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Alex Roy goes to jail
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Rabbit goes to London
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Even More Valet Fails
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I found a Miura in a barn
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  • Codeman785
    Codeman785 Hour ago

    Step one, become a billionaire

  • acronus
    acronus Hour ago

    250+ hp in a beetle with stock suspension and brakes, white...knuckle...tight

  • Milk Dud
    Milk Dud Hour ago

    My life sux

  • Joe Mamma
    Joe Mamma Hour ago

    What are you gonna do dialate his pupils? That part got me there

  • Project Cars
    Project Cars 2 hours ago

    This car is my background on my computer, thanks to Curated for the image.

  • Zach Richard
    Zach Richard 2 hours ago

    Did he just say Gallardo enunciating the two "L's"?

  • Duke city Ride Share

    I keep hearing everything you’re mentioning Ed and I came up to the conclusion that a Corvette stingray or Corvette grand sport is perfect. Here are the reasons why. It’s not exactly a super car, but it has super car looks to the average person. It’s not exactly blistering fast, but it’s not slow either. The average Joe can work hard and actually purchased a brand new Corvette stingray with hard work and determination. Super car is much harder to obtain with an average Joe. A Corvette is actually pretty reliable especially 2014 through 19. Maintenance is actually relatively affordable. It’s actually pretty comfortable for anybody under 6 foot. Surprisingly it’s good on MPG, that is if you’re not pedal to the metal on the highway. At the mention it has nice glorious noises that come out of the exhaust of course you have to have the MPP exhaust.

  • B S
    B S 2 hours ago

    Has anyone tried to do the cannonball in pickup? You can fit a bunch of aux tanks in the bed of the truck and go without stopping for fuel. Diesel would be best way in my opinion. If you used a crew cab you would have more room for people and electronics as well.

  • Jonathan Cooper
    Jonathan Cooper 2 hours ago

    there is a simpler way as there is tech that is possible to use to beat police scanners which is cumbersome in current form but given what your doing it would work in conjunction with the airplane scanner see this

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 2 hours ago

    imagine you think your braking hard but the brakes temperature are not even close to optimal : D

  • Mic Krout
    Mic Krout 2 hours ago

    "His name was Jeff" *chuckles*

  • toby edson
    toby edson 2 hours ago

    Did he say sunny the lamboa

  • matthew anderson
    matthew anderson 2 hours ago

    It sounds like they got jacked for 700 bucks.

  • AdsTrapatony
    AdsTrapatony 2 hours ago

    So Im here for ages following and support and just because im near Nurburgring I cant win the car? Sad. I would pay transport ahah give it to me and we will drive it on the track, got you covered. loool

  • Mike A.
    Mike A. 2 hours ago

    I want to know about the LADA VAZ 2107 on the trailer @ 00:50!

  • kain hall
    kain hall 2 hours ago

    why didnt he SHUT THE CAR OFF.... before bailing out only takes an extra second..... seriously.... on ANY car..... it if catches fire.... TURN THE KEY OFF..... this shuts down the fuel pump gasoline is BY FAR the most flammable thing in a car.... that fuel pump is pushing GALLONS of gas.... at 65psi.... turning it off might just save the car..... if not your life even on old 70s stuff with mechanical fuel pumps...... if the engine is running, its pumping a LOT of gas shut the motor down..... shut off all the electronics (aka, turn off the key) and the only thing that will burn is the plastic and rubber shit on the motor will burn WAY slower..... with WAY less heat..... WAY slower

  • Tim Brien
    Tim Brien 3 hours ago

    Yeah coz all the lambos you love are just so pretty lolz. Must be nice to live such a subjective life

  • Nancy Pelosi
    Nancy Pelosi 3 hours ago

    Anna Bell Peaks.

  • miguel silva
    miguel silva 3 hours ago

    "The Viper is hard to live with" Casey Putsch: *How dare you, mortal*

  • Alex V
    Alex V 3 hours ago

    Tanner is a douche bag. “That’s a big surprise.” - no one ever.

  • Geek Ranch
    Geek Ranch 3 hours ago

    Did he look as terrified in front of the cops as he looks in front of the camera?

  • WolfWould
    WolfWould 3 hours ago

    I got my young sons each a car to take over, nothing you guys would like but for us they are pretty cool, given our financial situation, they chose color, I acquired them over a few years, I take them to school in them since they are little kids right now, so they like the whole idea. But ever since I got these cars the cops have been so understanding, lenient and even friendly by looking under the hood and asking about the exhausts and mods I've done. Never in my whole life has cops been decent to me till now.

