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When Trees Go NutsWhen Trees Go Nuts
When Trees Go Nuts
8 months ago

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  • Leafywashere
    Leafywashere Year ago


  • SomeGuyCreates
    SomeGuyCreates Year ago

    I have one BIIIIG question: Why in the world are the bottom of clouds almost Flat??? Like... Why?

  • makertje84
    makertje84 Year ago

    Great channel. question: Why is the ozone layer thinnest over the south pole? Why not equally thin all over the world? why not thinnest over the areas that put out most cfc's?

  • Science4 Life
    Science4 Life Year ago

    Hi can people possibly give feedback to my channel? I made mine in inspiration of minutephysics, MinuteEarth and Veritasium. Thanks everybody! If anybody wants feedback, I can help! Let me know with a reply.

  • Ventress Star Wars

    minute earth do a live video plz!!

    • MinuteEarth
      MinuteEarth Year ago

      We've started doing occasional livestreams as a perk for our Patrons - come check out our Patreon community! www.patreon.com/minuteearth

  • سوبر الفلاح

    Can I use the content displayed in your channel translation to my language, and use it in my channel. (Arabic)

  • سوبر الفلاح

    I am very impressed with your channel, amazing and wonderful and full of the information, I love her☺

  • Brian Donahue
    Brian Donahue Year ago

    Hi... I would like to recommend 3 new topics for Minute Earth. 1.) How do they build bridges and tunnels under water? how does that happen? 2.) How does a scab heal on a body? 3.) how does a telephone work when you dial? Thank you! Anderson Donahue

  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang Year ago

    discord.gg/rDxUfbe go ham. on this server. on every channel. leave nothing but memes and salt behind. do it. now

  • Ken Gui
    Ken Gui Year ago

    hello! i like your animations a lot, may i request a video on "how longitude and latitude works?" like a more detail one

  • Ethan Carlos
    Ethan Carlos Year ago

    Is a virus alive? And can you use it to change DNA?

  • Ethan Carlos
    Ethan Carlos Year ago

    can you make a video about volcanoes

  • Jp
    Jp Year ago

    Wonderful Contents. Question, if we have different dominant eyes, what differences can they achieve? Like, can the less dominant will see different lights or colors? or can see much more farther? i'm curious

  • Justin Schreiber

    MinuteChemistry please!

  • xponen_
    xponen_ Year ago

    hi, I want to notify you that Hygiene Hypothesis don't explain asthma & allergies anymore. Instead, animal allergens, like cockroach & rat dropping, is tied to that condition. So, your video usclip.net/video/ex5y6OVVHe0/video.html might be outdated. Source: usclip.net/video/NtivTo92Al4/video.html

  • Pi
    Pi Year ago

    You know your vaccine video? The comment section is like full of people saying that vaccines cause autism and lightbulbs and cancer and 6 fingers and stuff. I mean, wouldn't life be better if you had 6 fingers? You should turn off comments or something on that video.

  • lorna bugtong
    lorna bugtong Year ago

    you could use the knowledge you gathered to earn money like.produce, product, ect... "knowledge is worth more than gold and silver " Proverbs

  • Mimi Kal
    Mimi Kal Year ago

    STOP trying to conserve wildlife. Evolution is key. Conservation of unsuited organisms is wrong. When the dinosaurs ruled, they didn't conserve wildlife, they destroyed it forcing it to evolve for the better. We are the same - just because we have smartphones doesn't mean we're the omnipotent mega-creatures that should try to help the ones that aren't as good as us. So far we are the best overall species is the world, and by conservation of lesser creatures we are stopping evolution. We are wasting loads of our precious time and money on doing things FOR the lesser organisms: almost like breathing for them. If they can't survive in the new environment (like many couldn't when the dinosaurs came in), TOUGH.

    • Tom Frankberg
      Tom Frankberg Year ago

      In most of the cases where we try to conserve wildlife we are the ones that damaged the species in the first place. All we are trying to do is right the wrongs that our species has inflicted on the world. Previous generations did not care about what they did to our planet, and it was not until until recently that we started to notice the harm that our species has caused. If we do not try to conserve our planet and continue to wreak havoc, than we will render it unable to sustain life and become extinct as a species. Is that what you want?

  • NicoApplication
    NicoApplication Year ago

    Dear Production Team , wich of you is the 3rd Reich ?

