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  • Mdtfan2506 ***
    Mdtfan2506 *** 3 hours ago

    Ok I love this guy also not being I know everything but how do you mention Warwick Davis and not mention LEPRECHAUN!!!!!

  • Dawson Browne
    Dawson Browne 3 hours ago

    I've just realized and i know People will hate me for this, but he looks like a mini jesse pinkman (couldn't remember the actor's name)

  • Kendrick Still
    Kendrick Still 3 hours ago

    As far as you know 🤣🤣😂

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Just discovered this guy love that he doesn't have to sell on being Mexican just funny shit

  • Michelle aka Harley Klapheke

    I REALLY liked this woman! She seems extremely likable! Hilarious!😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Ranon Gonzalez
    Ranon Gonzalez 5 hours ago

    Those kids might have just been sick of that one kid fucking with them

  • Blake G
    Blake G 5 hours ago


  • English mélange
    English mélange 6 hours ago

    People say stay away from drugs ... So I read on types what drugs, what drugs do to a person an those stuff.. I think this was a drug, because I don't care if tomorrow is Monday, I'm happy now.

    ABP POSEIDON 7 hours ago

    He forgot Verne Troyer in the top 5!!!

  • Mike Ryan
    Mike Ryan 7 hours ago

    Brad is the king!!!

  • Untapped Talents Tarot

    Yes girl vicodins have saved my life so many times from a toothache.

  • Untapped Talents Tarot

    She gave her best here... she probably cried backstage because it took alot out her...making me a little emotional actually she gave her all to make it where she is now. Not like these other people who just got famous for no reason at all.

  • English mélange
    English mélange 7 hours ago

    It's not easy to make a Jamaican laugh. But even on reply I'm laughing and crying, YOW!! The lady that scream is just like when a Jamaican is very scared.. Brad Williams, come to Jamaica and (feel alright) LoL scare people. Aaaa. I'm going to have fun going work Monday.. thanks for this

  • harrison wintergreen

    My wife's from Brazil, this came up on her Facebook with the message "start at 6:30😂" in Portuguese

  • Sinchi Mike
    Sinchi Mike 7 hours ago

    A good mood, Silence and licking lol

  • conkpit
    conkpit 8 hours ago

    The 582 dislikes must be the tall comedians who are jealous.

  • The Combat Engineer
    The Combat Engineer 9 hours ago

    I hate commenting on YT videos, but I love Siddiq and his comedy. Can’t wait to see his Netflix special....hint hint Netflix, pay this man.

  • The Vaibhav Tiwari Show

    I thought he was wee man

  • comixknight24
    comixknight24 9 hours ago

    Don’t drink hot tea when brad says he’s the world’s largest keychain

  • Alexis Pruitt
    Alexis Pruitt 9 hours ago

    Wow!! Just non stop gold and engagement. Didn't want it to end!

  • Declan Moran
    Declan Moran 10 hours ago

    how is he so good?!?!?!

  • Nick Dawn
    Nick Dawn 11 hours ago

    Loved it, especially because he was not trying to be politically correct.

  • Fester MP
    Fester MP 13 hours ago

    hahahahahah my new favorite comedy

  • Jo-Ann Bastings
    Jo-Ann Bastings 14 hours ago

    Mister Williams, RESPECT!!! You sir deserve to be known and appreciate much more than that! Hands down to you mister Williams!🤣👏🤣👏🤣👏🤣👏❤️

  • love one
    love one 14 hours ago


  • Jo-Ann Bastings
    Jo-Ann Bastings 15 hours ago

    GREAT!!! Now, every time I will see Brad Williams, I will associate him with fun size Mars bars.😋😛😜

  • Matthew Canadian19
    Matthew Canadian19 15 hours ago

    This guy is hilarious

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix 17 hours ago

    He's short

  • Sloppyballs McGuillicutty

    ‘it’s got a lil kick...’

  • Andrae Walker
    Andrae Walker 17 hours ago

    These women need to hush about they want the same thing after work. This video is not about you or what you want sheesh. These same women the ones that only listened for their benefit not to learn.