  • mur B
    mur B 3 hours ago

    seems like a sociopath

  • Christian Patzer
    Christian Patzer 3 hours ago

    You should totally do audio books dude. With that voice and your story telling prowess you'd be perfect!

  • Brad Sobik
    Brad Sobik 4 hours ago

    Leave it to henry county sheriff's department to pull you over on a race track where you go to do that stuff. Should've went out and got on 19 41 or 20 and done it again and then asked him where you can go fast

  • Zac Huffman
    Zac Huffman 4 hours ago

    Yooo I about shit myself when they said Harrisonburg. JMU REPRESENT 😂

  • Taylor Porter
    Taylor Porter 4 hours ago

    This one made me laugh

  • kuilios
    kuilios 4 hours ago

    Logic: 100

  • UrLocalCommie
    UrLocalCommie 4 hours ago

    How do you deal with points, I don't know about you guys but in California if I get 4 points I get my license suspended speeding is one point and reckless driving is 2 points, and if you're going over 100 you can get your license suspended.

  • Randy French
    Randy French 4 hours ago

    Casey, Cool story Brother cool car too. When I was 27, I was looking to buy a hippie van actually. Something old that looked cool. I went on Ebay & a Add kept popping up about this beautiful 2 year old stretch limosine located in Bellfountain Ohio..And because I was in Indiana at the time.. I thought maybe I should call this guy...And I did..Me & my best went to Ohio that day. I bought the limosine cheaper then what I would have spent on a new Van.. And it had a brand-new engine in it. It was a lincoln Debryan limosine.. only 2 years old. With 37,000 miles on a new engine. So I got it home. Then? ok? Noone in the state of Indiana Insures Limosines...I drove to Allstate.. And they were like "Ya right! So where the car now?".. I said "It's sitting outside"... The guy walks over and seen this beautiful stretch limosine & says.. "OH HELL! I THOUGHT THIS WAS A JOKE!"...So anyways, I finally got it insured through a Broker.. And Um I did alot of weddings with it, alot of Wedding Anniversaries with people in their 90's who were in Total Shock.. I owned it for about 13 years.. So I feel ya. .I like your video man. Keep Rocking Brother! And keep in touch.. -Me

  • VL123
    VL123 4 hours ago

    Just like Hoovies

  • Buick GSX
    Buick GSX 4 hours ago

    Rabbit, you’re wrong. West union has the McDonald’s, not Walhalla. Sincerely, an Oconee county native

  • Mitch O'Leary
    Mitch O'Leary 4 hours ago

    Lol trying to trip their high.

  • matthew anderson
    matthew anderson 4 hours ago

    I saw clippets of the run on a dashcam, why was the whole run not time lapsed? I'm a pro driver and I don't find it feasible that you drove at night with so much bright instrumentation glaring at the drivers seat, I also don't believe that people who are experienced at cross country travel would not expect animals to be in the equation. I see a lot of holes in your story that can be thrown away by posting the dashcam footage. I want to believe this is real

  • matthew anderson
    matthew anderson 5 hours ago

    If you carry two pairs of shoes on a drive, you're not a man. There's no made up gas story that can prove otherwise

  • MrHillfolk
    MrHillfolk 5 hours ago

    I hope you got all your STD shots up to date and had a hazmat suit before going anywhere near that car. At the very least the whole interior would have to be replaced. Lord knows what they did on the hood and in the trunk too.

  • Raitzi
    Raitzi 5 hours ago

    Subscribe to Casey's channel. He deserves it.

  • yfz450rx
    yfz450rx 5 hours ago

    I wanna see kimmy. We gotta get her on a youtube interview

  • Xavier Constantino
    Xavier Constantino 5 hours ago

    This guy is Greek? He just said endaxi it’s all right?

  • Aaron Daley
    Aaron Daley 5 hours ago

    Hear me out.... v12 in the lykan and make a track car

  • Kenneth Hauck
    Kenneth Hauck 5 hours ago

    Dude you need to learn how to pronounce your words

  • cpt awesome
    cpt awesome 5 hours ago

    TMG.... Lmfao. That shit is garbage. ALP is the ONLY jammer to use.

  • Fear The Glowing Orb 1994Orphan

    Nah he's stupid asf , money talks B.S walks . So walk yo ass out John

  • Paul Hof
    Paul Hof 5 hours ago

    I like porsche

  • Jeff N
    Jeff N 5 hours ago

    Total scam. They just want to get some money into the courthouse and tow companies.