  • William Zhou
    William Zhou Year ago

    there is a channel coping your videos called Joker84

  • CalabusDabus
    CalabusDabus Year ago

    In your latest video "Why Did T Rex Have Such Tiny Arms?" You claimed that the coccyx is useless (that it is vestigial.) This is simply not true, as the coccyx connects to several very important muscle groups, ones that not only allow you to hold in your feces, but ones that are also very important to the male as it connects to the pelvic floor. I request that you either change the video or create a new video on the coccyx stating that your previous claims were false.

  • Inside World
    Inside World Year ago

    Hello MinuteEarth, how often do you post videos?

  • machineR90
    machineR90 Year ago

    This channel is wrong in so many ways :) If you believe in 'evolution' I believe you have yet not 'evolved' from fish or monkeys or dirt or whatever you are telling young people in these videos. People please be objective and look for the answers yourselves. I recommend Chuck Missler or Kent Hovind or BOTH. Over and out.

  • gamer. exe
    gamer. exe Year ago

    can you do a video about the anime

  • Thomas-L L
    Thomas-L L Year ago

    Video Suggestion: The Keystone Pipeline

  • Phing Chov
    Phing Chov 2 years ago

    Congratulations on over 100 million views! Keep up the awesome work!

  • Ruben Kelevra
    Ruben Kelevra 2 years ago

    Why don't we revive some old species to study them? Like Neandertals, Denisovas or some extinct species?

  • Ruben Kelevra
    Ruben Kelevra 2 years ago

    Can you do a Video about the TKM-World Link? :)

  • AdamFra
    AdamFra 2 years ago

    You are the best!

  • Jeffrey Fredricksen
    Jeffrey Fredricksen 2 years ago

    Would you guys be able to do a video either confirming or debunking the "huge oceans" under the crust? Thanks.

  • sky cuddler
    sky cuddler 2 years ago

    Heyy theree!

  • Faces Deluxe 9000+
    Faces Deluxe 9000+ 2 years ago

    Love the puns

  • meri
    meri 2 years ago

    NEW SCIENCE is applied sciences such as physics, biology, sociology and all fields of knowledge with purpose and commitment to improve issues in societies such as improving overall quality of water, air, cultures, diversities, land on earth as people live on earth. quality of overall environment and resources matter to all of us now and future. knowledge should not be use to pollute the world and world resources

  • antonio hernandez aguillares

    Deberían poner otra vez los vídeos a español. Por favor.

  • Kitty Cat Meow
    Kitty Cat Meow 2 years ago

    What is your favorite dog breed?🐶

  • Ricksdetrix
    Ricksdetrix 2 years ago

    MinuteEarth, how can I do my part to help the planet, or to organize something to make more people aware and help them make changes too?

  • InnovAU: Invent, Innovate, and Create Your World

    Just a quick message to say THANK YOU for the continually amazing content!!

  • meri
    meri 2 years ago

    earth discussion: how to help and make people care about issues: participate, educate and problem solving with zero long term negative effects. California is in drought which is a big/huge/giant issue affecting all of us now and future as we live in the US. why are there California officers and state employees who serve to protect all persons in various functions yet did not protect resources, natural resources and environment and health and well being of all persons including wildlife? water is precious resources to all persons for environment for animals and all of us. it takes a lot of energy to produce ice from water. why waste for a challenge? a good cause can be contributed to without wasting resources. by wasting resources the act contribute to more drought and affecting all healths and all persons as we all live in the environment. videos: usclip.net/video/MCYiX1Mmp2I/video.html usclip.net/video/hdFdGFsKdNg/video.html usclip.net/video/ECAqqj7flhg/video.html ,"make my challenge known" usclip.net/video/JuWNng6u-8s/video.html Please also search for all videos utilizing youtube uploaded data and much more to uncover all evidence of wasting water contributing to drought by officers and state employees whose jobs are to protect all persons and solve all issues (including drought). Irvine pd, "leads the way" (some quote from ipd and many pd) however many officers including many the OC have contributed to more drought and waste of resources. how could this happen where is common sense to serve to protect all persons and solve issues?? please tell employees in many gov departments to not waste local, state and interstate resources and to be transparent in daily work(www.whitehouse.gov/the_press_office/TransparencyandOpenGovernment) and to reduce energy and resource waste. please participate in helping the environment and state issues and the planet. even trump has an ice bucket video. please help educate all those who do not care or know about climate change and drought and how environment is affected with all details at all levels. there are also recent environmental polluting by pd doing running man challenges. usclip.net/video/HYLcioudtwQ/video.html usclip.net/video/aoVa5M33Ljo/video.html .Every item costs so much natural resources.

