Ninoslav Stankovic
    Ninoslav Stankovic 2 hours ago

    probably not the first guy to say this, but could you rip off binging with babish more?! jesus

  • Games R Wardens
    Games R Wardens 3 hours ago

    Wait a minute he said burrow instead of borrow IS HE FROM MAINE

  • Jen Tuesday
    Jen Tuesday 3 hours ago

    I love how he acknowledged the conspiracy-paranoia a lot of us folks on Keto seem to have 😂

  • Weird_ Person420
    Weird_ Person420 3 hours ago

    U w U

  • Gabriel Zoffka
    Gabriel Zoffka 3 hours ago

    I'm so glad I decided to watch these videos.

  • Lightning Mcseed
    Lightning Mcseed 4 hours ago

    Rip people who put in eggs instead of mayo

  • Ignitee ,
    Ignitee , 4 hours ago

    I’m the likes bacon guy

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi 5 hours ago

    *breaks in the video*

  • ChromeLynx
    ChromeLynx 5 hours ago

    The stick scene was oddly sensual...

  • Pizza Dog
    Pizza Dog 5 hours ago

    I want a Pimblokto face reveal more than yours.

  • knightmareco
    knightmareco 6 hours ago

    I love the small details, like the chipped mug

  • TheRealToasʇ
    TheRealToasʇ 6 hours ago

    this is like How To Basic but in a more professional way

  • MikebobGaming
    MikebobGaming 6 hours ago

    you need to finish this egg story homeboy

  • Just Ianah2シ
    Just Ianah2シ 6 hours ago

    Him: 1:57 My math teacher: *Offended*

  • Jon Rodriguez
    Jon Rodriguez 7 hours ago

    What wrong with 0:21 ? Why he say time like that

  • ッCxmplexity
    ッCxmplexity 8 hours ago

    _But eggs are from chickens._ Vegetarians lmao.

  • Stacy Yagami
    Stacy Yagami 8 hours ago

    please do sushi :(

  • destiny blue
    destiny blue 9 hours ago

    Am i the only one who wanted to see the carrot actually get roasted by honey?

  • Smeg Skull
    Smeg Skull 9 hours ago

    Damn, u mean bro, let the robot be

  • destiny blue
    destiny blue 10 hours ago


  • Sariyu Passi
    Sariyu Passi 10 hours ago

    Well, zero was invented in india. But joke taken

  • Sariyu Passi
    Sariyu Passi 10 hours ago

    Easy recipes + perfect comic timming= pure gold ❤️

  • thanus 69
    thanus 69 10 hours ago

    Was it worth it?

  • Killer Racoon
    Killer Racoon 10 hours ago

    I'm kinda impressed with the apple laltern and cucumber laltern

  • Brian Stokes
    Brian Stokes 11 hours ago

    Make more videos you pot licker

  • MirrorederorriM
    MirrorederorriM 11 hours ago

    Just what the fuck. Seriously.. What the fuck. That was highly unexpected in the best way possible.

  • Jay Patil
    Jay Patil 11 hours ago

    Oh the horror of tuning cucumbers 1st string

  • Ntandokazi Mngomeni
    Ntandokazi Mngomeni 11 hours ago

    As a girl, this intimidates me

  • Bella Contess
    Bella Contess 11 hours ago

    I can't believe how well produced all of this is. I mean, this is a cooking channel. And a comedy channel. And a music channel. And a filmography channel. And it just excels in all of these categories.

  • Bella Contess
    Bella Contess 11 hours ago

    I can never. tell. if he does things on purpose for comedic effect or if the sugar genuinely slipped out of his hand and he decided to work with that situation.

  • Gloria Campbell
    Gloria Campbell 13 hours ago

    This salad dressing changed my life.

  • bangtanftbeebo;
    bangtanftbeebo; 13 hours ago

    why is this recommended to me after i ate ramen lmao

  • not akali
    not akali 14 hours ago

    Basically a non-aggressive howtobasic

  • Can I get 1k subscribers without any videos? :3

    Me: *watches intro* Still me: *stabs myself in the brain a little too hard*

  • FBI
    FBI 15 hours ago

    I liked that Twenty One Pilots reference.

  • Lauren
    Lauren 16 hours ago

    thank you for this lmao

  • lian invidiado
    lian invidiado 16 hours ago

    I like your laugh .

  • Borden
    Borden 18 hours ago

    pimblokto my love! 😭😭

  • Luke Calkins
    Luke Calkins 19 hours ago

    he was on something in this video

  • Filoche
    Filoche 21 hour ago

    That rug really ties the room together tho!

  • Derpy MinerVN
    Derpy MinerVN 23 hours ago

    When u wanna be a musician but ur mom wants u to be a chef

  • Brownie
    Brownie 23 hours ago

    People dislike because of your "trolly" nature, I guess they think your channel is serious about cooking but really isn't and they dislike and they don't watch the whole video.

  • PuffyBudgerigar
    PuffyBudgerigar 23 hours ago

    ‘Cheese salami flute’ ~ plays it like a recorder...