  • Robin Buglio
    Robin Buglio 20 hours ago

    Made my Sunday wake n bake day! Lol'd and shared!

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom 21 hour ago

    "Dyson vacuum", JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA ( spanish laughter.... ) This guy is funny.

  • Chaos
    Chaos 22 hours ago

    Oh. Mah. Lord.

  • Larry Bradley
    Larry Bradley Day ago

    Holy shit this dude is funny as hell!!!!

  • Carla Fowler like and subscribe please

    Everybody could get it 😂😂😂


    She's GORGEOUS 😍

  • Char Star
    Char Star Day ago

    Fuck me that was funny!!!

  • Madi Kytta
    Madi Kytta Day ago

    I LoVe My MoM

  • Dukes of Hazzard0101

    This guy is funny as fuck !!!

  • Ambientus
    Ambientus Day ago

    YMH brought me here. Never heard of this guy before, hes hilarious.

  • E boy Baby
    E boy Baby Day ago

    I wanna laugh but I just got yelled at.:’(

  • noah eide
    noah eide Day ago

    Tell brad to wear stilts when disciplining his children

  • Jen Sheldon
    Jen Sheldon Day ago

    I was laughing so hard it hurt.... I had tears streaming down my face plus I think I peed a little... My kids came running in thinking it's finally happened. MOM FINALLY LOST IT. Thanks for the laughs... I needed that! 😂😂😂😂 Brad is the best!

  • Rosivok
    Rosivok Day ago

    love her shoes

  • Touch Metrics
    Touch Metrics Day ago

    Bro it sounds like Tom found a canister of helium before this set.


    Dickey Drunk !!!! LMAO

  • I'm a POTATO
    I'm a POTATO Day ago

    Now I wanna do the sticker idea 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • BKS
    BKS Day ago

    I love this guy

    VICTOR S. Day ago

    This is very good! I love you!

  • ti ju
    ti ju Day ago


  • Raj Gill
    Raj Gill Day ago

    This mans my favorite muslim. One love

  • PersianinSweden

    *"Fuck you puta!"* Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahah This guy has some of the best delivery and setup!

  • Sloppyballs McGuillicutty

    sooo underrated.

  • locke180
    locke180 Day ago

    Wooh Fontana

  • Emanuel Stefan

    this fkn guy xD

  • E Gosep
    E Gosep Day ago

    Oh yes !, Your legs are so sexified (💓) and gorgeous Luenell !! 💣💥

  • S.I. R.
    S.I. R. Day ago

    BRAVO BRAVO Geinus ! 💪😉🖒

  • AC Nikolai
    AC Nikolai Day ago

    I can’t breathe cuz it’s too funny and I’m impressed by Brad’s comedy

  • RA1D Zoku
    RA1D Zoku Day ago

    So this ones , ‘Sex Ed’ with Brad Williams

  • S.I. R.
    S.I. R. Day ago

    😂 Funny Man 😄

    PETER RAMAH Day ago

    This is one hell of a comedian am never gnna forget in a life time....Big up Brad

  • Zen By Baheya Aysheh


  • Edina Hodos
    Edina Hodos Day ago

    OMG! I laughed so loud my kids asked me what's up? You are fricken awesome!

  • Priscilla S Naizghi


  • Riley Baddock
    Riley Baddock Day ago

    I think brad Williams is second place for comedy behind Kevin Hart can’t beat him

  • Sam Beast
    Sam Beast Day ago

    Best comedian alive 💯

  • Preetham R
    Preetham R Day ago

    *googling* how to change indian accent to southern British.

  • Mary Thatcher
    Mary Thatcher Day ago

    Omg I never heard of you But you are absolutely hilarious I laughed so hard I gave myself heartburn

  • White Tiger
    White Tiger Day ago

    This guy is fucking golden. I died when he said that he started humping uncle Jesse's leg 🤣

  • derrick barber
    derrick barber 2 days ago

    He's very cute& talented

  • its the Snerk
    its the Snerk 2 days ago

    Sir Ill have you know I think you are a legend and are destined for AMAZING THINgs IM READY for the next hour special

  • Cynthia Soita
    Cynthia Soita 2 days ago

    Brad Williams. You are very funny. You are killing me

  • Never Trumper
    Never Trumper 2 days ago

    Tiny Ryan Reynolds?