  • Rebecca Thorpe
    Rebecca Thorpe 2 years ago

    A little kid asked my grandmother this question recently. "How can something 100% wool shrink in the wash when sheep get wet all the time and their wool doesn't shrink."

  • Relit
    Relit 2 years ago

    Keep up the fantastic work! I like your Vid! If you get a second let me know what you think of my videos! Thanks!!!

  • The God of troll
    The God of troll 2 years ago

    I like all of your videos. all of them are interesting except!! the fucking MUSIC!! it boreds me a lot!!

  • Yusuf Khan
    Yusuf Khan 2 years ago

    0:44 of your Why Do We Have More Boys Than Girls? video. Can you give a source for that. It appears to contradict what I was taught

  • Sahil Dahiya
    Sahil Dahiya 2 years ago

    please make a video on, "how does electromagnetic propulsion drive works?" Thank you!!

  • Chaitanya Shinde
    Chaitanya Shinde 2 years ago

    Hi MinuteEarth, I want to make a video on Road Accidents in India. I have the required data, also I have created a script which is 3:52 seconds but with your voice over it might reduce a bit. I do not know how to create a good video out of it plus I have 0 audience :). You are influential and with accurate data we can create a good video. If you read the comment plz reply. Hope we can save a life!

  • Gary Collin
    Gary Collin 2 years ago

    hey world I got a big question to ask is it cheaper to go to the coffee shop and get a coffee, spend the day there. as compared to spending it back home?

  • holmes feronton
    holmes feronton 2 years ago

    science of deadly sins science of rich people science of poor people science of greedy people science of human survival

  • Rasmus Lundqvist
    Rasmus Lundqvist 2 years ago

    May be the most important youtube channel. Never stop what you guys are doing, you're educating the world about how to improve our future. *FUCKING AMAZING!*

  • chris
    chris 2 years ago

    How Does Quick Sand work?

    • Emily Elert
      Emily Elert 2 years ago

      we actually made a video about this already! check out "What Happened To This Car?"

  • Recce
    Recce 2 years ago

    How do you do the animations?

  • Manuel Vasquez
    Manuel Vasquez 2 years ago

    You guys do an awesome job both in minutephysics and in minuteearth! I have a queation for you guys: How close is the bottom of the ocean to the center of the earth?

  • Eddie Cheng
    Eddie Cheng 2 years ago

    Hi Henry and his fellows/colleagues, After watching the video "How We Make MinuteEarth Videos (Behind the Scenes)", the first feeling is wow. It is because making 3-4mins video actually costs almost 1 week for each person involved. I really appreciated the effort that all of you have given and the things I learned from the video. For me, I love to share my knowledge as well but I dont have such time for these procedures and techniques. I really DO hope that all colleagues in MinuteEarth/Physics can carry on doing such great sharing with us generously, and most importantly, the audiences should at least give compliment to them by clicking the "Like" button. (Btw, I am your big fan since 2012 - after watching the 3rd video in MinutePhysics channel!) Keep up the great work. Respect!

  • Nick Tervoort
    Nick Tervoort 2 years ago

    I need to know something for my school project and i can't find it anywhere. I have to study the history of the tangerine, but i have a question about it: How do scientist make new species of the tangerine like: how do you make them hold more water, or have more taste. Most important part of the question is: How do you make tangerines without seeds?is it done by nature, or do scientist affect the DNA of the plant. Hope to hear from you soon,sincerely yours,Nick T The Netherlands

  • towerofnix
    towerofnix 2 years ago

    I've noticed that the outros of channels similar to this (kurzgesagt, sci show, etc.) all have the same or similar layouts. Is this just.. coincidence?

  • Romania de azi
    Romania de azi 2 years ago

    I am here to discuss the How Much Does Meat Actually Cost? video, it;s poorly made, and poorly researched. and you have just brainwashed vegan view in your video... talk to me, I will tell you how the problem really can be solved. a skype call or something like that will suffice

    • Romania de azi
      Romania de azi 2 years ago

      so you dismiss and asses somebody abilities based on a name on youtube? are you vegan? only vegans think so little and criticize this much... I am nobody? I could be anybody behind a youtube name. and I don;t think you have the brainpower to understand the concept of veganism...