  • superowl91
    superowl91 5 hours ago

    buy 2 drive 1 and when they double in price you've got one for free.

  • ziggy marley
    ziggy marley 5 hours ago

    Where's the "ad" like button ????

  • Ronald Warren
    Ronald Warren 5 hours ago

    I treated that sports figure when I worked at a clinic in Michigan. He was friendly to the staff and signed autographs for all of us. I was quite surprised that he travelled with a body guard! The locals in his old home neighborhood love him and his generosity to the community.

  • PeyBackThis
    PeyBackThis 5 hours ago

    They can go rent an apartment month to month in MT. Grab a drivers license as a MT resident, then go back to whatever state they want. Problem solved.

  • Timofey Privalov
    Timofey Privalov 6 hours ago

    Toyota Supra gets ready for next record

  • MR Islandtime
    MR Islandtime 6 hours ago

    So excited for the Casey AMA!!! His chan channel is great. Casey's personality is awesome. Ed you have introduced me to so many awesome humans through VinWiki. Thank you ED 🤜🤛

  • Ariel MORANDY
    Ariel MORANDY 6 hours ago

    Boring comments.

  • landonmc98
    landonmc98 6 hours ago

    Of course it’s a used car dealer in Birmingham.

  • piaggio mp3 300 2010

    Keep on doing great...

  • alxceresa
    alxceresa 6 hours ago

    How beta is a man that hides his cars because of his crazy stupid wife? Lol! And to use a Tesla with all those batteries huh!? 🤪 Man, just be yourself, grab a pair and tell the bitch “it’s the cars or you”.

  • R Feyman
    R Feyman 6 hours ago

    Freaking awesome and congrats on the new record. To fight pacing by air, I pretty much just make sure I can see outside my sunroof - yah I know low tech. To accurately measure a vehicle's speed the airplane/helicopter/drone/whatever pretty much needs to be right on top of you. Second BOTH the police officer who stops you on the ground and the pilot need to show up to court, if they don't you can dismiss. In most areas the police just use aerial to pick out speeders and then an officer on the ground tries to get a reading, usually by radar. Note: I am not a lawyer and I don't play one on TV. Here is a pretty good list of all the speed and traffic laws in every state, from MIT University:

  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller 7 hours ago

    8:00 hahaha 😂

  • Chris Bates
    Chris Bates 7 hours ago

    It’s so nice to hear someone who loves the sport just as much as you talk about it with such passion.

  • Ari Mouratides
    Ari Mouratides 7 hours ago

    "upstart brand"...

    Tre AUGUSTUS 7 hours ago

    Can a regular person drive a real F1 car? Clicks on video thinking I’m bout to watch some guy driving but instead a whole bunch of boring talking.

  • Demo 7241
    Demo 7241 7 hours ago


  • Frodo Underhill
    Frodo Underhill 8 hours ago

    What a weak man, if he is buying the cars, just tell the woman to shut up or put up.

  • PILOT781000
    PILOT781000 8 hours ago

    So she's blakanese?

  • Robert Saldana
    Robert Saldana 8 hours ago

    Good to see Marines who have been able to make it on the outside

  • Chase Morgan
    Chase Morgan 8 hours ago

    RECORD A PHONE CALL WITH KIMMY! That would be icing on the cake!!!

  • Frank Jones
    Frank Jones 8 hours ago

    I think it's a cool record to break. Can't believe you can record yourself admitting to breaking the law, committing crimes. Seems odd.

  • Dan Matz
    Dan Matz 8 hours ago

    My throat hurts listening to this man

  • Lexton Ravaee
    Lexton Ravaee 8 hours ago

    who has kimmi’s instagram @

  • u mama
    u mama 8 hours ago

    Because they're already ragged out, so you don't have to.

  • Michael R
    Michael R 8 hours ago

    I am a fuddy-duddy. I never go over the speed limit, unless I'm going with the flow of traffic if it's no more than 15% of posted limit. I always stop at stop signs, and never run reds. I always signal changing lanes and turning corners. I'm the ultimate Mr. Invisible.

  • Unreleased Gunna
    Unreleased Gunna 9 hours ago

    I work for #1 Brand, this is all trash info... Not at all right. These kind of people are most annoying people on this planet. Just get a damn car and drive it. Every customer that shops like this ends up driving for the next couple years in misery about how much more they could have squeezed.