  • L H
    L H 23 hours ago

    I have a problem

  • Chesus Jrist
    Chesus Jrist 23 hours ago

    My favorite part about Keto is complaing about carbs while talking about how I lost 1000 pounds my first month.

  • James stephens
    James stephens 23 hours ago

    He has to stop using this salty language

  • G4Tanus
    G4Tanus Day ago

    It’s weird that he started out as this aggressive cooking show, now his humor is, um, special.

  • SiNDicate Zero

    Thicc thighs..

  • Renee Laventure

    Remember that lettuce Is your bread now

  • Robert Robb
    Robert Robb Day ago

    I have a strange feeling that this guy is the same guy who does junkball media (aka the best Star Trek USclip channel evaaa)

  • Last Eclipse
    Last Eclipse Day ago

    Fucking butter... this is getting me thinking....

  • gibblegobble
    gibblegobble Day ago

    this isnt the time to be a maveric

  • حلم جميل

    I love the song

  • grimSleeper59
    grimSleeper59 Day ago

    I don’t think I’ll ever actually try any of these recipes. I just watch these videos because they’re fucking hilarious.

  • John Rankin
    John Rankin Day ago

    Enjoy your fucking potato, lmao old school gold!

  • ReflectionEternal2

    Best ASMR on USclip

  • Pasha Mayo
    Pasha Mayo Day ago

    Robby brought me here like if he brought you here too

  • MansonYT
    MansonYT Day ago

    Just take some lemon and some ade and smash em together

  • 1000 subscribers without any videos

    What kind if white shit is this?!

  • Micah Castillo

    0:40 Did he say peppa or pepper??

  • Xaiver Jenkins

    You suck a gaming, yes you totally suck

  • StandupKnight49 Yt

    Why then fudge did I just felt so sad for two inanimate objects

  • Lochlan White
    Lochlan White Day ago

    I can smell the onions in this video

  • RedMasterJV
    RedMasterJV Day ago

    1:53 Lol that blur worked out. I totally couldn't tell it was Jamie Oliver pesto.

  • ash the trash
    ash the trash Day ago

    when you try to be silent at 3AM

  • Fancjak
    Fancjak Day ago

    Im hot while eating chocolate

  • Raymond Jones
    Raymond Jones Day ago

    "...electric wang-jangler....minimum wanglatude....thicker than thick water...cylindrical compression tube...." dude, you own the language, you own cooking.

  • Raymond Jones
    Raymond Jones Day ago

    Awesome! I watched this four times before sending this on to my sons Nathan and Ryan and my friends who understand my humor. I would invite my friends over for Gingerbread Cookies, but I know they will tell me some lame excuse like.... I like out of state.... or something like that.

  • beamerLiLpeeP 1

    Dude your never going to run out of ideas all you need is food recopies

  • Igor kremer
    Igor kremer Day ago


  • Lil Anxeity
    Lil Anxeity Day ago

    when you thought it was gonna a some what regular video but pimblocko comes back

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo Day ago

    My man used Harmon to chop. 👏👏👏

  • al pha
    al pha Day ago

    Apparently you can be in ketosis without being on the keto diet. Just accidentally fasting intermittently can do the job 👍 This is not a paid promotion or professional advice, the source is this comes directly from- guess who? ME!!!

    • You Suck At Cooking
      You Suck At Cooking Day ago

      TRUE. Fasting will get you into ketosis as you run out of glucose and start processing your body fat.


    Why did this make me cry?


    More keto please!

  • francis francis

    Man you are very very talented. I hope you get the praise and love you deserve.

  • dontlookatme pls

    I doubt any one still reads these, but if you do, I highly recommend trying this recipe. It’s absolutely amazing and requires minimum wangjangling

  • Wolfy Mudkips
    Wolfy Mudkips Day ago

    As a brit i can say.. this video is very accurate, good job

  • Diana Khoto
    Diana Khoto Day ago

    Voice kinda like misha collins or I'm wrong


    joHn..... *Chef John*

  • Samou angeline

    *If u do not like pickles get ur head checked* I agree

  • Jerome Joz
    Jerome Joz Day ago

    Simple rick

  • billies avacado

    I'm listening to twenty one pilots but this video is still there except the actual video everything else is there it's weird

  • Murkyjerky 17
    Murkyjerky 17 Day ago

    Your videos always makes my day

  • Will j.Smith
    Will j.Smith Day ago

    This is actually porn to my ear

  • mimt 88
    mimt 88 Day ago

    Just buy Indomie It's amazing

  • 人
     Day ago

    hey buddy is 1/3 cup of gossip really matter

  • FBI
    FBI Day ago

    I just realized something... Hypocritisism is the Capitalism of morals.

  • Aaron Archer
    Aaron Archer Day ago

    why is there a durex in the fridge?

  • Nathan Jennings

    Not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of the egg drama, I usually skip that bit in your videos. But you make some hella good food for someone who sucks at cooking.

  • Lily Draws
    Lily Draws Day ago

    I thought we were making crack...