    • JRB
      JRB 2 years ago

      +Romania de azi You're a nobody. You know nothing.

  • Val
    Val 2 years ago

    Cool channel, but the thing about the hidden cost of meat isn't..necessarily..all true. More like 1/3 the cost. The subsidies given out to farmers by the U.S government are absolutely absurd, but the damage to our body and the environment from eating meat is largely overstated (aside from water consumption. A lot of water goes to cattle in the U.S, but there are probably ways to use less and to use what we have more wisely). Soil erosion is bs because hay fields actually slow down erosion considerably and the damage to our bodies, well, let's just say that the science is hardly settled and there have been few, if any, studies done on comparing grass fed to grain fed beef.

  • cap
    cap 2 years ago

    So much false info? Cite your fucking soruces.

    • cap
      cap 2 years ago

      +Quanta When did I say it was funny? There is nothing wrong with it.

    • Quanta
      Quanta 2 years ago

      +Captinpixles There in nothing funny by being killed and sold for 3$/per kilo!

    • cap
      cap 2 years ago

      +Herbert Miller not that one, the shitty meat price one. It's plain vegan propaganda.

    • Herbert Miller
      Herbert Miller 2 years ago

      +Captinpixles On every video? Sources cited on Who are flowers trying to seduce I grabbed the first one to come up so. . . References: Cox, P. (1993 October). Water Pollinated Plants. Scientific American, 269(4): 68-74 Johnson, S.D. et al. (2001). Rodent pollination in the African lily Massonia depressa (Hyacinthaceae). American Journal of Botany, 88: 1768-1773 Leonard, A.S. & Papaj, D.R. (2011) ‘X’ marks the spot: the possible benefits of nectar guides to bees and plants. Functional Ecology, 25: 1293- 1301 Lunau, K. et al. (2011). Avoidance of achromatic colours by bees provides a private niche for hummingbirds. Journal of Experimental Biology, 214: 1607-1612 Reed, S. et al. (1998). Pollination of Rafflesia (Rafflesiaceae). American Journal of Botany, 75(8): 1148-1162 Rodriguez-Girones, M.A., Santamaria, L. (2004). Why are so many bird flowers red? PLoS Biology, 2:e350 Rosas-Guerrero, V. et al. (2014). A quantitative review of pollination syndromes: do floral traits predict effective pollinators? Ecology Letters, 17: 388-400 Schiestl, F.P. & Dotterl, S. (2012) The evolution of floral scent and olfactory preferences in pollinators: coevolution or pre-existing bias? Evolution, 66: 2042-2055 Please try to stick to reality. Also where are your sources that prove them wrong. You fail to answer. Is that from neglect or a lack of proof/

    • cap
      cap 2 years ago

      +Herbert Miller They cited a fucking blog. I win

  • Alexandra Boehmke
    Alexandra Boehmke 2 years ago

    Would you do an episode on what it means to be dirty, a la dirty dishes, and what happens when we clean, please?

  • Lija Maksymiuk
    Lija Maksymiuk 2 years ago

    Could you guys make a video about the Maori tribe in new Zealand, including the religion, traditons, and a brief history? It would be interesting. :)

  • Mabel Wong
    Mabel Wong 2 years ago

    Could you make a video about CRISPR genome editing (science and controversy) please?

  • Carl Jeffri Resurreccion

    Coolest. Channel. Ever.

  • Sam Simmons
    Sam Simmons 3 years ago

    If you are going to continue to put out videos that are more false than true at least have a contact so that people can ask questions or debate your claims. For example in the 1970 people with the same beliefs as your organization called the change in weather global cooling, then in the 80's and 90's it was global warming. Now here we are in the age of climate change. You do realize the climate changes everyday which obviously it makes disputing it impossible. I happen to live in Indiana and recently listened to the democrat debate where Bernie said it was 65 during Christmas in his home state well it was about 65 in Indiana as well. If you look back at history in 1982 that's over 30 years ago in December it was 78. I just watched a video where you claim the earth is hundreds of millions of years old. You do realize there are no human records that go even a million years back. The concept of carbon dating was created by man and the mathematics used in determining this are also man made which is not scientifically accurate. Your organization is run by degrowthers your movement would have us all living in the stone ages if you could. Technology is a great thing, capitalism is a great thing. The only thing that affects the earth and it's climate is that big ball of fire in the sky, you know the sun. Over 30,000 scientist have signed a petition stating man made climate change is false. This is all common sense you're putting out cartoons to make it pleasing to the eye and suck people in who believe this garb and those are the exact people who voted for Obama. You know the people that have no idea who Harry Reid, Barney Frank or Nancy Pelosi are but if you ask them who spent $150,000 on her wardrobe during the 2008 election they would say Sarah Palin.