  • Never Trumper
    Never Trumper 2 days ago

    He moves like a cat! All swift and jerky. I'm impressed

  • MR.XAVIER Beats
    MR.XAVIER Beats 2 days ago

    My Dog Cain loves flowers.

  • cmz8706
    cmz8706 2 days ago

    omg he looks like Tim fuckin Dillon

  • Njörun Ránsdóttir

    Funny, I want the same three things in a man. Be happy, shut up, lick me. Won't be bitching about anything if a guy can do those three things.

  • OneironauticalOne
    OneironauticalOne 2 days ago

    With no size reference and that voice its like a midget Tom!

  • svartvist
    svartvist 2 days ago

    I love the story about the wife who was tired of her husband coming home from work grumpy all the time. Finally one day after going down her list of things that didn't solve her problem, she decided that at the least she could go down on her husband. So when he got home, she didn't wait for him to say anything about the day, just zipped down his fly, and welcomed him home. "Magically" his moods shifted to pleasant, delightful presence, and they got along much better. Now see ladies, do #3 often. It requires doing #1 and #2 on your part, and the dividends are magnificent if you've made a good choice in a mate. Win-win.

  • Jasmine White
    Jasmine White 2 days ago

    They have little people fights in pa 😂 just saying

  • Sam Beast
    Sam Beast 2 days ago

    Bad ass comedian gots it down to the T blessings

  • Rockin Rollin
    Rockin Rollin 2 days ago

    The tattoo thing is soooo played out , its just stupid anymore .

  • crimson scarlett
    crimson scarlett 2 days ago

    *Dwarf person is dared to steal something* *grabs cookies and walks out of store* Me:"best heist I've ever heard of"

  • Haylee Hoffman
    Haylee Hoffman 2 days ago

    So my sister says he looks like one of JeffDunhams dummies

  • Gail Sawicki
    Gail Sawicki 2 days ago

    He's fucking great. LMAO

  • RJ
    RJ 2 days ago

    That was funny as all hell

  • Keila Blizzard
    Keila Blizzard 2 days ago

    One of my favorites comedians!!

  • Rainman
    Rainman 2 days ago

    Dayum! She's just like a hot fudge and peanut butter sauce sundae with choc ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry...shit yeah girl

  • sabbboy
    sabbboy 2 days ago

    damn, he is sooo sexy.

  • james
    james 2 days ago

    When you jacked those cookies from the store and said your family makes them of course you let you go you had him dying laughing. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Someone
    Someone 2 days ago

    its the first time i watch Brad and i laughed my ass off its so freaking funny dude I CANT!!!! LOL

  • Ryan Byrne
    Ryan Byrne 2 days ago

    Ngl from some angles he looks a bit like Connor megreager

  • S. H.
    S. H. 2 days ago

    Here before this guy blows up.

  • Kinn Dias
    Kinn Dias 2 days ago

    as a brazilian i can assure....all he said is correct! hahahahaha

  • ImRaw
    ImRaw 2 days ago

    That girl.was fire tho, and brad fuckin killed it

  • granny sweet
    granny sweet 2 days ago


  • Zekehart AizenXVII
    Zekehart AizenXVII 2 days ago

    dont care if his a little guy that hadoken part epic i died laughing

  • F.D Panda
    F.D Panda 2 days ago

    Ima Get a helmet for her because I’m going to take her drifting

  • Jimmy Moonshine
    Jimmy Moonshine 2 days ago

    One of the best female comedian I have seen...OMG, she's sexy, and brilliantly funny. This women is amazing, first time I've heard of her Dec. 6 2019! She reminds me of that pretty lady in the Groupon commercials.

  • Sandra Brody
    Sandra Brody 3 days ago

    Holy crap stealing cookies........ My family makes these it’s cool Laughing so hard stomach hurts lol