  • Ace bongo
    Ace bongo 9 hours ago

    Fucking ungrateful piece of shit

  • Flex Gang
    Flex Gang 9 hours ago

    So basically to be on Ferrari's VIP list is to just purchase every car they make.

  • K ris
    K ris 9 hours ago

    Did this “heavyweight end user” have a tiger riding shotgun in this Aston?

  • K ris
    K ris 9 hours ago

    The Rolls Royce/Bentley dealership in our area wouldn’t allow tow trucks to move their cars. They had relationships with police, towing companies, and their customers to make sure their dealer was allowed to move them in an unmarked enclosed trailer as to “Not besmirch the integrity of our fine cars with the ignominy of a tow truck”. If you didn’t decipher that, it’s “Our cars break down a lot and it’s embarrassing”. It sounds much nicer with an RP accent.

  • DumbledoreMcCracken
    DumbledoreMcCracken 9 hours ago

    Free Kimmie!

  • noman mcshmoo
    noman mcshmoo 9 hours ago

    Free Kimmyyyyy NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave L
    Dave L 9 hours ago

    I love cars, I like the actors from Fast And Furious and I’m sure they’re all lovely folks (R.I.P. Paul Walker) and these movies must have had a super powerful effect on the modding industry and I respect that. But before F.A.F. car culture was about engineering and knowledge, after all the stupid, shit-talking characters portrayed in the movie were seen by 12yo boys and girls, car culture was about shit-talking dick heads and lime green paint. No models in micro shorts ever attended night races and no hobbyist ever said “Yo you better step back off the line...” or said any of the other ridiculous garbage that was in the script for those movies.

    KLEFUS MCDONALD 9 hours ago

    Wish he would have expanded on the car that got ruined at the port, was intrigued to hear the series of events that followed.

  • Alexandre Kobrin
    Alexandre Kobrin 9 hours ago

    Is there an echo or is it just me ?

  • Thomas Joseph
    Thomas Joseph 9 hours ago

    The Funny thing is you actually made money off the guy though USclip, LOL :D

  • Penta Deuce
    Penta Deuce 9 hours ago

    If I was a baller: I would totally buy that off you , so I can put it together as an actual car. Probably with an LS V8 in it.

  • mohnish vishal
    mohnish vishal 9 hours ago

    20 years for aggravated assault

  • Justin Boylan
    Justin Boylan 9 hours ago

    We just gonna ignore the fact that this man said "as my butler would say".

  • mxllyxanlxrd
    mxllyxanlxrd 10 hours ago

    Smh could've just taken the curtain cloth thing from Harry Potter and cover the whole car

  • Chevy LS3
    Chevy LS3 10 hours ago

    Instead of asking who doesn't want to be entered, why not just ask who wants to be in the running for the free Porsche?

  • Rick Sherrell
    Rick Sherrell 10 hours ago

    To many commercials...almost unwatchable. Great story otherwise. Also stop giving away all our best tricks.

  • Luis Mediavilla
    Luis Mediavilla 10 hours ago

    Since the f1 cars don't have ABS 70% should be good for not blocking the wheels.

  • Dan Matz
    Dan Matz 10 hours ago

    I never understood why they have to impound your car when it's at a place I can stay just fine

  • Jesus Vazquez
    Jesus Vazquez 10 hours ago

    Always deal with internet sales people they’re more desperate than sales people on the floor

  • aefuze
    aefuze 10 hours ago

    you lost me a 25 posts

  • Harvester
    Harvester 10 hours ago

    He's so fat his whole body jiggles whenever he moves.

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye 10 hours ago

    This only works in new york because most ppl from there are full of da bum bum

  • White owk
    White owk 10 hours ago

    absolutely love the sales tactics

  • Kai Yuan Tan
    Kai Yuan Tan 10 hours ago

    Which video did Doug talk about this?

  • Bimpson
    Bimpson 10 hours ago

    I would love a ex cop car.

  • WMD
    WMD 10 hours ago

    Id much rather have the one Dan Blocker "Hoss Cartright " had. the Boldman Motion car then this one. The green one with white strips side pipes and Cragers. and 454 4 speed..but i dont have 300 grand either....

  • BreadBoi
    BreadBoi 10 hours ago

    jiffy the rapist

  • charles smith
    charles smith 11 hours ago

    Great car linup...911 is nice.

  • Hill Billy
    Hill Billy 11 hours ago

    Hey, this could be useful for smuggling drugs and humans too.