    • JRB
      JRB 2 years ago

      +Sam Simmons Lol the weather changes everyday, not the climate. You're a dumbass, why are you even on this channel? Go crawl back under your rock.

  • Lucia O'Toole
    Lucia O'Toole 3 years ago

    You should make a video about why the color fades from meat when cooked.

  • Maga Man
    Maga Man 3 years ago

    i have a Question, can food roten in you're belly

  • Teo Shi Yuan
    Teo Shi Yuan 3 years ago

    it would be awesome if MinuteEarth would make a video about how the evolution tree of life changed over the millions of years and during those extinction periods ..

  • Amy Jo
    Amy Jo 3 years ago

    Doesn't look like you could find any real pictures of space or Earth or any planets for that matter either. I am just having the hardest time in finding just one real picture of space. All I can find are computer generated images(CGI). Do you know why that is? Because the NASA folks, either don't know or they just won't say. I've looked everywhere and asked a lot of supposed space people, but no one has taken a crack at explaining it. Can you? Thanks

  • Sean Liu
    Sean Liu 3 years ago

    surprise me that your guys' video show up in the dem debate. hope that they also show vlogbrothers' video.

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 3 years ago

    I wanted to hear Henry talk in the Dem debate. Bernie 2016

  • Logan Gooley
    Logan Gooley 3 years ago

    I loved your video at the democratic debate. I think we can all agree that Bernie Sanders has the most plans for climate change.

  • Alejandro Arias
    Alejandro Arias 3 years ago

    Hola tengo un proyecto en México sobre concientización en medio ambiente, actualmente uso material de ecofilm, acciona, NASA, y me gustaría usar su material traducido a español para las escuelas públicas, mi proyecto es sin fines de lucro. gracias

  • Kassyni Savior
    Kassyni Savior 3 years ago

    Love your channel. Will be watching your videos with the kids often.

  • Mars TV cartoons
    Mars TV cartoons 3 years ago

    Woww! 💖 Love your epic Channel. New subscriber! Please take 5 seconds to visit my Channel so i can return some entertainment. This funny new cartoon is a guaranteed lol! 🌟✨💌 Keep up the awesomeness! nikki

  • Pieter-Samuel du Plessis

    Everyone is on about how the universe is expanding, what if everything in the universe is constantly shrinking at the same rate and thats why things seem to get further away. Can we prove it either way?

  • What, me worry?
    What, me worry? 3 years ago

    What if another planet came whizzing by Earth within the Roche limit but not colliding?

    • Emily Elert
      Emily Elert 3 years ago

      +Living the Dream Good question! I imagine it would depend on whether that planet was bigger or smaller than Earth, and by how much, but in any case it seems like it wouldn't be good (for us, at least) :)

  • Eric Albert
    Eric Albert 3 years ago

    Hello, there is no discussion here whatsoever, you have responded to absolutely nobody. So here's another drop of water in the ocean: CAN YOU EXPLAIN FLAT-EARTH THEORY ??? Why does it make so much sense and can be proven scientifically ??? 2015- The year where Flat-earth broke the internet. :D ! Cheers, keep up the great work.

    • Eric Albert
      Eric Albert 2 years ago

      +Flazéda Ya Thanks, Mr judgment, Mr insult, didn't see that comin', nope not in the very least. (:P) - Wake up to your actual reality. You are an embarrassment to the scientific method. You, fine sir, are quickly judging something you don't seem to understand. Still waiting for a GLOBE-EARTH picture taken from any of the sattelites, Apollo mission, Space agency, home-made, Russian, Japan, China- anything, just 1 pic, 35mm on Kodak Ektachrome film like they did almost 50 years ago, ang go. (I won't wait up)

    • JRB
      JRB 2 years ago

      People like you are an embarrassment to the human race

    • JRB
      JRB 2 years ago

      I not even going to entertain this

    • Eric Albert
      Eric Albert 2 years ago

      +Flazéda Ya Please return to your indoctrination, this is no place for non-critical researchers. If you use the scientific method, you have no choice in knowing that "THE EARTH IS NOT A GLOBE", if it is really "flat" /square /pyramid reversed, not sure. All I know is that there is no 35 mm Kodak Ektachrome film picture of a "globe" earth. ( u prolly still think man walked on the moon 6 times, right?) then go back to your indoctrination, you seem to have been brainwashed for too long, . So please, come back with some type of "dumb" insult, still won't show me a curve, or earth spin. Please, by all means, please humour me with some fake CGI bullshit from your science religion.

    • JRB
      JRB 2 years ago

      +Eric “All4sounds” Albert They don't have to 'explain flat earth theory' because it's flat out primitive bullshit and doesn't deserve humouring.

  • Taste Sking
    Taste Sking 3 years ago

    I saw a video i thought came from Minute Earth. It was about the population proportions of animals. Seagulls were used as an example of pirates and fishers, where a stable small portion of the population would always be pirates. Anyone know what video I am talking about? Please tell me, I need to see it again.

    • MrAntieMatter
      MrAntieMatter 2 years ago

      You're welcome :D

    • Taste Sking
      Taste Sking 2 years ago

      +MrAntieMatter Yes, thank you! It wasn't too late. I found it. thanks again :D

    • MrAntieMatter
      MrAntieMatter 2 years ago

      This might be a little too late, but it was a Veritasium video, it featured Richard Dawkins.

    • Emily Elert
      Emily Elert 3 years ago

      +Taste Sking Sorry, this doesn't sound like a video we made...

  • Hait Patel
    Hait Patel 3 years ago

    what will happen if moon goes away and earth tilts and start orbiting sideways around sun

  • Emílio B. Pedrollo
    Emílio B. Pedrollo 3 years ago

    Hello +MinuteEarth team, i've submitted a portuguese subtitle to your #OursToLose vídeo, please add Brazilian url to contact our leaders on it's description: www2.camara.leg.br/participe/fale-conosco/fale-com-o-deputado

  • mrcalzon02
    mrcalzon02 3 years ago

    ate night thoughts have me questioning things, lots of things. 1.If our solar system is traveling through space, which way is it going? 2. is there anything in its path? 3.does our galaxy have a direction? 4. what is our relative time to it? or our relative time to the center of our universe? 5.What happens when you stretch a hole in space-time? 6.What about when you fold it(space-time)? 7.Can such a hole in space-time be closed? 8.Would your folded pocket of space-time unfold itself if released? or simply vanish forever into its own pocket reality? 9. If it did so could you open it again? 10. Is space time like a fluid or more like a Gelatin? 11. Will the fabric of reality unravel if you poke a hole in it, like an old sweater ? 12. If you modify the the space time locally inside the well of a larger well of said space time what happens?( would warping the local space-time inside the influence of the earth have effects on the planet as a whole? 13.What about on a solar scale? could it alter our course around our star if we modify our planets relative space-time? 14. If you De-Synchronized your own space time from that of the earths? what would happen to you? 15. If you cancel out your velocity around our planets core, then that of it's rotation around our star and then the rotation around the galaxy, could you reach absolute zero? would your need to cancel out your motion relative to the universe's center to reach a total stop of atomic motion? 16. What affect could such an effect have on a living mind? 17. if i knew more people with science degrees could they answer these questions? 18, Can i share this with someone who might actually be able to ponder these questions seriously? maybe. Share with the smartest people you know! and maybe someday we can get some answers!

    • Emily Elert
      Emily Elert 3 years ago

      +mrcalzon02 sounds like an animation challenge for +UnPuntoCircular!

  • April
    April 3 years ago

    I am so discouraged with the amount of crazy talk under the "How Risky are Vaccines" video. somebody save me from feeling like we are surrounded by total insanity because of false information. ahhhhhhhhh!!! Why are those people even watching a MinuteEarth video if they don't follow and kind of understand the legitimacy of scientific thinking? :(

    • Emily Elert
      Emily Elert 3 years ago

      +April Brown The good news is that the YT comment section does not represent the majority viewpoint! Also, my hunch is that the commenters in question are not actually watching MinuteEarth - they come for the comments section.

    • Finding the Others
      Finding the Others 3 years ago

      +April Brown maybe it has to do with choosing between the red pill or the blue pill.

  • Verioth
    Verioth 3 years ago

    I always think that I'm watching asapscience when I watch this channel.

  • TheSnipenieer
    TheSnipenieer 3 years ago

    everytime I watch one of ur videos, I learn something new. I only have subscribed to 2 science channels, In a nutshell and u guys. I like the channel soooo much that I even put in my channels suggestions!!oh, by the way, I don't watch MinutePhysics cause its way to complicated to me.

    • Hillary Trump
      Hillary Trump 2 years ago

      +Mr_Nukess :D It's easy to me...Maybe a little TO easy?

    • Emily Elert
      Emily Elert 3 years ago

      +Mr_Nukess :D Thanks for the kind words!

  • Stephen Kirby
    Stephen Kirby 3 years ago

    “Only the decent into the insanity of the ‘information masquerading as knowledge’, held within your subconscious mind, will lead you to the self-knowledge that can pave the way to individual human enlightenment.” Stephen Kirby (2015)

  • Melanie Renee
    Melanie Renee 3 years ago

    My students and I love your videos! They've been requesting a video about the Ring of Fire. Any chances you guys could make that happen? Thanks!

    • Emily Elert
      Emily Elert 3 years ago

      +Melanie Renee we'll put it on our (admittedly long) list. Thanks for saying hi!

  • JFKlone
    JFKlone 3 years ago

    QUESTION: Why is it that to date, NOBODY has ever circumnavigated the Earth from POLE to POLE ?

  • Random Access Memory

    can you explain me Why we start counting our age from when we delivered from our mother's womb and not +9 month?

  • Tiberiu Nicolae
    Tiberiu Nicolae 3 years ago

    I like your videos but the female voice has so much vocal fry it's impossible to watch.

    • Emily Elert
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      +Tiberiu Nicolae Hi there. I'm the female voice you hear when you watch MinuteEarth. We have gotten lots of comments about my vocal fry, so the good news is, you are not alone. On the other hand, Henry, our male narrator, also employs vocal fry in his narration, and to my knowledge we have never received a comment about it. So I'm curious: does vocal fry bother you only when it shows up in a female voice? And if so, why do you think that is?

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    • Emily Elert
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      +Abrar Faiyaz Lava. Or, technically, magma ('lava' is used to describe molten rock on Earth's surface; 'magma' is the term for molten rock inside). Though quite possibly (I mean, theoretically) you could keep digging through the super-hot-but-not-molten mantle and not reach liquid rock until the outer core.

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    • Emily Elert
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      +Adi SK Hi, sorry for the late reply. So, as far as I know, we really don't know much about the insides of other planets. We use earthquake waves to figure that out on Earth. For the rest of the solar system, we have to look for signs at the surface; lava flows on Mars, for instance, tell us that the planet had active tectonics at some point in the not-so-distant past (which means it must have had a convecting mantle to drive plate motion), but we don't know what's going on in there today... This reminds me that we've been meaning to make a video about how we know what's inside Earth. We'll have to put that back on our list - thanks for the reminder!

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      The reason we see green when looking at most plants is that they do not absorb light from that spectrum. Meaning that green light is not useful to them during photosynthesis. Because of this, excluding green light would be no different than giving them normal light. Of course, it would also be better than no light at all. Feel free to check out my channel for more science.

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    I don't seem to be able to solve a problem I have with the German Umlauts and my subtitle editor. So, no German translations for the moment from my side, sorry.

  • CharlieCharles27
    CharlieCharles27 5 years ago

    could you do a video about equatorial and celestial coordinate?

  • Anupam Dahal
    Anupam Dahal 5 years ago

    Why does hot water convert into ice faster than chill water?

  • Matic Leva
    Matic Leva 5 years ago

    I don't think disabling comments on your last video was needed.

    • Alex Anderlik
      Alex Anderlik 5 years ago

      +seededfury Because they don't want to bother understanding it.

    • momentai
      momentai 5 years ago

      +seededfury So I wouldn't complain about the lack of minute physics videos...

  • youdog000
    youdog000 5 years ago

    is the ostrich egg actually the "largest cell in the world" ???

  • NotAsian
    NotAsian 5 years ago


  • twosquirrelly
    twosquirrelly 5 years ago

    If the earth was shrunk down to the size of a basketball, how thick would the 'breathable' atmosphere be? I think I read/heard somewhere that it would be as thick as a coat of wall paint. True?

  • Jill S.
    Jill S. 5 years ago

    I have a mind boggling question for you. If you were to travel fast enough around the earth doing the opposite direction as the earth spins to go back in time; would you eventually run into yourself from before you started traveling? And would you age as you traveled?